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JUNE 2023

Hampered By Army Pressure & Scarce Resources, ISIS Cells In Central Syria Turn Into Sheep Thieves (Video)

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Hampered By Army Pressure & Scarce Resources, ISIS Cells In Central Syria Turn Into Sheep Thieves (Video)

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Pressure from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and a shortage in resources have apparently forced ISIS cells in Syria’s central region to turn into sheep thieves.

On March 2, the terrorists attacked a group of shepherds near the town of Rahjan in the eastern countryside of Hama. According to a number of Syrian sources, the terrorists were eyeing a herd of over 400 sheep.

ISIS terrorists opened fire at the shepherds, killing two and wounding three others. The terrorists also killed 60 sheeps, before fleeing the scene with the rest of the herd.

Local fighters from the pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF) reached the crime scene only when the attack was over. The wounded shepherds were taken to a nearby hospital.

This was not the first such attack by ISIS. In the last few years, similar attacks on shepherds were reported in southern Raqqa countryside as well as in the western and western Deir Ezzor countryside. The terrorist group’s cells in western Iraq are also known for assaulting shepherds.

The SAA, the NDF and other pro-government factions, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, inflicted heavy losses on ISIS cells in the central region over the last two months.

ISIS cells in the central region are getting more and more desperate as a result of their heave losses and a shortage of resources caused by military pressure and the harsh weather.


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Just Me

What a surprise, they are habitual sheep shaggers anyway. I am sure they are merely collecting 72 virgin sheep.

Clarence Spangle

ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF


Arthur Deodat Jr.

Dead sheep tells no tale…


This is done by Iranian militias not Islamic state

J Ramirez


Clarence Spangle

ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF

Concrete Mike

Liar, iran is there to help syrians, we western folk are there to cockblock peace You wanna be a cockblocker? I sure dont.

Ashok Varma

Not likely. Lies are not welcome.

johnny rotten

Add to the fact that the Americans and their Kurdish minions burn crops or steal them to starve the population, the Yankee + Isis + Kurdish trio is an evil trio that has nothing to envy to the worst Nazi criminals.

Clarence Spangle

ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF IMF = Israeli Military Fund https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cbd6f42d9e179f08b921694b7dc5016a68ccdf5b1260df9566c35878ae5ad455.jpg

Rafik Chauhan

this is just a dream of zionist scum. ressitance will never allow this.

Clarence Spangle

ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF

Clarence Spangle

IMF = Israeli Military Fund


Clarence Spangle


klove and light

spot on!!!!

Zulubal Andre

one stole the sheep the other the shepherd…

cechas vodobenikov

these sexual perverts should leave the sheep in peace; I suspect they cannot find any attractive goats with red nail polish

Assad must stay

hahahahahaah its only gonna get worse daeshbags, better to simply quit and surrender now if you know whats good for you!

John Wallace

Well after all those ISIS martyrs @ 22 goats each no wonder there are no goats left and they have turned to sheep for comfort. What was the matter with the sheep they killed . Too ugly or no teeth or what.

William D

I’m surprised they are getting caught, they were all sheep thieves before ISIS


Captagon rage.

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