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What Is Happening in Iran? Is Another “Color Revolution” Underway?

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Written by Brandon Turbeville; Originally appeared at Activist Post

A familiar sight is taking place across Iran tonight and it has been for the last three days. Protests are taking place in numerous cities citing grievances and demanding that the Ayatollah and Iranian President step down. For a few days, the protests remained non-violent but now violence has indeed flared up as protesters have laid waste to a number of government properties and those belonging to “pro-government militias.”

Neo-cons in the American media and the U.S. President are all demanding that Americans stand with the “Iranian people” and the “protesters” in their “fight for freedom.”

The reason this sight is familiar is because we have seen it in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in the past as well as in Iran itself in the late 2000s. Protests that turn violent, a subsequent crackdown that either is violent or is reported as such, and the weight of American propaganda against the target government are all “Arab Spring” repeats that are themselves nothing more than the color revolution/destabilization apparatus that has been used by the West in countries all across the world for decades, particularly in the last twenty years.

What Do The Protesters Want?

The alleged demands of the protesters seem reasonable and legitimate enough. The Western media has, up until this point, been reporting that the main argument being made by the demonstrators center around economic concerns, i.e. falling living standards, unemployment, and rising food prices. However, as the third day of protests took place, the Western media began reporting that the protesters are demanding an end to religious dictatorship and policies of both the Ayatollah Khamenei andPresident Rouhani. According to some reports, female protesters have gone so far as to shout “death to Khamenei” and shed their hijabs in order to construct makeshift flags. Others say the protesters are focused on government corruption.

However, there is much question about these protests. The first question is “Are they organic Iranian protests?” This question has yet to be answered fully. Iran is most certainly a religious dictatorship and many Iranians want freedom from religious rule. However, it should be remembered that the United States and Israel have openly stated a desire to see Iranian influence broken and as recently as 2009, the United States attempted to engineer a color revolution in the country. The first three days of the Green Movement in Iran looked very much like the first three days of this current movement.

Clearly, economic concerns are a major issue in Iran, a country whose economy has been suffering for years under Western sanctions and whose own inability to capitalize on a state-owned National Bank. Official unemployment in Iran is around 12% and it is likely that the real rate is much higher. Despite lifting of some sanctions, there is hardly economic growth in the country, another result of neo-liberal economic and trade policies. Yet, it is also worth noting that Khamenei has also been critical of the poor economy and the handling of economic issues by the government yet Khamenei is being insulted at the protests.

These demands are not unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination. However, the religious protests come at a very odd time. Iran recently liberalized its laws regarding women’s forced head coverings, so why protest now over religious laws?

In addition, special attention must be paid to the concept of “government corruption,” a hallmark of color revolutions since government corruption is often more of a conceptual issue than anything concrete. A step down from power from a few key people, wrist slaps, and token reform can all achieve an “end” to corruption while more concrete demands need concrete applications and thus present a minor loss to those who will taking over the rains of power after the demonstrations have ceased.

There are also more concerning demands that can be found in the slogans being chanted by the demonstrators. First, in case it could be missed, the demonstrators are calling for the Ayatollah and the President to step down. In other words, they are calling for regime change. This is precisely what the United States, GCC, NATO, and Israel also want to see happen.

Second, numerous demonstrators are chanting “Let go of Palestine,” and “Not for Gaza, Not for Lebanon, I’d give my life (only) for Iran.” Again, protesters are now chanting foreign policy demands identical to that desired by the United States, NATO, GCC, and Israel. All this in a protest that is supposed to be about economic concerns.

Moon of Alabama, in its article entitled “Iran – Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests,” reveals a number of important reports regarding the beginning of the protests and where they stand currently. MOA writes,

Protests against the (neo-)liberal economic policies of the Rohani government in Iran are justified. Official unemployment in Iran is above 12% and there is hardly any economic growth. The people in the streets are not the only ones who are dissatisfied with this:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has repeatedly criticized the government’s economic record, said on Wednesday that the nation was struggling with “high prices, inflation and recession”, and asked officials to resolve the problems with determination.

On Thursday and today the slogans of some protesters turned the call for economic relief into a call for regime change.

. . . . .

Today, Friday and the weekly day off in Iran, several more protest took place in other cities. A Reuters report from today:

About 300 demonstrators gathered in Kermanshah after what Fars called a “call by the anti-revolution” and shouted “Political prisoners should be freed” and “Freedom or death”, while destroying some public property. Fars did not name any opposition groups.

Footage, which could not be verified, showed protests in other cities including Sari and Rasht in the north, Qom south of Tehran, and Hamadan in the west.

Mohsen Nasj Hamadani, deputy security chief in Tehran province, said about 50 people had rallied in a Tehran square and most left after being asked by police, but a few who refused were “temporarily detained”, the ILNA news agency reported.

Some of these protests have genuine economic reasons but get hijacked by other interests:

In the central city of Isfahan, a resident said protesters joined a rally held by factory workers demanding back wages.

“The slogans quickly changed from the economy to those against (President Hassan) Rouhani and the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei),” the resident said by telephone.

Purely political protests are rare in Iran […] but demonstrations are often held by workers over layoffs or non-payment of salaries and people who hold deposits in non-regulated, bankrupt financial institutions.

Alamolhoda, the representative of Ayatollah Khamenei in northeastern Mashhad, said a few people had taken advantage of Thursday’s protests against rising prices to chant slogans against Iran’s role in regional conflicts.

“Some people had came to express their demands, but suddenly, in a crowd of hundreds, a small group that did not exceed 50 shouted deviant and horrendous slogans such as ‘Let go of Palestine’, ‘Not Gaza, not Lebanon, I’d give my life (only) for Iran’,” Alamolhoda said.

Media and Neo-Con Support

While it is to be expected from a virulently anti-Iran administration and mainstream press in the United States, it is interesting how the U.S. President immediately has latched on the protests, encouraging Americans to stand with the protesters and their demands. This is coming from a man who rarely sees a protest that isn’t directed at him. Meanwhile, Neo-Con organs like FOX News are also repeating calls for Americans to support the brave “freedom fighters” in Iran. It is seldom, if ever, true that evil does good in the world so when Neo-Cons call for support to protests, eyebrows should be raised in skepticism.

It is also important to question just how popular these protests are. While mainstream western media and various terrorist organizations also conveniently supporting them paint them as involving tens of thousands at each demonstration, video and pictures tend to show only dozens to hundreds at the most while others wander about around them.

“A video of that protest in Mashad showed some 50 people chanting slogans with more bystander just milling around,” writes MOA. . . . . “Two videos posted by BBC Persian and others I have seen show only small active protest groups with a dozen or so people while many more are just standing by or film the people who are chanting slogans.”

Trump Administration/Israel Agreement

The protests taking place in Iran are taking place only a month after the White House and Tel Aviv met to discuss a strategy on Iran.

