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JULY 2022

Has Pandora’s Box Been Opened In Trans-Caucasia?

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Has Pandora's Box Been Opened In Trans-Caucasia?

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As of September 27th, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a reality, over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Both sides are reporting heavy casualties suffered by the other, with large offensives frequently taking place and being repelled.

It is a war, it is not a small-scale clash, as the casualties reportedly number in the thousands, something that’s not been seen in years on battlefields such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, all other issues in the region aren’t simply sitting on standby, naturally – they’re developing.

And they’re using the chance of the chaos between Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue moves to forward whatever agenda they follow.

Turkey is in the center of it, as it is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea crisis, and in Northeastern Syria, Idlib, Kurdistan, as well as in Libya.

Its activities are playing into the hands of the bigger players such as the US, NATO as a whole, the EU and so on. More deteriorating situations are likely expected, as many seek to take advantage of the smoke-screen that’s been set by Azerbaijan and Armenia.

This is the case with Georgia, with the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Both regions have Russian forces stationed there, to protect them from the desires of the Georgian leadership to cleanse the region from the unwanted elements of the population.

Ever since 2008, when the Saakashvili government attempted and failed to realize its plans due to Russia’s intervention, the conflicts have been frozen.

And, surely enough, using the chaos, NATO on September 29th, called on Russia to withdraw all of its forces from the region.

“We call on Russia to end its recognition of the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and to withdraw its forces,” said Jens Stoltenberg at a news conference with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.

“NATO supports Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders,” he added.

Stoltenberg said they have discussed “close cooperation between Georgia and NATO on the Black Sea security.”

“Earlier this year, allies agreed to strengthen our partnership, even further. This includes sharing more air traffic radar data, working jointly to address hybrid threats, as well as doing joint exercises in the Black Sea region,” he added.

Stoltenberg also welcomed Georgia’s reforms in modernizing its army and strengthening democracy.

“I encourage you to continue making full use of all the opportunities for coming closer to NATO, and to prepare for membership.”

It is no secret what would happen if Russia withdrew, the Georgian military would move in, carry out the initially-planned purge, and then democracy would have been instated in the region.

The situation in Belarus is also developing, preparations are being made for another push on President Alexander Lukashenko.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are to meet with opposition leader Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and they’ve officially said that Lukashenko is not recognized as the legitimate president.

As such sanctions, increased protest intensity and other “liberal” and “democratic” activities should be expected, especially since the headlines are full of Armenia-Azerbaijan headlines, the narrative can be pushed forward with little to no attention given to it.

CIA and Pentagon instructors are implicated in preparing protests in Belarus, head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin said on September 29th.

“’Fighters for renewed Belarus are trained in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and the Baltic states with participation of instructors from the CIA and the Pentagon as well as US non-governmental organizations affiliated with the [US] Department of State,” he noted.

The United States is using dirty methods to whip up tensions in Belarus, the foreign intelligence chief stated.

“The US is using the dirtiest methods for rocking the boat in Belarus. When cooperating with the Belarusian opposition, the Americans are shifting the focus on boosting the activity of its strong-arm members among radical nationalists. The Department of State has launched an effort on engaging extremist elements in protests.”

The United States is interfering with the religious situation in Belarus and is seeking to drag Catholic communities into anti-government protests, Sergei Naryshkin believes.

“According to available information, the United States is blatantly interfering with the religious situation in Belarus, seeking to set Orthodox and Catholic Christians against each other. Trying to drag Vatican, so far demonstrating restraint, into the Belarusian developments, the Americans are seeking to involve Catholic clergy in anti-government protests,” he said, adding that the US is calling on Catholic clergy to come up with criticism of the Belarusian authorities and use religious events, including prayers, cross processions, etc., to spread opposition propaganda among worshipers.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has obtained information that a large-scale provocation is currently being plotted in Belarus, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service revealed.

“According to the data at hand, extremist opponents of the current Belarusian authorities hiding abroad are concocting a plan of a large-scale provocation, which would involve an arrest, injury or even murder of one of the reputable members of the Catholic church,” Naryshkin noted. “The aim is to inflame anti-government sentiments among Catholics and incite them to take a more active part in street protests,” he said.

