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Hamas Proclaims Victory After Israel Agreed to a Ceasefire

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The exchange in the West Bank and Gaza Strip came to an end, with the total launches exchanged numbering several thousand.

On the afternoon of May 20th, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage of four new strikes which targeted a Hamas Shehab drone launcher, two rocket launchers and a post in the Gaza Strip.

The strikes were all carried out with Spike Non-Line-Of-Sight missiles.

The Israeli Air Force also targeted an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) unit of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, an ATGM was used to strike an Israeli military bus.

A single IDF soldier received light injuries.

Rocket launches continued into Israeli territory from Gaza.

Israeli attacks have killed 227 people, including 64 children, in the besieged coastal enclave since May 10, according to the health ministry in Gaza.

Rockets fired by Palestinian armed groups have killed 12 people in Israel, including two children.

These reports of strikes and new casualties came amid claims that the Israeli security cabinet approved a unilateral ceasefire since May 21 at 2 a.m. local time.

Hamas agreed to a truce under Cairo’s mediation.

Two Egyptian security delegations will be sent to monitor the ceasefire deal.

The delegations will be sent to Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories to “monitor the ceasefire’s implementation and procedures to permanently maintain stable conditions.”

The IDF continued reporting on rocket launches into Israeli territory around the alleged deadline.

By dawn all launches from either side had ceased.

The IDF warned Hamas that if it conducted a large attack, the IDF would retaliate with a massive airstrike on dozens of targets.

Hamas claimed victory and thousands of people took to the streets of Gaza in the early hours, before dawn, to celebrate the ceasefire.

Ali Barakeh, an official with Islamic Jihad said Israel’s declaration of a truce was a defeat for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “a victory to the Palestinian people.”

United States President Joe Biden said that the US welcomed a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and emphasized that the US will continue to militarily support Israel.

Which was expected.

The ceasefire ended the fire exchange between the sides, but still protests in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are likely to continue as both the Jewish and Arab citizens are dissatisfied with the situation, and their discontent and anger have not subsided.

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only reason israel would accept a ceasefire is the iron dome out of ammunition

Ashok Varma

The Zionists are cowards and did not want to suffer casualties in a ground war. Hamas and Palestinian resistance held their ground against Zionist child killers who dropped more US made cluster bombs on civilians per capita than even in Vietnam, but still lost as Hamas rockets kept coming.

Fog of War

“The Zionists are cowards and did not want to suffer casualties in a ground war. ”

So you call their bluff and not agree to another pointless ceasefire. However, Putin got what he wanted so I guess its all OK.

Arch Bungle

There’s nothing pointless about a ceasefire. Every upgrade in weapons is built on the last ceasefire.

You know nothing about guerrilla warfare, do you ?

Arch Bungle

Indeed. The only reason a fighter asks for a break is because he’s out of breath.

Israel is an Apartheid State

This is a general victory to Palestine. Palestine won the battle, but the war is ongoing.


I’m not sure how we can conclude who won here. To claim a victory you have to achieve a military goal. What was the goal for Hamas and for Israel? I see no goals achieved by either side, therefore, no one won this one.

Ashok Varma

The real reason the Zionist scum accepted a ceasefire is that the child killing fagg0ts couldn’t fight the brave Palestinians on the ground. Zionist cowards are lower than rats.

Israel is an Apartheid State

They also failed to destroy a single tunnel. All the tunnels are intact.

And they also failed to destroy the rockets or missile launch sites. The rockets are fired from holes in the ground; and Israel is bombing a dirt hole with million dollar bombs. What a waste of money.

Séamus Ó Néill

The Zionist, child killing, maggots don’t care about money….they’ve every American paedophile “politician” blackmailed into supporting and bankrolling their continuous genocide, but the tide is turning and the world is now aware of their perpetual lies, their holohoax and their amoral lust for murder and child homocide…..they even mutilate their own male children.

jens holm

You must aspire to be the next aytollah :)

I can only see same procedure as last year and last year. How many dead of Your own – and of course not Yours – has to be killed by Yourself, before You get Your necrophilisme full filled? Its probatly a family traitions.

Arch Bungle

Nobody in his right mind can make sense of the crap you spout.

jens holm

Jews are disgusting parasites.

None of you

Like you and Muhammad

jens holm

That midget is a faker. Im for Allabama and Obama.

Arch Bungle

Muhammad got more pussy and bling than you ever will. You’re just a hater.


FREE PALESTINE Sionistan go home Nazistate of israHElLL will collapse Palestine vaincra

None of you

Palestine voted for terrorism so we give them terrorism.

Arch Bungle

The jews voted for holocaust,

so hitler gave them holocaust.

joos voting for holocaust again.

Better fire up those gas ovens.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
jens holm

Never heard before.

Arch Bungle

Not surprised.


