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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham & Other Groups Reject Turkish-Russian Agreement To Establish Demilitarized Zone In Idlib

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham & Other Groups Reject Turkish-Russian Agreement To Establish Demilitarized Zone In Idlib

Mikhail Pochuev/TASS

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and some other groups, including the Islamic Turkistan Party and Jaish al-Izza, have rejected a Turkish-Russian agreement to establish a demilitarized zone in the Syrian province of Idlib and the nearby areas, according to pro-militant sources.

On September 18, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that work to establish a new security system in the Idlib de-escalation zone had started. He recalled that all heavy weapons have to be withdrawn from the demilitarized zone by October 10 and radical groups have to withdraw their forces by October 15.

So, Turkey and the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance have to force the militants to obey the agreement if they seek to enforce the demilitarized zone in time.

Pro-militant media outlets have already started spreading speculations that Damascus will not act up to its part of the agreement thus creating a media environment to justify actions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies.

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Too Bad they Rejected it….Putin & Erdogan made such a Nice & Decent peaceful proposal to them Headchoppers…and they turned their offer down…GRREAT!…Now you can Killem All….!!!


no they cant…..turkey is protecting on orders from them satanic jews….all on orders….just like putin on orders to not attack them terrorists…just like the russians standing down each time when the satanic jews bomb syria….all on orders………


Turkey also doesn’t want another 2 million Refugees…mixed together with all those Headchoppers (some of which they created themselves) on its Territory… which I can understand…that is why they brought in all this Weaponry..they rather shoot their own Terrorists than letting them back in… they still support their Headchoppers to keep the SAA & Allies busy and at distance….Orders from USrael I guess to Distract everyone from the Situation in East-Syria….


fair enough , bomb those orcs into oblivion

Gregory Casey

Why am I not surprised!! Sultan Erdogan’s attempt to save his & FUKUS’s Terrorist Jihadi “Friends” has blown up in his face & unless they abide by Agreement negotiated with Putin, Russia will destroy them all, particularly following on Israeli sneak attack that caused Russia to lose 15 Servicemen


russia will do ZERO NADA NOTHING…..they are ordered to stand down..they were ordered to let the turks invade syria…they were ordered to stand down yesterday as israel attacked etc… all on orders…..

Ricky Miller

To be fair Russia has done much more than nothing in Syria. With the help of a recovering Syrian Army and Iranian sponsored Shia militias they have recovered most of Syria’s territories and all her large cities. They have prevented regime change. Although I too wish the Russians would respond militarily to these Western and Israeli temper tantrum strikes Russia has elected not to. The primary reason? Probably because the Russian public doesn’t want it. They’ve been clear in opinion polls and large volume comments to Russia’s governing politicians that they do not want a wider confrontation in Syria. That’s the lay of the land right now.

Dušan Mirić

I am very much surprised because if they spread across Turkey there will be “belâ”


just listen and read what u folks are writing nonsense here…may i remind everyone that most of these jihadi jew slave pricks were already beaten and surrounded somwhere else in syria and through russian diplomacy they were ALLOWED to retreat to idlib..they rae the worst of the worst..remember them cutting off 8year old boys the heads..remember all the murder and torture in aleppo and else where, remember the cutting out of fallen SAA soldiers hearts and eating them…..so now they are there and what??? no attack but talk and what???? agreement with that coubntry that sponsored 99% of the jihadis turkey..to do what??? make HTS and the others LEAve SYRIA and go where??? new york city,munich,rome,tokyo,moscow???? pathetic bs alllllll the way……and if they do not comply(lollololololololhahahahahaha) turkey is supposed to fight them???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO all bs ..all on orders from them satanic jews….they are all part of the agenda..all countries that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of this agenda…

A One World Government with JERUSALEM as its capital under satanic jewish leadership. period.

if u folks still believe in good russia or good usa or bad russia or bad usa…do so…like alice in wonderland in the rabbithole or like beiing asleep in the matrix waiting for someone to give u the right pill to wake up.well here is your fucking wakeup call. as brutal as they may soubnd its the truth.and the truth will always be there and not move an inch…no matter what……



Henk Poell

I believe that I will never know the whole truth, and neither will you, or anybody else of ‘us folks’… Contact between world leaders simply doesn’t produce public summaries. We can only attempt to connect as many relevant dots, come up with a few theories and apply Occam’s razor.

