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JUNE 2023

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Develops Counter-Attack Against Syrian Army In Southern Idlib (Map, Videos)

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Develops Counter-Attack Against Syrian Army In Southern Idlib (Map, Videos)

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On January 14, the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria – Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – and its allies recaptured the villages of Atshan, Tell Maraq, Umm Khalakhil, Zifr Saqer, Zif Kabir, Suruj, Istablat and Rasm al-Qard in the southeastern Idlib countryside from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), according to the HTS-lined Iba’a news agency.

Syrian pro-government activists confirmed HTS advance, and reported that Russian warplanes conducted dozens of airstrikes against HTS fighters and vehicles in the southeastern Idlib countryside to slow down its advance.

From its side, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria announced that the SAA killed 28 fighters of HTS and its allies during the last few hours and over 90 other fighters in the last four days.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Tiger Forces and Lebanese Hezbollah deployed several elite units between Sinjar town and Abu Dali village in the southeastern Idlib countryside to repel the HTS counter-attack according to pro-government sources. HTS attempts to besiege the SAA units deployed south of the Abu Duhur airbase in eastern Idlib.

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This looks like serious shit. On the other hand, their losses of troops and gear are heavy and if SAA & allies are capable of repelling and counterattack to regain the lost grounds then it will be over soon is my guess


Lets hope so.


Turkish help for the terrorists is again being suggested.



Turks ve played dirty games in the region for centuries. Would be nice if all their proxy puppets will be terminated and they remain empty handed with no friends around


It certainly will. Although I hope Edorgan stays in power as he is more likely to be a thorn in the side of NATO and the US.


Lol yeah a real pain in the ass


Even though I stopped following Syrian war nowadays, I can SAA will win despite the fact they are not waging the full war against terrorists. Only few of tiger forces and liwa alqudus are fighting while most of SAA are kept in their military bases.


What makes u say this?

Manuel Flores Escobar

terrorist are in open fields…it is an easy target for Russian air force or Iranian Shaheed 129 armed drones!…terrorist know it but need propagande show like ISIS did in East Syria during the SAA advance!


All part of the game, the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers have to stand their ground somewhere.

Michał Hunicz

The “moderate opposition” probably launched an attack with everything they have. This is their Battle of the Bulge or Ebro.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The only difference is these are not huge battle formations as the Battle of the Bulge my suggestion of pincer and encirclement is the best against smaller formations. This way it is easier to maintain a continual encirclement of the enemy. Most effective tactics are always the simplest to perform. The SAA there are facing now the more ardent factions of Al Qaeda Uzbeks, Chechens ,Turkistani, and Uighurs along with the Sultan Murad Brigades. Most HTS and others have withdrawn from the area, leaving these other Foreign factions to fight.

The weather played a roll in the south as they had no air support and it was decided to retreat so as not to spread the lines to thin for the counter attack and waste lives needlessly in defense.

leon mc pilibin

Trapped rats will try anything to strike back,but they will eventually be exterminated.,it’s only a matter of Time.

Tudor Miron



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Rafik Chauhan

SAA should open new front in west either they start attacking jisr shugur or khan sheikmon from the town of kurnaz. if they start from the town of kurnaz and move towards khan sheikmun SAA has good chance to encircle latemah and murak. kehar zyta.. like HTS will again has to divert their resource in 3 different front which will be easy for saa to play with them .


Would work if they were equal compared to each other. SAA has them where they want them. HTS trying to cut off the supply line north has turned into a meat grinder. The next phase after this counter attack ceases is probably from Latakia, with the intention of closing the border completely like you suggested, Including the liberation of Fu’ah and Kafraya hence why the forces closest to those towns have not moved during this offensive. Manpower and equipment just have to be in eastern Idlib first. It all takes time.

Feudalism Victory

It is fine indeed to see war making done in a spirit of excellence. I hope it continues.

Feudalism Victory

Predictable and predicted.


fucking turkey man, if they stopped all support of these bastards SAA would probably take all of idlib in a few weeks i bet!!!


HTS captured 21 towns in southern Idlib in it’s third counter-attack. Reports suggests that the SAA was without any Air support due to bad weather in the Idlib province. Now, the SAA is redeploying for a massive counter attack backed up by air support. The SAA quickly withdrew from the cities to avoid being overun and keep losses low. They missed their chances of obliterating the jihadis who counter attacked using air support. For instance, in Deir Ezzor, the SAA didn’t stand and fight for it’s positions but rather withdrew and allowed their airforces to conduct airstrikes on targets to massively damage the enemies and later on conduct counter attacks.


i really hope they recapture all 21 towns and then some, AND THEN MAKE THE RATS FEEL SORRY THEY WERE EVEN BORN!!! lol

Tudor Miron

There’s no reason for panic. Same things were happening before – just remember anti daesh operation in and around Deir Ezzor. As I said many times before – cornered rat is trying to bite. They will attack here and there and even gain some lost ground but in the end there will be same result – SAA will continue advancing and liberating its soil. Mark my words :)

Eskandar Black

The SAA is repelling their attacks because it is the easiest and best way to kill them.


They say a sitting grandma thinks wrestling is easy. You should rather get your ass on the front and see for yourself how far your luck would bring you.

The kill ratio is 99% in this area and it dosen’t matter which side your on. Death is a reality


Porky: You seem to be rather upset today. Hmm, I wonder why :D https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-syrian-army-begins-phase-2-southern-aleppo-offensive-abu-dhuhour-target/

Eskandar Black

Hahahaha, You are a jihadi keyboard warrior. What are you even saying? Hopefully, all the FSA terrorists are killed in painful and merciless ways, and the remainder are shot in shallow graves.

Astar Roth

I will.


So few of them and they show the same vehicles again and again. One of the retards is already missing an arm lol

Astar Roth

The other eye and arm, and leg. Many more can’t find theirs heads. And many more can’t wait for such treatment.

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