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Happy Birthday To China’s Navy: Epic Video Showing Chinese Naval Might Released Online

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Happy Birthday To China's Navy: Epic Video Showing Chinese Naval Might Released Online

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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) released a video on the occasion of its the 72nd anniversary and the centenary of The Communist Party of China.

On April 23, a solemn ceremony was held at the naval base in Sanya in China. Three major vessels were commissioned the PLAN South fleet. The destroyer “Dalian”, the landing helicopter dock “Hainan” and the strategic nuclear submarine Changzheng-18 were placed on active service.

In addition to demonstration of the might of the Chinese fleet, the newly released video promotes such basic values as love for family, brotherhood and team spirit, duty and historical continuity. This video represents an interesting example of Chinese “soft power”.


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Supreme Blyat

Aircraft carriers are obsolente reliques of the past, symbols of imperialism, meant to bully small countries ;)

John Tosh

It’s good to have if your opponent makes a lot of noise about having one.

You do know the PLA can flood the USA with foot soldiers If need be.

The USA after bombing Hiroshima Nagasaki will never be allowed to launch a nuclear missile. The moment they do multiple nukes with wipe North America clean from multiple countries.

Supreme Blyat

Please! I want to sleep tonight. Scare your girls class mates with that :))

John Tosh

Not intended to scare or alarm you…. if you know what is going to happen you can prepare.

Supreme Blyat

How much toilet paper should I stock?

James Platt

China has little logistical assets to transport all their troops to North America. However, if they built a large fleet of cargo (as in paratroop transport) planes I think that would scare the hell out of american politicians.

Ricky Miller

The way the United States and the United Kingdom use them is to bully small countries and threaten and keep in line just about everyone else. In the case of the Chinese carriers they are built and operated to counter American carriers and British carriers when they intrude into Chinese waters.


Keep English out of it. They don’t have much of any war depth. One will wipe them out clean.

Supreme Blyat

Don’t they have “carrier killer” missiles? A carrier is a pure offensive weapon.

Ricky Miller

They do, but Aircraft Carriers would help the PRC seal of Taiwan from American interference in case of a conflict. American Carriers could remain on the extreme outer range limits of the Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles and launch air group missions in support of Taiwan. PLAN carriers represent the ability to contest airspace on the East side of Taiwan while airfields on the island aren’t yet available.

But even better, Aircraft Carriers are political weapons representing force projection capability and big sticks. One Aircraft Carrier is nicknamed by it’s crews “the big stick” because it’s named after the gunboat diplomacy Era President who coined a catchy related phrase. Building carriers negates the image of an overwhelmingly powerful America who has capabilities no one else has, leading countries to defer to American demands, plots and goals. China sailing Carrier Battle Groups around it’s red line areas changes the calculus on Taiwan and in the surrounding littoral states too. China might peacefully accomplish all it’s goals just by building these things.

Supreme Blyat

Do you mean Taiwan doesn’t have “carrier killer” missiles? The Chinese carriers can’t stay far away from Taiwan coast, the place is pretty tight.


There are targets and there are subs. All surface ships provide good targets. Carriers are just a way of making your presence known like tigers and lions peeing on trees to mark their territories. That is about it and those are good for defenseless poor countries. China needs to build about 20 of them to dwarf US and make them give it up. That is what China is doing, IMO.

Supreme Blyat



That would depend on how they are used. The original design intent for the Lioning was as an anti-shipping / AD / ASW platform tasked with defending Russian subs in the Barents sea. The main weapon was it’s missiles … the aircraft were secondary.

We know the Americans use their carriers to project air power as their primary naval weapon … no one has said how the Chinese intend to use their carriers.

Supreme Blyat

No one knowsssss…. It’s a misteryyyy

Lone Ranger

Happy birthday 🎉 Good luck against isis Navy.

cechas vodobenikov

now US navy installing transgender bathhouses in vessels for modern LGBT NAVy

James Platt

Since they claim there are 11 genders now, that will also make for a lot of bathrooms to install. The navy will need to hire a bunch of plumbers, and quick.


It is a source of pride to the Chinese that they can build and operate an aircraft carrier. But strategically, I’m guessing China is focused on cheaper, smaller, faster platforms that will simply overwhelm the monolithic western zog-beast carriers, kind of like tribesman with spears bringing down a mammoth


A legitimate source of pride to basically be able to say FUCK YOU to the US and lackeys everywhere, at any time, for anything, on their own terms. The most beautiful irony being that this superpower was once a British colony.

I will add another, more personal middle-finger to the Crown just for the sake of it, while their post-Brexit nation is about to lose one more piece of its territory.

Kudos to the Chinese for securing their sovereignty against all external threats. I would love to see Washington’s full spectrum dominance when it goes in the multi-tiers Chinese grinding machine starting by a couple DF-10 cutting right through the bridge of their supercarriers all the way to the bottom.

Jihadi Colin

Yes, the LHD is a far more significant acquisition than the carrier.

Kenny Jones ™

I cried a bit…beautiful..

Cheryl Brandon


MeMad Max

“Chinese Naval Might”….

Whats that?

Arch Bungle

The one that’s got Uncle Sam running scared.

Jihadi Colin

BTW, India just abandoned plans for a third carrier, with CATOBAR facilities, to focus on submarine acquisition.

Ivan Freely

Smart. A carrier program are incredibly expensive as it requires one to be proficient in many things in industry.

Jihadi Colin

The second carrier was launched about seven years ago and has not even started sea trials yet. At this rate it’ll be obsolete, even as a carrier, long before it ever enters service.

Not that the navy will ever deploy it in combat anyway.

Only really useful against people who can’t shoot back.

I recall that in the 1971 war against Pakistan, the then sole Indian carrier, INS Vikrant, was hidden in an anchorage in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal for fear that it would be sunk. It would have been necessary to blockade Karachi on the Arabian Sea coast but was never sent there for the same reason. Once Pakistan’s only long range submarine, PNS Ghazi, sank itself in an operational accident off Visakhapatnam, the Vikrant launched air strikes against Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar, which were totally unnecessary because they were already being successfully targeted by ground based Indian Air Force planes. Basically nobody in India will ever use a carrier if there is a real risk that it will be sunk.

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