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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Is Hurrying Up To Evacuate Weapon Depots From Darat Izza

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Is Hurrying Up To Evacuate Weapon Depots From Darat Izza

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Members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) have started evacuating its weapon depots from the areas of Darat Izza and Termanin, according to reports by local sources and Arab media.

Most of the weapon depots are reportedly being moved towards the border with Turkey, while the smaller part is moved to the Turkish-occupied region of Afrin. Turkish-backed militant groups have been for a long time cooperating with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. So, as the terrorist group’s defense is collapsing under strikes by the Syrian Army, it’s logical that it finds support from its counterparts.


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I love it that the rats are abandoning ship. That indicates that they are either incapable of putting up a fight or no longer want too. It also suggests that they no longer count on Turkey to bail out their headchopping butts. Still, let’s not get too optimistic, you never with that dogturd licker Erdogan (no insults to dogturd lickers intended) as to what kinds of crazy stunts he’s up to. An Erdogan who has not made his next move yet worries me more then an Erdogan who is making his next move.


I don´t think so. They reley on Turkey. They hope Turkey will lead the attack in SAA. Turkey is waiting for a casus belli. .. is waiting for an incident they will use as argument to attack SAA. Will SAA hurry up to block the border crossing? Will SAA take the airport(s) an Jamal Sheik Barakat soon? There is no much time, cause the mood in the west is becomming desperate and than could lead to support of the EU in Turkey, especially if there woulld occure dead refugees. The refugees should be evacuated over more save corridors and they should get a warm welcome instead problems.


Not many options open now for Erdy…

We ‘v seen him crying to the Pakis for any kind of help they can offer / provide him with…
The Pakis already are flying half of the Turk’s F16’s violating Greece’s FIR air – space over the Aegean Sea … Some Paki war ships have been spotted in the East Mediterranean too recently…

Erdy most likely will run back to Trump for help …but Trump is going to ask him to abandon the S400’s and return to the F35’s program… will Erdy accept …?

Depends what he ll think is the best way for him to stay in power in Turkey…


He will end up like Gaddafi.


Unless he leaves everything and goes away to hide in some whole on his own …most likely…


Well your close, his big move is Libya and the off shore claims of Greece and Cyprus. Way more oil than Syria.


Erdogan can’t afford to fail, the next coup will succeed and he will be lynched.


I do remember shedding tears for Soleimani, and I’m not Persian or even Muslim, but for Erdogan, nothing. But my guess is the big boys, the US/UK cabal have given him the OK on Libya. You know Haftar is just TOO close to bringing peace back there.
We’ll see…. Hope I’m wrong and your right.

Zionism = EVIL

If the Turkeys keep getting killed in both Syria and Libya a coup is 100% guaranteed. The Turkeys economy is up the creek too.


I think not.. Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan was to offer support because he has failed in Syria..so now he will try to dominate Pakistan issues… Pakistan as a helper? They are so poor, the electric supplier to their parliament threatened to cut them off due to unpaid bills… They can’t survive even an inter al war…


Who gives a sh!te about the people and their electricity and how poor the people are.
Do you think the Turkish people are much better ?

Or the Indian people for that matter.
Even in the USA they got the highest poverty and people living in the street rates!

We are talking about military might and what goverments can do with it here.
Check Pakistan’s military stats …they even got nucs, you do know that right ?
Pakistan is ranked 15th …


Pakistan military is not strong..they have small nukes but no icbm capability…a military runs on $$$ not on “might”…a poor devastated country living on IMF bailout = weak military..


Pakistan is one of only a handful of nations to possess nuclear weapons, with the country having between 100 and 130 warheads.

If needed, Islamabad would use its Shaheen 1A and Shaheen 3A rockets and stocks of cruise missiles to deliver weapons.

As of 2011, Pakistan possesses a wide variety of nuclear-capable medium range ballistic missiles with ranges up to 2750 km

Pakistan is developing its own equivalent to the Davy Crockett launcher with a miniaturised warhead that may be similar to the W54



Okay buddy Pakistan is going to nuke Syria to help Turkey.. good story


Is that what I said ?
Read again maybe.
Turks have ‘hands’ they need the armory only. (Apart from the pilots, they do need pilots that can fly).

Zionism = EVIL

Pakistan is a bankrupt shithole and owned by Jews.


“Paki” is a racist term, fuck off, racist.

The Man

No it isn’t! It means Pure… but many Pakis are deceitful, tempestuous, hypocritical animals so God knows why Pakistan is called Land of the Pure. But Paki is not a racist term…


People also need to be educated that the term “racism” is a marxist concept, replacing the defunct class struggle with race struggle.

The Man

Let me guess! You’re a transvestite lesbian feminist single parent (with a skin head and rings on her nose, cheeks and clit) who detests men with a vengeance and thinks all guys are rapists wanting to f*ck you! F O with your Marxist shite, please, we are respectable people here conversing maturely. No need for your bullshit please.


Wow, everything exactly wrong! I’ll only tell you I’m anti-marxist and if you are too then we are on the same side. Your insults are totally uncalled for.


Yes it is, racist twat.

The Man

No it isn’t, ignorant f*ck!


Go eat your own sh1te Paki, and then f*ck(or get f*cked by) donkey Paki!

Prince Myshkin

Erm. ‘Tajik’, ‘Khazakh’, ‘Baloch’ are all terrible forms of personal abuse by that logic.

Pakis infesting the UK have been taught over the decades by the communist mongs that also infest the UK that the word is ‘racist’ and therefore that gives them ( the Pakis) another excuse to hate their gracious hosts.

Mongs ‘educating’ inbreds gives rise to such inane statements. If someone from Britain were referred to as a ‘Brit’ is this cause for offence?


