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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Launches Attack On Turkish-backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Launches Attack On Turkish-backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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After a series of successes in western Aleppo, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has launched an attack on positions of the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) in southern Idlib.

According to reports, HTS advanced on NFL positions in the villages of Ankawi, Rai al-Naqir, Abdeen, Arinba, Trimla, Safwan and Maaret-Naaman. The village of Ankawi was already captured by HTS.

Meanwhile, the NFL has failed to consolidate its forces to to show up a real resistance to the HTS expansion within the Idlib de-escalation zone. One of the key NFL positions under threat from HTS is Maaret-Naaman. If HTS captures this town, the NFL will lost one of its key strong points in this part of Idlib province. This will mean the further expansion of HTS in the area.

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Zo Fu

“This will mean the further expansion of HTS in the area.” No. This means further ethnic cleansing ongoing. Civilian who somehow managed to survive under “moderate rebels” backed by Turkey will be slaughtered by FUKUS-Saudi-Israeli backed ISIS long time before Russia finally wake up and starts doing something. This is the message. And by the way. Border between HTS and NFL is quite blurred especially in IDLIB as both are fighting against Assad and Russia.


Save your crocodile tears badmouthing hypocrite Christians and Shiites in Idlib are good as dead already for quite long time…. NOBODY was protecting them for years there and who ever wanted to kill them could have done it so LONG TIME AGO ! —– Since they fight each other the border between HTS and NFL is not “blurred” any longer

Also ..how the hell do you know that not attacking Idlib is not part of agreement between Russia and Turkey in exchange for Turkey not attacking Manbij ?!

Badmouthing NAZI Kraut calling Russia – Russia respond !

George King

If you understand that all and I do mean all these terrorist gangsters are just that criminal gangs for $, pillage and plunder, slaves masters you will understand that Russia through Putin has said they must all be hunted down and killed and those responsible held to account. Syria can not have these criminals nor traitors left in a united nation state!


Apart from foreigner terrorist’s and local terrorist’s and war criminals….one can’t dismiss absolutely every Sunni in Idlib as war criminal or terrorist. They are Syrians and they don’t have necessarily to like Assad to be acceptable.

We should only can hope that extremist terrorist’s will soon be all eliminated and that so much needed peace will return soon to Syria

J Roderet

Looks like the “NFL” is getting blown out in the terrorist Super Bowl in Idlib.


good news for damas and moscow!!

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