“A delegation led by Israel’s National Security Adviser met with senior American officials in the White House earlier this month for a joint discussion on strategy to counter Iran’s aggression in the Middle East, a senior U.S. official confirmed to Haaretz,” wrote Haaretz agency. (Israeli Delegation Met U.S. Officials to Discuss ‘Iran Strategy,’ Syria)

AXIOS provides a quote from the meeting:

[T]he U.S. and Israel see eye to eye the different developments in the region and especially those that are connected to Iran. We reached at understandings regarding the strategy and the policy needed to counter Iran. Our understandings deal with the overall strategy but also with concrete goals, way of action and the means which need to be used to get obtain those goals.

Could this apparent color revolution be the result of that US/Israeli meeting?

Color Revolution In Iran

The idea that a color revolution could be attempted in Iran is no fantasy. It would be a repeat of history. Remember, in 2009, an attempt at a color revolution deemed the “Green Revolution” was launched but was quickly put down by the iron fist of the Iranian government.

The Path To Persia

The plan for a Western or a Western/Israeli attack on Iran, along with the theatre of alleged US-Israeli tensions leading up to a strike and outright war, has been in the works for some time. For instance, in 2009, the Brookings Institution, a major banking, corporate, and military-industrial firm, released a report entitled “Which Path To Persia? Options For A New American Strategy For Iran,” in which the authors mapped out a plan which leaves no doubt as to the ultimate desire from the Western financier, corporate, and governing classes.

What Is Happening in Iran? Is Another “Color Revolution” Underway?

Screenshot from Brookings report: “Which Path To Persia? Options For A New American Strategy For Iran,”

The plan involves the description of a number of ways the Western oligarchy would be able to destroy Iran including outright military invasion and occupation (see table of contents above). However, the report attempts to outline a number of methods that might possibly be implemented before direct military invasion would be necessary. The plan included attempting to foment destabilization inside Iran via the color revolution apparatus, violent unrest, proxy terrorism, and “limited airstrikes” conducted by the US, Israel or both.

The report states,

Because the Iranian regime is widely disliked by many Iranians, the most obvious and palatable method of bringing about its demise would be to help foster a popular revolution along the lines of the “velvet revolutions” that toppled many communist governments in Eastern Europe beginning in 1989. For many proponents of regime change, it seems self-evident that the United States should encourage the Iranian people to take power in their own name, and that this would be the most legitimate method of regime change. After all, what Iranian or foreigner could object to helping the Iranian people fulfill their own desires?

Moreover, Iran’s own history would seem to suggest that such an event is plausible. During the 1906 Constitutional Movement, during the late 1930s, arguably during the 1950s, and again during the 1978 Iranian Revolution, coalitions of intellectuals, students, peasants, bazaari merchants, Marxists, constitutionalists, and clerics mobilized against an unpopular regime. In both 1906 and 1978, the revolutionaries secured the support of much of the populace and, in so doing, prevailed. There is evidence that the Islamic regime has antagonized many (perhaps all) of these same factions to the point where they again might be willing to support a change if they feel that it could succeed. This is the foundational belief of those Americans who support regime change, and their hope is that the United States can provide whatever the Iranian people need to believe that another revolution is feasible.

Of course, popular revolutions are incredibly complex and rare events. There is little scholarly consensus on what causes a popular revolution, or even the conditions that facilitate them. Even factors often associated with revolutions, such as military defeat, neglect of the military, economic crises, and splits within the elite have all been regular events across the world and throughout history, but only a very few have resulted in a popular revolution. Consequently, all of the literature on how best to promote a popular revolution— in Iran or anywhere else—is highly speculative. Nevertheless, it is the one policy option that holds out the prospect that the United States might eliminate all of the problems it faces from Iran, do so at a bearable cost, and do so in a manner that is acceptable to the Iranian people and most of the rest of the world.


While the situation in Iran continues to develop, it appears that another color revolution is underway. While many of the demands are legitimate, all signs are pointing toward Western treachery in an attempt to break Iran in the final domino to fall in the Middle East before an even bigger confrontation is ignited. Destroying Iran would also destroy Hezbollah, weaken Syria and Russia, and threaten Israel. Whether or not it will succeed will depend on the level of subversion that has been possible by the United States intelligence apparatus since 2009 and the ability of Iran to squash the revolt. If anything can be learned from the 2009 revolution, Iran will move quickly and will smash the protests with an iron fist. However, if the protests taking place in Iran today are indeed a color revolution and if the West is committed, the Path to Persia will likely see an escalation in activity, violence, and ultimately directly military confrontation by proxy and even by the U.S. military itself.

We will be following these protests in detail over the coming days.

Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – article archive here – He is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The OutcomeTurbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is BrandonTurbeville.com He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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US and Israel apparatuses have set their paid servants to keep flinging at currently ongoing protests in Iran. Their slogan mostly will be how Iranians are held in dictatorship etc etc.

Floyd Hazzard

The protesters are idiots. Guess they haven’t seen and digested what have happened everywhere else.


Problem is some idiots attack police station with guns … Iranian maidan?
Most likely as these guys will use the same old tactics as they mostly arc brainless


Is this another place where the ISIS leaders recently rescued by the US have been sent to ?

John Brown

The racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire needs a new playbook for its false regime change coups / phony revolutions. I am sure 99% of Iranians don’t want Iran to become like Syria or Libya etc. Yes the empire can pay $$$ thousands to protest and have some ISIS like terrorist groups attack Iran but a wide scale regime change attempt will not work as all Iranians and their government have learned from Libya Syria etc.
Conversely I think Russia China etc would probably have a high probability of success in promoting a color revolution against the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire ruling over America, Europe, Australia etc., today, especially once the federal reserve dollar collapses, success would most likely be certain then, if preparations had already been made which often takes years. This is why there is all this fake Russian collusion hysteria as the empire understands this. Russia China etc would be stupid not to do this as it could prevent the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire from starting a third world war and destroying all life on earth.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They used footage of the 2011 protests in Bahrain and you could see the Bahraini Flags flapping in the wind , the people in the world get worked up over that too late it’s 2017. The original viewing was 12,000 now in 2017 tell the dunces it’s Iran and everyone is worked up about it hundreds of thousands views in the first 2 hours., the sheeple in this world are easily lead astray.

John Brown

The ISIS / Israeli / Al Qaeda forces already tried to take over some police stations and military bases to get weapons. It did not work as Iran learned from what happened in Syria. This proves it is no real democratic protest just an attempted ISIS / Israeli / Al Qaeda attack as peaceful democratic protesters don’t try to take over military bases. It will fade away soon enough.
I notice the Zio media does not cover the big protests tens of thousands in Israel against Nuts-in-Yahoo. They don’t try to take over Israeli police stations or military bases.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The videos they show are from a film with the woman Highkicking the riot shield , The Bahrain video people are now familiar with ,the Buenos Aires video the two tunnels and the pro democracy video in Iran was made to promote workers in solidarity with the government.