Analogies aren’t facts.

Prince Myshkin

So enlighten me then with the equivalent Urdu pejoritave for white (you do know this word don’t you). Pots and kettles. Nigs and Nogs. Your ‘racism’ isn’t an exclusive preserve now is it?

Commies will deconstruct this as a power relationship though and claim that it is an exclusive preserve. But then commies are the kind of fools that will insist that black is white.


Not going to happen. Pakistan is very dependent on financial aid from Saudi Arabia and try their best not to jeopardizes it by making Saudis angry. Of course they have their priorities too and sometimes these priorities outweigh Saudi money (so far no amount of money made them to sever their relationship with Iran for example because of the shared border and common border problems) but helping Turkey is not one of them.

He will try to get help from anybody he can, including Trump, but the price of the US help would be too much. Cancelling S-400 (plus other deals like nuclear power plants, Turkstream and acceptance of “the steal of century”) is surely one of the US demands, Not likely unless he is fully ready for the wrath of Russia and subsequent economic backlashes.

On the surface it seems he pushed his country into a corner. That is of course in case everything is as we see (which rarely is). We need more information to understand what is really going on and without a crystal ball, there’s no other choice but wait and see.

And as @Squeeth pointed out, “Paki” is an ethnic slur, a derogatory term.


I didn’t see Saudi Arabia object to Paki ships and Paki pilots moving over to Turkish territory or working for Turkey.
I never liked the Saudis and / or their relationship with the US and their involvement at WTC 09/11 or the sell out of Airline stocks in Wall street a couple of weeks before the hit.

Erdogan has dug his own grave and he is continuing to dig. The question is will it be deep enough to fit the whole country(Turkey).

PS I know Paki is derogatory, I have no respect for them or for Bangladesh for that matter.
Am I a racist ? Frankly I dont give a damn if you think I am one. But for the record I have no problem with Africans or African Americans or Chinese or Escimoes or North America Indians or Arabs of cource. I just really hate the Pakis cause they are the dirtiest race on the planet and it makes me want to tear of my ears when I hear them trying to speak English with their disgusting dialect.
Turks, Pakis and Albanians the lowest of the low and they can all go suck a donky’s c0ck for all I care.

Bill Wilson

The HTS has been fighting shorthanded because Erdogan took “moderate militia” fighters from Idlib to bolster the ranks of his proxy militias that invaded Northern Syria and sent to Libya. I would think that those proxy militias will become unreliable as the SAA continues to advance thru Idlib since many of their fighters may desert their posts to rejoin their families now that the HTS no longer controls their lives.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, it should be bombed ASAP or hit with thermobaric missiles that will kill two Turkeys with one stone.


guys what will happen to atanaf green spot in the south, they are protected by the us army what can the saa do to liberate that spot


Don’t worry about alTanf for now.

Bill Wilson

The only ones that want the US out of al Tanf are the Iranians.

good american

You must use strong drugs.

Bill Wilson

Nope. I’m clean and sober.


But not smart.
Perhaps you should go back to being a drunk. :)


So you are a natural born idiot?

good american

Then it is definitely something else. Dropped on the head as a baby, maybe?

The Man


Concrete Mike

Let me correct that for you, i know you dont want to look like an inbred israeli firster morron.

The only.ones that want the US to stay at Al Tanf are Israel and Jabhat al Nusrah or whatever name they picked out of the hat this week.

Not even the americans i know want to be there, neighbors talk you know.

Fact is the whole world wants the war in Syria to stop, and the whole world now sees the USA as cockblocking peace.

Thats what your country has become, cockblockers, plus your footing the bill. What kind of shitty deal ia that for regular Joe Jones in Kansas that dont even know where Syria is, yet he has to pay for the nerd’s idiotic adventures.

You are being lied to.


So.. according to your stupid arse Syrians want US in al Tanf??

John Wallace

I think around the time of the first SAA takeover of Palmrya the SAA started heading south towards Al Tanf but were told to stay away by the US. Assad has mentioned many times that Al Tanf is to be taken back so not sure where you get the idea the Irainians are the only ones . Russia has also mentioned it on occasions so you are either late to the party or ill informed.

Toni Liu

Time will tell us about the fate of al tanf, there still many thing to do other than that area



Alex Cabrera


Tim Williams

The madman of ANKARA is arresting hundreds as he fears a new coup attempt coming …

just shoot him and get it over with ..


Tim Williams

SAA on the move again … storming base 111th base


Tim Williams
Tim Williams

good news!

Tim Williams

by foot, car or by cycle they keep coming …


Tim Williams

first jet land at Aleppo International … pilots making training runs


Tim Williams

no cease fire now … Russia will now quarantine these locations … no more supplies will go in, nobody will come out … starve them out of food and fuel


Tim Williams
Tim Williams

Syrian government says with M5 fully open and complete liberation of Aleppo City and surrounding areas, they expect the GDP of the country to grow by a whopping 150% in the next 24 months ..


ahah excellent news darrat izzat libered the SSA next to frontier turk!! :)

Tim Williams

Great sight on the rebuilding going on in Syria … news in the USA has the country in total ruins.


Tim Williams

In a fit of rage … Turkey has closed their airspace to Russian aircraft now

Tim Williams

M4 top,priority,why who the fk do these nwos think they are,trying to stop world productivety,no wonder the whole world don’t trust in any neo-liberal policys,they are so retarded these cia goons,they don’t even realise they are fuking one another in the leg,retake the m4 push these demented incest spwan wannabes outta the fkn way,tell the frgn old hags in brussels to wisen the fk up,the world needs trade
not frgn road blocks and retarded productivety,they don’t heed blow the fkrz away blame the schemers!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

HTS is probably busy swapping places with the moderate opposition.

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