Elections in Moldova are drawing near. They are to take place on November 1st.

President Igor Dodon and his ruling Moldovan Socialist Party are relatively pro-Russian.

The stage has been set ever mid-July, when the vice-president of the main opposition Action and Solidarity Party, PAS, Sergiu Litvinenco said that the current leadership was preparing to commit fraud in presidential elections due in November by modifying the electoral code.

Ruling Socialist deputies rejected all the major amendments to a draft bill coming from the opposition parties and civil society.

“Tonight [on Wednesday] at 00:14 am, an email was sent with a document of 129 pages called ‘Synthesis of amendments’ with draft amendments to the electoral code. Apart from a few proposals that also come from the Socialists, all the rest [of the amendments] are noted ‘not accepted’,” Litvinenco said.

The modifications mean that observers, including international ones, will no longer be able to monitor the national electoral roll; they will not have access to either the names or number of voters, potentially fuelling speculation that dead people could be left on the electoral roll in order to inflate the number of ballots cast.

As such, even if these actions aren’t directly applied and observers can monitor the election roll, an accusation of cheating is still expected.

If Dodon finds himself elected, with whatever majority, it is expected that a popular opposition would arise, with the known characteristics of a color revolution.

The US Ambassador to Moldova, Dereck Hogan, had an online meeting on with the Central Electoral Commission to discuss the proposals, the organisation of polling stations abroad, the work of observers and the process of registering candidates for the presidential race.

“Dodon knows he will lose the presidential election, that people don’t want him anymore, and that is why he started coming up with actions to steal people’s votes,” PAS leader Maia Sandu, the pro-European possible rival to Dodon in the presidential race, told TV8. “The PSRM wants amendments to the electoral code to obstruct free and fair elections,” she added.

Finally, Ukraine – it is clear that a political situation is currently impossible in Eastern Ukraine, due to the actions of Kiev.

There is no political will, but the radical elements in the population also heavily oppose any such resolution.

Provocations of various kind of frequent, and the plans to stop the water supply to the republics and more are underway.

It is likely that even more severe provocations are carried out while everybody is focused on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Up until recently, there were a few smaller-scale issues such as what was transpiring in Belarus, the sizzling conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and the standstill in Georgia.

A war between two countries in the region, in which neither has the capability for a crushing blow, such as how Russia won the war against Georgia in 5 days means that the possibility for further escalations of all of these volatile situations is possible.

And not only is it possible, but it is also planned, with various contingencies in place to move the agenda forward.


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As much as I side with the West, Armenia is in no position to give up Russia’s support there, it’s simply illogical. So probably Russia will let Turkey and Azerbaidjan do their game for a while until Armenia begs for help.

Kenny Jones ™

Why side with the West? Go east

Free man

Why as an Arab did you choose a Western nickname?

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

update : not an arab but an iranirat lowlife terrorist slug holed in london :))

Free man

He introduced himself as an Arab a few days ago. Funny, he’s against the west but uses a western name. But you are right, there are quite a few Iranians here who present themselves as Westerners, Jews, etc. – Vox, Hans ….

Vox Populi

There is not much in the east. China is a totalitarian fascist state and the rest are poverty stricken basket cases like India. So the east does not have much to offer in terms of human development.

Lone Ranger

China are boyscouts compared to the crumbling satanic Pedo U.S. Empire.

Vox Populi

I would beg to differ. China has interned a million Uighur and Tibetans. It is a fascist state devoid of basic human rights.

Lone Ranger

Only CIA funded wahabbi terrorists. U.S. has more people in.prison than Russia and China combined. U.S. police forces are killing 1200 people a year on avg. More than in the EU+Russia+China combined. U.S. is still keeping natives in concentration camps they call reservations…


Indeed! The satanic, mafia state U$A has the largest prison population in the World


Tommy Jensen

Many people love being in prison because they cant controle themselves and need someone to organise their life into 3 meals/day and work. Therefore America have prisons of social causes. To help and because the American people themselves voted for it and want it.