My guess is that the average folk here is closer to the truth than the average MSM reader, but that’s just that – closER.

John Whitehot

why you put up a young female pic when everybody know you’re an old male?

Brother Ma

I agree ,the mongrels have been given too many chances already!

Richard M

I’m shocked to hear this…..Said no one ever.


thank got those orcs are so stupid…theyr gonna give the green light to SAA and allies to wipe them out !


As was expected!

Joe Doe

HAYAT TAHRIR AL-SHAM & OTHER GROUPS REJECT TURKISH-RUSSIAN AGREEMENT, this is the best thing that could happen for Syria and SAA. Pu.tin fool, he sold Syria and he bears the full responsibility of death of Russia solders, as a weak leader. This will never happen, if Russia had strong leader. Why no one is dear attack Israel or USA, because everyone knows they will be punish big. The sentiment now is the we can bomb Syria, kill Russia solders and nothing will happen, only couple cheap talk. Israel and USA will send condolences and express sorrow and Pu.tin will be satisfy. Assad need to look for other option, Pu.tin is fool the be strong and good protector for any nations. Pu.tin betray Syria and N.K, and the same he will do with other nations. Russia under Pu.tin is not a good protector

Feudalism Victory

Perhaps assad should ally with israel and the us? Hahaha

Maybe iran will stand up and fight when theyre bombed? No they do nothing?

How about china? Nope they do business with israel.

Egypt? Practically run by israel

Maybe the protector of mecca? Nope saudia arabia and israel are friends.

Turkey? Nope turkey is like israel stealing syrian territory.

Look at the other way. Who jumped to russias defense after crimea voted to rejoin them and russia got sanctioned for it?

Not very many. Mostly countries already threatend by the us empire.


See what I’ve been saying. Erdogan is not that powerful and the agreement made based on that premise. Now Erdogan should stop squeaking and move aside.


Now I see that Putin was right in making that decision which is proving fruitful now. Now instead of Assad erdugan will have to engage with those beasts.Bcz now it is Turkish responsibility to settle that issue.

Richard M

How is that a problem for Err Dawg? The Ottomans have been getting along famously with their puppet Orcs. Why will that change now? Of course there will be a few cosmetic propaganda campaigns to “rehabilitate” the pedophile, cannibal, headchoppers. Simpletons like yourself will no doubt be impressed.


I never impressed by Ottoman new sultanate. Actually I believe that Turkey is the main culprit and responsible for thousands of innocent lives wasted in Syria. Still they are behind those head choppers constantly. But according to this new agreement with Putin, turks are responsible to establish that demilitarized zone, against the will of HTS Beasts. Otherwise the resistance bloc’s military operation will be legitimate in accordance with Turks.

Richard M

We will see soon enough. I see Ottomans as one of the main culprits. Not as “the” main culprit. FUKUS, Zios and Wahhabis are equally at fault.


U r right

John Brown

Partially right. This is good news as now the Russian and Turkish militaries can fight ISIS and Al Qaeda side by side

Brother Ma

Since when. iSis anf Alqaida were longaupported and trained by Turkey. The largest single group of fighter in Al nusrah are turks from Turkey!

John Brown

Turkey changed sides when Mossad death squads tried to kill Erdogan and his entire family political party etc.


Not much, only to a little extent. Idlibistani terror gang’s existence totally depending on Turkey. Without Turkish support they can’t even survive.

John Brown

We will see then won’t we. The facts. If Erdogan goes against Russia and China, it will give Israel the opportunity to implement the Yinon plan on Turkey, which they tried to do 2 years ago but Putin saved Erdogan and his families etc lives. Erdogan and all his relatives and friends will be murdered by Mossad death squads, Turkey will be turned into one big Raqqa, bombed to bits and then broken up, with Israel getting Western Turkey along the Med, the Kurds will get central southern Turkey, Armenians Eastern Turkey, half the Turkish population will be killed and the rest will be forced to flee to Germany. Turkey as a state and people will cease to exist forever, and Erdogan would go down in history as the worst Turkish leader in history.

