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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Once Again Sabotages Evacuation From Al-Fu’ah And Kafriya

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Once Again Sabotages Evacuation From Al-Fu’ah And Kafriya

Evacuation buses near al-Eis, Click to see full-size image

On July 19, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) paused an evacuation of the civilians and National Defense Froces (NDF) fighters from the towns of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya in the eastern Idlib countryside, according to al-Mayadeen TV. The Lebanese news TV channel added that HTS fighters halted 19 buses carrying hundreds of civilians, including women and children, near the crossing of al-Eis.

Syrian opposition activists revealed that foreign fighters of HTS climbed into the buses and insulted the civilians and NDF fighters. Furthermore, the windows of the buses were broken by HTS fighters, who also stole some of the civilians’ luggage.

Omar Rahmun, a well-known mediator between the government and the opposition, said on Twitter that HTS paused the evacuation process because 600 out of the 1,500 convicts who were released by the Damascus government under the evacuation agreement, refused to go to the governorate of Idlib. According to Rahman, the convicts asked for a reconciliation deal.

Earlier today, the Syrian pro-government news outlet al-Masdar News reported that more than 7,000 civilians and NDF fighters were evacuated from the two besieged towns.

Currently, HTS is attempting to use the remaining civilians to blackmail the Damascus government into releasing more convicts. If the government rejects HTS’ demands, the radical group may threaten the lives of the civilians.

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lol even terrorist don’t wanna go to idlib


told u so…dont trust them…their masters are satanic jews….never ever trust them

Promitheas Apollonious

none is trusting them. But a compromise must be made in order for the civilians to be free and put all the targets in one area. After that it be no discussion. Have any of you calculated how many isis and collaborators, have become fertilizer?

The number is into several hundred thousands.

Brother Ma

Mostly turco foreign headchoppers.! Pigs!


A classic example of much ado about nothing or of pot cracking:


All’s well that ends well.


These takfiris only want 600 more announced dead to go to hell with them in september.

Rafik Chauhan

kill all this HTS bastard and send them to hell. no more negotiation once this civilian comes out . idlib should be taken by force . turkey is the main backer of this terriost and he shoud pay heavily with their life

Brother Ma

Bravo Rafik! Death to foreign invaders of Syria!

Rafik Chauhan

ther should be no turkey observation post. SAA and Tiger force was doing very well to take all of idlib in matter of times . SAA should have reach idlib city and Faua and kefraya very fast Iran and Russia did mistake by making deal with Turkey. on this terriost safe zone . iran and Russia will end up paying with civilian life to thie terriost turkey


Turkey originally responsible to keep these militants in check. As it stand SAA have legal justification to act against HTS even under this de escalation agreement. Unless Turkey start to actively cracks down on them.
Well soon they won’t be necessary. Turkey forces as well were unlikely to act directly against SAA.

Brother Ma

turkey is the majn problem . Push these bastards into Turkey if you cannot kill them all.

Michał Hunicz

It was so obvious that HTS will do something about it.


If they have brains this is exactly repeat of Southern offensive. Deescalation are agreed upon and binding but due to their mischievous shortsighted ‘generals’ for allowing and encouraging provocation SAA can eat them up and still within the agreement thus ruling out justification for the terrorist enablers to intervene.


What is Wrong with Idlib?! Is it the Food? Is it the Accommodation? Is it the Public Transportation? Is it the Lack of Virgins?! The SAA has Created this Beautiful Caliphate for Retired Headchopper Paradise for you Folks…Your Final Resting Place…. and you don’t wanna Go there??!! WTF is wrong with you? Very Very Ungrateful Folks!

Empire's Frontiers

It’s the future mission to detonate themselves in a public market in Damascus.

Kell McBanned

God imagine being on that bus, it would be like being the only white kid at a “diverse” school.

Joe Doe

This was stupid idea from the beginning. SYria government and SAA has patter for poor judgment and strategy planing. They sooooo stupid that they never learn from previous mistakes nor they able take proper steps to insure safety of own people. Again Syrian government have poor judgment


Soon the primitive scum will face the wrath of the SAA in idlib.
Kill every last one of the of them.


The Rebels in general are appalled at the surrenders, they didn’t go through so many years of war to surrender almost without a fight. That should explain, but not excuse, HTS’ actions in this case.


As ever, Smaug the terrorist apologist. If you really like them so much, why didn’t you let them flee into Israel?


hts= israeli akbar !!! vermin!

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