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MAY 2021

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham And Fa Ithbatu Reach Initial Agreement To Resolve Their Dispute

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Fa Ithbatu Operations Room have reportedly reached an initial agreement to resolve their dispute.

Under the agreement, that was reached on June 25, both sides agreed to evacuate the al-Yacubiyeh checkpoint, which links the governorate’s city center with the city of Jisr al-Shughur, for 24 hours. Both sides also agreed to not establish any new checkpoints in the region.

Abu Omar al-Kurdi signed the agreement on behalf of the Fa Ithbatu Operations Room, while Abdul Rahman Mansour signed on behalf of HTS.

The initial agreement came after an initiative from a group of radical scholars in Greater Idlib, who called on both HTS and Fa Ithbatu to take their problems to a Sharia [Islamic] court. Fa Ithabtu quickly accepted the initiative.

Al-Qaeda also called on HTS and Fa Ithbatu to resolve their dispute in a Sharia court in a lengthy statement. The group warned against a battle between the two.

HTS submitted to these demands for the time being. However, the terrorist group is still deploying reinforcements and heavy weapons around the town of Arab Said, a stronghold of Fa Ithbatu. This is a clear sign that the terrorist group is not planning to honor the agreement for too long.

The conflict, which erupted on June 23, has, so far, claimed the lives of five terrorists, including foreigners, from the Fa Ithbatu Operations Room and four others from HTS.


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