Brother Ma

They said they changed sides. Facts on the ground show they did not at all. Do you really think they were Mossad death squads ? Surely all were proven and identified to be turkish serving troops.

John Brown

The Turks did change sides and the facts on the ground and everywhere else prove they did. If you want to believe the Zio media like they are gods why are you on this site? Go back to your false gods.

Brother Ma

Where do facts on the ground say they have changed? Theystill transport weapons to headchoppers,they still transport head choppers out of Idlib,they baulked at getting ridofheadchoppers and still try to maintain their holdings of Syria. They tried to steal gold of Syria and got torched. Largest single ethnic group of headchoppers are ethnic Turks .Which prayerbook are you on?

Also where is the proof of mossad kill squad? I said I was keen on hearing/ seeing more of that.

John Brown

Russia ‘warned Erdogan about coup’ moments before assassination attempt President Recep Tayyip Erdogan evaded capture and death at the hands of rebels [Anadolu] Date of publication: 21 July, 2016


The Kremlin has been forced to officially deny allegations that Russian intelligence provided the Turkish president with information about a planned coup attempt against his government. Tags: Russia, Iran, Turkey, coup Russian intelligence warned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that factions within the army were planning a coup – possibly saving the Turkish leader’s life – Iranian state media has alleged. Moscow reportedly received “highly sensitive army exchanges and encoded radio messages showing that the Turkish army was readying to stage a coup”, Fars News Agency said, citing Arab sources.

An unnamed Turkish diplomatic source confirmed that intelligence services “received intel from its Russian counterpart that warned of an impending coup”.

Russian help?

Russian spies has informed Ankara that several military helicopters were dispatched to Erdogan’s hotel to “arrest or kill him”.

The Turkish president was whisked away to safety from the seaside resort before his hotel room was attacked moments later.

Fars believed that Russia’s spy base in Syria’s Latakia province likely intercepted the information which possibly saved the president’s life, although these facts are yet to be confirmed.

The Kremlin has denied the reports and issued a statement about the Iranian news agency reports.

“I don’t have such information and I don’t know the sources, to which the news agency Fars is referring to,” Dmitry Peskov, the Russian presidential spokesperson told reporters.

On the day of the coup, rebel Turkish fighter jets tracked Erdogan’s private plane before it suddenly “vanished” from their sights, Reuters alleged.

Two rebel F-16s reportedly picked up the president’s plane on their radars as it flew south of Istanbul.

“At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul,” a former military officer with knowledge of events told Reuters. “They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him.”

“Why they didn’t fire is a mystery,” he added.

To evade the hostile jets, the president’s pilots blended in with civilian traffic by switching their radio transponder to a Turkish Airlines civilian flight.

After shaking off the F-16s, Erdogan was able to land in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport when government loyalists recaptured it from the rebels, the sources claim.

Foiled plot

Erdogan told al-Jazeera that it was his brother-in-law who informed him about the coup.

“It was my brother-in-law who gave me first the news. Initially my reaction was disbelief,” he said.

“I had a conversation with the head of the national intelligence agency, I was already with the minister of energy on site and we decided to take a number of steps.”

He said that he and his family family were taken by helicopter to Dalaman and from there to Istanbul by plane.

Since Friday, thousands have been arrested in connection with the failed coup, including one soldier suspected of attacking Erdogan’s hotel in the resort city of Marmaris.

Brother Ma

This means nothing. I know all this and nowhere does it mention Mossad kill teams.

Even now Turkey drags its feet and is always slow or just does not do what is agreed on the ground. I do not see this changing soon. Putin will probably bomb the rest of idlib to get rid of the Turkish filth ,both army and their headchopper bashibazouks they have formed! The sooner the better for Syria and the rest of the world!

John Brown

What is your standard of proof? What kind of proof will satisfy you?

