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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Arrests Dozens Of Euphrates Shield Fighters In Idlib

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Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Arrests Dozens Of Euphrates Shield Fighters In Idlib


According to opposition sources, during the past two days, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham arrested dozens of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters who are operating within the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield forces. According to the sources, the number of detainees reached more than 60 fighters, most of them came to Idlib to visit their families during Eid al-Fitr.

HTS arrested six FSA fighters, and a commander of Ahrar al-Sham Movement known as “Abu Zeid” in Al-Maghara village. HTS then released the commander of Ahrar al-Sham after Ahrar al-Sham arrested several HTS fighters. However, HTS didn’t release FSA members.

In Jabal al-Zawya, HTS arrested 12 fighters from Goseph village, raided a house in Ahsam town, arrested an FSA fighter and killed his brother, who tried to oppose them. HTS also arrested four fighters from Jarjnaz village and three from Abu Makki village in the northern Idlib countryside while they were attempting to return to the Euphrates Shield-held areas. Several fighters were also arrested in the villages of Ma’rat Horma, Hayish and Kefrsagnah.

Idlib Province is witnessing instability and chaos and HTS is considered the strongest group in the province now. HTS is constantly working on expanding its influence in Idlib and recently has started combating with pro-Turkish groups for the influence directly.

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Assuming this is correct and at the same time accepting HTS announcements that they would fight against TSK and FSA incursions in the Idlib region, the likelyhood of an FSA/TSK offensive through Tel Rifaat towards Idlib region is a little bit reduced.

It might even lead to a temporary de facto cooperation between SDF and HTS, as in the one attacking us both is our most pressing common enemy.

Strange are the developments.

Expo Marker

This is most likely the result of the Qatar crisis, and now HTS has allied itself with Saudi against Turkish Euphrates Shield.

This shows the face of the “Syrian Opposition” 6 years on, with former allies turning on each other.

However, I hope the people come to their senses, and peace and unity rise once again.


HTS-Al Qaida and ISIS were always supported by KSA. with quagmire of the war against Yemen KSA stopped supporting financially HTS, so they had to eat up the other groups. The Qatar crisis comes on top of that


They are mercenaries. They work for whoever is paying highest. Qatar pulled the plug, so someone else is paying now.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Just everyday life in the democratic islamic republic of Idlibistan,nothing to see here.


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Not good that they are being arrested by HTS.
We need to see more actual Jihadist in fighting in Idlib province!


i hope they will treat them like they do with Syrian prisoners.

Justin Ryan

I see this as the USA vs Turkey!


well done. totally agree with the arrests…..kill them immediately….

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