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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Expands Its Forces With Three New Brigades Thanks To Ceasefire

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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Expands Its Forces With Three New Brigades Thanks To Ceasefire

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has expanded its forces with three new brigades, taking advantage of the ceasefire in Greater Idlib.

In an official statement released on April 14, the terrorist group listed the new brigades as it follows:

  • The Talhah ibn Ubaydullah Brigade, led by Abu Hafs Binnish;
  • The Ali ibn Abi Talib Brigade, led by Abu Baker Mheen;
  • The Zubayr ibn al-Awam Brigade, led by Abu Mohamad Shura.

HTS didn’t reveal why the new brigades were formed or any information about the number of fighters in their ranks.

The terrorist group has been taking advantage of the new ceasefire in Greater Idlib, brokered by Russia and Turkey on March 5, to rebuild its military capabilities.

Last month, HTS launched a large recruitment campaign to revive its depleted special forces, the “Red Bands,” as well as its Inghimasi [suicide] force. The group also stepped up the training of new recruits.

HTS’ military buildup reveals the real intentions of the terrorist group, which is preparing for a new battle against the Syrian Army and its allies. Last March, the group rejected the Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib vowing to continue the fight.


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klove and light

what a fuckingggg surprise…im sooo shocked-sarcasm out

John Wallace

Normally 1500 to 4000 to a brigade but what do they consider a brigade ? , 1000 , 500 who knows. I am surprised their suicide brigade is low on numbers , surely a result of poor training. HTS were never part of the ceasefire and should have been continually attacked. But the SAA has also had the chance to rest and re organise and re man but at what cost..


The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and it’s political leader Erdogan lost his best terrorists in Cairo tonight. The Egyptian Security Forces have managed to kill most of them and arrest the wounded in the Egyptian capital, just before they attacked the Coptic Christians in the area of Al-Amiriya.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Egyptians will hang the wounded Brotherhood fighters on meat hooks and torture them for information, but they’ll do it legally and get a court order first, LOL, it’s amazing what the Egyptian government can do to the MB members in full view of the international community and get away with it, LOL.


Maybe so, but on the other hand, those brotherhood chickenshits arent humans. Not even animals.

Insects is the closest living thing they resemble. A mix between Locust and Cockroach to be precise!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Unfortunately they’re also very clever politically.


Politically? How is a terrorist organisation political in any way? Do they have diplomats? Apart from their leader Erdogan ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Unfortunately apart from Russia and some of the Arab League countries the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] aren’t designated terrorists in many other countries, Trumps also trying to have them included in the terrorist lists but has a lot of opposition from his own government. Yes they have many diplomats and unfortunately they’re among the most influential political leaders and diplomats in the whole Islamic world, and they don’t just have influence in Islamic countries either. When Germany, France and England complain about the Islamic voting blocks in their own countries often voting according to Islamic influences instead of domestic concerns, it’s the MB responsible. The MB has incredible influence over most devout Sunni Muslims, they even have a good relationship with the Shia faith too, [they’re not opposed to Iran], in fact most Muslims are at least semi pro MB, and in fact the only Muslims totally opposed to the MB, are the Islamic monarchies the MB want to depose, the Saudis, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait ext. And since Trump’s started trying to have the MB added to the US terrorist list 2 years ago, Erdogan and the MB have been putting some distance between themselves, and even now Erdogan still denies being their leader, despite the fact every single one of the Islamic monarchies say he is. They’ve been around for 200 years now so their roots run very deep, and as much as I hate to admit it, most of the things the MB wants are actually not so bad, but Isis are their foot soldiers and work for the MB, so it also tells you some of the things they want are terrible too, and unfortunately the terrible things they want far outweigh the good things they want. Check out what the MB really say and want for themselves, you may be surprised as well as horrified at what you find, and the pro Arab monarchy websites are the best place to find the dirt on the MB, and Turkish sites are the best place to find out general and usually positive info on them.


There is nothing positive in any religious fanatic’s manifesto. And in fact I couldn’t give a monkey’s. If a criminal stands in front of a judge for his crimes will the judge ask him if he ever did anything good in his life, or will he judge him for the crime he is put in front of him…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“There is nothing positive in any religious fanatic’s manifesto.”

