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JUNE 2021

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib, Group’s Leadership Blames Its Allies For This Failure

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib, Group's Leadership Blames Its Allies For This Failure

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On January 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured the strategic town of Sinjar in southeastern Idlib, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The sources added that the SAA also captured the villages of Mutawaseta, Khyara, Kafraya Elmaarra, Sarra, Saree and Nibaz Qibali around Sinjar.

Sinjar town is located only 15km south of the Abu Duhur airbase in the southwestern Aleppo countryside, which is the main target of the current SAA military operation.

The Hezbollah media wing also announced that the civilians kicked out Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) from Ramalah, Abu Alij, Jeb Elqasab, Maksar Tahtani and Maksar Fuqani villages southeast of Sinjar town and handed the villages over to the Tiger Forces.

From its side, HTS released a long statement justifying its defeat in southeastern Idlib, accusing its allies of betraying it and threatening them. Moreover, HTS leadership, headed by the the group leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani, held a meeting to discuss the group failure in southern Idlib.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib, Group's Leadership Blames Its Allies For This Failure

Click to see the full-size image

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib, Group's Leadership Blames Its Allies For This Failure

Click to see the full-size image

The SAA will likely continue its rapid advance towards Abu Duhur airbase in the upcoming days, as HTS is incapable of reorganizing its units or defense lines in southern Idlib.

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Trustin Judeau

Oh so Jolani is against sitting and watching map.The last time he did this was during the spring Hama offensive this year and the other time was during Aleppo battles and we saw how these battles turned out.Once Abu Duhur is liberated and the pocket is created I think we will see new round of rebel infighting


I don’t agree.

They will start another round of infighting before Abu Duhur is liberated.


Lets hope so anyway :)
It will be interesting to see what ISIS do in that enclave.


Jihad live map is still in denial:comment image

Trustin Judeau

They have put Sinjar in interesting color lol.This site Liveumap is just disgrace.


comment image

https://militarymaps.info/ is also up to date

Frank Behrens

Yeah, blaming someone else…yaaaawn. F..ing something up and not having the balls to admit it….

s Slippy

But but the 16 year old ongoing war in Afghanistan is totally Pakistans fault for harbouring terrorists…


I read Pakistan decided to send 1.5millions Afghani refugees back to Afghanistan within the next 30 days.
Their action is justified based on Trumps own speeches, twits and actions, including travel ban on Afghani nationals, saying Pakistan gives safe havens to Afghani terrorists, abuses Afghani refugees and such. So Pakistan will do what the US does!

Guess how many of these 1.5millions will join Taliban and make trouble for the US, while Pakistan rids itself of the trouble. Smart move if you ask me.

Toni Liu

More trump army dead, more safer the world we live in


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I hope Pakistan do this.


Its all the fault of the US military for not being able to re-supply their pet terrorists in Idlib and falling out with Turkey by supplying the Kurdish terrorists. :)

The US military Generals attempt to be Machiavellian but instead they are rather Disney like.


Frank Behrens

gods…your blinding anti-americanism aside (which is typical for the far right as well for the far left)…the US never supported HTS (or whatever name they had in the past) . Read the article recently published here (one of the few good ones) about HTS and their supporters


where do jou think the anti-america sentiments of so many people in the world comes from

Tudor Miron

Now that’s a good question :)

Solomon Krupacek

you have typical russian face. plate, litle, fir sided eyes, pug-nose, projecting ears. if you would be blond, you could be The Prototype Russian. :)) also your crazy-level reached the needed level. :D


Grob. Zey shtil!

Gary Sellars

Rascist stereotyping by the East-Eurotrash Jew terror-lover?

Solomon Krupacek

simply antropology. look at russian officers. most of them fat guys.

Tudor Miron

Solomon, my beautiful wife finds me attractive enough to be willing to spend life with me – that’s what metters. Opinions from males regarding my looks is absolutely irrelevant to me.

Solomon Krupacek

she must. as brave russian you beat her daily :DDD

Tudor Miron

My wife will put you down with 1-2 and left to the body (liver area) faster than you say “mama” :) Don’t even imagine that I allow a hair to drop from her head not saying “beat her”. Are you crazy? Or is it traumas from your childhood? Self respecting person doesn’t need domination in his family (be it phisical or by word) Self respecting person doesn’t demand respect – he receives it as deserved.

Solomon Krupacek

from vulpes?

Shylo Duffy

Best question of the day!