Crying for the CIA-funded wahabbi terrorists? Go join ISIS!


Corporate Capitalist U$A lectures the world about human rights yet 60 million Americans live in poverty and are on food stamps which is (larger than the whole population of Venezuela)! 25 million American children reside in xtreme poverty, 35 million Americans live without health insurance, with widespread urban decay and yards filled with sewage and the most explosive and the deadliest coronavirus epidemic in the world.

Moreover, the pro-ISIS, pro-Al-Qaeda, degenerate and turbulent U$A has rampant levels of crime, extreme violence, very high rate of suicides, has the largest prison population on earth and hundreds of thousands are dying each year from suicides, homicides, opioid epidemic, mass-murder, abuse and police brutality! In fact, Corporate Capilatist U$A is so dangerous and and so violent that Amnesty International has issued warning recently to anyone who wants to travel there. More of Amnesty International warning below:



Uighurs are danger’s Muslims, need to be controlled.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You should post on CNN ffs.

Reds under your bed much!

Kenny Jones ™

Ok enjoy being a debt slave to the (((West)))


What does the West has to offer but perversion, degeneracy, spiritual & moral bankruptcy and despondent materialism…?

Tommy Jensen

The hope of money.


Don’t believe in hollywood! Money is not the answer. The are higher, more noble goals in life! If money was the answer then why multitudes of celebrties with millions of dollars are committing suicide and over-dosing on drugs every year?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

You can’t eat or drink hope Tommy, and I hope someday to give world peace to the citizens of the world.

I also hope things don’t get worse, and I hope the thought police don’t come to my house checking if I’m wearing a face nappy today, lol.

cechas vodobenikov

most violent/non violent crime per capita all nations, most obese, 30+% mental illness (no other nation more than 6%), most rapes per capita, greatest wealth /income disparities of all but a few 3rd world nations, most incarcerated per capita of any nation in history, greatest poverty of all industrialized nations despite that it is vastly under-reported—the LGBT empire is now plywood Covid hollywood 2 million families in extreme poverty—zero=Russia/China a nation of homeless ugliness, weak beggars –no innovation—a nation of insecure robots…US economy contracted 30%….Russia expected to increase 3% 2021, China better u r farcical


North Korea the Best Korea

Free man

I agree in principle. There are quite a few Russian experts who claim that Azerbaijan is more important to Russia than Armenia.

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

they will be also pleased if the trans – caspian pipeline jeopardizing their gas exports, proves unsafe and under threat


Yes because sooner or later Armenia will need Russia, but Azerbaijan is selling oil and gas to EU, Russia wants to control that.


Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov father was Armenian…. Caucasus trouble makers is NATO run by the US deep Power run by The “Seven Sisters”: Exxon (now ExxonMobil), Mobil (now ExxonMobil), Chevron, Gulf Oil (now Chevron), Texaco (now Chevron), BP and Shell. Armenia/Azerbaidjan problems is an Oil pipeline racket question.

Russia selling weapons both sides isn’t directly concerne


Gazprom and Lukoil is no better than Exxon and BP etc

Lone Ranger

They are a lot better, they dont steal oil and dont sink tankers and oil rigs.


It’s only a question of numbers(lol)

Vox Populi

Armenia is slowly drifting away from Russia like Serbia. I am not sure Russia is in a position to take on NATO and Turkey.


I agree. But the price for Serbia and Armenia will be terrible.

Vox Populi

Russian vacillation and Putin’s bi-polar policies have emboldened old adversaries.

The South Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim and Orthodox multi-confessional tinderbox has long been a region of contest with a history of submission and subjugation by larger powers. Over the centuries, the Persians, Ottoman and Russian empires have all fought for conquest and control of the area.

This geographic vulnerability in recent days was exposed once again, as the renewed fighting over Karabakh invited a return of regional power competition with a weakened Russia, rampant Turkey and a ambiguous Iran.

The modern replication of this geopolitical contest is between Russia and Turkey, with Iran as an important yet understated and underrated third party power. Each of these three regional players has vested interests and valuable influence in the South Caucasus.

