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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Appears In Northern Aleppo

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Appears In Northern Aleppo

A fighter from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the Attma border camp in Idlib’s countryside, January 2017 (Sham Network)

The Maghawir al-Islam Regiment announced that it had left from the Al-Sham Corps and joined Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda; HTS).

The Maghawir al-Islam Regiment is one of the Turkish-backed Free Army (FSA) groups operating in the Operation Euphrates Shield area in northern Aleppo. The Maghawir al-Islam Regiment confirmed in its statement that it will follow the leadership of Abu Jaber al-Sheikh, leader of the HTS.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Appears In Northern Aleppo

According to one of the security commanders of the Al-Sham Corps, Abu Hasan, the Maghawir al-Islam Regiment was carrying out acts of theft and smuggling of materials and people in its areas in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The Al-Sham Corps also received complaints about the kidnapping of civilians for ransoms by a group of Maghawir al-Islam Regiment led by Captain Rami Qoga.

The Maghawir al-Islam Regiment attacked the headquarters of the Al-Sham Corps after its leader, Ahmed Zaher, announced that the group joined HTS.

The Maghawir al-Islam Regiment captured several headquarters in addition to capturing several fighters from the Al-Sham Corps and a large number of weapons. The group raised HTS flags in the catured areas.

This is the first appearance of HTS in the Euphrates Shield-held areas in Northern Aleppo.

Last month, HTS launched a campaign of arrests against fighters of Euphrates Shield forces in the province of Idlib, and described Euphrates Shield fighters as infidels.

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This may be good news.
Hopefully will lead to more in fighting and kill more FSA trash.


Welcome to the world of madness.

What the h*ll is Turkey doing and thinking. They have to be forced out of Syria.

Bill Wilson

I think Erdogan knowingly recruited escaped ISIS fighters into his half-ass “FSA” militias to give them a bad name.

Valery Grigoryev

It’s very strange: why don’t we hear any blames addressed to Turkey from the US? :)

Expo Marker

We all should have known that Turkey will continue to act like this. They send their army to help outright terrorists, and turn their attention away when they act up. Turkey is acting to recreate the Ottoman empire, with Arab foot soldiers and Turks as the masterminds. They will seek out the Kurdish, Assyrian, and any minority community. Then, they will focus on others…


Turkey doesn’t have those capabilities anymore. They are weak and the reason why they are acting this way is because their masters are telling them to do so.


Well, they will not come long way on those tiny horses …


Funnily enough the smaller horses of hardy breeds have often been sought after in warfare. Even last century the Australians took many of their horses to Palestine as they were bred to survive better in harsh conditions.




The famous charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba, final nail in the Coffin for Turkey, they took Beersheba with its water wells intact and captured over 2000 Turks as prisoners, I think it was one of the last great Cavilry charges in history.
Australian stock horses are fast, sturdy and very tough, called Quarter Horses still a great horse used to this day, vast herds of them roam the deserts here wild we call the Brumbys.



100 year aniversary of this charge this year,.

Formative in the creation of Israel which is an unfortunate outcome of this battle and the opening of the gates to jerusalem.

This was made by some yay Israel type but is interesting historically.



The film depicts the Australian Light Horse using bayonets during the charge. This is what actually did happen. The reasoning behind it was that at a distance the sun would reflect off the bayonets and suggest a sword armed attack. Although a bayonet on horseback is ineffective as a weapon. The reason that cavalry casualties were not far higher during the final charge was because the Turkish Artillery and infantry were found to have had their weapons set at 800 yds and when the charge closed to shorter ranges much of the Turkish fire was too high.
The reason for the Turkish failure to adjust their range has never been found. The proof was the sight settings of the abandoned Turkish weapons found after the attack.


Indeed it was and the British Yeomanry were armed with the 08 Pattern swords that were very effective. After this engagement the Light Horse was issued with swords that had proved very effective in close quarter battle.

A good friend of mine, now long deceased, enlisted under age as a cavalryman at the outset of WW1. He was transferred to the Artillery in France during the war and towards the end was sent to Palestine where he became General Sir Edmund Allenby’s driver. The general had been the Inspector General of Cavalry prior to his posting to Palestine.

As an aside, the light railway that was constructed by the Royal Engineers in the Sinai desert ,without which the British campaign would not have succeeded , existed until the 67 war when the rails were taken up by the Jews to reinforce their bunkers etc.


You mean Israelis I presume. Could you just quit this sectarian BS?


Can you just quit your politically correct BS please?


No, I do not like racist bs


I do not like Libtards such as you who are walking meekly into a Police State of Globalist criminals.


Got a pic of that sword? Very interesting


I have two myself that I use for mounted skill at arms displays. My horse is pictured in my avitar. I am firing a pistol to burst a balloon on a small jump.



Less known but much more important was the battle for Warsaw, 1920, that included tha last big cavalry assault.

This battle, a resounding defeat of the new soviet army by the even newer polish army, sucured the independence op Poland.


I think the weird meter has finally exploded over there.

Gary Sellars

Yeah, sure.. as if the disparate Islamist alphabet-factions that make up the Syrian-Free Army… oooppss.. I mean the Free Syrian Army, are not already AQ terrorists in both word and deed? The only deifference between this band of jihadi nutjobs and the next is that this band decided to accept this months two-for-one deal and signed up to the AQ franchise.

What was the sales pitch? This month only, never to be repeated offer, martyr with us and get 140 virgins instead of the usual 70?

Conditions apply: Due to temporary shortages, applicants may need to accept livestock instead of women, and animanl gender cannot be confirmed in advance.


I would hesitate to say they are still backed by turkey. They are mercenaries, afterall. They may have gotten a sweeter offer to switch sides. Hard to compete with gulf money.


Excellent! This now makes them a legitimate target for the SAA and the RuAF!

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