The main protest took place in three places in other towns just bunch of few people warm the environment. They want destruction of Iran and nothing else. Dissatisfaction and regime change protests and demand recently we saw also in America recently, so what happened. Trump went down? No.

These protests will bring chaos to Iran like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc.

Irani government should have to arrange own public protests which are called anti protests.


Yes the best is to call their people power to o counter protests

Show which side is the Iranians be … For Iran or USA


During election each government win in some areas but loose in others to oppositions. Therefore, Iran government should have to neutralize these protests in opposition areas by arranging their own pro government protests. This is not a big issue.

John Mason

Other reports differ from this one. The only way to find out is to wait and see what the future brings. doubt that there is a ‘colour revolution’ happening if there was then the IRGC would have long ago been involved.


Let us hope that the reality of events in Iran disappoints the US/Israel Colour Revolution planners, just as reality is not what the US wished for in most of what the US does.

I did smile when Trump said that ” We are looking closely for any human rights abuses in Iran “.

He said that with a straight face as well :)


Yeah, wasn’t that a laugh. Conmen can say anything with a straight face, it’s a natural talent. He should have gotten into politics years ago, he’s got the nads for it.


– Official unemployment in Italy is around 12% (Iran is 12%)
– In Italy 33.3 percent are vulnerable to or at risk of becoming multidimensionally poor (Iran is 33%)
– 2016 Italy GDP growth was 1.2 (Iran 8%)
– Italian Net migration rate: 3.9 migrant(s)/1,000 population (Iran -0.1/1000, on 2016 est.)
According to Index Mundi, “High levels of migration can cause problems such as increasing unemployment and potential ethnic strife“. No one here protests in Italy, but in Iran where the economy looks even better.


It’s not the same. Italy is 60mio population where 15-20 are foreigners where as Iran is 81-mio with basically less then 1% foreigners.

So the unemployment is bigger and the economical crash have been predicted before it arrived to Iran. They are wasting alot of unnecessary on Assad. The bank is emptying just due to the costs of Assad dropping 200 Bombs a day. These are expensive and not charity nor for free

Hemisphere Samba

Right…but America and Israel can interfere and warmonger forever without consequences whatsoever. Because America is exceptional and free-dumb! LOL

Hemisphere Samba

The money that both Russia and Iran have used in Syria is miniscule compared to Uncle Sam’s waste. But where Russia and Iran actually have national interests, U.S. has none and is totally subservient to Israel. The whole world sees who is in charge of America. As an American, it’s shameful.


The Americans are much wealthier then Russian and Iran combined. So they can effort to use alot but there is also even a limit to how much they can use.

The reports coming out of Russia saying we used way less then the Americans in Syria is entirely false imo. They had about 50.000 Russian troops on the ground.

They were basically in total war and dropping alot of Bombs daily on average basis. War of attrition is the kind of wars that kill economies and that is what happen to Soviet union.

What I believe here is that they are sharing the costs of the war between them. Russia, Iran and Syria and ofcourse other Arab allies are also paying for the expensive while the Americans are paying things from their own pocket.

Even them sharing the expenses it was overdue that they would experience the aftermath of drying up pockets eventually.

Hemisphere Samba

No, it’s not. Russia and Iran are both representing their national interests and have done it at budget prices compared to the empire. And keep in mind that America is not really run by Americans for Americans, so every penny spent from the American taxpayer went indirectly to the coffers of Israel, for Isael is the ONLY reaons we are in Syria or Afghanistan or now, Iran.

John Whitehot

americans have nothing but debt bills, that is not wealth, it’s the opposite – and it’s going to end in a not so distant future.


Indeed, the US is circa 20 trillion dollars in debt that is rising exponentially with every second of every day. :)

My observations of bankruptcies show that many begin with fraud and those responsible run for the exit after bleeding their companies dry and indeed any honest companies they have traded with that have unpaid bills due to them. This trail of disaster is then viewed from a far off haven where the fraudsters laugh at those they have ruined.

Happy New Year by the way John :)

John Whitehot

“Happy New Year by the way John”

Happy new year to you.


Let’s not be stupid here. US almost never used their air force, so they spent about as much as for other military bases abroad. Russia didn’t use 1% of their army, and this goes into maintenance budget except the ammunition. They also sold more weapons after Syria advertising, so I think it is a gain, not a loss. Also US sold junk weapons to Saudis and Turkey to arm the terrorists, which is also a gain. I don’t know about Iran, but US and Russia surely didn’t lose money in Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US was selling premium weapons to the terrorists as they were being manufactured in Bulgaria and Ukraine for the Russian style weapons along with some older weapons, the US traded for with new manufactured NATO arms.

This does look like a financial loss for the US as they wasted untold billions moving their fleets around and military personnel for that matter.

John Whitehot

“They had about 50.000 Russian troops on the ground”

they rotated 48000 troops, and never had more than 5000 deployed at once.

it’s been already discussed here, but it seems that the truth does not suit your agenda.


Your economic analysis of the Soviet Union is deeply flawed. The Soviet Afghan military intervention itself did not bring down the Soviet economy at all. Rather at the height of Soviet Afghan intervention, in mid 1980’s, the US and Saudi Arabia contrived to deliberately crash the international crude oil barrel price. With strategic intent to punish the Soviet economy, which was vulnerable to such economic warfare as Soviet centralized forward budget projections were relatively fixed and dependent on Soviet crude exports operating with general oil market stability.
If this sounds like a familiar and recent strategy – that’s because it is. The US and Saudi Arabia were so pleased with their 1980’s anti-Soviet oil strategy, that they simply repeated it, when Russia intervened in Syria. Once again they contrived to crash the international crude barrel price via a massive supply glut created by Saudi overproduction – with intent to punish the Russian economy and leverage Russia over Syria. But it proved far less successful the second time around, as the Russian Federation state budget is far more flexible – and open to financial restructuring – than the centralized Soviet planning ever was that didn’t allow for rapid responsive actions.

Hemisphere Samba

The USSR died the same way the USSA will–the people just stopped beleiving the endless propaganda. The endless war doesn’t help, but the USSR was involved in FAR LESS foreign intrigue than the USSA is. Now it is the USSA that will bankrupt–19 trillion in debt and climbing. Russia dept is paid off. Iran is, thanks to stupid sanctions, a stand-alone nation that is very independent. The fact that USSA cannot defeat Russia and Iran through sanctions will lead the USSA to devise a war for Israel.


Apologies my reply was intended at ‘Mountains’ not you.
Which may make more sense, lol.


I wish you were wrong.


Who told you USSR crashed due to Afghanistan war? Most historians say it crashed due to Saudi oil war. And even they don’t fully understand all that happened.