But with this latest outbreak of serious fighting, the risk of outright war has likely sharpened their attention. From this perspective of a “Karabakh triangle,” the geometry of the coming clash reveals a complex and looming struggle for dominance.

Currently, Russia, Turkey and Iran remain vigilant and are reportedly closely following events as they unfold on the battlefield. Of the three, Turkey is the most active and aggressive, however. Turkey’s support of its Azerbaijan ally increased significantly several months earlier as Russian indecision in Syria only emboldened Erdogan and his effort to establish himself as the new Muslim caliph.

Lone Ranger

U.S. has failed in the Caucasus time after time again. They will fail this time too. Russia is letting Armenia learn its lesson. They will stop Turkey and Azeris in due time.

cechas vodobenikov

again u r an idiot—a weakened amerika–now impotent in the ME….turkey’s economy in shambles, like USA, indebted and currencies valueless ( USD expected to decline 35% in less that 2 years—Yale Univ: Roach/Schiff Russia no debt–reserves and positive balance of trade w all nations “amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans; they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell

Lone Ranger

Russia could easily destroy whole NATO. But they arent bloodthirsty like the U.S.

Vox Populi

In a nuclear war there will be no winners. However, in conventional arena, NATO has total superiority as Russia has failed to develop credible alliances, hence the impotency vis a vis Turkey. Syria was a test case and Russia remains confused there.

Lone Ranger

According to the Pentagon Russia could steamroll whole Europe in weeks. They would be in the NATO HQ in Brussels in 3 months tops, bif they wanted, with conventional weapons only. You shouldnt get your info from clown News Network and corn flakes boxes… Russia has the CSTO and SCO, far superior to NATO. Only NATO country worth something militarily is France and the UK the rest are a sad joke.

Vox Populi

I would not insult you, but I believe that is an overly optimistic view. US retains the edge in weaponry and technology and I sincerely hope we never find out. I see China as a bigger threat and Russia as a potential partner for the west as China covets Russian resources and far east.

Lone Ranger

In disney movies maybe… In reality Russia is around 20 years ahead on almost every front. How many countries did China invade in the past 30 years and how many the U.S…? U.S. is the Nr.1 threat to peace globally.

Tommy Jensen

By quantity US/Nato military is 10x bigger than Russia. For Russia it is madness to start a war against such a big entity. But locally and against single cases Russia has a superior military, acc to info.

Lone Ranger

Manpower are secondary. Firepower and high tech what matters. Most of NATO is useless. Transgenders and soros trolls wont be much of s challange… Russia doesnt start wars, it ends them…

Tommy Jensen

I know. Just saying never underestimate your enemy. Russia cant “just do that and that”.

Lone Ranger

They behaved very responsible in recent times, in my opinion.

cechas vodobenikov

how did this work out for you in Afghanistan? utter failure…while Soviet troops defeated all the Afghan insurgents u cannot…unfortunately Gorby took the political decision to leave

cechas vodobenikov

u despicable idiot—China’s north is depopulating—China is no threat to Russia durak….US weapons technology casting inferior take your CIA lies back to Topeka where u idiots believe anything

cechas vodobenikov

u r confused—Syria demonstrates the opposite—Russian forces killed 50 turks and Erdogan came crawling to Moscow—-Russia has zero difficulty with all of NATO—incompetent in war games….turkis r fully aware they lose all wars w Russia




For Serbia is no other way as it’s surounded by NATO and EU, for Armenia is the oposite

Lone Ranger

Switzerland, Austria, Finland…


Are they pro-Russia?

Lone Ranger

Non NATO countries, with relatív good relations to Russia. Proves you dont have to be a nato member, in fact you are better ziff if you arent. France wasnt part of NATO during the cold war either.

Putin Apologist

Yes, Armenia was “slowly drifting away from Russia”. This unfortunate phenomenon was the result of too many Armenians, especially among the young, that fancied themselves as Europeans or even as Americans, and having forgotten or maybe just choosing to ignore the experiences of their grandparents. But with the Turks, with their dogs, the Azeris, again returning who are these blissfully ignorant Armenians going to call? Brussels, Washington? Sorry but neither is going to offer Armenia anything more than calls for an immediate end to the hostiles.

