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Hasan Nasrallah: Hezbollah Is Making History Of Entire Region


Hasan Nasrallah: Hezbollah Is Making History Of Entire Region

Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters via a screen during a rally marking Al-Quds day in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Lebanon June 23, 2017. (REUTERS)

On September 12, Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah said at a religious event that Hezbollah is “making the history of the region, not only the history of Lebanon”, according to the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper.

At the same event, he announced that Syria and its allies have won the war in Syria, according to the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper.

We have won in the war [in Syria], what remains are scattered battles,” Nasrallah said at the event.

Moreover, Nasrallah added that the Syrian opposition had failed to achieve anything, and now they want to negotiate to get some benefits. Nasrallah also said that the war on ISIS was harder and more dangerous than the war with Israel in 2006.

Since 2011 we knew that what was going on is a great conspiracy, and that there is a US-Israeli-Qatari-Saudi project that aims to eliminate the resistance and end the Palestinian cause,” Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah also revealed that at the beginning of the crisis in Syria he visited Iran and met with Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei to warn him from what is going on in Syria.

“Back then, everyone was convinced that the [Syrian] regime will fall after two or three months. We explained our view of the enemy project for him [Khamenei], and that if we didn’t fight in Damascus we will fight in Hermel, Baalbek, al-Dahieh, Ghazieh, the Western Beqaa and the South [of Lebanon] … The leader [Khamenei] agreed and continue: not only in these areas but also in Kerman and Khuzestan and Tehran … and he said [Khamenei]: this front has several axis: Iran axis, Lebanon axis and Syria axis and the leader of this axis, Bashar al-Assad… We should work for him to win and he will win,” Nasrallah said about his meeting with Khamenei.

Furthermore, Nasrallah revealed that after a year or two of the crisis Saudi Arabia told al-Assad that if Syria announce cutting its ties with Iran and Hezbollah in a press conference, the crisis will be over.

Nasrallah also said that Hezbollah warned its friends in Iraq that if they didn’t fight ISIS and it captured Deir Ezzor it will enter Iraq. Hezbollah prediction were indeed accurate and ISIS did enter Iraq because the Iraqis didn’t fight ISIS inside Syria back then.

This speech can be considered the most important speech by Nasrallah during 2017. As the speech reveals that the Syrian crisis in 2011-2012 was in reality moved by the political disagreement in the region, not by the will of the Syrian people.



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  • Spectator

    Deep respect for this MAN.
    Great vision! A Fist and an iron will! Unique bloodline )))

  • alexis

    Good job of all aliance, Syria-Iran-Russia plus Palestinians Hezbollah…they just wrote a piece of MidEast history…it will be remembered for a long time a everybody think over, if oppose them again…

  • MD Ranix

    hezbollah is one of the greatest and well disciplined army in the world …. God bless them

    • Mountains

      When did Hezbullah become US airforce or Russian paratroppers?

      • Helen4Yemen

        • ISIS killed thousands of Muslims but never Jews.
        • ISIS killed thousands of Christians but never Jews.
        • ISIS bombed many mosques and churches but never synagogues.
        • ISIS bombed thousands of buildings belonging to Muslims and Christians but never attacked Jewish property.
        • ISIS = Israeli Security Intelligence Service

  • Mountains

    What History is he speaking about? The Americans, Russians, the European coalitions won this war against ISIS.

    These two parties were the main combatant while you, Iran, SAA, SDF etc etc were and are nothing more then puppets this is the hard cold truth.

    The US, Russia and other Western or Middle eastern coalitions invested airpower and military to stop minority group ISIS

    • heydad

      Just goes to show people will believe what ever they want to believe. Were all here not to convince others of the truth, only to re-enforce what they want to be true.

    • BL

      kike alert

    • Helen4Yemen

      Imam gave a speech in 2015

      When ISIS attacks non-Muslims, they immediately
      blame Islam for it. I have no doubt that ISIS is motivated
      by an agenda run by the enemies of Islam – by the
      enemies of Islam. And I want to bring this to your
      attention: ISIS has targeted people:

      • in Lebanon,
      • in Syria,
      • in Iraq,
      • in Kuwait,
      • in Saudi Arabia,
      • in Pakistan,
      • in Afghanistan,
      • in Yemen,
      • in Algeria.