John Brown

https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/05/15/exclusive-israeli-assassins-in-turkey-now-erdogan-targeted/ Exclusive: Israeli Assassins in Turkey Now, Erdogan Targeted The US now believes that it cannot attack Iran without killing Erdogan first and that Putin, without Erdogan at his side, will back away from supporting Assad or offering further arms sales to Iran.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -May 15, 20182318991

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with VT Istanbul

Yesterday, Turkey’s President Erdoğan, in a surprise move, expelled the American and Israeli ambassadors, ostensibly for their role in the the attacks on Gaza protesters leaving up to 3000 dead and wounded.

There is a backstory here, of a plot between Trump and his neocon handlers and their master, Netanyahu. Erdogan has found another plot and identified the US and Israel. We outline below what we know.

A coup is in the planning to begin with the killing of Erdogan. Israel is planning it; we get it from everywhere, particularly our contacts in the Turkish Army.

This began long before Erdogan expelled the American and Israeli ambassadors.

Erdogan simply had enough; when he saw Kushner and Ivanka smiling while 3000 people were being gunned down by the IDF, he exploded.

From Russia Today:

“Israel has told Turkey’s consul to leave the Jewish state, according to the Israeli foreign ministry. It comes after Ankara ordered Israel’s ambassador out of Turkey over the violence in Gaza.

A spokesman for the ministry said the consul had been summoned and was told to return to Turkey “for consultations for a period of time,” Reuters reported.

It came just after Turkey told Israel’s ambassador to leave the country. “The Israeli ambassador was told that our envoy to Israel was called back for consultations, and was informed that it would be appropriate for him to go back to his country for some time,” a Turkish Foreign Ministry source said.

Eitan Na’eh The Israeli ambassador, Eitan Naeh, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Ankara on Tuesday, according to Haaretz. He has served in the position since October 2015.

It comes after Turkey recalled its own ambassadors in Israel and the United States “for consultations” over the violence on Monday. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the crackdown by Israeli forces as “genocide” and called Israel a “terrorist state,” while reaffirming his country’s commitment to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

His statements prompted a response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who accused the Turkish president of being “among Hamas’ biggest supporters…there is no doubt that he well understands terrorism and slaughter…I suggest that he not preach morality to us.”

Vintage Photos That Captured More Than ExpectedSponsoredVintage Photos That Captured More Than ExpectedDefinition These Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Remnants Of The Soviet Union Are ChillingSponsoredThese Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Remnants Of The Soviet Union Are ChillingJetlaggin Russia to Sink an American Destroyer in Retaliation for Child Abductions in Idlib – Veterans TodayRussia to Sink an American Destroyer in Retaliation for Child Abductions in Idlib …

Erdogan then tweeted that Netanyahu is the leader of an ‘apartheid state that has occupied a defenseless people’s lands for 60+ years in violation of UN resolutions.’”

Only the British are standing with Erdogan, pulling him away from the US. Across Turkey feeling against the US is running high, in the street, in government, across the region.

We also expect Erdogan to reach out to President Assad; this is a rumor, that Turkey and Russia will join together in aiding the liberation of Idlib province.

Eventually, Israel will be targeted, more than simply Hezbollah, but pushed into a land war that will test the resolve of Israel’s military allies in the Persian Gulf, along with her primary backer, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf war I One thing that has upset the region was seeing Netanyahu on the dais with Putin on V Day in Moscow – Netanyahu with his hand insultingly on Putin’s back, as though President Putin were a small child.

Or was Putin showing Israel its fate at the hands of resurgent Russian military power? We wait and see.

Erdogan has been one of the most enigmatic personalities of our time. Turkey, an economic powerhouse of NATO, highly industrialized and strategically placed, has been treated like a “street whore” by the US. There is little question that the US was behind the 2016 coup against Erdogan.

What has now become clear is that Erdogan now accepts that the US has covertly built a Kurdish-based terror organization inside Turkey, flooding it with American weapons.

The US now believes that it cannot attack Iran without killing Erdogan first, and that Putin, without Erdogan at his side, will back away from supporting Assad or offering further arms sales to Iran, particularly 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft capable of operating against and even inside Saudi airspace.

