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JUNE 2021

Hamas Releases Footage Of Israeli Forces Taken By New Reconnaissance Drone

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Hamas Releases Footage Of Israeli Forces Taken By New Reconnaissance Drone

The Shehab suicid drone, Click to see full-size image.

On May 19, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, released aerial footage which were taken by its new reconnaissance drone.

The footage shows Israeli military posts, fortifications, equipment, as well as two Mirkava-type battle tanks situated in the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian group said that the footage was taken on May 18.

The footage was recorded by a new reconnaissance drone dubbed “Al Zouari”. The drone was named after Mohamed Zouari, a Tunisian Aerospace engineer and the mastermind behind al-Qassam drone program.

Zouari was the developer of the Ababeel1, the first reconnaissance armed drone to be made in Gaza by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The engineer was assassinated on December 15, 2016 in Tunisia’s Sfax when he was shot dead in a drive-by shooting operation generally attributed to the Israeli Mossad.

Hamas drone program continued to grow after the assassination of Zouari. Last week, the group unveiled a suicide drone dubbed “Shehab”. The drone was used in several attacks on Israeli targets, including a naval gas platform and a chemical plant.

Despite a tight siege and repeated military operations, Israel failed to prevent Hamas from obtaining drone technology. Iran is reportedly backing the group’s drone program.


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John J rambo

Hamas will have to obey, it’s a one-sided brawl which world barely watch.Israel can only fill the gaza’s air with ten thousand decibels of sonic wave barrages.

Putin Fartsmeller

It’s because AngloZionist diplomacy has been a failure at negotiating president Putin’s proposal for a 2-state solution, they’re non-agreement capable.

That’s why we have to sign Nordstream33 before the AngloZionist interfere.

John J rambo

2 state solution proposed by another countries long time ago as well which is righfull decision.
Russia’s Israel-Palestine gambit is all about status. Russia wants to show that it can transfer its diplomacy in Syria elsewhere in the Middle East. A win for Russia would be a restoration of the Middle East Quartet, which gives Russia parity with the US, EU and UN.

The 1991 Madrid Talks are a key reference point.Some Russian analysts took partial credit for Israel’s normalization with the UAE and Bahrain, as the Soviet Union facilitated Arab-Israeli dialogue in Madrid

By engaging in the current conflict, Putin can one-up Gorbachev.Russia is better at local diplomacy than grand bargains and Palestine is no exception.

Russia will talk about Israel-Palestine talks but a more realistic prize is intra-Palestinian dialogue, where Russia can shuttle between Hamas, Fatah and other factions.
Russia’s “friends with everyone, alliances with none” approach to Middle East diplomacy and domestic divisions prevent it from taking sides.

Putin has a close relationship with Netanyahu, but the Russian foreign and security policy establishment is much more pro-Palestinian.

Arch Bungle

2-state solution is dead in the water.

Only a complete imbecile thinks 2-states will work.

There is only one solution – the one-state solution.

Logic alone will tell your 2 state solution is functionally and architecturally broken.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
John J rambo

Lets be realistic-the one state solution is a dream.There is no way to fire jews from middle-east unless you are not offering any marvel-dc scenarios.


fire will make sure that they will be gone and this will happen its just a matter of time and until now we are still in week 2 so maybe come back in month 5 and talk again

Arch Bungle

Interesting idea:

The RoV vehicles loaded with explosives should be able to take out all ‘israel’s gas platforms and warships in the mediterranean sea.

Arch Bungle

If the one state solution is a dream then the 2 state solution is a fantasy.

As for ‘firing the jews from the middle east’, they have been booted out of dozens of countries over and over again – so it’s definitely “a thing”.

White colonists are regularly kicked out of native lands, there’s nothing impossible about it.

‘israel’ getting slammed all over the place:



It’s only a matter of time before the Israelis lose the Boomer generation in the USA. The GenX support them much less.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Probably irrelavant now as this is a war of Liberation of Palestine. peace process is finished ,.
Assume USA, the anti Christ, support right to the end of the zionist disaster

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

many will leave after a few months of war, when they have no gas, no petrol, no electricity and no running water, with missiles and living in shelters everyday .
The zionists occupation population is weak and scared and most have dual passports to USA , Europe, Russia, these will leave and only the crazy jewish cult types will stay and die or eventually surrender.
It is a 1 state solution with Palestine for Palestinians. Liberation is close, Glory to God. The Arab Jews (Misrahi) will be offered passage back to their native lands of morrocco and Iraq
It is likely that the Palestinians will be generous in victory and offer some Jews to remain, but probably occupied Palestine and surrounding states will be destoyed in this war and all will need a decade of reconstruction.


