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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Are Not Terrorists: Interview With Al-Julani

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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Are Not Terrorists: Interview With Al-Julani

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, a leader of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda)

The MSM  campaign to whitewash Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), al-Qaeda’s main branch in Syria, is still going in full force. 

On April 2, the American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) published a part of an interview with HTS’ terrorist leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani. The leader was interviewed by PBS journalist Martin Smith on February 1 and 14. The rare interview will be part of an upcoming FRONTLINE documentary examining al-Julani’s emergence.

In the interview, al-Julani claims that HTS, which controls the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, don’t pose a threat to the US and the rest of the West. He also calls on Washington to remove him from its list of designated terrorists.

“First and foremost, this region [Greater Idlib] does not represent a threat to the security of Europe and America,” al-Julani told Smith. “This region is not a staging ground for executing foreign jihad.”

The terrorist leader went on to claim that his forces are only fighting Syrian government forces and ISIS, ignoring all the time HTS slaughtered US and Turkish-backed fighters.

When asked by Smith why people should consider him as a leader in Syria if he is designated as a terrorist, al-Julani called the terrorist designation “unfair” and “political”.

Al-Julani admitted, shockingly, that had been critical of Western policies toward the Middle East. However, he quickly noted HTS “didn’t say we want to fight” the West.

The terrorist said his involvement with Al Qaeda “has ended,” as if it was a gym membership. He also claimed that HTS is “against carrying out operations outside of Syria,” indicating that group is only interested in carrying out terrorist attacks within the country’s border.

Al-Julani also denied oppressing civilians in Idlib, claiming that HTS only detains “regime agents,” “Russian agents” and ISIS members. The terrorist added that “there is no torture” in his group’s infamous prisons.

The claims made by al-Julani in the interview are nothing but a pile of lies. The MSM is actively promoting these lies in the West as well as in the rest of the world.

You don’t have to look much to realize that HTS is a brutal, radical terrorist group. Recently, a video showing the group training children for combat in Greater Idlib was leaked. The video reflects the real image of the group.


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johnny rotten

Like all the fools who rely on the West, the terrorist tries to ingratiate themselves those who pay his salary, is incredible as he is not able to recognize that the Westerners will throw him under the bus to the first good opportunity.


This is the story of these jihadis. They just get used and abused. In the end they are all killed. Syria better not take back any of these basturds holed up in Idlib and turkey. They are a huge security risk. The Iraqi PMU template needs to be followed here and people carefully screened for jihadist leanings and if found to have been a part of terrorist orgs, then they should be quickly executed.

Alejandro Bonifacio

jajajajajaja terrorist lying as usual


Yes. In fact they are head choppers. Terrorists have real motives, you only want to kill for the sake of killing. You are ANIMALS!


Not much credibility, HTS wants to rebrand itself as a moderate faction and gain all the political support it can from the West.


He is right. Everybody knows he is a headchopping, raping, stealing, murdering, torturing, goatfucking good guy


Yet another rebranding of terrorists from Al Nusra, done – no surprise there – by american media.. I would like to know how Russia did grab americans by their balls on putting their pet terrorists on the international terrorists list..

The Objective

Thankfully, only the loyal readers of SF will believe such lies, and not even all believe these propaganda stunts. Everyone opposing Assad and Russia must be a terrorist.

Siegfried Stahl

No ur little headchopping julani is no terrorist. Last week i saw him, helping a yezidi grandmother over the street. 🤣🤣 He is the nicest guy on earth.

The Objective

Democracy is the only solution to the Syrian war – just like what we have in Libya now.


Fortunately, only willing and extremely hypocritical anonymous followers of radical Islam will want to keep believing to this day that Al-Nusra, HTS, Ahrar Al-Sham, Nourideen Harakat Al Zinki and the likes of these scum are anything other than constantly rebranded Al-Qaeda offshoots, allies and/or affiliates. And whom do not even try to hide their allegiance to the main organization’s number one themselves, and fight shoulder to shoulder everywhere they can on the battlefield under the same sick, backwards and murderous umbrella ideology.

