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Hamas: US Decision Over Jerusalem Issue “Opens The Gates Of Hell”

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Hamas: US Decision Over Jerusalem Issue "Opens The Gates Of Hell"

Hamas members. FILE IMAGE: AP

On December 6, Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas denounced in a televised speech a decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He stressed that Jerusalem is the “eternal” capital of the Palestinian state.

“The decision by President Trump will not change the reality of the city of Jerusalem and will not give any legitimacy to the Israelis on this issue,” said Abbas during his speech.

The Palestine president also said that the US can no longer be a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and stressed that the Trump’s decision is against all the international laws and agreements. Moreover, Abbas revealed that all Palestinian factions will meet in the upcoming days to discuss Trump’s decision and to show the unity of in the face of this situation.

Abba’s speech was described by many Arab analysts as “weak” and even shameful as the Palestinian president didn’t announce any measures against Trump’s decision. Many Palestinian activists had hoped that Abbas would at least freeze the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as a form of protest. However, it appears that the Palestinian president was not so triggered by Trump’s decision.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Palestinian Hamas Movement warned that Trump’s decision as well as the intent to move the US embassy to Jerusalem “opens the gates of hell” on the US interests in the region.

“Trump’s decision on Jerusalem will not succeed in changing the fact that Jerusalem is an Arab Muslim land,” a Hamas Movement spokesman said from Gaza Strip after Trump’s announcement.

The movement also called on Palestinians to protest in a “day of rage” on December 8. Palestinian activists believe that the coming days will witness violent protests all over Gaza Strip and the Western Bank, as the Palestinian streets are boiling after Trump’s decision.

If Israeli security forces respond to the Palestinian protestors with a violent crackdown, the situation in Israel could quickly escalate. A military escalation between Israel and the Hamas movement in Gaza Strip is also highly possible.

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Ivan Freely

Open the gates of hell? I doubt it. I’m just being a realist, so don’t get mad at me.

Leonard B.

Well, it will in my time zone: in response to a US decision about IL a lot of these sunni wackos will spread terror in Europe. Pretty logical, huh?!


It’s important to recall that the best help for Israell expansion is war. Also, don’t fall in the same trick as with Al Qaeda, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood, that have been all supported by western countries. Even if it sounds incredible, Hamas was created by MOSSAD, in order to weaken Yasser Arafat PLO, or Palestinian Authority nowadays. Palestinian must find something smarter that war or violence to resist Zionists.

Gabriel Hollows


Olayinka Abdulgafar

If I may ask what do you think is better and smarter than armed resistance that the Palestinians can use to counter Israel open aggression? What kept Israel out of Lebanon other than Hezbollah armed resistance? Or probably you are from another plant. Let me sum up my view like this: it’s either your statement is borne out of sheer ignorance or attempt to hide your zionist hasbara. Either way you failed big time.


Non violent protests are superior, study Ghandi, Martin Luther King and many others. Violence creates violence, it is an endless circle of stupidity

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Thanks but no thanks. Read the history of Palestine the Zionist are not the first occupier, many have occupied Palestine even for more than a century but were later ejected through armed resistance by the indigenous. Don’t worry as the Palestinians preferred their time tested approach, for your information rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel this evening the uprising has already began.


Indigenous does not exist in the ME for a long time. It has been a crossroad for hundreds or mayebe thousands of civilisations in the last 100.000 years


Thank you for your comment. In the case of lebanon war in 2006, it’s completely different: it was indeed the duty of Hezbollah to defend Lebanon, and to resist Israel. My statement lean on study about Israel-Palestine history: Palestinian are not strong enough to fight Zionist entity and army. The result has often been mass arrests, houses demolitions, civilian casualities. This is the reality I think you don’t understand because not having been confronted with. That’s why Palestinian should defend another way. For example in diplomacy, business, finance, partnership with foreign schools or companies, etc…

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Thanks for your reply. My question goes thus:which country do you want Palestine to engage in business with while Israel control all borders that leads to and from the bantustan that’s left to the Palestinians? Now let’s get to the eye opener, why as Israel been unsuccessful in taking over Gaza or subdue it? Simply because the last time they tried Hamas gave them a bloody nose and they had to quickly withdraw their ground troops and rely on aircraft bombing which as we know doesn’t win war leads to war crimes. Now for your information the Gaza resistance groups are better armed than the last war, which is the sole reason in spite of the blockade lasting over a decade Israel still can’t take Gaza. Dignity takes precedence over stomach, as the Europeans are now finding out through the speech of the German foreign minister. Please take time to read that speech and see how he know view Russia, Turkey and Iran with a envious admiration because the three are doing what the Europeans can only dream of; defying the empire. The Palestinians are proud people with proud history, many have occupied their land sometimes for more than a century in the past but later had to leave because of the resistance of the indigenous. Thanks for your advice but I think the Palestinians prefer to stick to a tested and trusted approach of the past which though will take time but will eventually work. For your information rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza this evening, the uprising has already begun.


We now see some Iranian backed militia who are threatening to attack US forces in Iraq.

The US decision to locate their embassy to Jerusalem now makes more sense if we consider the US declaration that any attacks on US ‘interests’ by Iranian linked groups will be the responsibility of Iran.

The US are of course engineering a faux Casus Belli.

Ivan Freely

Or the embassy decision was about this: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/UN-disavows-Israeli-ties-to-Jerusalem-515730


“The president has said that he has given serious consideration to the matter,”

Trump again is following orders from the advocates of the NWO project.


It’s over. Saudi Arabia is OK. USA is OK. Europe is OK. Russia is OK.

Palestinians don’t have the right to talk about their own country. Palestinians are being betrayed by most countries in the world.

You see than humans are garbage. Humans have no dignity.


Well, why don’t Palestines ask for East part of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine ? That would be very nice,many nations would support that inmediately now.

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