      The only place – the only place that has been
      completely safe and has never been threatened by
      ISIS nor has it been targeted is Israel. What does that
      tell you? It speaks out, it speaks volumes, that ISIS
      somehow is connected to Israel. And ISIS is playing
      the role of the arm of the Zionist in the Muslim world
      to kill more Muslims and non-Muslims so it can
      defame the name of Islam. So people can blame Islam
      for its atrocities so people will be alienated from this
      religion, a peaceful religion, our religion. Otherwise,
      who is benefiting from these atrocities? Are Muslims
      benefiting? When they are jeopardizing the fate of 6
      millions in the United States. 20 million Muslims live
      in Europe. Their fate, their well being, their livelihood
      is being jeopardized by ISIS. Has Islam benefited? No!
      The number 1 beneficiary of all these atrocities – I tell
      you – is the Zionist. It is the Zionist regime. And
      unfortunately this is the fact that we need … we have
      not been able to make people understand. This is the
      fact that we need to tell the world that ISIS – no
      matter how they look, with long beards and robes,
      and Islamic slogans, shouting “Allah- Wa-Akbar” after
      every atrocity, after every crime they commit, that
      does not mean they are Muslims at all. These are the
      enemies of Islam and the enemies of the Muslim
      Umma who are bent on destroying the reputation of


    • gustavo

      USA-NATO-Israel are the creators of ISIS-Daesh-Nustra and moderated terrorists (so called opposition) with the aditional help from Qatar-Saudis-Jorndan-Turkey. ¿ USA vs ISIS ? only in cnn, cbs.fox, bbc, hollywood channels. Please, do not be so ……..

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Keep dreaming Porky the failed NATO coalition is the reason for the existence and the sponsorship of ISIS.This might be the end of NATO as this could be it’s Swan song as many are seeing those at the top as being warmongering despotic and rogue nations.

      Many countries opted out of any participation with the “Evil Despotic Rogue Regime” known as the US. The participation by the US is nominal as many of the SDF are Anarchy brigades from all over the world, this will be known where the Anarchy Armies started. The geo-political aspect is just that this is where the Hegemony of the US was forestalled, soon to decline in the world view.

      Hezbollah has grown in members and militarily this is a huge win for them , they will need it as ISIS has declared war on the Palestinians and won’t attack as their lord and Master Israel forbid it. The US will be relegated as footnote in history in this as nothing more as the instigator and facilitator of death and destruction as they fade from prominence and dominance in the world.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Resistance is the only way to break apartheid of USA/Nato,UN and Israel.Like we did in South Africa,South West Africa and Zimbabwe.Hezbollah is the greatest Resistance force in Middle East that Is why USA and Israel hate it.Mr.Nasarala,Previous Iran Leader,Gaddafi,Sadam Jona Savimbi,Milosevic,Kim gun Un,Robert Mugabe and President Putin are fearless brave leaders.Their fight this evil USA/NATO and Israel world divide and rule evil monopoly. Why is USA always befriend with neighbouring countries of countries their hate.

  • gustavo

    There is not question about the great contribution of hezbolah-Iran groups. They are just great fighter and compromised with their ideas and ideals. However, without Russia intervention, Syria and Iraq would be part of these criminals created by USA-NATO-Israel with the help of Qatar-Saudis-Jordan-Turkey. The great difference in this war was made by Russia. Russia-China are the only nations in the World that can stop Israel-USA plans for humanity. The war is not over until is over, and I expect Russia continue making a great contribution to the total victory over terrorists (hard and moderated), oil fields at Omar must be taken by SAA-hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops, and for that, they need air protection and strong air support from aerospace russian force.

    • RichardD

      Very well written. The Russian president, prime and defense ministers are obviously very competent people. Many people, myself included, shared your concerns about the SDF advance. As you can see it’s stalled and they’ve agreed to stay out of DE. They didn’t do this because they were feeling generous.

      There are significant Syrian government coalition forces operating behind enemy lines with a lot of air support. Protecting the oil fields and preparing for the next advance.