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Harvest Of Fire: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Crops Fires In Iraq And Syria

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Harvest Of Fire: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Crops Fires In Iraq And Syria

Illustrative image. Source: kurdistantv.net

ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for a series of fires that burned hundreds of acres of farmlands in Iraq and Syria over the last few weeks.

The terrorist group’s newspaper, al-Nab’a, revealed in an article released on May 24 that the group’s cells had burned hundreds of acers of wheat and barley in the Iraqi provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk, Nineveh and Saladin, as well as in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah.

Last week, new photos revealed that ISIS cells are using a unique remote-controlled improvised-incendiary device (RC IID) in their arson attacks

The IID is built around a simple Nokia 1280 mobile phone. The terrorists connected the phone’s 3.5 mm audio jack to what appears to be a thin resistance wire, of an unknown material. A V-shaped metal piece was used to make sure the two ends of the wire will remain in place.

The phone’s original Li-Ion 850 mAh battery was apparently replaced with a more powerful one of 1,200 mAh, likely to make sure the IID will have sufficient power.

Harvest Of Fire: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Crops Fires In Iraq And Syria

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These IIDs were uncovered in northern and western Iraq. It remains unclear if ISIS cells in northeastern Syria are using the same method.

Al-Nab’a said that these arson attacks were a response to “the fire that burned Muslims, their homes and houses over the last few years.”

“Before you, thousands of acers of land planted with wheat and barley …  Before you, their [locals who oppose ISIS] fields, their homes and their economic facilities … Roll up your sleeves and start the harvest, May God bless your harvest.” al-Nab’a’s concluded its article.

While ISIS is trying to present these arson attacks as a form of vengeance, Iraqi sources revealed that the terrorist group is only targeting the farmland of those who refused to pay Zakat [an Islamic tax] to it.

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They really are like petulant schoolchildren who are angry and bitter that they have lost so they start fires as revenge then claim it so they get the attention they so desperately crave!! If this is now their new strategy then it really is quite pathetic! What a shame that they can’t all just be completely wiped out. I really am getting tired of hearing about them now!!


SDF has started many measures to take out sleeper cells and have much succes in that. The wait is for locals to, literally, snuff out those sleeper cells. Often their Friends, family or neighbours.


It’s their handlers Mossad/CIA that are the petulant schoolchildren, the fighters are just guns for hire, cannon fodder.


All of these events are the result of cease fire done by Syria, which was ordered by Russia to please Turkey. It will become worse and worse every time. A full offensive on Idlib is reqiered with any stop and with strong air support from Russia, if they really want to get rid of terrorists.

Tommy Jensen

We Americans won again. Iraq and Syria must feel the pain until they learn………………………LOL.


It’s a Nokia made in China, Finns and Chines soon to have common border some says ;)


As soon as America is owned by Mexicans and Africans and western Europe by Arabs.


True that, one mention though, the American white population is the only white population that is still growing. So maybe the Chinese will steal Siberia first.


Southern and western America was stolen from the Mexicans, they want and will get their land back.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is Isis is resorting to an age old practice that was used by many armies in the past, burn the crops and starve the enemy, hopefully it won’t get to that point, but I don’t see how they can stop them continuing this behaviour. I think it’d be pretty hard to catch them at it, maybe electronic countermeasures could do the job of stopping drones but cost wise I don’t think it would be worth it, hopefully they solve the problem before they start to lose too much food.

Ivan Freely

Interesting. I’ve wondered whether they would go this route. Remember that California fire? However, wouldn’t a simple jerrycan and match would do the trick?


Yes. I reckon the ISIS angle is just a distraction. They have been practicing setting fires with lasers, possibly from drones.

Xoli Xoli

This what USA NATO murderous none religion leaders want.Lawless government to enable USA to steal.


Ever noticed how ISIS al Qaeda Nusra etc never attack US UK or Israeli interests? These people only attack and kill their fellow Arabs, that takes a very special kind of ahole.


The Taliban should use this tactic against the American poppy fields.

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