Due to current population demographics – of Israeli Jews, and Arabs in occupied territories – a one state solution, that obviously seeks to maintain a Jewish citizen political state, will lead to only two possible results – either the major scale ethic cleansing of Arabs, and/or, a formally acknowledged Apartheid state of politically prioritized Jewish citizens and politically repressed Arab non-citizens. Neither has historically been a very good look, and full scale pariah status invariably follows.


ONE State solution – 100% Palestinian state.White Khazar Ghetto trash to ALL go home to European Ghettos.
Nasrallah even knows that it is now possible – no need for negotiations when in 3 years time, Resistance can march into Israel and genocide the FakeJoos

China Is Right

You are a shill from the JewSA.


that will not stop us from anything we will defeat the jews and there is no “obeying” to jews

None of you

You will obey us or you will die you filthy jihadist

concrete mike

Hah obey you.
Go fuck yourself!

Islam Brigade Ontario

One of these days…. you’ll eat your words. And your shit stained tongue. You can’t hide in your basement forever.


Silekhi li, aval mi et? Attah yessireeli?

edit: And who is “us”, I wonder.

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga

the entire islamic world will get behind this or they will fall victim to eternal shunning and either way the jews have already lost they are just ignorant about it they think that the fires will stop but they wont they will just get worse

John J rambo

entire islamic world….ahah..poor iranian i doubt you have good internet connection.You should consider yourself lucky and chosen by commenting here.


hahahaha sure you can feel yourself chosen as loser because that is what you will do lose just as you lost in all these other places

John J rambo

ehehe….Your bad reading comprehension is showing again.. entire islamic world is oxymoron you bozo..tell me in which scenario islamic countries act together..all they are doing is lipservice.Keep fooling yourself


global islam isnt entire islamic world and neither is global palestinians that so you have a problem here it seems with your comprehension of things and your problem is that you have no concept of global structureless yet systematic movements such as islamic awakening is


Don’t get into this fools playground.

Change the game…he is now irrelevant. As is his belief system and all the upholds it.



how can you understand what is happening when you are completely on the wrong side all of the time in all the issues you are basically conceptually on the other side of the world if you actually are on this planet which your world build on lies isnt worth anything

John J rambo

ehehe…. Iranian regime & Khamenei system are based on hatred. they hate all kind of “others”: women, children, westen countries, Jews, #Iraqi Shiites & etc.

concrete mike

Oh please.

Why do you hate palestinians, iranian, syrians, lebanese?

Im sure you love.black people and asians too, fucken white trash!

John J rambo

i dont hate anyone dotard….. you got all wrong as expected.This is what happens with an iq of room temperature.Piece of shit.




jews are so desperate in month 1 i wonder how desperate they will be in half a year so feel yourself lucky to see the jews in their time of absolute desperation because we iranians make sure that will happen and there is nothing that will stop us

John J rambo

So you are gonna straw manning your position into blind jew hate no matter how adamantly logic dictates its not relevant.
Hop between three subjects whenever you’re wrong.

Be inevitably wrong about all of them and then repeat your one-liners until your embarrassing failure disappears.

Taunt people, pretend to know what they think, get it hilariously incorrect, then wonder why they called you a dumbass.

Die mad.


my disgust of jews is not blind its quite reasonable and it has a long history as a reason but anyway hatred i only have towards these devils which are the masters of the jews since the jews i really only consider pathetic tools made to be sacrificed and their masters who seek to sacrifice these jews are not many and these cursed creatures hopefully will feel the pain of millions of people they trampled on before they are send to eternal punishment

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

you’re just a laughable creature

Last edited 1 month ago by Escu

this repeat of threats instead of engagement in conversation is called in game theory fighting focal points and it doesnt matter what you understand and what not what matters is that the zionists are so freaked out that they do many failures on all fronts and everytime a jew gets threatened these indoctrinated holocaust cultists get immensely freaked out because its not a lie jews are threatened and they feel that yet you want to blabber about nothing it seems as you people do here btw nobody likes you just look at your dislikes

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Antitrol Patrol

You must know from your experience, pathetic twat.

Yes, you are incredibly stupid, amazingly STUPID, but are you not ashamed to steal comments from other people in vain attempt to look ‘intelligent’?

You STOLE literally entire comment from some girl talking about comic books, 100% copy paste

#29830 Edited By FlashFyr

Hop between three subjects whenever you’re wrong.