He is espousing the BS Reagan/Bush admin line of BS. They claimed to have bankrupted the USSR and that is why it fell. Gorbachev later said the USSR was broke since ’74. Afghanistan was Russia’s last gasp for a new line of revenue…a pipeline to the Indian…which Saudis, US and Israel couldn’t allow.


Your economic analysis of what actually impacted the Soviet Union is deeply flawed. The Soviet Afghan military intervention itself did not bring down the Soviet economy at all. Rather at the height of Soviet Afghan intervention, in mid 1980’s, the US and Saudi Arabia contrived to deliberately crash the international crude oil barrel price via Saudi over supply. With strategic intent to punish the Soviet economy, which was vulnerable to such economic warfare. As Soviet centralized forward budget projections were relatively fixed and dependent on Soviet crude exports operating within a generally stable oil market.
If this also sounds like an oddly familiar strategy – that’s because it is. The US and Saudi Arabia were so pleased with their 1980’s anti-Soviet oil strategy, that they simply repeated it, when Russia intervened in Syria. Once again they contrived to crash the international crude barrel price via a massive supply glut created by Saudi overproduction – with intent to again punish the Russian economy and leverage Russia over its support for Syria. But it proved far less successful the second time around, as the Russian Federation state budget is far more flexible – and open to financial restructuring – than the very centralized Soviet planning ever was – that didn’t allow for rapid responsive actions.

Gary Sellars

It also stressed the Saudi state beyond all expectations and threatened its stability, and forced an end to the oil price suppression

Matt Lazarus

American expenditure on “defense” and “intelligence” dwarfs by number of magnitudes military budgets in any other country in the world. Massive outlay for planes never used, ships that never sail, bases that are maintained but largely unmanned, is directly responsible for collapse of public education system, lack of health care for millions, closure of highways and bridges for lack of maintenance, more than 40 million Americans living in poverty, millions of malnourished children, and nearly 3 million in the American gulag. How much longer will Americans tolerate living in a “failed state”?


In this I agree. Several Iranian banks went bankrupt too, causing mainly small people to lose money as the smart money left earlier.


Mayebe because milions of Italians could go work in the north of Europe?

Hemisphere Samba

Stil waiting for America to get out of Syria, since ISIS is done and that’s the only reason we were there ;)


America wants to create trouble for Iran as Iran is the only hurdle to their goal in ME.

Stay tuned to more actions to come hitting Iran. Next will be their goal to sanction Iran through all kinds of action except fight Iran as they cannot defeat Iran for sure.

Hemisphere Samba

Sir, please don’t use “America”. “America” is not doing this. The regime that controls America is doing it.


Cut the crap. It IS America, because the regime is supported by the people or at least, totally unopposed by them which amounts to just the same.

Hemisphere Samba

No, Sir. The average American has about as much say in what this country does as a person in Uganda. Moroever, for the purposes of propaganda, we need identify the REGIME. If Iran has a regime, Syria has a regime, why does America NOT have a regime? Why does Israel not have a regime. IT’s a war of words.

Ivan Freely

BS. Regardless of what model of government is used, citizens do have a say. The difference is in the method / path used to have your voice heard.


Rhetorius, Ivan… If you are correct, what was the excuse in the Soviet Union under Stalin? Were the people happy with their situation? Were the people aware of the mass purges/gulags? Did the majority of the Russian people believe what they were told or did they know better? How many people approved/disapproved of the actions of the USSR, vis-a-vis eastern Europe(such as Hungary,1956) or even Russia proper? What path did the Russian people take to control their gov? Where were the mass demonstrations? Should the world assume that all Russians supported these actions, as there were no mass revolts? Was it the Russian people that confronted the oligarchs, or was it a cadre of people close to Putin and those he chose? While I do agree that the majority of Americans DO enable the criminals amongst us, we have the same situation as existed under Soviet gov…the media is fully controlled. The difference here being that they are much better at it (more believable world-wide network facade, RT is but a small crack, but getting bigger) and we have a fifth column corporate operation called AIPAC (our true masters) to keep our (and by extension, practically every, including Yeltsins,) gov in line, fully control most of business, all banking, all of public perception and they eliminate all opposition with ruination, heart attacks, suicides or auto accidents…they are enough to even make the old KGB blush. Yeah, there are blind ass Americans who believe every bone-headed line of shit they are fed, but they are by no means alone. EVERY nation has the same problems and I have yet to see any of them topple their govs either. When and where was the last time people rose up and installed a gov they wanted? The US biggest problem is our saviour complex…we are always falling for the ‘he’ll save us’ line of BS. We fucked up severely when we elected a ‘B’ actor and his rah-rah BS and the world has gone to
hell in a serious way since…and yes, we fell for every BS story we were told, because the truth was unfathomable and the lie so much easier to believe. We might actually get somewhere if there is a true grass roots awakening. Real change only truly happens from the ground up, not visa-versa…a lesson we have yet to learn. It’s hard to be humble, when you’re ‘exceptional’.


The USSR was NOT playing god and world policeman, invading countries all over the globe and maintaining hundreds of military bases there. You seem to forget this paramount distinction.

Michael Qiao

well, the USSR was shoving communism down everyone’s throats, they also invaded quite alot in Eastern Europe.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US had already been installing puppet regimes in those countries already back then but no one was paying attention. They were told everything was peaches and cream what they were doing removing Nazi leadership. Everything sounds and seems like propaganda when you look at it.

They were working on their framework for global domination back then and why NATO is so adamant about regime change which suits the business elite.

Michael Qiao

I know what they were and are spewing propaganda, why did they ridiculing holocaust truthers? Because that’s propaganda, why weren’t they letting people to properly investigate 9/11? Israel did it to blame it on the Arabs

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The photos of the 9/11 hijackers came from Ruder of all the Arab hair models that had been used since the 70’s ,80’s and 90’s in North America. The people who have always sought the truth have been ridiculed for time immemorial.

Kissinger believes the actions currently and previously will come to roost in Israel for the Jews there and he says their will be now surviving it there.


Decribe me just one USSR intervention that’s comparable to the US’s interventions from 1999 onward. Good luck.

Michael Qiao

Korean war, which is still ongoing. Not defending the US but maybe if the USSR had not been spreading its ideology through the world, everything would have been fine. But hey, US USSR, 2 sides of the same coin.


Of course. The same logic applies to the alleged Russian aggression of today, whereby the Russian border is just too close to all the NATO bases all around it!


Now you want to compare crimes? Lets start with the purges in Russia. How many died? For what reasons? How many demonstrated over them? How convenient that we have to start record keeping after 1999.


Nice try but I asked about FOREIGN interventions, you mention internal purges in the USSR, forgetting at the same time the way you slaughtered the Indians??? American really have no shame and the level of hypocrisy is way beyond comprehension,paired with the arrogance of thinking themselves exceptional. All of this is going to be the cause of your downfall, very soon.