Frank Behrens

That´s easy..as social science and numerous studies gives as answers to that:

Like anti-semitism, anti-americanism (or any anti-isms) is scapegoating and grounded on more or less irrational fears and inferiority complexes.Like conspiracy theories it is an attempt to make sense of globalisation and explain the complex world .
It´s also a lazy attempt to blame (someone´s own) failure(s) to some “evil” from outside (an answer to: why is there so much going wrong in the world?).
Funny enough, anti-americanism is also widespread in Israel.

Note, that this has nothing to do with (well-grounded ) critics about the policy of the US (or Israel) since of cause they do (and did) a lot of garbage …mind you, there are enough (real) reasons to critizise the decisions and actions made.

Gary Sellars

So it not really Muricas fault, its the rest of the planet….

Yeah, sure….

Frank Behrens

your sentence makes NO sence…non at all. If you aren´t able to grasp what I am saying here, it might either a lack of the english language (miscommunication) or common sense (or just palin ignorance).
So, to start with…which fault are you refering exactly?

Gary Sellars

Not interested in dissecting your sophistry… I don’t engage in detailed rebuttals with terror-apologists/deniers.

Frank Behrens

I know, Mr. sellars, I know…doing that would hurt you I guess .

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

How about the US butting out of Syria, where they are invaders? Then they won’t be hated by the Syrians who love the INDEPENDENCE of their country?
Then the US elite should apologize for supporting the very ilk in Syria that murdered 3000 on 9/11.
How does it feel to be an AQ, Al-Nusra, HTS, IS or whatever supporter Frank? How does it feel to dance on the graves of the 3000 murdered on 9/11, Franky boy?
This is why the warmongering US elite is despised around the world.
Do remember, a head-chopper is a head-chopper is a head-chopper, no matter how much lipstick and propaganda perfume is put on them by your ilk.
Who knows, you might be lucky enough to meet one of your head-chopper IS heroes allowed to escape from Raqqa by the 6000 nation US-lead coalition in your own home town?

Frank Behrens

Strange, and there I was told the 9/11 was an insider job?

Mr. VeeNarian, about using the term Frankyboy , I informed you (still, no, I am straight). and that you have no buisness in and with Syria I doubt…but whatever

How does it feel to be an AQ, Al-Nusra, HTS, IS or whatever supporter ?

Well, I guess it is nearly the same as beeing a supporter of the bloody Dictator Assad and his regime .(social science and psychology teaches us)

You have stopped beeing reasonable (mostly and most often out of fears), you are confused, unsecure and feel lonely and frustrated (most often, you are a “looser” in your society) and thus you are looking for a strong hand/father (you mayhaps never had) who can show you the right way.

To overact your weaknesses, unsecureness and bad feelings, you behave often very manly and harsh (to an degree which is comical).

You are a straight man ! Let anyone know ! (macho behaviour)

You start to feel strong and (finaly) loved (you are constantly reasurred by your cronies and new pals and your new “Father” of cause).

Or to quote

They Want A Hero They Can Believe In

Followers believe confident and passionate people who can tell a good story,
offer explanations for problems and provide plans to solve problems.
Many people learn from childhood that they can be saved by authorities,
magical people and heroes. In our classic fairy tales, myths and
religion, we’ve learned that there are all-knowing beings (seen and
unseen) both in and beyond the world who can rise to challenge and
defeat all our threats and enemies. They can swoop in – when we need
them most – and save us or at least make us better. Followers look for
something to believe- even if it’s not possible.

They Are Fearful of Others and Prone to Hate

primarily appeal to people who are fearful and in need of a miracle
solution. If a dictator blames certain villains or “evil doers” for the
crises in the world- followers are prone to believe them and join groups
to fight the “good fight” against evil, as defined by the dictator.

are not happy, genuinely satisfied, educated, well-fed and safe. In
fact, these people are more likely to get angry, fortify themselves,
fight and demand greater leadership from their dictators to protect
themselves. In lieu of other perceived solutions(or lack of choices)
they are ready, willing and able to “fight the good fight”. The dictator
simplifies the choices for them. If they eventually receive some
promised rewards, but not all, they will be more likely to deeply
believe their dictators’ messages.

Now you are ready to do all kind of (normaly) nasty things”

So, tell my, Mr. VeeNarian …how is feeling beeing a supporter of a Dictaor like Assad?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You write a load of total rubbish.
I support the right of Syrians to determine their own future, whether it be dictatorship of their own version of democracy.
I do not support imperialism in any form.
How many AQ, IS, HTS were their before the US/EU/NATO instigated “Arab spring”?
How many refugees from Syria were there before the “Arab spring”, Franky boy?
Perhaps you would be delighted to take a few in your own home?
I see that you have no shame over supporting the murderers of 3000 on 9/11.
There is a special hot place for people like you!

