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MAY 2021

Hard Times For U.S. Forces In Northeast Syria. Army Prepares For Idlib Escalation

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Hard Times For U.S. Forces In Northeast Syria. Army Prepares For Idlib Escalation

The Syrian Army and local self-defense forces have carried out an operation against ISIS cells hiding in the desert area on the administrative border of Raqqah and Deir Ezzor provinces. According to pro-government sources, Syrian forces eliminated up to 10 ISIS members and destroyed their hideouts.

The security operation came in response to the recently increased IED attacks and ambushes conducted by ISIS cells near Deir Ezzor city and the town of Mayadin. At least 5 Syrian service members and 8 civilians were killed during the past 2 weeks alone.

The Afrin Liberation Forces, affiliated with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, conducted a new series of attacks on Turkish proxies in the region of Afrin. The attacks took place in Kafr Hashir and on the road between Chima and Deir Survan. A vehicle was destroyed and several Turkish proxies were killed.

Sources affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed militant groups are accusing the Syrian Army of violating the ceasefire regime in southern Idlib. According to them, over the past few days government forces have repeatedly shelled their positions near Jisr al-Shughur, Sarmin and al-Barah. They also claimed that over the same few days Russian aircraft have increased reconnaissance flights over this area.

Pro-government sources say that these strikes were retaliatory actions to ceasefire violations by militants. However, it should be noted that the Syrian military is not hiding that it is actively deploying reinforcements and rearming troops on the frontline in southern Idlib. All the sides of the conflict understand that the current status quo in the area cannot last long. Al-Qaeda-linked militants and other radicals remain a constant source of terrorist threat in Greater Idlib and nearby areas.

On April 7, Syrian troops and patriotic activists blocked a US military convoy near the city of al-Qamishly in northeastern Syria and forced it to turn back to its permanent positions. This became the third such incident in the area in the last two weeks.

Since the very first moment of the deployment of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in Syria’s northeast, US forces have been trying to limit their movement by blocking Russian and Syrian convoys. They apparently forgot that two can play at this game. So, now US troops prefer to stay put in their bases and conduct their own ‘patrols’ in a very limited area only.

The situation reached such an extent that the US-led coalition was forced to airdrop supplies to its forces deployed in the Omar oil fields area on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Another problem is the terrorist threat from ISIS. For a long time, the US coalition and its proxies were turning a blind eye to actions of ISIS cells along the Euphrates because this allowed them to justify the seizure of the oil fields with the need of protecting them from ISIS. As might be expected, this allowed ISIS cells to strengthen their presence in the area and now they regularly conduct attacks on US-backed forces and intimidate locals.

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  1. Hasbara Hunter says:

    Them Yangeese should simply get their gear & piss off out of the region…A lot of problems will be solved without’m…Muricans & their 7th Cavalry have been Lying, Treaty Breaking, Genocidal Maniacs since their very existence…

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      It will be a good day when the US leaves Europe.

      If the Virus continues the walk of death and economic destruction in the USA, Trump could declare the death toll as further proof of US exceptionalism.

      I would drink to that,HH :)

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        Universe always settles the score….

        Live by the sword..you die by the sword


        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          Nice words and wise words, Hunter. Nice words indeed.

      2. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

        the virus mortality rate isnt that high. 4 out of 5 peole show no symptoms, of those that do around 60% are extremely mild.
        also a lot of covid diagnosis are just estimates not clinical. people arebeing diagnosed with covid if they have a cold

        and covid 19 is being put down on death certificates as cause even if there is no proof

  2. Icarus Tanović says:

    They have shelled Wahhabistan freakshow? Well those are good news. RuAF doing reconnaissance day and night. Those are even better news, and best of all is SAA reinforcements in Southern Idlib.
    That is for applause.

  3. cechas vodobenikov says:

    US military never did enter a war that they did not lose or had no influence as to outcome—someyhing only the stupid deny===these cowards r only capable of bombing civilians—a backward people—uncivilized and cowardly that they only win when attacking small island nations—these obese, automatons hide in their barracks, rape their own soldiers and local children where they narcotize themselves and excite themselves w porn—patriotism amerikan style

    1. verner says:

      the same mode of operation as the jews in palestine! surprised – not the slightest.

  4. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Syrian troops should shoot the yanks in the face!
    The cowboys were not invited in Syria, they are invaders just like the Turks.
    Shoot them in the fkg face!

  5. nyomarek says:

    Amazing to see ISIS roaches doing their strange hand movements enumerating their reasons, while the ground under the boots of the US Roaches are steadily getting hotter and hotter. Both groups will burn in Righteous SAA Fire!!

