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JUNE 2023

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Field Commander Quits Group Due To Massive Corruption, Lack Of ‘Fair Salaries’

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Field Commander Quits Group Due To Massive Corruption, Lack Of 'Fair Salaries'

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) jihad appears to be failing due to corruption and fraud in the group itself.

In a 19-minute video, HTS Field commander Abu Abd al-Ashda spoke about leaving the group because the corruption was too much. The video was published on the media resources of the terrorists.

According to Abu Abd, the leadership of the HTS was aware of the impending offensive of the Syrian Army in the north of the province of Hama a few months in advance, but did not bother to organize defensive structures and establish logistics for the supply of weapons to the front. He noted that the millions of dollars that the HTS had for rearmament simply disappeared.

Another reason for the success of the summer campaign of the Syrian Army, according to him was the inept management of human and material resources of the groups.

He emphasized that the association had lost key and experienced jihadists who were thrown like cannon fodder at the fronts in Hama.

In addition, hundreds of militants refused to participate in the hostilities due to the fact that the HTS simply did not pay them a decent salary, although it had the opportunity.

Abu Abd also spoke about money dealings in the HTS being special – management fill their own pockets, and those of their relatives. These people were placed in high positions in the association simply due to their relatives.

He also mentioned the high taxes that jihadists collect from businessmen working in territories under their control. All the funds raised were simply distributed among the gang leaders. According to Abu Abd, this has forced many field commanders to leave the alliance.

In addition, Abu Abd noted that the HTS uses religion for its own selfish purposes. In the end, he called for the rebellion of all those who disagree with politics in the HTS.

Abu Abdu al-Ashdi was a key figure in Aleppo, where he commanded the defense of the areas that remained under the control of militants in the fall of 2016.

This testimony, as previous others, be it from HTS or even ISIS (such as those from the bumbling jihadi who couldn’t afford a slave), are showing for the state of the fight against the “bloody dictator” Bashar al-Assad. The local population is used as the “goose that lays the golden eggs,” simply to amass more funds, which are then stolen by the leadership of the groups.

It appears that the “jihadist life” isn’t what some militants consider it to be. It’s not just a presumed war by the US-led coalition that barely scrapes the surface. And even being dubbed a “moderate opposition” that, at least, attempts to present as if it exercises care towards the local population is no guarantee, as recent Russian and Syrian efforts show.

During the active phase of the war, such actions may go largely unnoticed, but not completely. When the war is winding down, and it is simply a matter of time until Syrian government forces, with assistance from Russia, consolidate power.

Naturally, the massive losses and people expecting to get paid would lead to some suspicions and calls for a “fake jihad.” After all, if there are fewer people, but the money didn’t go anywhere, why aren’t they, the “honest, hardworking, faithful” terrorists getting their salaries paid?


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US-Navy Revert Shia

Who cares, most cowards flip sides when they know death is coming to there door step, in this case to a cave you MONSTER-!


How are you doing at PressTV? Most of my comments there are being blocked or altered. They seem to have an aversion to factual comments about Jew crime and evil. You can look at my feed to see the ones that have been removed. Though it doesn’t show how they’ve altered the ones that they ran after they changed them to alter their meaning.

US-Navy Revert Shia

Same on my end, when I come on strong against the AngloZionist, or talk about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, they sometimes remove it, even as I am Shia now for 44 years, sometimes I believe it’s who is on at the time reviewing the comments or is it a Algorithm-?


I don’t think that it’s an algorithm. But just the fact the all of comments are held for review indicates that their intention is to limit the Discus platform more than sites that don’t have the moderation cranked up. And judging from what they’re blocking and editing. Anything doing with Jews is a severe problem for PressTV. No matter how truthful, non abrasive or relevant it is to the article being commented on.

It makes you wonder why they even changed to Disqus when their handling of it is negatively affecting their reputation as an objective truthful news provider.

US-Navy Revert Shia

Then why is it wide open with southfount-? you can say or post anything, “Dr. E. Michael Jones” wrote a good book when he was invited to Iran about jews, the Iranian Government loved the book, but changed the title. Dr. Jones Critique of the jew in history and today is profound, he has many books and was banned from youtube like many others.


SF is a truth site. PressTV is a truth suppression site. I’m not familiar with the Jones book. Iran has been a big help in Syria. Their PressTV issues doesn’t change that

YouTube, like Google and Facebook are Jew owned and operated. As part of their failing attempt to monopolize the internet like they did with the msm. The internet is becoming the new msm with a lot less Jew control.


The Russians have stronger American values than the Zionist traitors running the US government. That needs to change. The way to do that is to dejudify the US like the Russians did when they got rid of 95% of them. They should finish the job. And the US should start it.

Jens Holm

When jews are that big it only tell, how small You are. Some few million Jews can dominate a billion muslims – haha.


That’s why Israel is in a state of perpetual war. And is constantly getting attacked. Because they bring it on themselves.


