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Hamas Releases Footage Of Israeli Forces Taken By New Reconnaissance Drone

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Hamas Releases Footage Of Israeli Forces Taken By New Reconnaissance Drone

The Shehab suicid drone, Click to see full-size image.

On May 19, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, released aerial footage which were taken by its new reconnaissance drone.

The footage shows Israeli military posts, fortifications, equipment, as well as two Mirkava-type battle tanks situated in the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian group said that the footage was taken on May 18.

The footage was recorded by a new reconnaissance drone dubbed “Al Zouari”. The drone was named after Mohamed Zouari, a Tunisian Aerospace engineer and the mastermind behind al-Qassam drone program.

Zouari was the developer of the Ababeel1, the first reconnaissance armed drone to be made in Gaza by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The engineer was assassinated on December 15, 2016 in Tunisia’s Sfax when he was shot dead in a drive-by shooting operation generally attributed to the Israeli Mossad.

Hamas drone program continued to grow after the assassination of Zouari. Last week, the group unveiled a suicide drone dubbed “Shehab”. The drone was used in several attacks on Israeli targets, including a naval gas platform and a chemical plant.

Despite a tight siege and repeated military operations, Israel failed to prevent Hamas from obtaining drone technology. Iran is reportedly backing the group’s drone program.


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Putin Fartsmeller

It’s the AngloZionists’ fault. They not harsh like dear leader Putin, who only allows 5 or 6 ISraeli airstrikes on Syria a week. AngloZionist diplomacy is a failure and we should borrow them FM Lavrov for a few weeks to fix this horrible issue.


nun-of u and furbutt=same CIA brain erosion from meth and LSD


So Hamas can fly this drone to take pictures but when they fly a drone with explosives it gets shot out of the sky? Something fishy going on here..

Iron Dud

Iron Dung is obviously useless against drones.


Shit-400 is better.


Bibi’s shit is the best.

jens holm

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The freeing of Palestine will have a Ripple effect around the world…it will also crumble the dollar ( look for the western elite to give another go at war ) and introduce a more meaningful, intellectual, technological enlightenment that will bring peace.

Israelis aren’t the evil, its the concept…and how its been used. Credit to; Iran, Russia, China

Thank you, all that have perished. Rest in peace knowing it is not vain. 🇸🇾 SYRIA…🇮🇶 IRAQ…🇵🇸 PALESTINE Peace unto you brothers, may God rest you in Heaven.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pork

freeing of palestine? you stupid little crow.

John J rambo

Eat shit and die braindead zio-troll, you and your entire sub animal family, plus Blinken, Biden, Bibi, curse on you all and your rotten souls. Eat shit in your coffin and eat shit from Lucifers rectum in hell . Free Palestine, IsraHell to Hell !

John J rambo

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concrete mike

We have had enough of racist supremacist people like you. Its either cooperate or die.

You choose.


Una de las señales de la última Venida de Dios y del Juicio que seguirá al fin del mundo es la conversión de Israel, que será la postrer conversión del mundo a Dios. ¿Por qué ellos los últimos, cuando fueron los primeros en ser pueblo de Dios? Por Decreto Eterno y por decreto humano. Y no os parezca injusto el Decreto Eterno: Ellos que eran ya los primeros – o mejor aún: los únicos – en el conocimiento de las Verdades sobrenaturales, debieron haber sido los primerísimos en el nuevo pueblo de Dios: el pueblo de los cristianos; lo mismo que Adán y su mujer debieron haber sido los primerísimos del pueblo Celestial. Mas la falta de buena voluntad hizo de los primeros los últimos. Y como se dice en la Escritura de Enoc y Elías que fueron arrebatados, en vida, por Dios fuera del mundo y llevados a otro mundo mejor para retornar, en el momento oportuno, a predicar penitencia y combatir al Anticristo cuando el mundo se halle convertido en una Babilonia y en un Anticristo – y ello por su justicia extraordinaria – otro tanto se dice en la Escritura: que Israel, a causa de sus pecados, será reprobado por Dios y que, de primero, vendrá a ser el último que entre en el Reino de Cristo.


Time to hit Dimona… Let their god sort it out. Once the Iraqi faction begins launching missiles into Israel, and Syria joins in, Israel won’t be singing the same tune. If they decide to launch nukes in desperation, Israel will be a smoldering hole, and the Netanyahu experiment will be a catastrophic failure, as it was always going to be. You can’t hire Bain & Company employees and expect anything other than pillage and abject failure!

Last edited 1 year ago by VirgoAtheist

@Tzatz & @IronZion – Where’s Tzatz and Iron Zion? Is it true they’re hiding in a Montreal Basement – someone aught to tell them Hamas won’t reach Canada till early 2030


Cheap drone proliferation is remarkable ongoing process – this video basically shows Hamas grid searching the localized surrounding areas and locating serious IDF hardware. Sure, Hamas operations are very basic, and they will certainly lose plenty more drones to the far more advanced IIDF EW suites. But crude as it is, they are, by trial and error, developing a (very) localized reconnaissance air capacity, and actually locating IDF assets. The next logical step in process would be to develop a simple combined air arm – primary reconnaissance drones, and secondary attack drones, with loiter and ‘suicide-strike’ capability. Such developments may well prove a more formidable (ie targeted) future threat to IDF targets – than volleys of unguided, steel tube and powder, rockets.

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