  6. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Come on SF, tell us all the truth instead of confusing us with more mindless propaganda.
    You can blame the US all you want but that doesn’t change the facts on the ground, the Iranians are the ones letting Isis run amok in Syria now, not the US.
    Up until 2 years ago Isis was operating around the areas near the US base at Al Tanf [Homs], Isis used the 55 km exclusion zone around the US base to evade SAA forces when they needed to, and they also attacked many surrounding areas in Rif Dimash, Deir ez Zor and Homs when they had the opportunity to, and back then the US was truly responsible for allowing Isis free reign in Syria, but not anymore they’re not, now that Isis is living in the Iranians backyard it’s become Iran’s responsibility.
    Many of you are aware that I’m very upset with Iran for [virtually] annexing all of Southern Deir ez Zor below the Euphrates, I think Syria’s being ripped off big time with this deal, the Iranians are taking way too much in return for their help, but on top of that the Iranians are also playing a deadly game with the US as well, and unfortunately they’re putting Syria in the direct firing line in the process, that I also have nothing but disgust for.
    If Iran can’t get control of Isis in Deir ez Zor they have to start coordinating with the Russians to help get rid of them, there is no other solution, together they could wipe Isis out in just a couple of months [supporters and all], so the Iranians and Russians have to put their differences behind them and finally start coordinating their actions properly. Military operations against Isis are the least of Syria’s worries, relations between Shias and Sunnis is now a far greater obstacle to removing Isis once and for all.
    I see that Isis has reportedly taken over As Sukhnah in Homs over the last few days, Syrian [and possibly Russian] warplanes have been pounding the town in an attempt to dislodge Isis and I’m not sure what’s happened since then, hopefully the towns back in SAA hands now.
    And over the last few days one of the Russian backed Shia militias that belong to the Iranian inspired National Defense Forces [NDF], has been fighting with one of it’s fellow NDF militias, the Palestinian Quds brigade, this happens way too often in Syria with no one seemingly noticing. So why do so many of us seem to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on, this infighting and lack of coordination is the real reason Isis is becoming more and more powerful again, and also the reason not all attacks against Iranian interests in Syria are solely perpetrated by Isis.
    Some of the attacks are carried out by disgruntled Sunnis who have no affiliation with Isis whatsoever, they’re just plain old disgruntled Sunnis who don’t like the Iranians taking over their country, and this is becoming Syria’s biggest problem now, sectarian violence, and it’s spreading to areas of western Aleppo, Daraa, and Quneitra too. Assad has to put his foot down and demand the Russians and Iranians start doing things differently, otherwise Isis is bound to get more recruits joining their cause as things just get worse and worse.
    Most wars are fought between 2 opposing military commanders but this one has way more than just 2 commanders giving the orders, we have at least 4 in this war, that must make it very hard to do anything at all. And most of us just blame the brave soldiers who die trying to save their families, they get called all sorts of names and are blamed for everything deemed to be a failure, it’s because they’re untrained, underequipped, cowardly, have bad officers, are unloyal, and sometimes even just plain old stupid, and all of those reasons are valid to some extent, even cowardly, but they aren’t the real reasons the SAA and it’s proxy militias have failed so often, the fact we have 4 military commanders leading 2 armies is the real reason [I left out the US because they aren’t fighting the SAA].
    The 3 commanders on the Syrian side have to start getting their priorities right, Isis the US and Turkey are growing stronger in Syria and that’s a fact, unless something changes things can only get worse, they won’t get better. Both Russia and Iran have to re- prioritise their agendas in Syria, it’s no good fighting over something when the thing you want is being ripped apart in the process, it’s far better to reposition your own agenda and ask others to do the same thing too. But Iran is becoming way too greedy and even less compromising lately, they aren’t helping the situation in any way anymore, just making it worse.
    Why would either the Turks or the US leave Syria when they can see the 3 leaders of the SAA and proxy forces aren’t able to coordinate their actions effectively to stop them, until that changes the Turks, Isis, and the US will have a weakened/confused enemy to confront, and they’ll continue to take advantage of that fact until it does change.