Brother Ma

Ok. Good . Yes , it helps me believe that Mossad had plans to kill him

My only concern? Why is a top intelligence -type living in Constantinople ?Hmm ,a Kemalist or Gulenist rather than Flynn who was an Erdoganist?

John Brown

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) and Turkish President Erdogan Recep Tayyip Erdogan (File)Turkey Ending Support for Syrian Rebels ‘Goodwill Gesture Towards Damascus’ © AFP 2018 / IBRAHIM USTA / POOL MIDDLE EAST

https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201708131056419920-turkey-syrian-rebels-damascus/ 10:23 13.08.2017(updated 13:06 13.08.2017) Get short URL168211 Turkey has stopped supporting the Syrian coalition of opposition forces. According to analyst and journalist Musa Özuğurlu, this decision is likely to contribute to normalization between Ankara and Damascus.

Turkey has decided to end its support for the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (aka the Syrian National Coalition), which encompasses various opposition groups fighting in the Syrian conflict, the Syrian news outlet Zaman el-Vasl reported citing a source in the coalition.

Founded in November 2012, the Syrian National Coalition received $320,000 in annual support from Turkey.

Turkish soldiers stand in a Turkish army tank driving back to Turkey from the Syrian-Turkish border town of Jarabulus in the Turkish-Syrian border town of Karkamis © AFP 2018 / BULENT KILIC Situation in Idlib Risks Provoking New Turkish Military Operation in Syria According to Turkish political analyst and journalist Musa Özuğurlu, the decision to stop this support was prompted by Ankara’s unwillingness to give funds to an opposition organization “capable only of talking at press conferences and useless in combat actions on the ground.” The journalist pointed to the fact that currently the coalition does not have the instruments to influence the course of events in Syria.

“This organization now is rather symbolic. It can operate only under the aegis of its leaders based in Ankara and Istanbul. After five years, everyone sees that the Syrian National Coalition has no future. The Turkish government realized that funding the group made no sense and decided to end its support,” Özuğurlu told Sputnik Turkey.

The expert pointed out that Turkey is focused on neutralizing the security threats coming from Kurdish units involved in the Syrian conflict.

Female fighters of the YPJ play a significant combat role in Rojava. CC BY 2.0 / FREE KURDISTAN Syrian Kurds Call Local Elections in Rojava Region “While the US decided to cut off support for Syrian opposition fighters in order to focus on military assistance for Kurdish forces, Turkey’s decision [to end support for the Syrian National Coalition] is a signal that Ankara will focus on countering Kurdish forces in Syria,” he said. At the same time, Özuğurlu underscored that the move would be very important in the future since it is a positive step in relations between Ankara and Damascus.

“By abandoning support for the Syrian opposition, Turkey is making a goodwill gesture towards the Syrian government. This decision may help break the ice between Damascus and Ankara,” he said.

According to Özuğurlu, the possible cooperation between Turkey and the Syrian government would be mutually beneficial.

Syrian Foreign Ministry in Damascus © EAST NEWS / ZHANG NAIJIE Turkey’s Military Actions in Syria Violate Int’l Law – Syrian Foreign Ministry “Kurdish forces are the key problem on the ground for Turkey. Possibly, the decision was prompted by Ankara’s intention to coordinate actions [on the Kurdish problem] with Damascus. When it comes to the Kurdish problem, Ankara and Damascus have common interests,” the expert said. Özuğurlu, however, assumed that there would be no quick normalization between the two sides.

“They are likely to continue attacking each other with harsh statements. However, the fact that Turkey has ended support for the Syrian National Coalition means that Ankara doesn’t recognize the opposition forces anymore. This may lead to a new phase in Ankara-Damascus relations,” he concluded.

Brother Ma

Turkey did not stop finding the Syrian National council aka Nato trained /supported/nursed headchoppers because it does not make sense. It stopped because Turkey was not winning and it went against Russia’s interests.

I f I was a Syrian I would never forget or forgive the Turks for a very long time. They declared war on my country,kidnapped/raped children of my country and stole land and capital from my country.

Erdogan forgot he was just UncleSam’s pet dog and started thinking he was the Master.That excuse will not wash with most Syrians .