Russia will eventually come but only after the Armenians, like the Syrians, have learned a hard truth, that truth is who the Armenians are, which is not who these young Armenians aspire to be. A valuable lesson for which the Armenians will have to pay for with their blood and their territory.

As for NATO, NATO is not going to come to the aid of Turkey. Why would they, the Turks aren’t European either?

Lone Ranger

Stoltenberg should change the Tampax in his mangina. Fuckin Trollstoy…

Lone Ranger

Russia should call U.S./NATO troops to end the occupation of the Southern U.S. states, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Midway, Diego Garcia, Virgin Islands, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Germany, Japan, South Korea…for the start…

Vox Populi

Russian foreign policy under Lavrov has been a disaster, in the early part of this century Russia acquiesced with all US and western policies, including wars, sanctions and economic agenda and tried in earnest to build “partnerships”, only to be rejected as an inferior and now Russia is largely marginalized.

Lone Ranger

I disagree. China and Russia are calling thd shots nowdays. Its the U.S. that are being ditched even by its own allies. Russia is winning on all fronts. While the U.S. Empire is collapsing both economically and militarily. Lavrov is the best foreign minister ever, not only to Russia, but in general. U.S. will be lucky if it can avoid a second civil war in the near future.

Vox Populi

You are certainly entitled to disagree, US is in chaos, largely due to inept leadership, but remains the hub of technology, education and economic dynamism. Like all powers it is waning, but should not be underestimated. Russia is not the Russia of USSR era, and even that proved very vulnerable.

Lone Ranger

Wrong. EU and Russia are the new hubs. U.S. education is dead, they only have marxist indoctrination centers left. Thats why most of silicon valley is run by Chinese, Indians and Russians. U.S. economy is dead, its smoke and mirrors, Germany alone exports more than the whole U.S. U.S. has a trade deficit of $800billion. You really belive Facebook is worth a $100billion? Lol. FED is handing out free loans to Fortune 500 companies whom than ate buying up their own stocks overinflating the price than keep selling it back and forth creating an image of profit but in reality its nothing behind it. Wall Street stock market bubble is around $600ttillion with a T. It will burst and when it does it will make the 2008 meltdown look like a walk in the park.

Tommy Jensen

If you continue showing aggression against an American we can sanction your facebook account leaving you completely wihout friends and access to social life. THAT will hurt you and you will realize why faecesbook got its value………..LOL.

Lone Ranger

Hahaha ? Good one…


FB threatened to “leave” EU i.e. dismantle European accounts. You think they would do that?


Education downward trend last 40y

cechas vodobenikov

few Americans can speak there own language—only 30% US university grads in US are English proficient (US Dept Education) 1/3 amerikans can’t read above the 5th grade level ‘The Dumbest Generation’. Professor Mark Bauerlein ‘The Age of amerikan Unreason’. Susan Jacoby more than half amerikans under 40 believe astrology is scientific 47-60 % US adults believe in ghosts expected in an empire near collapse

cechas vodobenikov

drivel—world economic forum ranks US universities 52nd in the world—US economy=trash…produces nothing….increasing debt by nearly 1/2 trillion USD per year….nothing invented in USA—u watch too much hollywood

Tommy Jensen

All these countries are women. They like to be occupied.

Антон С

Jens Stoltenberg with his stupid statements sounds like our Jensy.

Tommy Jensen

same tribe.

cechas vodobenikov

both impotent amerikan bleyads

Антон С

“Stoltenberg also welcomed Georgia’s reforms in modernizing its army and strengthening democracy.”

Letter on the fence of military base in Gori, 2008: “Comrades gruzins (georgians), learn military job properly!!! We’ll come and check!!! 71th guards motorized infantry regiment.” https://s00.yaplakal.com/pics/pics_original/6/9/8/13224896.png


The whole thing seems like… A pretext to unleash a war… Between NATO and Russia.

Basically another bankers’ war.

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