Be inevitably wrong about all of them and then repeat your one-liners until your embarrassing failure disappears.

Taunt people, pretend to know what they think, get it hilariously incorrect, then wonder why they called you a dumbass.

Die mad.

1 year ago


Die stupid in your case… Plagiarizing trolling, I mean how pathetic can you be???

Last edited 1 month ago by Antitrol Patrol
John J rambo

thats me dumbass ahahahaahahahah with 2 account there ahahah.

Antitrol Patrol

See, that’s you – screaming like a lobotomized baboon while being raped by other baboons. Saying something remotely intelligent – that’s NOT you. You are desperately trying to imitate humans, but you are just a fucking baboon (baboon with very low IQ even for baboon standards). Go ahead, copy and save that one for your archive…
Sad little monkey, you disgust me, truly.

John J rambo

Then register to comic vine,we can start a discussion in a second(you already know my nick and avatar diana.Go ahead i’ll wait.

>Toronto Troll

Shemale baboon, I’m sure you want to be called Diana (or Barbie?), but that’s not your avatar and nick, that’s some little black girl who kicked your sorry pedo ass. Silly little monkey, you really think you can trick ME? LOL. Register on some comic books site for kids? Wtf? Discussion? With you??? HAHAHA

Brainless Baboon Bitch, try to understand this: every little insect on this planet is infinitely more intriguing, interesting and intelligent than you. The only reason I ever notice your miserable existence is because you are like horse manure – all over the stables – so people step on you occasionally. And then you stink: easily recognizable stench, you always reek of misery and stupidity.
I’m not interested to “discuss” anything with manure. You are not capable of civilized discussion, any discussion, not even of trolling (that’s why you STEAL). I destroyed you soooo many times, no challenge there; you run away a few weeks ago, you even promised never to return (“this is my last message here”), but here you are again, polluting air with your farting. I really hope that H a m a s or someone find you in that basement and put you out of your misery. Until then I hope I’ll never see a single retarded word from your loser mouth ever again. Today I spent 5 minutes on you and that’s 10 minutes more than you deserve… fucking monkey.

Last edited 1 month ago by >Toronto Troll
Russian Troll

You destroyed me so many times???…ahaha..moron,clueless endoplasmic rediculum.The reason why i told you to register to comic vine is a solid proof of all comments written belongs to me.You failed once again.I said this is my last message to you weirdo ahaha….but somehow you are addicted to my dick and replying to me like a pussy seeking its dick,nothing more,nothing less.

None of you

We will make gaza to look like Iraq and Syria

concrete mike

Yes we know what your about warmongering freak!


you will see how good my internet works it will give you atleast 10 dislikes and that in a few seconds because strangely we iranians know a little bit more about the internet and how the entirety of information technology works than many of you people

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Clearly the resistance axis is not waiting for the entire islamic world , but they are implementing a long term plan that puts Palestine as the most important issue for Muslims, and to expose USA and Europe andespecially to get the Sunni’s onboard.
This startegy is working as you can see in Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia to name few. The reistance can Liberate Palestine but what about America and Europe enimity ? and the hostility from the Muslim countries rulers, many of whom are western agents.?
The Liberation of Palestine must rumble on for a while to bring truth to the Muslim masses and expose the traiterous muslim rulers, break these countries away from the western camp and international capitalism into the nascent Eurasia block.
Also Iraq.. the center of the world, the other Holy Land of prophets. the key country in the end times. Iraq is under occupation and run by Iraqi politicians who are western agents?
Palestine is the unifying cause that will heal Iraq and bring a resistance government to power, followed by expulsion of western corporations from Iraq then the region.
Holy , blessed war, is upon us with God’s interventions to be shown to his people the Palestinians and Yemenis. All praise and glory to God in the highest.


what other prove do you need that we will not stop ever and that we will make this extremely painful for you and your demands for hamas to obey show how miserable you already are after this short time to want a stop we will not stop ever

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

just so you know this isnt even in the hands of hamas anymore or islamic jihad or fatah or any other organisation this is basically a global demand by humanity by islam and most importantly by global palestinians they are everywhere and they have become quite a strong voice and they wont allow you to push them around anymore

Arch Bungle

On the contrary, Hamas has to do nothing, they never have in the past. Nothing different now.

It’s not a one-sided brawl, the joos are taking hits all over israel, despite the media’s attempt to hide it.

israel can huff and it can puff but the best it can do is back to square one:

Already they’re talking about going in and occupying Gaza again … So back to square one, 20 years ago.

israel is stuck with gaza.