That’s a totally ignorant comment, the MB want an end to western control over the Islamic world, they don’t like the US or Israel telling them what to do, are they wrong to want that, that’s in their manifesto. As far as I know judges do look at what the condemned has done prior to their conviction and judges do take that into account in the sentencing process, and sometimes that process helps the rich and powerful get away with things the rest of us couldn’t. But then again, “you couldn’t give a monkey’s”. Before you talk about the Muslim Brotherhood you should find out the facts, talking about something you have no idea about isn’t wise.


I know they are terrorists and thats more than enough for me. Now you seem to be very eager to ‘find the good’ in them…

I don’t know why, but then again there are many trolls and double agents going about who will have you think they are on this side while in fact they are with the other side…

Anyway, the minute the rest of us start feeling sympathetic towards terrorist organisations just because of their ”good intentions” …thats when we have lost the game.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’ve been the only voice on SF over the last 2 years condemning the Muslim Brotherhood [MB], other people have only started mentioning them for less than 6 months now, and I suspect many of them only know about the MB from reading my comments on SF concerning them, and then possibly done some research for themselves, which is something you’ve obviously never done. So if you go back through the SF archives for the last 2 years you’ll find I’ve done nothing but condemn them on SF, but after your totally erroneous and unintelligent remark, I had to point out the obvious, there are some good things they say. Both Erdogan and the MB want Israel to get out of Palestine, and according to you that has to be bad because nothing the MB ever wants is good. So tell me, do you want Israel to get out of Palestine like the MB and Erdogan want them to, or are you in the other camp on that matter, on the Israeli side. You can’t have it both ways according to your comment. so what is it, do you agree with the MB concerning Israel and the Palestinians, or do you agree with the Israelis?


I don’t have to agree with anyone about anything.

Especially not with terrorist organisations such as the one you seem to know all about, the muslim brotherhood. For the record I do think Palestine should be independent and that the Israelies are just as bad as their Turkish friends. I m gona let you now praise the terrorists, I bet you also know some ”good things” al qaeda and isis have said in the past… maybe you d like to tell us about that next.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I never praise terrorists, you just can’t read properly, I said this and you call me a terrorist sympathizer

“and as much as I hate to admit it, most of the things the MB wants are actually not so bad, but Isis are their foot soldiers and work for the MB, so it also tells you some of the things they want are terrible too, and unfortunately the terrible things they want far outweigh the good things they want.”

That isn’t praising the terrorists, it’s just the stated realization that there’s always something in common with everyone else, even your enemies will have something they agree with you about, which is good, it sometimes encourages compromises between warring parties, that’s if they can find some common ground. You on the other hand seem to be the sort of person who doesn’t want to compromise on anything you believe is true, but sadly from what I’ve seen you write about the MB in your last few posts, it shows you know nothing at all except the most basic facts about the Muslim Brotherhood, so not being willing to compromise when you’re not even aware of all the simplest facts seems a pretty self destructive stance to take. But to each his own, you go your way and I’ll go mine, you keep barracking for the team you follow, I’ll keep calling out all the good plays and all the fouls from all the teams in the League, even the fouls the Syrian side [which I support] makes.


Yadayadayada. Fact remains : you are a terrorist sympathizer. I ll give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe its not on purpose, maybe you don’t have ‘other reasons’… But even so, lack of judgement on a matter as importand as this is, is simply unforgivable. You are letting the terrorists in throught the back door (no pun intended).


From what I’ve read, just about any retard willing to die can join their suicide fighter groups, so they’re not much of a worry. And like I said when this build-up was first reported: you can’t train Spec-Op teams in just a month or two. These ‘red bands’ are just wannabes.

Séamus Ó Néill

If they were renown fighters, it might mean something but they’re just a group of blood-thirsty, sub-human, illiterate scumbags….they’ll hardly be missed by the human race


I hope they will be good fertilizer for the amazing worms in Syrian soil. We need to boost the crops in Syria after the war is over!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s a coincidence, the Turks and their SNA proxies did the same thing about a month ago, they formed 3 new Brigades too, but they were mixed brigades of both Turkish regulars and SNA proxies, these guys are supposedly only forming 3 exclusive HTS Brigades, mmm, or are they, any Turks nearby, of course there are, the Turks just set up 3 new OB posts just up the road from HTS, mmm, I wonder.

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