Frank Behrens

“You write a load of total rubbish”

Well , I didn´t expected a reasoning what is rubbish (no, not really)

So? You just support the right of Syrians to do that ? Or that of any nation ? Or is Syria something special to you ? Do you vocally support any other nations (e.g. Tibet) to determine their own future?

“How many AQ, IS, HTS were their before the US/EU/NATO instigated “Arab spring”?”

OOohh, l would like to hear how US/EU/NATO (what about the Zionists? Them having nothing to do with that? ) instigated the Arab spring?

And regarding the islamists: do ask your friend Bashi about it…after all he send those groups in the Iraq and in Syria



“whether it be dictatorship of their own version of democracy.”

I wonder how the Syrians could chose any of that …with peacefull demonstrations?^^

“How many refugees from Syria were there before the “Arab spring”, Franky boy?”

(err, didn`t I told you that someone calling name+y -boy is how homosexuells in Germany talk to their lovers? ^^) what ever…the refugees from Syria migrating to Germany? Started in 2015 in earnest…years AFTER the Arab spring started. And I guess that has way more to do with the brutal reactions of the regime and the war in Syria . And what´s that you ? Why did you migrate to the EU/the west? Guess for the same reasons why people prefer to migrate to the EU and the US.

“I see that you have no shame over supporting the murderers of 3000 on 9/11.”

Why should I support the Zionists/deep state/ Military–industrial complex ?

“There is a special hot place for people like you!!

Yeah, I know, unfortunatly, I can´t afford holidays on Gran Canaria.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Your crocodile tears for the Syrians is truly amazing! I do not believe that the US/EU/NATO leaders have any concern whatsoever for the Syrian people. These vile leaders and their mindless stooges like you have stirred violence and destruction in Syria for their expansionist aims while farting about freedom, democracy and human rights, Same old racists, imperialists and expansionists.
I would laugh at your tears for Syria if this vile pretense had not resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.
Keep sniffing the onion while your ilk cries for the “beautiful babies” in Syria, who then get bombed by cruise missiles and weapons supplied by the US/EU/NATO/GCC gang!


I blame Putin?

Tudor Miron

Frank… you can believe what you want (even that USA/Israel actually fight against ISIS) but don’t expect others to be blind to obvious facts.

Solomon Krupacek

russia, russia, you big betrayer!!!

Shylo Duffy

Go Russia Go!

Solomon Krupacek

in the hell! :))

Frank Behrens

Facts…yeah, facts…exactly, One should be carefully with stating such a sentence and using the term facts.
Most people believe only those “facts”, which reasure there pre-made believings.

Gary Sellars

..and you are a classic example of the latter.

Frank Behrens

M. Sellars, what you are, I is a small lil`man, full of complexes (didn´t I told you and gave you good counsil what to do about that?).
Typically, when runnig out of arguments, your sort starts (or trys) to use personal insults worthy of a kindergarten-child.

Frank Behrens

Oh c`mon now…check your sources before using them (there are a lot of highly dubious conspirarcy writings and medias floating around) .especially the so called rebel commander was revealed as strawman from a Assad affiliated group (and supposed former criminal, drug dealer now working for the syrian secret service)..and even he never said that the US supported al-Nusra directly.

“Al Ezz continued: “Yes, the US supports the opposition [in Syria], but not directly. “They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support” (and that would still be a claim..no proof)

That german “newspaper” was in fact the notorious Jürgen Todenhöfer

and that interview was debunked



So, yeah, I enjoyed (sort of)

Robin Morritt

That’s very naive, Frank. Get out and stay out of Syria. It’s none of your business.

Frank Behrens

Shesh..never was there, so I can`t stay out at all !. And who are you to tell me so? What´s your buisness with Syria?

Gary Sellars

Typical terror-apologist – uses deflection in order to avoid a proper response.

Frank Behrens

wow, what an extensive argumentation Mr. Sellars !

But do go on, Mr. Sellars…

Robin Morritt

I made it my business to become better informed when my government started dropping bombs on the country. It turns out that the Syrian people overwhelmingly support their government and army at this time of crisis. So I became opposed to regime change, sanctions, flooding the country with weapons, running PR campaigns for terrorists, and to people like you poking their nose into things you don’t understand. I have no business personally, or collectively as a British subject, to impose my opinions against the will of the Syrian people – nor do you.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Well said!
Happy New Year.
May this year be the one in which the Brits finally get to know the disgusting things the UK special forces and government is doing in their name in Syria. What if one of these IS head-choppers cause mass murder in the UK. Will this open their eyes?