They can’t win.
They can’t lose.
They can’t even quit the game.
In the meantime Iran is laughing on the sidelines growing stronger every day.
China is laughing on the sidelines making profits off the joos
Ansar Allah is getting strong and when they’re done slamming Saudi they’ll coming over to Palestine for a piece of the action
Hezbollah is taking copious notes and getting ready for an upgrade of the 2006 war.

israel is very clearly f**cked.

John J rambo

i hope you are right.Iran is growing stronger..yeah agreed.

Arch Bungle

These are a people who can up uranium enrichment from 3% to 63% at will.


Hello my friend.
Although I agree, I pray you’re not correct.

May they become wise and leave peacefully.
No need for blood shed anymore.

It sad, they can’t see it…Dead man walking, is the perfect descriptive terminology.

J Ramirez



On j Rambo
Shut up man you mâle money with the choha since 1945,ans tout prétext that to steal the Land or palestinians bande ou murder thème.
In 1900 there was only3%of jews in Palestine Land 90%where Muslim and thé others where christians

Antitrol Patrol

Tzatz you are the dumbest troll and most retarded POS ever to exist. Stealing comments from some comic books site because you can’t even troll on your own???

You STOLE literally entire comment, every word, 100% copy-paste, from some girl talking about comic books:


Plagiarizing trolling, I mean how lame can you be??? Pathetic, sad freak.

Last edited 1 month ago by Antitrol Patrol
The Objective

I think it won’t be long before this situation changes. Let’s see what happens when Turkey finally dominates the Mediterranean sea militarily. Their navy is now the strongest and largest in the region. And the Turks keep growing that naval power. They are also mumbling about a Libya-style maritime deal with Palestine. about 9 years ago, Turkey sent humanitarian ships to help Palestinians but the Israelis blocked the ship and killed about 10 Turkish civilians aboard the ship. This issue hasn’t slide although Turkey makes no reference to it. Future Turkish humanitarian ships will enter Gaza, but this time they’ll be accompanied by a strong naval escort with the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean fully alert and ready to destroy any threats to the lives of its sailors or soldiers. When that time comes, Israel won’t stand a chance in any naval battle should it decide to attach the Turkish ships.
Erdogan and his team hasn’t forgotten nor forgiven the death of 10 Turkish sailors at the hands of the Israeli navy. They left to fight another day. The next incident won’t be good for Israel. And if you think Israel is nuclear armed, then know that Turkey and Pakistan are the path to a defense treaty that includes the transfer of nukes to Turkey or even their stationing in Turkey.
I wish the U.S will withdraw its symbolic nuclear weapons in Turkey which offers no nuclear deterrent for Turkey at all. This will pave the way for stationing Pakistani nukes on Turkish soil and providing Turkey the nuclear deterrent it needs.


Sonic barrages…which they’ve grown accustomed to over last 50 years. israel will have to Obey ‘cos theres no more room to play. Yanks are almost entirely out of west asia. Soon Hezbollah will blanket telAviv and Haifa with missiles and Iron Dooms 15% success rate will be 5%

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Iran blew up the zionist Rocket factory and research center in Occupied Palestine, its a huge blow to zionist missile defence but Hizbullah wil be looking at detailed satellite and drone images of every location of missile defence dome/arrow and these will be the first to be destroyed togther with airbases and fuel storage. The America, anti Christ and zionists are doomed in Palestine and the region.
There is carefully thought out plan at play here by the resistance axis, it is the end of the zionist disaster and American occupations

Putin Fartsmeller

It’s the AngloZionists’ fault. They not harsh like dear leader Putin, who only allows 5 or 6 ISraeli airstrikes on Syria a week. AngloZionist diplomacy is a failure and we should borrow them FM Lavrov for a few weeks to fix this horrible issue.

None of you

Soon ground invasion is unavoidable.
Go israel kill all the scum of the world

Arch Bungle

LOL! Another ground invasion? So back to 20 years ago ? Square one again so the whole cycle can repeat.

Hamas is waiting for a ground invasion, that is exactly what they are hoping for.

The IDF are going to get slaughtered like in 2006 when Hezbollah sent them back in body bags.

They’ll go in vertical and leave horizontal.

None of you

This time we will eliminate everything in our way.
And no jihad will ever be born on the land of Jerusalem

Astro Man

If ground operations were feasible, it would’ve been approved by now.