Al-Julani himself for example, actually split from Al-Qaeda on Zawahiri’s official request and was one of his trusted commanders within the organization before the Syrian war. One still preaching the good of rigorist and political Islam in March 2021 after the countless widely-documented mass horrors that the world has witnessed in Libya, Syria an Iraq over the past 20 years basically anywhere they ruled seriously need to have his brain checked. Or simply is a himself a weakling seeking the advent of a regime where primitive illegitimate religious authority and values can give him more power in life than what he has to contend within the modern secular rule of law and democratic institutions where the “word of God” doesn’t entitle anyone with a modicum of special powers whatsoever.

And that is the basis of every recruitement drive of all these mercenary fascists : a rifle, a pseudo-manifesto they haven’t even read or comprehend that they then use as a licence to kill and rape with impunity while shouting Allah Akhar 1000 times a day.

The very fact that these paramilitary salafist organizations are self-described soldiers of God systematically forced an extremely oppressive Shariah Law over any territory they control or have controlled, where self-appointed Islamic courts give themselves the right to proceed to executions and forced marriage of under-age girls is reminiscent of their manifesto’s true substance when applied in the real world. So many “experiments” one can compile and see the fallacy by the letter and the word of their “paradise on Earth” when individual spirits are amputated by self-appointed “ministers of God” ruling supreme with blood based on whatever theological mascarade they may come up with any given day.

The need for these organizations to be wiped out by the central secular government is a non-issue. Theocratic rule must be combated everywhere as it poses the number one threat to the region’s stability and chances at social and scientific progress.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, SF are right, HTS are the scum of the earth, they’re nothing but savage terrorists through and through, but that shouldn’t obscure the fact that the moderate opposition forces that Russia and Iran wrongly designated as moderate opposition forces, ARE EVEN WORSE. Reading the comments section makes me laugh, every single comment is condemning the vague possibility that HTS might be re-designated as moderate opposition by the US. But they must have all forgotten or don’t know that the bulk of the Russian organized and supported SAA 5th army Corps is recruited from opposition forces, or don’t know the current leader of Chechnya used to be a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist once, both he and his father killed many Russians before they switched to the Russian side of the conflict, and now Ramzan Kadyrov is one of Putin’s most trusted colleagues. So save your indignity for people who give a hoot about terrorists being designated as moderate opposition, the Russians don’t. Russia is currently supporting the military junta in Myanmar, even though the military junta just seized power from the democratically elected leader and is killing the protesting civilians, so the Russians have no qualms at all about dealing with terrorists, but they do care about what the terrorists do want or don’t want. Russia is rightfully demonizing HTS but failing to criticize the moderate opposition they support, they try to tell us that HTS are the ones stopping the reopening of the border crossings and attacking the SAA, but they’re lying, it’s actually the moderate opposition forces who don’t want the crossings or highway reopened, and they’re the ones attacking the SAA all the time, it’s not HTS. Here’s some more fun facts the Russian media never tell us,

HTS and the Syrian Government already have several open border crossings, the moderate opposition don’t have any with the Syrian Government. The Syrian Government and HTS trade with one another, but the moderate opposition don’t have any dealings with the Syrian Government. HTS and the SAA engage in prisoner swaps, the moderate opposition don’t.

I wonder if people think Assad’s acting like a moron when he deals with HTS terrorists but refuses to do the same with the people that Russia, Iran, and Turkey all designated as moderate opposition, I don’t, I think he’s smart. Just like me Assad knows that HTS are nothing but terrorists, but just like me he also knows the moderate opposition are even worse than HTS, and I think we’re both just waiting for the Russians and Iranians to realize it too. During the first 2 weeks of fighting during the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, the Turkish backed moderate opposition Syrian National Army [SNA], committed 12 verifiable war crimes, so someone please explain to me why Russia sees fit to designate the SNA as moderate opposition, and yet cries horror when HTS want’s to tone down their objectives/actions and be re-designated themselves as moderate opposition, it’s pure hypocrisy. The terrorists are acting like the moderate opposition and the moderate opposition are acting like terrorists, so if the Russians refuse to re-designate the terrorists as moderates, perhaps they should just re-designate them all as TERRORISTS, because that’s what they all really are.


Pathetic. Everyone with a functioning brain knows HTS are Al Qaeda’s spawn in Syria. They are just as bad as ISIS.


Yes you are the beach boys.

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