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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Is Planning To Attack UN Convoy In East Ghouta

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Is Planning To Attack UN Convoy In East Ghouta

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On March 3, Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin, a representative of the Russian center for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria, said that a report of the Syrian intelligence had revealed that the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), is plotting a provocation in East Ghouta. The group is preapring to attack a UN relief convoy, which is scheduled to enter the Duma district in the northern part of the East Ghouta pocket on March 4.

“Jihadists are planning to open mortar fire on the convoy and pin the blame on government forces. We demand the leaders of illegal armed groups halt provocations, abide by the cessation of hostilities and immediately provide unimpeded evacuations for civilians from the area of fighting,” Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin said according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin also revealed that the militants in the East Ghouta pocket had targeted several checkpoints of the Russian reconciliation center on the safe route northeast of the Duma district with sniper rifles during the daily humanitarian pause. Three civilians were reportedly injured in the attacks.

“Today, the area near the checkpoint came under sniper fire throughout the day. Besides, from 9.35 a.m. until 11.10 a.m. fire from small arms was opened four times on the humanitarian corridor, three local civilians received wounds,” said Maj. Gen. Zolotukhin.

On February 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a daily humanitarian pause in the Eastern Ghouta pocket from 09:00 to 14:00 local time to allow the civilians to leave the besieged areas safely.

However, only a very low number of people has been able to leave the East Ghouta pocket so far, because the militants are forcing people to stay in the pocket as “a human shield”, according to the Russian reconciliation center.

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jerry hamilton

I didn’t know the UN were providing help in Syria.


They have been feeding the terrorists (who confiscate the food from their human shields) on behalf of our Western regimes.

jerry hamilton

Thank you.

AM Hants

They do, when there is a false flag due to go down. Provided that they can get the MSM on board, with White Helmet Film School and the SOHR to lend a hand.

So what is the latest script?

US Drone, hovering close by.
What is left of the White Helmet by day and Al Qaeda by night crew and no doubt chemical weapons and an UN convoy.

That means they can get the two film scripts, up and running in time for the Russian Presidential Election, and no doubt hoping for 9/11 coverage, in order to blame Russian and the Syrian Forces?

jerry hamilton



Yes, as Trump would shoot first and then talk later no matter how ridiculous is the accusations. The last time proven false and he got away with it without even an apology.

So might is power . The only problem is in Syria this kind of might does not win wars .


Might is power problem in Syria that they can’t put it decisively because Russians force coming in between them and Assad.
Likewise the USA and west coalition can’t interfere in Chinese nine dash claim as well as it’s artificial island fortifications building. None of them want a war with China as strong as it is right now since they would most definitely capable to bring the war into their own soils.
Once the warmongering feedbacks felt (house bombed, land invaded, soldiers killed amass) the anti war faction and sentiment will rise up and held the warmonger responsible.
Which is why they rather make a war to a country that can’t strike them back in their home since they’ll be held accountable.

AM Hants

I still cannot get my head around him hosting President Xi-Jinping and his wife, and whilst they were having dinner, he casually sorted out the night’s entertainment. 60 tomahawks delivered to Syria. Thankfully something got in the way, or they were seriously defective missiles.

Then Trump, carried on the weekend as though nothing had happened. An act you would expect from a Dr Strangelove Script. Showing that he is nothing but a pure psychotic, sociopath and nothing but an ego, heavily dependent on media drama. Seriously lacking in manners and diplomacy but, a master of ignorance.


That’s why they forced a ceasefire so the terrorists can be resupplied as suddenly Russia and allies started massive attacks they were not prepared for. Suddenly in unison all the MSM focused on East Ghouta after only the first salvos of fire.

UN is for terrorism and prolonging the Syrian war which is already certain who would win.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Russia is providing the most humantarian aid including Military Police to protect the local public. Russia also provides the Sappers explosive removal teams.

Jens Holm

90% of all help in Syria is provided by UN.

You thought it was Assads – Russians ? Assads even bombarde cornfields in rebel areas and again and again.

In the SDF areas its close to 99%.

When SDF`s fx has taken Tabqa, Raqqa and the areas at DEZ-UBU Kemal its estimated how many refugees, which probatly will come. UN then make stations close to the front for at least water and small help care. Behind that they have real food and tent.

Its very coordinated with the troops, where SDF`s make the gates form where the refugees has as chance to go from ISIS being some protected and also guided in the direction of UN.

UN by that work very parallel to the troops. SDF`s are making the escapers into fx 3 at Raqqa. 1) Normal long distance refugees, Temporary short distances and the mixed ISIS group. The ISIS group are into low supporters and active ones – That often can be seen on hands – warhands and bureucrates.

But UN feed all, medical care, tents. SDF`s often help in long distance transportation afterwards. UN also feed at least some civilians there – and sometimes those are soldiers as well. Hard to make a total black and white.


How is terrorists have gun made in america btw>?


Those damn Ruskies!
Giving the game away before it’s played!


Remove them.

AM Hants

Didn’t they do the same trick in Aleppo, with a US drone hovering close by, in order to blame Russia and Syria?

AM Hants

They are seriously old dogs, who never even made it to learn just one trick.

Another brilliant image Florian. Again, so cute.


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Here is how militants may get all sorts of products, arms supplies, ammo, reinforcements, media & chemo equipment for staging false flags, communication devices…… Just in time for the annual international CW conference….

BTW Didn’t the last militant mega offensive in Harasta come just a day or two after the last major convoy went in?!

Militants will take over all the food/aid anyway, and leverage it to exert even more control over the civilians whom they use as human shields.

Ru could have demanded that all civilians who want to leave are allowed safe passage by militants before any food/aid goes in, but they would rather bluff and try to sound all tough, but quickly proceed to bend over for another servicing at the first opportunity.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very very true.This UN cease-fire as actually to give food and aid to trap coalition special forces.Civilians won’t get any food.

Jens Holm

Hahaha. So far Assads systematicly had done that from day 1. Nothing new if soldiers like them do exact the same.

Thats a very well known dilemma and UN again has tryed to keep thast low. Middle Easters seemes to have learned, that UN are like they are not.

Its probatly because Assads and most of You being undrer Your Great Father of Assads need the agreesion home at wifes and children in stead of Human Rights by United Nations.

Well I forgot. Syria is a nation ?

Langaniso Mhlobo

I don’t understand your comment. But thank you for trying.


Guard that Convoy from the Islamists! have all cameras and flags ready!


False flags are always ready.

Jim Prendergast

This is news? Those bastards do this every day!


In the photo above all looks like foreigners.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Please humbly request help from any one under correction why are the Russians and allies give food for exchange of civilians.For instance 10 civilians wig of flour.30 civilians1 kg of flour and sugar.100 civilians pre pack meat.All the humanitarian aid must be inspect by Russia and allies.But be moved in by UN members with spy and voice detector cameras mount on every truck.No UN member must leave the truck or go into a building.Goods must be distributed on a open space to avoid secret meetings.Good distribution strictly on exchange.Civilians doesn’t benefit from food distribution terrorists take everything.

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