Robin Morritt

Thanks, VeeNarian. Happy New Year to you, too. Most people are anti-war, but either way, nobody wants to hear of any misdeeds by our soldiers. As for IS, they have two choices. They can settle down in a nice council house, living on benefits, playing computer games and sharing yarns with their pals about the good old days. Or not, in which case they get the same thing, but inside a prison. All the best to you.

Frank Behrens

Yeah, sure, in a dictatorship, there are free opinion polls possible .
You can´t know the exact support for the regime …but calling them overwhelmingly is just gross.
If so, there wouldn´t be protests and rebellion(s) at all…and it wouldn`t take years to quench that …or the meanwhile massive support from Iran and Russia (as well as indirectly from the US).
But I see…people like my are uniformed…while you, Mr, are pretty well informed ?
And that you , as a british subject (so, not a proper Brite) , or I should not impose anything on anyone, we could agree upon…but you dodged my question:
What ´s your buisness /interesst in Syria?

Robin Morritt

You call Syria a dictatorship.
The UK, Syria, everywhere, people want change. I live in a monarchy, which is what being a British subject describes. Syria had a one party system, reasonably described as a dictatorship. However, in 2012, they formed a committee and drafted a new constitution. This was passed by plebiscite and in parliament. New parliamentary and presidential elections were held. The country had been flooded with weapons and foreign fighters, so, unsurprisingly, they elected Assad – overwhelmingly. The elections were independently monitored and valid. Even the Syrian refugees in Lebanon voted for Assad. And Assad has led his country back from the brink of becoming another Libyan style anarchy.
I suppose you will still call Syria a dictatorship, even knowing about the constitution and elections, well aware that Assad has an undeniable democratic mandate. Well, up to a point, I agree with you because I believe that if elections take place and a Syrian version of Egypt’s Morsi, is elected, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power – the army will take over and force new elections.
This is where I part company with you. There are always sinister forces at work, for example an embarrassing episode took place in this country where senior nutcases in the establishment ran a ridiculous plot where the armed forces, to be led by Lord Mountbatten and at the Monarch’s discretion would carry out a coup against our PM Harold Wilson because he was working for the Russians. Bizarre, not widely advertised, no one was arrested, but it did actually happen and the level of surveillance and whispers practically unhinged Wilson. Silly as it was, real treason was plotted by senior figures in the secret services and armed services who should have been hung drawn and quartered, but well, that’s just the British establishment for you. Elsewhere, people of power and privilege are trying to unseat elected leaders they don’t like, as in America, or trying to maintain their power and privilege as in, say, Sweden or the EU.
So, things aren’t perfect, but it was never justifiable to destroy Syria to get rid of Assad, which is what we nearly achieved.
At the beginning, Syria hosted a Russian base, but it was derelict. They were a free country. They lost that independence. Russian assistance means they have limits on who runs what is left of their country. The Israelis govern another part, the Americans grabbed a swathe of desert and most of their oil wealth, and the Turks will have their say in the North.
So quite apart from the harrowing misery death and destruction we have brought to Syria, what we have achieved is well described using the American term “spherical arsehole”. It is, from every possible aspect, a total, harrowing disaster of epic proportions.
If you’d like to comment on this, I will read your post, but not say more except to thank you for troubling yourself to take an interest in my opinion which is basically that we should get out and stay out of Syria and spend our time on matters closer to home.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Do you remember the LIAR and drone-murderer Bummer saying there would be no US “boots on the ground”? I suppose the US special forces and the 500-5000 hangers-on must be using special levitating boots?
The US are invaders in Syria.
They should leave now or they will be kicked out later like yellow bellies always do.

Gary Sellars

Grow up Frank… Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the big backers of JaN/HTS, and the US gave its consent and allowed both nations to divert US-made weaponry and equipment to their proxies.

Its called “plausible deniability”, ie keeping your own hands clean and using proxies to do your dirty work.

Frank Behrens

which IS a fine example of conspirarcy theory and pre-jeduce.

Concerning HTS (al-Nusra, al-Qaeda) there is NO proof of direct funds or deliveries to them (which would be strange enough…they are since the beginning declared as terror-organisation) .