The statement you made had zero to do about who is/was invading what. Your remark stated:”the regime is supported by the people or at least, totally unopposed by them which amounts to just the same.” That is a direct quote isn’t it? What the hell does that have to do with your last remark? I meant to show that the same argument applied to Russia and it’s citizens. As for your last remark, no, the USSR was not playing world policeman, they were playing overlord and master at the time, which you seem to forget…or is the entire 1956 event, Berlin blockade, Berlin wall, and the actions of the USSR throughout eastern Europe all a lie? What about Angola, Afghanistan? Where were the Russian citizen demonstrations against the gov actions back then? Why didn’t they stand up for the Hungarians? Where was the Russian peoples support for Poland in the 80s? For Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? Against gulags? Are we to also assume silence equaled consent back then? You don’t want to answer that because you know the answer and it damn sure doesn’t fit your mindset…which is that the US citizens are responsible for everything going on today, but back then the Russian citizens of the USSR were not. Your argument should go both ways and be applied equally. The truth is, in the US today, there ARE those that speak out often, there ARE demonstrations against our gov actions, even as the gov makes life hell for those that do. Did you watch what happened to those that demonstrated over the Dakota Access Pipeline? Did you see what they endured and what happened to them and the outcome? Hemisphere is right, we have nearly zero influence on our gov. Which was the same situation Russian citizens of the old USSR had. Your last remark is obfuscation and redirection and has nothing to do with the point in my post or yours. At least the vast majority of the commenters here that are from the US acknowledge our gangsters, what they are up to, know they can’t be trusted and admit it freely. I and others have admitted that there are Americans that are either stupid or drank the kool-ade. That’s a long way from being co-conspirators. The fact that we have no influence on our own government should be obvious…especially to those that have been there, done that.

Hemisphere Samba

Citizens have a say, but citizens are rare to come by.


We don’t have a regime because we have a perfect representative government…(hack, cough). Yes, it’s a war of words (perceptions) and they own the words(so to speak). I do have to disagree with you slightly. Yes, we have little to no influence on our gov…Israel is much more in control…but as this last farce (election) shows, the American people vote with absolutely no critical thinking whatsoever. Our choices were abysmal at best, but people did take sides, if for no other reason than to stick it to ‘the other side’. Look what we had to contend with: Trump; conman, career criminal, bigot, Killery; murderous sycophant and war criminal, Cruz… not even eligible, but that was ignored, Rick Goodhair, who drove Texas into the ground, who couldn’t remember 2 of 3 departments he would eliminate…need I go on? The day the people refuse to vote will be the day they know the jig is up…until then, we do deserve the gov we vote for. As for change during an administration? We’d have better luck making snow balls in hell.


Excuses, excuses, excuse which your forefathers would have never used against British oppression. They rebelled for freedom and against injustices.The difference between now and then is that your forefathers were ready to spill blood and sacrifice themselves in order to achieve their ends, while you today are just a bunch of self-centered pussies scared of being even scratched and lose even the smallest amount of your comfort. If you don’t do it, none else will and the price paid for inactivity will certainly be much higher than you would have ever paid in rebelling against your corrupt, bloodthirsty government. Freedom is never won without blood, you seem to have forgotten this basic precept. This lack of courage on the part of the Americans might cost them their very existence.

Hemisphere Samba

Back then, the wealthy white landownders were making the calls, and yes, their cause was selfish when looked at honestly. But today, with universal democracy, the crowds are manipulated and swayed by the MSM to assume certain opinion. Public opinion is directed and the stupid public believe they are free.


All in all, it’s not America doing this. It’s the democratically elected and taxpayer supported American Govt. doing this.

Hemisphere Samba

But democracy is a sham, and the people STILL don’t get to rule, only to be manipulated.


I guess there will come a time when most people will universally realize just how manipulated they really are everywhere, and things will (start to) change for the better. In the meantime we’ll just have to struggle harder every day for survival.


The elites spend billions in order to keep the population in ignorance, obedient and quiescent.


Yes, but the alternative ways of finding out the truth are there so no excuse again.

Daniel Castro

Not America, Murica, America starts in Mexico and go further south, above Mexico border you only have Murica, USA, or Zionislavestan, you pick.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is all for the Jewish-master-race.
That is why indigenous Europeans were conquered, for the Jew’s.comment image

Tommy Jensen

Same goes for whole Europe. We are all Zionists……………….LOL.
You were hoping Europeans would be human right defenders. You got everything wrong…………………….LOL.

Cheryl Brandon

1979; Iran 1 USA 0

Matt Lazarus

US regime’s goals in Middle East are in tatters. At this point, Trump, neocons, State Dept, CIA, Dept of Defense, Israelis, Saudis, are all bark and zero bite.


Iran government could arrange pro government counter protests in opposition areas. Government should have to be kind and avoid use of bullet or conflict. The foreign agents CIA, MI6 and Mossad may kill many from protesters in gun shooting and bomb explosions for which they will blame Iran government.

The security of these anti government protesters as well as counter protesters is Iran government responsibility. Government could provide tea, coffee and water to these protesters. It is good for government.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Again, Syria and Iraq, have been, and is, as we speak, Balkanized, period, they ( the North Atlantic Terror Org and ISISrael) archived that they wanted, and how can anyone say that the road map, where Witch Path to Persia is an part of the strategy of Full Spectrum Dominance, means only one thing, total world dominion, nothing, absolutely nothing else, and now, when Libya is gone, Yemen is gone, Syria is gone, Iraq is gone, whats left on that list, Sudan maybe, done, but Iran, and this happen.

Second, I dont bother, again as in Syria to even read what this groups are saying because they are foreign backed and this people traitors, period.
Sore-ass associates and NGOs, all backed by the west and Saudi-Barbarians, whom threatened Russia a year ago, with unleashing ISIS in Chechnya, remember anyone, huh, this also somehow slips thru it all, and so on.

To then drag Iranian Economy in to this, is, well, we may debate that, but this have nada to do with it, other than be an part of the “explanation” to this, uh……. demonstrations, this is the first phase, exactly like Syria, and I bet soon we will have an entire Gov. in “exile” ready to take over the Iranians land, because of, the present run up to justify this, with an various amount of side issues, to show how “bad” they are.
Aka feed bullshit from western backed “inside sources” and “exiled”.
The stench is already sipping up to the arctic zone, I can smell it even up here.

Yeah, interesting times indeed, isnt it.
And dont insult our intelligence with nonsense and side shows ( I am NOT attacking SF, but will just tip you, because I will not hesitate to use an sledge hammer) when we all know whats going on, this is an war against people of Iran, and it have just started, nobody is more hopelessly blinded than those that refuses to see and I dont believe an word coming out from whatever western MSM, not an single word coming from the UssAs, whatever incl our MSM, like the Waffle Queen Her self, nothing, get it, and now ISISrael is ramping up their aggression and will simply annex the west bank, in all this, its all been coordinated its an bloody theater, and somehow this slips a lot of the medias this days.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Everything is escalating, yeah, someone put the pedal to the metal, and I think they panicked, and kicked this into action.