Tudor Miron

Hope that makes things a bit clearer for those who didn’t understand why Putin agreed to help face saving of Erdogan. He knew that Turkey would not be able to fulfill its obligations. In Turkey Erdogan can say to radicals (who’s support he’s exploiting) “See – I did all and even more than I possibly could but they (Nusra) just don’t want to be saved”


It’s double hit including making clear that erdogan did not representing Idlib.

Vince Dhimos

Putin had to know that the most recalcitrant militants would not go along with the delimitarized zones. After all, many of these were militants from Douma who also had refused to surrender to the government and were bused to Idlib. But Putin was being his diplomatic best and agreed to this with Turkey. Now that the zone has been rejected, there is nothing left but to bomb them to hell.


I suspect that stronger air defences all across Syria will be in place before any assault on the US Coalition of Terror orcs :)

Vince Dhimos

Russia has already bombed terrorists in Idlib. The operation was halted to negotiate with Erdogan, but now that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham has refused to go along with the DMZ, Russia is free to bomb again,


They are BUT FUKUS and Israel have been too inpatient again and Russia has good reason to increase Syrian air defences with newer systems now , as israel broke the Gentleman’s agreement :)

FUKUS and Friends have now shown how desperate they are to get fully involved in Syria and the price they must pay will be hundreds or thousands of bodybags filed with a melange of body parts. :)

Hind Abyad

ERDOGAN’S ADVISOR: ISRAEL PROVOKED IL-20 INCIDENT TO SABOTAGE IDLIB AGREEMENT. https://southfront.org/erdogans-advisor-israel-provoked-il-20-incident-to-sabotage-idlib-agreement/

Vince Dhimos

The agreement benefited Erdogan. Why did he sign it if he didn’t want it to succeed?

Hind Abyad

They read The Prince. Sultan Wazir Isnogood, Oriental version

Ricky Miller

Enforcing the agreement is now Turkey’s responsibility. There will probably be joint Turkish and Russian actions to remove HTS and others. Looking at it now this Ergogan-Putin deal seems to work in Syria’s favor. If it’s implemented, than the shelling and attacks on Aleppo, and Hama and Latakia come to an end. If not than it’s going to be harder for certain hypocrites to complain when large scale action is required later in Idlib. Turkey has taken on a huge headache here as these jihadists are dangerous and may soon turn their attention on the Turks. Chickens, meet roost.

Richard M

Or the Ottomans may just continue sponsoring, arming, funding, training and supporting their puppet Orcs. At best they will have HTS rebrand themselves as “Little Sisters of the Poor”. :D

Ricky Miller

Possible. But the proof will be in the results. If the shelling of government areas stop=win. If the drone attacks stop or at least are intercepted farther away=win. If not Turkey is all but required to get out of the way. The best part of the agreement, at least for me? Turkey is now responsible for taking this rabble and has to live with them now. Cynical satisfaction…

Richard M

There is where we agree. “The proof will be in the results”. Remember the 2014 Siege of Kobane? Ottomans treacherously allowed ISIS to transit Ottoman territory to attack Kobane from behind. That is the sort of “co-operation” you will see from Mad Dawg Err Dawg’s regime.


It would be better if Turkish troops were involved with the terrorist clearance as if not the Turks could continue to supply and allow others to supply the terror gangs.

John Brown

This is good news as now the Russian and Turkish militaries can fight ISIS and Al Qaeda side by side.

Ray Douglas

If the agreement had worked then Syria would have regained the parts of Hama, Latakia, and some of Aleppo without firing a shot or without risking being bombed by the warmongers. However, if the terrorists reject the agreement the SAA will have to free their territory by force with the subsequent loss of life of Syrian sons and daughters in the SAA. If it has to be done it has to be done. Good luck and good fortune to the SAA. However, before they attack, they should try and locate the whereabouts of the chemical weapons the terrorists have and destroy them.


You are 100% correct Ray.

John Brown

These Russian intelligence planes will now have to be escorted by Russian air superiority fighters, with authorization to shoot down any other jets that try such things


Hayat Tahrir al-Sham & Other Groups Reject Turkish-Russian Agreement To Establish Demilitarized Zone In Idlib

thanks to allah

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