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Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Sends 2,000 Fighters to Assist Syrian Army in Aleppo

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Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Sends 2,000 Fighters to Assist Syrian Army in Aleppo

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba (HHN) has announced that it had sent some 2,000 fighters in order to assist the Syrian army in the battle for Aleppo.

The HSN is an Iraqi Shia paramilitary. It emerged from the Iraqi paramilitary Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) in 2013. The group is led by AAH co-founder Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi. The HHN receives training, arms and assistance in military planning from Iran.

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If Assad wins the war, this foreign help will be his nightmare afterwards for sure. They will ask positions, claim rights and economic advantages, and as far as know those paramilitary-mercenaries, they will ask to be a part of the new ruling-military class. After War syria under Assad will be a sattelite of maybe Russia or Iran I think. Yet it could be better than a US sattelite coz there are plenty of them, and a bit balance is always healthier.


Syria isn’t going to win a war fighting the terrorists backed by US, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf and Israel without help.
1. Shia militias are like the Sunni rebels (ex. they didn’t impose Shariah law in Lebanon and they aren’t going to do it in Syria.)
2. The main problem will be for Israel as battle hardened militias are going to be stationed along Israel entire northern border.
3. Syria is never going to be a US satellite

Andrew Illingworth

Are you sure of this? The Western world has – since the time of colonialism – proved to be the absolute worst exploiter of other peoples. Nowadays we see the Americans and British in particular making some of the most dirty and dastardly deals, so I can understand your suspicion and pessimism.

However, in a recent interview with Assad by NBC, Assad talked about Putin being a man of “principal”, as opposed to Western leaderships who “make deals”. I feel (although we’ll just have to wait and see) the Iranian and Iraqi governments will just be grateful for the defeat of Wahabbiists and the expulsion of Saudi influence from Syria. I think the Iraqi leadership has figured by now that America actually tried to have them replaced by ISIS, again demostrating how the US set up one government, only to destroy it later.


So you mean Russia is a better counterpart or in case of being sattelite, Russia is a better option?

During cold war not every CCCP sattelite were happy. Even now the hatered in Baltics is recognizable. War in caucasus, other crisis in Ex-soviet countries. Russians are also not known with their very friendly aproach.

US was always a perfect partner for developped countries in his ideological periphery. But US was ignorant towards its asian or non european partners mostly and US interventions in many so called “US allies” are famous and also pushed those non eurpoean allies to crisis.

So it depends on historical and economical bounds established. Russia does not have any chance other than beeing “nice” or “credible” in order to be accepted as an alternative in middle east. It is also simmilar for arm deals. Russia mostly offer technology transfer and is more support friendly. US sell and forget, even for modernization they send Israelis or they dont care, they give the highest prices etc. But they have the majority of the market. And Russia is trying to find a place in the market so they have to play “nicely”.

Vishwas Khare

Better than being a satellite state of Saudi Arabia or Israel…right?? And one more thing, all those Zionist cronies like Nusra and ISIS are going to their graves….just a matter of time. Btw, do you know that in the Aleppo battle, already 2400 paid mercenaries have gone to their graves??

A day and a half ago, I posted that this is what was needed in order to hold Aleppo for good.
I said Basij the Hezbollah of Iraq needed to send in 2,000-4,000 troops. About 2,000 to Aleppo, and about another 2,000 to reinforce the SAA to hold the next intended big city to Liberate.
Meantime, Lebanon’s Hezbollah now needs to begin puling back by the end of the month and concentrate their new tactics for repelling and Israeli invasion. Which I have gotten wind Israel is preparing for a 2017 assault on both Lebanon and more of Golan Heights. (Israel is waiting for Hillary to be president, as she will help Israel more then Obama or Trump would)
Hezbollah needs some new ground tactics, as they have less man power today then they did two years ago.
Also, many Hezbollah now have some handicaps from wounds sustained fighting to protect the Syrian people. From nerve damage to missing fingers to muscle damage and eye troubles.
Hezbollah has many more allies now days. But that does not mean their new allies would rush to directly help Hezbollah against an Israeli onslaught.
They would pry help more logistically and supplies wise then they would tactically or directly confronting the Zionist invasion of Lebanon or Syria.
Unless of course Hezbollah scores major wins against Israel in the first week, then their Allies would be more eager to rush in and share in on the victories.


IDF, huh, Hamaz used 3 days, to kick their ground force ut of Gaza. whom tried to wage war in Gaza, 3 days and the rat pack fled with their tails behind their legs and went back to shoot randomly, with Tanks/Howisters into the Gazan territory.
Brave ehhhh…… soldiers in IDF, no f….. way.
Just look how brave they are when they meet an 8 year old Palestinian child on an bike.
Yea, hooow manly.

Hezb, have Two massive advantage, expirience (unvaluable) and their home land, the last time, the IDF rat pack invaded Lebanon, they got kicked out, and as in the later Gaza, they crawled back and used the same tactics where they went back to use tanks/howlitsers and fighter jets to hammer the civilians with everything from cluster bombs (still there and still kills) to posphore bombs, yea, like the Norce airforce whom burned children alive in Libya, yea, how manly.

IDF is an freak show.


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