Yesterday evening I was at the site of many footages (College cross and near Tehran University main entrance). It’s amusing how they are able to create a riot from the people who are in fact crossing the street and do nothing of that sort. I also asked a few bookshops and a Cafe’ I know in the vicinity just to be sure. They too said it’s business as usual.

Now that’s my own observation in Tehran only, but if nothing is happening in Tehran, I’m willing to bet that there’s nothing going on elsewhere. If you saw the streets in 2009 you’d understand what I say.
It certainly is NOT a colour revolution. In fact it’s nothing, there’s no continued protests.

I think in MSM they are blowing some protests (which did happen in Kermanshah and Mashhad, although in a very small scale) out of proportions to cast shadow on what is really going on in Palestine and Bahrain. Specially after Israelis accuse Iran of having a hand in Palestinians’ days of rage.

Funniest of them all are both MEK lunatics who believe they are the only viable alternative to the IR (they even have a president elect, elected(!) by 3000 members of the organization for 80millions of us) and unconscious monarchists who from time to time wake up to tell us how their hearts beat for Iran and how much they love us, if we let them rule Iran again. Both became active in the last days and even MEK had a 70-person “freedom” march in front of the white house.


Is this fake news:

“10 people have been killed amid nationwide protests in Iran – state TV”



So far I heard about two deaths in Dorood from the IRIB. They say one of the deaths is related to hijacking a fire engine (sent to extinguish Bank Melli’s fire) and hijacker(s) hitting a pedestrian in the process.

I heard the same news from the BBC, but so far nothing on domestic Iranian outlets. I couldn’t find the original news that Reuters refers to.

I’ll look a bit more in local news and will return to edit this reply if I find anything.


Without supporting evidence anything in the western msm is suspect. It’s an integral component of unnecessary war fabrication by the lying Jew media war mongers, profiteers and their collaborators.

Rakean Jaya

thank you Garga

Pave Way IV

Bahrain (with Saudi and Emirati help) killed dozens of pro-democracy protesters in the 2011 uprising. Hundreds more were detained and tortured. Their ‘constitutional monarchy’ allows military courts to try civilians – some recently sentenced to death. The US will not be regime-changing the pro-Saudi, Sunni monarchy there lording over the majority Shiite population. We already have CENTCOM’s personal anti-Iran navy – the USN 5th Fleet – stationed there. The current Bahrain monarchy’s regime is apparently lapdog enough for us.

I think everyone already knows what happens to pro-democracy protesters in Saudi Arabia. You’ll never hear the US government cheering for any regime-change there.


Very sick indeed!


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Concrete Mike

Yeah 10-4 there, dance puppets dance

Matt Lazarus

Time for regime change in Saudi Arabia!


comment image
comment image

Israel army court charged the Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting soldiers

This brave Palestinian girl is now in the hands of US sponsored pro-Trump foreign terrorists. She is so brave that she should have to be the prime minister of Palestine.

This girl is a true Muslim that is why she is now in trouble by atheist that call themselves true Jewish. I call them trash. How Israel interfere in other countries and bombing them. Can any Muslim leader now have the guts to save her from these foreign terrorists that have occupied their home land? Yes but there is no money.


She looks kinda ashkenazi


now really?palestinian girl?blond hair, white skin?

Syrian Teenager

There are Palestinians who look like that, quite a few actually. They’re Levantine. Most Levantines are just culturally Arabs, not racially. Palestine’s been invaded and inhabited by many different peoples. I myself am Syrian, and my mother is pale white with freckles and was born with ginger hair. I have Palestinian friends with blue eyes, white skin and blond hair. The Levantines do not look like typical Arabs, we’re our own kind of people.


didnt know that….thanks for the info


Trump intelligent agencies themselves creating terrorist organisations in foreign countries, topple governments, arranging protests, uselessly bothering nations. World nations are now waking up slowly. Awareness is now growing up in nations. This a matter of time. Nations pass through Exams. Trump administration cannot fool nations any more. That era has gone. This is not 1970. This is 2018.


Thank you for reporting from the ground. People on the ground are one of the best conveyors of good information.


The “ground”… you mean the ice covered ground of Novorsibirsk… and you’re either his neighbour or the same person (who seriously needs to get a life!).

Cheryl Brandon

They must stop copy and pasting rent a riots squads!


Maybe some one gave them a few Sochi and conned them in believing that by protesting they could get some local money.. LoL, all they will be getting is tracked and spied on every here they go. The real perps will be found and then found in a car wreck..


You were in Tehran, right. Sitting with your iPad in Gorky Park doesn’t qualify as Tehran, mate.


Oh, nyet! Yobannoe dno!
Vhy blovn my secret, tovarishch Astaris? Vy hui s gory!
vot do I do nov? tovarishch Putin vill not pay me nov.

Vhy you had to shov your zlovonnyy noz in my biznes?

Yebat kopat! Yu made me look like a yebanko, idiota kusok. Are yu khappy nov?

Nu naher! I khav to throv muy planshetnik nov. Pizda rulyu!

John Whitehot

300 demonstrators?
50 demonstrators?


andy l

I disagree with the articles contention that there has hardly been any economic growth in Iran. Heres what the IMF said in its World Economic Outlook – Iran growth is projected at 3.3% for 2017, which will rise to 4.3% in 2018. The fund put the country’s growth for 2016 at 6.5% These stats are higher than most western countries & the US which was stuck around 3% for Obamas entire two terms. Yes there are genuine grievences amongst the population but we have seen the same playbook in action time & time again – protests being hijacked by violent elements. I seriously doubt that millions of iranians are ready to overthrow their government like in 79.

Tudor Miron

Thanks for your input.

Cheryl Brandon

I do not know what U$A/Israhell playing at? Their playbook about ” renting a mob” to somehow “force the overthrow of the government in Iran is not going to work>They learnt well from Syria’s similar kick of riots? Iran is unto the rats Mossad/CIA and MI5


Let me repeat what I have so often: As long as Israel exists there will never be PEACE in the Middle East.

“Israel” , that FAKE entity, occupying Palestinian land, created by Zionist Ashkenazi Europeans, must have the SLAVERY of ALL and the DESTRUCTION of those who resist in order to claim itself as the only PURE RACE.They are the TRUE “NAZIS”

SCOTT BENNETT thinks Russia is too “soft” on U.S. / Israel and as a result could CAUSE a
SERIOUS WAR, rather than prevent one : https://youtu.be/8lrf0W89PJA

Ironically. Jews are NOT a Race and those from Europe, especially, are not even Semitic and have no NATURAL RIGHT in the Middle East

Those same, have been REMOVED or BANNED from over 109 lands and it is obvious WHY !