That’s why there’s been so much dejudification over the past 3,000 years. Because they’ve always been a problem.

Jens Holm

Haha. Mujammed wasnt the last Prophet at all in Your Universe.

Jens Holm

From outside I see almost all of You hardly ever debate women, gender and a lot of other stuff. We do.where we are – in west. We only has some few limitations.

You also mainly cant debate human right. They hardly are any option in Your world, where men and women are like horses and zebras hardly meeting each other apart from sale and buy.

Jens Holm

It might be both. Some Algoritm takes the major ones not allowed. Thats my oppinion.

Jens Holm

They dont have aversion, but Your comments are not factual at all and even full of totally lies as well.

Here You tell, You dont learn thise site isnt Yours as well. You could go somewhere else or make Your own. You only have a high score in timewasting. I am sure Adm. here is payed by hours and coffee and tea, but most people here are not.


You post a lot of stupidity. You’ve never disproven anything that I’ve written with credible evidence. You’ve never even tried. Why don’t you put you money where your mouth is like I do and prove your points with credible evidence? Because you’re a habitual liar who can’t.

Jens Holm

Its very simplified making it into flkipping side after he has worked vey hard for that side – probatly his whole life.

Black Waters

HAHAHAHAHA, Wasn’t a fight for Allah and the caliphate? Wahahahaha!, shitty mercenaries, we all already knew this so far… without dollars ain’t a good time for “freedom”.


“The local population is used as the “goose that lays the golden eggs,” simply to amass more funds, which are then stolen by the leadership of the groups.”

The moronic US and NATO terror gangs should have learned from their paymasters that it is always better to ‘ Pluck the Golden Goose without it hissing too much ‘.

This is how the West controls and loots its populations and when the plucking gets to much we have riots as we see in France with the Yellow Vest movement.

Jens Holm

Yerrrrrh of course: USA and Nato does it. You forgot the zionist jews again, are You becomming seniale:)

Most paymasters for that area also are arabs, but that semes not to bother You as well.

Jens Holm

No need to laugh. Assads are famius in the whole world being corrupt in all levels. You even pay for toiletpaper and being allowed to use Your left hand.

Oil and gas was not taken by ISIS from the Syrian people but Assads having it as private property. And in the funny strange way SDFs now deliever to all in the SDF zone even they cant produce enough fuel. I only have heard few things about corruption there.

I dont like the Jihadists, buit they are part of the corruption, which unfotunatly is international and in all camps. Some like me fokus on, why thats not stopped.

Reforms for Syria before the disputes really became hot was, that no oil and gas money was invested into innovating production making jobs, even a high potential. Baathist not even has feeded their owned oil production, so they could get more corruption money themselves. Socalled “empty wells” are mainly emptybecause even modern russian ways are from old days.

Thats how corruption is. One could understand it was used for investments, sothe corrupters could grab more.

Hard to see the Idlibs of that kind can grow.


He gives us the reason why SAA doesn’t have to push like crazy to take the lands back. HTS is totally corrupt inside and it will collapse under its own BS mountain. The SAA gains in N Hama were indeed the trigger for the general collapse that we are now witnessing. HTS still has lots of weapons, but it won’t help them in the end…

Jens Holm

Well, I am afraid the Assads are world famous for corruption as well, so I – So to speak – has hope for those Jihadists are compensated by the other side of the fronts.


Great, the whole war on terror was a Yinon plan scam from the beginning. The more that abandon it the better. Israel needs to be next on the problem correction agenda.

The Jews are the number 1 problem facing the region, the US, and humanity. They need to be extinct. The Synagogues and yeshivas permanently closed and demolished. And former Jews assimilated into a Jew free society. So that the planet is Jew free.

Jens Holm

The whole world is no in terror at all.

Most conflicts are among muslims or in conflict with others. Most of the refigees in the world are muslims as well and millions try to escape that fx comming here.

You create nothing. Thats why. Ypu alos can refer to the past, when You reform Yourself. Not even muslims can use that for anything making real sense for 2019 and the future.

You not even use or have any language for the future as all can see right here apart from blaming others and even feel fine about it being ineffective no human rights lazybums.

So many of You are like that. One could understand if You could line up things, which are better. Unfortunatly I hardly see any.

The main problem is Yourself. Even Your Goverment Systems makesYou tonon responsible persons for, what You are. The only dospensation seemes to be vomen hardly exist as players apart frombeing objeckts as compensation for deciding at least something.

I started here, because some muslims blamed me knowing nothing. Its very clear they know even less themselves.

Making Jews do this and that – haha – You cant even produce a single effective tool for or against those very few millions.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I am not surprised by this hahahaha

Xoli Xoli

US Dollars make the Shia terrorists go around.It do the talking.

Jens Holm

Those and others should go tothe deserts and make Aleppo Soap. We can send money, so they even can be giventhe best :)





The bank deposit made by USA to terrorirsts is not enough for him to get good money.

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