    1. John says:

      Hello Willing. All trails with IS lead to the Occidentals; always was, always will be. Until NATO is completely out of the area, IS will continue to linger around. Besides, mop up processes like this are lengthy. Nothing is linear or clean in warfare. My take, fare thee well.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Hi John. I see things a little differently, Isis are just footsoldiers for the Muslim brotherhood and not beholden to anyone else, they may have cooperated with the US under Obama for a while but now it’s Erdogan holding their leashes.
        Erdogan’s the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the boss of 90% of the many different Sunni Islamic terrorist organizations around the world, most trails lead back to the Muslim brotherhood and Erdogan.
        And the Arab league are the ones pointing the finger at Erdogan and the Muslim brotherhood, and because they’re the ones most affected by the Muslim brotherhood and Isis, I’d say they’re the ones who really know most about who’s actually pulling the strings behind the scenes. The Muslim brotherhood has existed for nearly 200 years, so they’ve been around for quite a while, and they also have a finger in every Sunni Islamic pie imaginable, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
        Idlib under Erdogan’s tenure more or less became a resort hotel for high ranking Isis members, they were living there in safety until the US killed Baghdadi, then Erdogan reluctantly started arresting other high ranking members of Isis [Baghdadi’s sister] and supposedly jailed them in Turkey, but what sort of jails are they housed in, 5 star resort hotels I’d bet, and they won’t be providing any useful information while staying in Turkish prisons either, I think they’re actually being kept there to keep them quiet.
        If you do some research you’ll find Isis and the Muslim Brotherhood are indivisible, they are the same thing, Isis is the military arm and the brotherhood is the political face, two sides of the one coin, that’s both mine and the Arab league’s take, check out what they have to say about the matter, you may be surprised by what they say.
        You have a nice day too, and happy easter if it’s applicable.

        1. roland says:

          And who are arch enemies of Muslim brotherhood (masonic) the baathists that is why they are being taken out

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            And that’s why Russia and Assad are sacking hundreds of Persian, pro Iranian, orthodox Shia military officers from the SAA and replacing them with Sunni Arab pro Baathist military officers, Assad even sacked his own pro Iranian older brother who used to command the Iranian backed SAA 4th division [that’s Syria’s most elite division], and I think they’re doing the right thing, and I want them to sack even more of them, and it’s not so the US or anyone else can benefit, it’s just for Syria’s benefit, and maybe Russia’s benefit too.
            And no Assad’s not sacking each and every single orthodox Shia that has a command position in the SAA, just the pro Iranian orthodox Shia officers that are more loyal to Iran, those that are truly loyal to Syria aren’t being sacked or demoted, just the ones that always put Iran’s interests above Syria’s.
            You can’t run a national army that way, only one country can control a countries army, not two countries, an army always runs better when it only has one commander, and the Russians are trying to prove it with all the new Arab Baathist promotions to the SAA, and by sacking all the old pro Iranian commanders. Good job by Russia, they get a 2 thumbs up from me.

    2. roland says:

      Yea blame Iran for Isis because trumps in charge now things are different and yea they are different now ten times fucking worse oh thanks trump thank you for saving us

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        I blame Iran for not coordinating with Russia to help get rid of Isis in Deir ez Zor, and I also blame them for creating tensions between the 5% of the Persian Orthodox Shia population in Syria and 71% of the Arab Sunni population, and I also blame some of their less ethical proxy militias of extortion and racketeering against the Syrian people, and I absolutely and most definitely accuse them of annexing southern Deir ez Zor for their own selfish needs, so you’re right, Guilty as charged.
        And if you hadn’t noticed Trump only signed 1 MOU with the Turks, and within 2 weeks of signing it he changed his mind and turned on Erdogan, issuing even more sanctions against Turkey, but Putin’s signed 3 separate MOU’s with Turkey, 1, Idlib, 2,Northern Aleppo [Afrin/Tall rif at], and 3 Al Hasakah, and they’re all in working effect right now, and Assad HATES EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.
        And should I also mention the Israeli threat too, is that also Trump’s fault, has he told the Russians they can’t use their missiles to blow the attacking Israeli jets out of the sky, if he did I don’t think the Russians would listen to him anyway, but Israeli jets have bombed Syria with impunity since the war started [except for one short pause], so I hope you’re not blaming Trumps for that as well, that’s someone else’s fault.

        1. roland says:

          Putin definitely has some questions to answer. You need to understand Iran is not under control of the satanic world government and guess what America is except for venuzuala you watch ww3 will kick off in venuzuala

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I don’t think Iran’s under the control of anyone other than the Shia Islamic fundamentalists, but sadly when religious law overrides democratic law, democracy loses most of its purpose, Isis are also democratic you know, and like the Iranians they also believe in sectarian government, and just like the Iranians they also chop your hand off if you steal or cut your head off if you commit adultery, and worse still tell women not to wear bikinis if they want to, that should be a crime punishable by death if ever there was one.
            And I think the US democratic system and the bureaucratic administration [and the worldwide msm] is under the control of the LGBTQI movement/organization, they’re the real puppet masters behind every evil in the world right now, especially the Syrian war [it really started in Russia way back in 2005/6, Putin went from being portrayed as a Russian hero in the western msm to being portrayed as a demon 24 hours later, LOL].
            And both Trump and Putin are the LGBTQI’s biggest enemies in the word right now, so they’re both my heros for that reason, but sadly on a few other matter I think they’re both a pair of wankers, Putin’s disloyalty to Syria and Trump sucking up to Israel, you can’t win them all.

  7. Svincius Savickas says:


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