Brother Nathanael, a FORMER Jew, is a truly, HONEST and Humanitarian man so
check some of his hundreds of Videos telling the TRUTH about JEWS:https://www.youtube.com/user/zion


Do you have a link for this claim:

“There are 200 or more DUAL CITIZEN (Israeli Americans) in Congress)”

In 2017 there were 30 Jews in the US Congress and Senate:
comment image



Here you go, the total population of Jewish community in USA is 1.9% in which 1.5% are atheist and say we don’t believe in any sort of religion. So 0.4% left and still 20% of them control key rolls in the government cabinet by lie and by fraud.


This is the newest list i could find…https://govbanknotes.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/us-senators-and-us-representatives-that-are-israel-dual-citizens/
According to this, there are 40 DC in US gov. This of course does not include the criminals, like Tom Cotton, who plain and simple sold themselves outright, no DC necessary. This is a list of US/Israeli Dual-Citizenship holders, not Jews.


Ah, RichardD I see the Zionist Psychopath lives….Still trying to TROLL me,huh?

I guess you will never learn. NO Zionist is smarter than I am: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/dualcitizensobamaadmin23aug12.shtml

Since I know your GAME Rickie, I shall not answer you further. I have done my job. Any more smart-ass pretend interests from you, to me, shall only be to your compute screen

Do your own homework


My game is truth, your game as I, and you’ve just illustrated, is lies and false accusations. Copy and paste something that I’ve written that you think shows that I’m a “Zionist Psychopath”. And explain how it shows that. You’re a weirdo and a head case.


Who is asking for goverment shift becuase of the poverty in USA? the phantom cities like Detroit? Noboy rigth? This is not abouth right or wrong, is about business. I hope the Iranian be different to most the arabs, and keep united against their enemy, not divided as has been the countries for decades.


Here’s a clue for the clueless. How many citizens in each nation hate Merkel, Marcon, May or Trump? Getting on for 50%. That’s how modern two (feasible) party democracies work.

So, for 4-6 years, a foreign actor could infiltrate one of these nations, and stir up the passions of the part of the population not currently represented in parliament by the ruling party. SIMPLE MATHS.

In Empire Nations, such an act by a foreign power is an ACT OF WAR- which is why it doesn’t happen (to any significant degree). If Iran, for instance, acted as a paid agitator of democrats in the USA to protest Trump, the USA would consider that Iran had declared war on the USA- and international law would agree.

So the protests in Iran are simply the act of the CIA and MI6 recruiting local anti-government leaders and paying them to stir up trouble- the self-same trouble one could stir up in ANY current nation on Earth- and Iran lacks the Empire clout to call out the CIA and MI6 properly.

Iran needs a friend like Russia, but Russia is the worst friend in the world, unless your name is Israel or Saudi Arabia. So Putin sits on his hands while the Deep State makes hay in Iran.

But Iran ain’t stupid. It allows the protests to get a little out of hand so the general population loses sympathy with the protests. And it allows the ringleaders to expose themselves so they can be rounded up and ‘squeezed’ to discover the network activity of the CIA and MI6. But the West knows this.

Instead the Deep State wants the protests in Iran to be CONVINCERS for thickie Trump- to persuade thickie Trump there is a genuine large people-power movement in Iran that wants radical change. To help persuade Trump to greenlight the War on Iran.

Remember how Tony Blair sold the Iraq war and Libyan war. With the lie that the people of each nation would greet the invaders with flowers, calling them ‘liberators’?

Thickie Trump wants the N Korea war, cos he’s too thick to get that N Korea is a USA invention, designed to keep Korea split, cos that’s what Japan wants. The Deep State ain’t attacking their own asset- indeed the Deep State has assisted N Korea to advance its nuclear program so that an ‘excuse’ exists to leave N Korea alone.

The Deep State wants war on Iran- and the Deep State is going to get war on Iran. Only Putin could stop them, and he most certainly won’t. Trump is going to be, like Reagan was, very compliant in the next year, with regard to wars/military action the Deep State wants.

chris chuba

The protests will be used as a cover for Trump to renege on the JCPOA and attempt to fully reimpose sanctions on Iran which includes the EU.

He will play the ‘human rights’ violin to the EU and be sold on the idea that Iran is on the verge of toppling. So even if these protests have 5 people, mission accomplished. Whether Trump is a puppet master or a stooge, that I don’t know.


The only thing Trump is a master at is embarrassing the US with his stupid tweets from a twit.


Trump words: The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years. They are hungry for food & for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted. TIME FOR CHANGE!

Well you sadistic Trump since when you start to care for Iranian People, since 3 days ago, since protest started by your CIA proxy and Mossad Proxies, you have been sanctioned Iran for Decades, so when you were adding those Sanctions did you ever those Administrations of the US were thinking how will that impact on the Iranian people you fuck. Of course not only now you scramble trough the shit. But mr trump remember Syria asked for Help from Russia. But Iran is with Russia as always, and Iran is not either Libya,Somalia,Syria or Iraq etc. If you start your proxy war there, that will be the end for you, the US regime will fall, I dare you to start war in Iran or North Korea, so then you can see Iran, Russia,China,Syria and Iraq and more how will they come after your army across those countries and you.Meh the US regime needs to stop liking the ass of the 5 million Zionists, state that is smaller than 20,000Km2..And Has Rogue regime only to kill Muslims.As for the protest they will be shot down soon or later, Iranian gov., will find you spies in the crowds the ones that made this, the Wahhabi Sunni from Saudi Arabia via CIA and Mossad,motherfuckers.

Hide Behind

We indeed live in a very interconnected world, a world that is not really changing as to Liberty and Freedoms for all, in fact the resistance to change, rather those of the resistance, are replacing small authoritarian religions, governments, and subduing minorities into conformity, order.
One cannot fully trust internet , nor internet personalities, it is owned and a part of every, even PODUNK tech States, intelligence agencies, eyes and ears must beware of jumping to conclusions.
Let us remember, the youth revolted against the Shah citing freedom etc, but had no more than chaos as a tactic, lacking good leadership or abilities to govern, they exchanged for, at that time what seemed a less oppressive for the old style of oppression.

Religions are oppressive and depend upon a top down power structure, and no your Greco/Roman/ Brit/ US derived brands of democracy do not vary from top down formula, a religion of The State.
ince 1950’s there has been no other form of political expression than that of religious clergy, so where other than outside of Iran are the intellectuals of that nat ion hiding? WITHIN THE EDUCATIONAL, STATE DEPTS. And talking head circuits, all income derived through National Intell baby pablums, Fed until such a day they can be more fully utilized to undermine popular will into accepting control by their paymasters.
Gonna get interesting, as majority of Iranian educated do not look upon US and Euros as bad guys, what they want is the wage scale and better access, lifestyles of bling, emulation of imagination.
If the oligarchs will drop more bones from their tables , the cuts beneath will still be quarelsome, but against each other as they fight for scraps.



