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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Executes 19-Year Old Handed Over By Turkish Authorities


On April 20, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) executed a 19-year old man, who was deported from Turkey six months ago.

According to activists, the victim, Mohamad Aqib Hamam Tanu, was departed to Syria’s Greater Idlib, controlled by HTS and other terrorist groups, by Turkish authorities. Tano was a refuge in Turkey for the last five years.

The terrorist group accused Tanu of “infidelity,” claiming that text messages including insults to the “divine self” were found in his phone.

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Executes 19-Year Old Handed Over By Turkish Authorities

Mohamad Aqib Hamam Tanu

Locals from Tanu’s hometown, Darat Izza in northern Aleppo, denied HTS’ accusations. The locals said HTS executed Tanu because its security forces found insults to their leader, Abu Mohamad al-Julani, in his phone.

Tanu was reportedly a former member of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement. The Turkish-backed group is one of the main opponents of HTS, which indicate that the man was indeed executed because of his political believes.

Last year, dozens of non-registered Syrian refugees were arrested in Turkey and departed to the HTS-held part of Greater Idlib. Many of these refugees, especially opponents of the terrorist group, were arrested.

Turkey has repeatedly claimed that its actions in Syria are meant to ease the suffering of refugees. At the same time, Ankara hands over these same refugees to a notorious al-Qaeda-linked group which executes them for sending SMS messages.




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  • igybundy

    Well this is happening in many cultures and countries and not just HTS.. People want the government to intervene so they dont hear what they dont like and they dont want others to speak what they dont want to hear..

  • Cromwell

    If the kid had any balls he wouldn’t have been in Turkey,he would have been in the SAA defending his Country.

    • Bill Rood

      Maybe if the Turks had given him a choice, he would have chosen to be deported to the Syrian government and joined the SAA, as did many other opposition fighters who weren’t guilty of crimes and reconciled. He was only 14 when active in the opposition.

      • Cromwell

        Point taken,but many of those Syrian Men who left the country are either terrorists or cowards.

    • The Man

      Absolutely… A 19 year old fighting in a terrorist-Turkish-backed man’s war???!!! WTF was this idiot coward doing? Blame his parents for being activists and scarpering to Turkey when this lad was 14. The Turds are scum and once they started rounding up Syrians in the streets of Istanbul, it was obvious that this was going to happen. erDOGan and his scum rats are the shite of region. No sympathy anyway for this boy – let these Syrian traitor factions do what the F they want, as long as, in the end, they all die and burn in hell. But they should start taking some Turds down with them as well.

    • Cook

      Go fuck yourself he was a refugee at 14.

  • eltahar

    Victim caused by the Turkish thugs.

  • Lone Ranger


  • Lone Ranger


  • Peter Jennings

    These terrorist gangs give Islam a bad name. Those at the top all operate out of self interest. They smoke, drink and covert western fashion and kill for any reason, like unhinged dictators.
    Their world is fucked up, much like everything they touch.

    • richardbraverman

      Just like the “pretend Muslim” so-called 9-11hijackers who drank, snorted coke and frolicked with hookers while hanging out in Florida while waiting for orders from the Mossad.

      • Peter Jennings

        Them too, thanks for the reminder.

  • richardbraverman

    the 14 year old became a soldier, and
    the 19 year old became a casualty and
    millions of others died or became refugees because of

    a war created by the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States
    for a US-petro-dollar gas pipeline and most significantly for the benefit of

    the evil, pathetic, criminal. racist ISRAEL, the greatest welfare queen in history

    thank you Obama
    thank you David Cameron
    thank you Theresa May
    thank you Boris Johnson
    thank you Donald Trump
    thank you NATO
    thank you Canada
    thank you France
    thank you Germany

    Bibi and the racist settlers are very proud
    Lord Rothschild and the twisted bankers are impressed as to how far the Goyim will bend over