Concerning external support from the US
we find (according to wikipedia)

External support

At least one Arab government[243] has accused Qatar of helping al-Nusra.[244][245][4][246] In 2015, The Independent reported that Saudi Arabia and Turkey were “focusing their backing for the Syrian rebels on the combined Jaish al-Fatah, or the Army of Conquest, a command structure for jihadist groups in Syria that [included] Jabhat al-Nusra.”[247]

Al-Nusra has also been materially supported by multiple foreign fighters.
Most of these fighters are from Europe and the Middle East, as
pipelines to Syria from those locations are better established and
However, as of November 2013, there were also 6 publicly disclosed
cases of American citizens and permanent residents who joined or
attempted to join al-Nusrah in 2013 alone.[249]

The US Government has been sending weapons to rebels in Syria since at least late 2013,[250] and perhaps as early as 2012,[251]
during the beginning phases of the conflict. Some of these weapons have
been reportedly falling into hands of extremists, such as al-Nusra and
ISIL.[252][253][254] Weapons have been passed on to Nusra by Ahrar ash-Sham according to a Nusra member and rebels.[255] The Pentagon confirmed in September 2015 that a small group of US-trained New Syrian Forces rebels gave six pickup trucks and a portion of their ammunition to al-Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage.[256]

So, there is and was no direct support to HTS (al-Nusra) from the US.

If the US would really support HTS , things would look different (compare the SDF who ARE indeed directly supported (including material deliveries and supplies) by the US..as is the Iraq national army)..

Did the US “allowed” Saudia Arabia and Qatar to divert US made weaponary?

Well, we don`t know…in dubio pro reo. Personally I wonder if the US could “allow ” . You sell them weapons ..and what they are doing with them is up to them …they could always deny that.

“Qatar’s support of Al Nusra has been highly criticized in both U.S. and
U.K media. Indeed, Foreign Policy goes so far as to suggest that Qatar’s
support for Al Nusra is just one more example of its hand in further
destabilizing the entire region.[262]
As a result, Qatar had to suppress some of the more overt Al Nusra
fund-raising efforts launched publicly by its citizens. It has been
suggested that while Qatar supports Al Nusra, it does so in a way to try
and not alienate its Western allies.[265]
Fellow Gulf countries Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and
Bahrain have publicly rebuked Qatar for its support of political
Islamists like Al Nusra across the Middle East.[262]”

See also :


Strange enough, tensions between Qatar and saudia Arabia increased and Qatar seems to have good relations with Iran.

You see, it is not that easy and complex (and I guess has more to do with geo-strategic-policies of the neighbouring (muslim) states.
If you want to blame someone…blame the (corrupte) elites of those states down there

Gary Sellars

BS Frank… just feck off and cease your lies. You can choose to believe that the US is innocent but your simply indulging in self-serving delusions. The US most definitely is supporting Wahhabi terrorism through proxies, and any attempts to deny it by asking for “evidence” is simply an exercise in denial (which is supposed to plausible due to the levels of isolation between the US and the terrorists receiving their weapons).

Frank Behrens

Wow, Mr. Sellars…first calling me a liar (and feck off) …so, where was that lie Mr. Sellars ?
And to the rest of the …errr…disturbing contributions of yours:

You can choose to believe that your father is innocent but your simply
indulging in self-serving delusions. Your father most definitely is
supporting Wahhabi terrorism through proxies, and any attempts to deny
it by asking for “evidence” is simply an exercise in denial (which is
supposed to plausible due to the levels of isolation betweenyour father and
the terrorists receiving their weapons).

I like especially the phrase

“and any attempts to deny
it by asking for “evidence” is simply an exercise in denial”

Great, price-less :D

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Who has a huge military base in Qatar, Franky baby? The US of A, bombing around the world!
Funny how the US supplied weapons just keep falling into IS hands, isn’t it?
Time after time after time!
A non-stop source of weapons for your favourite head-choppers.
Just like me complaining about coins from my pocket falling into other people’s hands when there is a hole in that same pocket.
A hole that I have DELIBERATELY cut in the first place!
Gee, don’t we all love “plausible deniability”, Franky baby?
Your ilk fool only the willfully ignorant!