There is plan done by Israel-USA under way to destroy IRAN, let us see what IRAN-RUSSIA reaction will be about this. Just remember that after Iran destruction, Russia is the next.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Saudileaks 29: Docs Unveil Riyadh’s Intention to Strike at Iran’s National Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- The documents released by the Yemen Cyber Army after it hacked the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May showed that former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in a letter to Chief of the Royal Court Khalid al-Tuwaijri has proposed adoption of a plan to harm Iran’s national security.
The Saudi Foreign Ministry was hacked by the Yemen Cyber Army in May, and a copy of its information was sent to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

In the letter, Faisal mentions an article in a Persian-language daily, Keyhan, that has covered the Saudi rulers’ cruelty against its population and the existence of several torture and interrogation centers in Saudi Arabia.

Then the former minister proposes different means and methods to stir unrest in Iran with the help of opposition forces, social media, newspapers, magazines and websites.

The former Saudi foreign minister says he has received a letter from the Saudi embassy in Tehran that has offered 7 ways to foment unrest in Iran and damage the country’s national security.

The 7 ways are as follows:

1. Launching propaganda campaign on events happening in Iran,
2. Shifting media focus on Iran’s role in Arab states,
3. Establishing TV channels, in addition to the present Saudi media outlets, and inviting experts for negative campaign against Iran,
4. Setting up Persian-language analysis and news networks,
5. Using Salafi TV and Radio networks and sending religious missionaries to Iran,
6. Preparing and briefing Saudi pilgrims on how to influence Iranians,
7. Receiving aid from Iranian dissidents to gain intelligence from inside Iran and using them to fight against Iran’s political system and movements in the region.

At the end of the letter, Faisal writes that proposal number five is not possible at present, given Iran’s high intelligence superiority over its internal affairs.

He also says that with regard to proposal number 6, care should be taken in order not to inspire anyone with the idea that the Hajj rituals are turning political.

And on using Iranian dissidents, he says, the Saudi spy agency should decide.

Late in May, the Yemen Cyber Army released a portion of the information and documents that it had gained in its recent cyber attack on Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries.

The Yemen Cyber Army announced that it has hacked the website, servers and archives of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense ministries and would release thousands of these top secret documents.

The group claimed that it “has gained access to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) network and have full control over more than 3000 computers and servers, and thousands of users. We also have access to the emails, personal and secret information of hundreds of thousands of their staff and diplomats in different missions around the world”.

The hackers’ statement, which said the cyber army has also attacked the Saudi Interior and Defense ministries and vowed to release their details later, was carried by several globally known hackers websites.

Following the hack in May, the Yemen Cyber Army sent a copy of its information to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

“WikiLeaks released over 60,000 documents on Friday and vowed to release the rest in coming weeks, but we plan to release the documents in separate news items since many of them contain the names of foreign nationals who have demanded visit to Saudi Arabia, for example for Hajj pilgrimage, and their names have been mentioned among the Saudi agents. Thus releasing the list of names and documents might hurt innocent individuals who have done nothing, but applied for visa at a Saudi embassy for doing Hajj pilgrimage,” FNA English Editor-in-Chief Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm said.

“The number of the documents is way beyond the 500,000 that has been announced by WikiLeaks, but they need to be checked first to make sure that they do not contain misleading information and are not harmful to innocent people,” he added.


Langaniso Mhlobo

CIA and M16 of America and Israel plus GCC sunni puppets are creating another unrest.Get fat fuck Trumps army out of Iraq and Iran.Russia and China must revoked all sanctions that their have supported for USA against North Korea and Iran.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Iran must close all foreign media outlets and journalist.No more internet call immediately star of emergency over entire country.Puppets are busy like in Syria for must defection and state strategy bases and institution sabotage.Al Tanaf USA train terrorist are mobilised to infiltrate Iran under the cover of protest.All Russian partners USA terrorist breading bases must be attack.No body likes USA everybody wants a slightest opportunity to attack them.


Your people will be manipulated only if you have a soft spot. Surely some protestors are evil-intended. Surely some of them just had it with the economic stuation Iran is in. And perhaps women(whom are amoung protestors with high numbers) just want more rights and freedom.

My point is, if things in an economic, human rights, equality and social sense were okay, this would not happen.

I want to say something about Turkey. PKK, the terorist organisation we are fighting, knows that they can never, ever achieve something in Turkey by military means. US knows this too but then why do they support PKK?

Turkey, in its operations against PKK wasted around 400 billion dollars. Can you imagine that? 400 freakin’ billion dollars that could be invested to ANYTHING. Pof. Gone.

Same goes for Iran. Unlike Turkey, Iran is under a heavy economic ambargo. Yet Iran, in a couple of years, extended its operation. From just Lebanon to Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Now the country is in a quagmire. Either Iran will keep its supports for its paramilitaries in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and face its consequences economically, thus socially and thus politically back at home or it will stop the operations in Iraq, Yemen and Syria(just support Hezbollah in Lebanon) and lose significant geostrategic values. It’s literally a lose-lose stuation.

Same goes for Turkey. Stop the operations against PKK; you have car bombs blowing your people up and a collapsing tourism economy. Keep the operations going and you have a ever growing expense, by which at this point as i mentioned before is around 400 billion dollars.

Pretty smart tactic from US, imo.

Solomon Krupacek

Iran was a dynamite barrel. After persian shah the people wanted freedom, not islamic fundamentalism. The war with iraq covered the problems. Now grew up new generetion, which waqnt finish with ayatollahs rule. Reza pahlavi was excommunicated after 35 years, now again, after 35 years must go ayatollahs. this is iranian cycle. zarathustras wheel.
i know lot of iranians. most of them drink also alcohol, wear normal suite, women also short skirts. absolutely normal people. they don want terror fo priests, mullahs. iran is brutal, bloody dictatorship, where every step of people is controlled by religion police. garga and other paid liars can write what they want, but the reality is, most of iranians want secular state. vivat revolution, kill ayatollahs!

Manuel Flores Escobar

Some of the protest people want to live in EU with the EU taxpayers aids…so the dynamite barrel is the EU!


I tend to agree with the report that the claims and desires of the protestors are reasonable.

I tend to disregard his seeming obsession with western involvement.

The demonstration seems to originate from lower income people, women, in smaller cities and outside of the existing opposition and reformers.

Many of the lower income people do see their living standards going down, they do see widespread corruption, often centered around IRGC members (dominant in the Iranian economy) and religious leaders who are both corrupt and conservative autocrats.

Violence started after police and IRGC units started to attack protestors, there are many video’s proving this.

So called pundits, both in the west and from among Iranian opposition sources were surprised by the events. Government too, which resulted in a delay in the response.


You like to ignore the Jew cause of these problems:
comment image?w=477

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