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JUNE 2021

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Its Allies Repel SAA Attack in Southwestern Aleppo

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and allied members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) repelled an attack of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the Al-Eis town in the southwestern Aleppo countryside, according to opposition sources.

The sources claimed that the SAA shelled Al-Eis town as well as HTS and FSA positions around it with artillery guns and rocket launchers. However, the SAA was unable to enter the town. The sources also added that HTS fighters managed to capture a Syrian soldier.

No pro-government sources have announced the attack on Al-Eis town and it’s believed that the SAA carried out a limited operation in response to HTS attack in the northern Hama countryside two days ago.

Al-Eis town is one of the most important strategic positions in the southwestern Aleppo countryside. It’s only 25 km away from Al-Fo’a and Kafriya villages in the eastern Idlib countryside which are under HTS siege.

The SAA and Hezbollah captured Al-Eis town on January 13, 2015. However, HTS – the Al-Nusra Front back then – launched a counter-attack and recaptured Al-Eis town on 23 November 2015. Since then, the southwestern Aleppo countryside has been witnessing a complete calm.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

HTS=all Qaida. U.S. backed FSA=all Qaida.


Can someone translate to spanish or english pls?

Justin Ryan

This will keep DutchNational happy!
He loves it when the SAA fail or get captured!
It must be so difficult for him when the US backed FSA was fighting with the US backed SDF! He probably couldn’t decide which team he wanted to barrack for! But then again, he must be frustrated with the same situation in Raqqa. Because USA backed SDF is fighting with USA backed ISIS!

I guess thats why he comes to this web site to troll anyone who is pro SAA!

What a fucked up life he must have!


I did not know this is supposed the be a sectarian pro SAA troll site.

Is that right, Southfront?

Beyond my dear anally retented friend Justin, who provides me with much entertainment, I can tell him I am not frustrated at all, at least not by SDF adavances in Raqqah (that are steady).

As for anybody being pro SAA, that is their pleasure or not. Not my problem. If they are making racists comments and are being plain stupid, then it might be I take the added pleasure of adding a bit more objective info.

Like as in an Iranian general and a SAA colonel got killed around or in Suukhna the last few days. Not reported here but on tweets like Syria Civil War Map and #sukhna(h).

If you do not want comments on your comments or on reports here, just do not go to this site.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Nah your real sectarians are crying that the SAA has stopped it from taking anymore land and have had their councils slammed for being a complete sham and they intend to reclaim all of Syria. The US will tell the Kurds to sit in a corner until they can extricate themselves from this debacle in Syria by defeating ISIS and taking all their toys then, patting themselves on the back.


Is this really the best that HTS can do in propaganda to show they are actually fighting against SAA ?
This is a good sign that HTS in Idlib province have very little offensive power left !!

John Whitehot

I wonder when they’ll announce they won the war lmao.


HTS = Al Nusra

JN Beehay

How this deserves a full article while the liberation of sukhna is concealed among other videos is a mystery


The cause of this may lie in the fact that it was a hard fought win for the SAA with at the least over a hundred SAA and Shaitat fighters killed, an Iranian general and a SAA colonel and several tanks/bmp’s destroyed by IS.

It was a win but one should not have all wins like this one.

JN Beehay

You can parrot those ragheaded camelfuckers how much you want, without it getting any truer.


This skirmish. or whatever, counts as a win for HTS. If one attacks a defensive position, one does attack either to take the position or to take out a specific objective, otherwise the attack is senseless. One also uses sufficient forces to be able to carry out the objective of the attack.

As the position was not taken nor an objective destroyed, this counts as a win for the defenders, though it may be an unimportant one.

It does not give an insight in the strength of HTS though if they do not attack before IS is finished, it may be sign that PZIVJ is correct that they lack the strength to take the offensive.

JN Beehay

And wtf are you, the goddamn referee to claim what counts as a win or not? Ridiculous, you must be the same guy that one year ago was stating that rebels killed “tens of Russian generals” in latakia.

Justin Ryan

Those of us interested in this war don’t just source our info from SouthFront!
I use many maps (thats show different areas taken or still untaken) and different news reports!
I don’t criticise this site for saying “6 SDF were killed” by replying as u did “this is a false report, there were only 4 or 5 killed and they did not report ISIS deaths”!
REALLY?? u want to ARGUE they added 1 death?


And that is very different to those of us who just try to seek as much info as possible!


You ALWAYS paint the SAA in a bad light and the SDF in a good light!


You actually post war game scenarios where HTS and ISIS can succeed against the SAA yet I haven’t ever seen u post such a scenario against the SDF! and we all know why!


You are against the SAA!
You are a troll!
You would prefer to see the SAA and Russia fail against ISIS and HTS!

We know what u are so u can stop ur bullshit! Trying to explain urself doesn’t help u, it just makes u look like a fool!
Youve been labelled as “scum” on this site! if u enjoy it then by all means, scum away! But we are watching ur comments! I know u are a troll dude! I know u enjoy failures of the SAA and hate their successes! The only reason I don’t block u is because I want to enjoy the moments when the SAA defeat ISIS and HTS and also when a potential proxy war begins between the SAA and SDF!

I myself don’t hate the SDF, but u have made me see them in a bad light! Well done for that! Not because of ur comments but because they fight for and are supported by the same team who were supported by the USA (officially) …. the FSA! And when US backed FSA fought against US backed SDF, I didn’t see u saying JACK SHIT! Nothing! Nada! They funded and supported 2 sides of a war!!!
this is how I know u are scum!
You ignore these points but carry on with ur one sided views!

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