Frank Behrens

Yawn, Mr. VeeNarian , for a start, it is deemed bad mannered to call someone you don?t know very we,, with his/her forname…and now , after Frankboy , franky baby? Perhaps you a feeble attempt to ridicule ? (fyi…given such names, is normaly, here in Germany, typically for homosexuells..if you are indeed..well, thanks, I am straight).
Of cause the USA are bombing around the world (to the envy of all those who couldn`t ) ,never said that there isn`t something to criticise (although with have of their bombing I am ok).
And,like most others well mannered gents here, you forgot to deliever any substantional informations concerning your claims…(well, and you won´t …instead : more tries to insult will follow)

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Did you even bother to read the BBC link? What if those IS make their way to Germany and chop a few heads? All courtesy of an escape from Raqqa agreed by the 6000 nation US lead coalition. Just how far up the US ass is your head, Franky baby boy??? Have your brain cells stopped working?
Chop, chop, chop!!!

Frank Behrens

Irks? They are already here (like in Britain, France, the US or Russia) …heck, a good score even hailed from the west (or Russia) ..and more even never left those countries.
And , poor lil`man, you lost it already…start to get a live , care more about your personal problems (social, health, family, menatl, economical etc.) …else you will die as a bitter lil`man full of complexes …running around and showing childish bad manners won´t do.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

So, you really don’t mind meeting the IS head-choppers released from Raqqa in Syria by the corrupt and vile leaders of the US coalition? What about your family and neighbours in your city?
This proves you are an IS sympathizer or German education is really going downhill very fast.
Just how brainwashed are you by Western expansion and supremacism, dear boy?

Frank Behrens

well, when ever I wonder how low one can get, I get surprised one more ^^
Errr…can you make up your mind and decided wether I am an IS-sympathizer or an western expansion and supremacist (err, what , btw, is that again? )?
UUuh, now I get a dear boy ..after all these nice, fancy and sissy franky-boys …well, once again, don´t let your supressed homesexuel feelings turning you a bitter old man…
well, you subject of the Brits, as many other here, you were midly amusing and entertaining..but now you start to repeating yourself and that´s boring. (send someone new, if you want me to write here , do you hear mod?).
So, you have to look for another one to listen to you anger and fears.. bye bye ,you manly man ;)

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“an IS-sympathizer or an western expansion and supremacist.”
Well, it seems you are both.
IS is simply the useful tool of US/EU/NATO/GCC gang, used as battering ram to destroy whole countries like Syria and then scare their own populations with periodic “terrorists acts” that just happen to be committed by those jihadist pets already known to the authorities. Amazing.
Western expansionist believe in the expansion of the areas under the control of the West, aka US/EU/NATO gang. The methods of expansion can be a mix of economic and military subjugation of independent countries.
Western supremacists believe in the superiority of the West, its intelligence, culture, language, philosophy and so on.
Very much like the old “Deutschland uber alles”, (remember that disastrous fallacy?), except now it has been swallowed by the entire US/EU/NATO gang since WW2 and the end of the Cold War.
I feel so sorry for you, Franky Baby Boy!
It seems that your head is so far up the ass of the theory and practice of Western expansionism and supremacism that you wouldn’t hear own mum scream from an attack by the IS head-choppers released by your “leaders” from Raqqa in Syria.
I feel very sorry for you indeed!


Frank Behrens ; the CIA has been arming and supporting these “moderate rebels ” from 2012 , Al Qaeda , Al Nusra , HST , regardless of their continual name changes . This is openly admitted by the US administrations .


Tiger_Forces has first Intelligences / Reconnaissance troops into Abu Duhur

Tudor Miron

That would be great! Even if it’s not true (yet) it’s only a matter of (short) time.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They keep sending more troops to the Idlib front and have sent the defenders of Deir Ezzoir to attack and defend the Harasta region once the buffer is in place.The gunmen are leaving a lot of equipment behind in their counter assaults which are turning into full blown retreats. Me thinks the DMV is a trap for the HTS and their allies at present as they crush their forces elsewhere.


The looks on their faces tells the story.
Now find that location and bomb it ! :DDDD

Langaniso Mhlobo

Maybe this terrorist are planning to surrender to be taken to Hasaka USA bases or Al Tanaf because locals don’t want them.

New trick to escape death by riding comfortable luxury bus ride to safe heavens under Russian reconciliation centre agrements.Once safe regroup and take up arms again.What type of reconciliation while terrorists are train and armed.

Cee Jay

You can see the sad look of defeat on them all.


Ishyrion Av

SAA is cutting Idlib in two.
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Ishyrion Av

Thanks. I didn’t knew about it.


Allies can’t restore, supply lines. It will blow their cover as fighting terrorists. I say HTS will collapse in less than a month. Then we will know where Turkey’s loyalty lies.


fuck yeah..death to jihadist in suriah. God is with the winning side

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