No need to get too worked up. You’ll be seeing these type of flare-ups in near future.


Yet is-ra-el IS the scum of the world. It’s the manifestation of all that is evil in this world.

Sod Off!

There will be no ground invasion, IDF are cowards and and gays. They are the scum of the world, including dumb Zio bitches like you.
Go kill yourself. Soon.


@none you are stupid


nun-of u and furbutt=same CIA brain erosion from meth and LSD


So Hamas can fly this drone to take pictures but when they fly a drone with explosives it gets shot out of the sky? Something fishy going on here..

Iron Dud

Iron Dung is obviously useless against drones.


Shit-400 is better.


Bibi’s shit is the best.

jens holm

My shit is beest I produce organic fertilizerr from my behind to grow tomato approved by Greta Thunberg.

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, I know you’re not the real Jens because he produces fertiliser from his mouth.


The freeing of Palestine will have a Ripple effect around the world…it will also crumble the dollar ( look for the western elite to give another go at war ) and introduce a more meaningful, intellectual, technological enlightenment that will bring peace.

Israelis aren’t the evil, its the concept…and how its been used.
Credit to; Iran, Russia, China

Thank you, all that have perished. Rest in peace knowing it is not vain.
Peace unto you brothers, may God rest you in Heaven.

Last edited 1 month ago by Pork

freeing of palestine? you stupid little crow.

John J rambo

Eat shit and die braindead zio-troll, you and your entire sub animal family, plus Blinken, Biden, Bibi, curse on you all and your rotten souls. Eat shit in your coffin and eat shit from Lucifers rectum in hell .
Free Palestine, IsraHell to Hell !

John J rambo

Bitch…… you definitely have butt-hurt to me right?Come on register to comic vine,lets see who is who?Time to ride thunderbolt uh uh..time to go where no man has gone before to the far border of sanity and beyond.Come on if you have balls register to comic vine!!!

concrete mike

We have had enough of racist supremacist people like you. Its either cooperate or die.

You choose.


Una de las señales de la última Venida de Dios y del Juicio que seguirá al fin del mundo es la conversión de Israel, que será la postrer conversión del mundo a Dios.
¿Por qué ellos los últimos, cuando fueron los primeros en ser pueblo de Dios?
Por Decreto Eterno y por decreto humano.
Y no os parezca injusto el Decreto Eterno: Ellos que eran ya los primeros – o mejor aún: los únicos – en el conocimiento de las Verdades sobrenaturales, debieron haber sido los primerísimos en el nuevo pueblo de Dios: el pueblo de los cristianos; lo mismo que Adán y su mujer debieron haber sido los primerísimos del pueblo Celestial. Mas la falta de buena voluntad hizo de los primeros los últimos. Y como se dice en la Escritura de Enoc y Elías que fueron arrebatados, en vida, por Dios fuera del mundo y llevados a otro mundo mejor para retornar, en el momento oportuno, a predicar penitencia y combatir al Anticristo cuando el mundo se halle convertido en una Babilonia y en un Anticristo – y ello por su justicia extraordinaria – otro tanto se dice en la Escritura: que Israel, a causa de sus pecados, será reprobado por Dios y que, de primero, vendrá a ser el último que entre en el Reino de Cristo.


Time to hit Dimona… Let their god sort it out. Once the Iraqi faction begins launching missiles into Israel, and Syria joins in, Israel won’t be singing the same tune. If they decide to launch nukes in desperation, Israel will be a smoldering hole, and the Netanyahu experiment will be a catastrophic failure, as it was always going to be. You can’t hire Bain & Company employees and expect anything other than pillage and abject failure!

Last edited 1 month ago by VirgoAtheist

@Tzatz & @IronZion – Where’s Tzatz and Iron Zion? Is it true they’re hiding in a Montreal Basement – someone aught to tell them Hamas won’t reach Canada till early 2030


Cheap drone proliferation is remarkable ongoing process – this video basically shows Hamas grid searching the localized surrounding areas and locating serious IDF hardware. Sure, Hamas operations are very basic, and they will certainly lose plenty more drones to the far more advanced IIDF EW suites. But crude as it is, they are, by trial and error, developing a (very) localized reconnaissance air capacity, and actually locating IDF assets. The next logical step in process would be to develop a simple combined air arm – primary reconnaissance drones, and secondary attack drones, with loiter and ‘suicide-strike’ capability. Such developments may well prove a more formidable (ie targeted) future threat to IDF targets – than volleys of unguided, steel tube and powder, rockets.

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