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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Propagandist Confirms Plans To Establish ‘Defense Ministry’ In Greater Idlib

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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Propagandist Confirms Plans To Establish ‘Defense Ministry’ In Greater Idlib

HTS fighters in northern Lattakia

On March 6, Tahir al-Omar, an infamous propagandist of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), confirmed that work is undergoing to establish a military council and a “defense ministry” in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib.

The military council will unify HTS and the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL). The “Defense Ministry” will be established by HTS’ Salvation Government to oversee the work of the council.

“We ask God to complete the arrangement and unification of military efforts in the liberated areas and to form a Ministry of Defense led by an elite of commanders and experts,” al-Omar wrote on his Telegram channel.

According to the Istanbul-based Jusoor for Studies, the military council will have 34 brigades and will be co-chaired by a commander of HTS and two from the NFL.

The military council will be for sure dominated and led by HTS, as it will operate in Greater Idlib under the banner of its puppet government.

When the Salvation Government was first formed by HTS in 2017, the US warned the Syrian opposition against dealing with it. Despite the warning, Turkish-backed factions maintained an unbalanced relation with HTS.

Over the last three years, HTS harassed and attacked NFL factions on several occasions. Yet, they continue to operate under its indirect command against government forces.

Turkey is reportedly backing the plan to form the military council and the defense ministry in Greater Idlib. This plan is meant to whitewash HTS and its puppet government in order to legitimize their rule over the region.


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johnny rotten

Excellent I would say, very very good, the more they make them distinguishable the easier it is to identify them and kill them, at this point they could get uniforms from their sponsors of Nato & Co.


a terrorist “defense ministry” is a perfect target btw turkey utterly failed to keep to its end of the deals signed and i doubt that turkey will enjoy its future because it will have stuff like crucial infrastructure blowing up all around it


What happened to Caspian Sea? Until 2-3 years ago Iran had 50%


I know doc……this is what you were worried about for so long……don’t worry, Iran is still there and rising fast. Soon we’ll have it all.


HTS + NFL = dead meat.

klove and light

great plan putin…your masters in israel are prouf of you motherfucker……..and those agreemenst with zionist created moslem brothethood erdogan work out just fine……..
1. fighting HTS and all other terror groups in syria
2. the territorial integrity of the syrian arab republic

putin you treacherous zionist pig !

death to america death to israel curse on the jews..houthi slogan

ps. what a funny coincidence……the houthis are winning big time on the battle field, without PUTIN, on the contrary……. in the UNSC (united nations security council) russia VOTED FOR an arms emargo against the HOUTHIS, while at the same time selling modern military equipment to the agressive invading and occupying fake states of saudi and UAE.


Kenny Jones ™

comment image


Welcome to NATO’s ISIS/al-Qaeda mini-caliphate in Turk-invaded Syria.The realisation of terrorist Ziocorporate globalism’s goal of balkanising Syria is nearing its end. They’ll get recognised by Turks and the State Dept. and won’t have to smuggle their weapons, they will now be delivered by USAF/NATO transports.

Russia may bomb a few equipment, but the US/Turkey have a bottomless pit of crap to donate to ISIS/al-Qaeda.


The formation of 3-4 countries on ex-Syria is speeding,


how so doc…..can you elaborate please? You think a core Zoroastrian Iran can allow such a thing even?…..come on now……stay with me here.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Zoroastrian did you say, but I thought Iran was an Islamic nation.
And if Iran did return to the old religion I’d become their greatest fan, that religion really understood why God gave people a conscience.


Doc…. Take it easy……things will fall into their place all on their own. Ahura Mazda oversees Iran and you know it. Iran is winning…….you think the fire in Iran is extinguished?…..have you lost your mind? Wake up already! Go have a strong aragh right now. Bakhte boland shod these days, big time. We winning you fool.


In other words, HTS wants NFL to disband and merge its forces into it’s own. Because there’s no way people like HTS intend to share power and resources. NFL is gonna get screwed.


Great target !
Just pack it full with the all rats inside!
Nothing few bombs cant resolve !

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This means several things on so many different levels.

Now the moderate opposition is officially going to be subservient to HTS administration via the Salvation Government, so no longer just allied to HTS through the Operating Room Alliance.
And now they’re officially merging with a designated terrorist group what will it mean for group, will they now be designated as terrorists by Turkey/Iran/Russia as they should be.

On another level Turkey has just lost a fair chunk of it’s moderate opposition army, most of you think Turkey and HTS are great mates but nothing could be further from the truth, in a different scenario they would more likely be enemies than friends. So this means Turkey has less influence and power in Idlib now, not more, and that’s always good for Assad.

And then on the most important level what’s this actually mean for Assad, it all depends on what the NFL does next.
For the last 12 months HTS have renounced Jihad and have sought to be included in the political process, but the NFL on the other hand continually attack the SAA, so in which direction will they both head now. Will HTS ramp up hostile activity and do what the NFL have been doing, or will the NFL tone down their activities and try to do what HTS has been doing, I don’t know yet but we’ll find out soon enough.
I’m betting the NFL tone down and act more like HTS but maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but for that to happen the Turks have to convince Russia to let up on HTS, which will be easier said than done, so there’s definitely some interesting times ahead.

Peter Jennings

I’ll give it six months, if the SAA doesn’t get them first.

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