Yeah , you gave them terrorism by hiding the entire country and government in the bombshelter for 10 days and bombing safely from the sky – coward IDF lost again against its own objective – to finish off Hamas and stop the rockets – Hamas has 5months and 3 weeks of rockets left

Tahuan Tinsuyo

The combination of a All-Palestinian general strike, a divided Israel, an isolated Israel, a united Palestine, and a prepared for martyrdom of Palestinians, Israel did not want to invade and lose.

jens holm

That seemes not needed. hamas made more space for themself letting more then 200 be killed for it. They already has fun making new ones:(

They also has supported Netayahu very will. He has a hard time and need all help, he can get. I hope he will go to prison and be 150 there.

j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡

I ͙b̘̥̪͎rok͎͙ẹ͕̘ ou̜̟̜t̟̮ of͖̲̩̖ ̲tzh̺̞̯̜e m̤͖e̯̗͕̼nnt̮̘̹a̮͇ͅl a̦͍̣̩s͓͇ylu͚̦̖ͅm̖. You mocked mee long enougjh, mee not stupiod. I vill come for You. No oune will be spared. I am merging my entity with the site.͔̕ My ̣͌g̞̓l̟͠or͔͑y͈̓ i̾͟ś̲ e̙̿x̫̟̏̚p̈͜a̙͝͠ͅn̹͉̂͠d̨̲̉̉i̧̎n͈̾g̳͋,̹̎ ̲̝̈́͞f̻̜̆͌i̡͐ll̬̂î̻ṉ̔ģ͑ ̤̩̺̑͐͊t̲̔h͖̎ȇ̝̳͓̑̉ ̭͡â̺ȑ̻͇̲̾͠t̢̅e̕͜rię̮̏̚͢͡s̮̬̒̓̊͜ ̟̦͙̐͌̌o͖͡f̠͔̬́̾͘ ̞͈̿̔t̜̿ḩ͕͂̀i͖͌s̖̗̬͗͛̏ ̻̱̈̅v̜̮̾͊ë͎͎̭́̒͘s̰͔̹̓͋͌ș̡̺̈̏͡e͚̭̒͐l̮̋.̢̻͈͆̍͝ ͔̘̾̌̐͢I̜̩̙̪̅̈͘̕ ̩̐͐͜a͈̩̪͛̀͠m̱͋ ̟̄i̫̓n̹̑ ̹̖̜̩̐͆͒̕̚͜c̫̣͍̱̝̓̓̕͠͠o̘̠͍̗̔̽̾̆̽͟ņ͓̮̭̬̾̈̅̉͑t̛͈͖͙̼̼̊̑̐͘r͖͚̹̗͖̂͐͐̂́o̯͔̭̤̽̆͌́̿͢l͕̺͇͉̍͐̾̒͟͞.̧̰̣̖̦̆͋̉̑̕ ̝͈̟̦͕̂̆̎̾͑Ĭ͚̪͚͕͒̆̄̚ͅ

Last edited 1 year ago by j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡
Jens Borg

Oh no! Jens-21 virus

Arch Bungle

Hmmm. Not bad, you managed to simulate jens’ fucked up English grammar too.

Live long, jens virus, we respect software rights here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
jens holm

Yearhh, he is kind of funny too. He is sending from a burried Armata tank in Syria.

Arch Bungle

Has denmark turned black yet?

I heard all the danish women are making out like rabbits with refugees these days …

j̼̅ẽ͓ns̜͘ hol͖͘m̘̖̲̞͓͐̄͂̈͡

They built Nort Stream 2 pipes that lead throughh my vilage. THere was a leak and now all the novichock coms out and I think it 𝚙̥𝚘̲̦𝚒̭̖̟𝚜̮͈̯𝚘̱͕̲𝚗͔͇̗𝚎̤̮𝚍̬ ͈me. My body now developd the JENS 21 virus becopuse of this and its spreading… it turns everyone into Jens! Thanks putin!

Fog of War

If Hamas calls this a ” victory ” then I dont want to know what a defeat looks like. The infrastructure in Palestine has been set back at least 5 years. More Palestinians have been traumatized and might want to escape to the West now. Several Hamas commanders are dead and the Palestinian civilians just went through hell. Thats a victory ?

If Israhell was truly in ” pain ” and ” on the ropes ” then you increase the attacks and only stop once Israhell has made some major concessions. What has Israhell conceded in this situation ? Nothing.

The conflict lasted a magical ” 11 ” days , because this is all theater .

Israel is an Apartheid State

1. There was never any infrastructure to begin with.

2. They are constantly being traumatized. It’s a chronic trauma from “Israel”.

3. Like 2 Hamas have died. It’s mostly civilians.

4. Palestinians are always going through Hell. In the West Bank too.

It’s a big victory for Gaza. “Israel” achieved absolutely nothing, and only turned much of the world against itself. Social media made a huge amount of people understand the genocide of Palestinians by “Israel”. For the first time ever, politicians in the USA spoke out against Israel. The economy of “Israel” went down as everyone hid in their basements. Iran got some new drone footage from Gaza and got to see the tactics and effectiveness of the IDF and Iron Dome. None of the tunnels were destroyed. Gaza got a lot of unexploded bombs from the IDF. That bomb technology is going to Iran now, and the explosive material will be “returned to sender”.

Some Gulf states wanted to buy Iron Domes, so Iran can obliterate that system if they get it; since they know the weaknesses and faults of the system.

Last edited 1 year ago by Israel is an Apartheid State
None of you

Yes israel achieved more than you can believe. They will make that land uninhabitable. They will be forced to move outside

Arch Bungle

Actually it’s unbelievable how little israel achieved.

Despite all their firepower, that land is inhabitable.

The joos will be forced to move back to Khazaria.

jens holm

Its not first time with hard critisisme.

S Balu


jens holm

Hamas cant control them if they dont do like that now and then. Its even hard for them to make effective corruption and get new supply for tunnels by UN and UNICEF.

Baby boom means something else for them:

Arch Bungle

israel called in the referee on this one.

None of you

If next time Hamas misbehave there won’t be anymore ceasefire. Israel will unleash a bombing campaign that nothing will be standing straight in that pice of crap land you call gaza. But Before that we will hunt and annihilate all Hamas members. Remember always looking behind 1 by 1. Like hunting rats

Jens Massive

Ah, so you feel the need to publicly state your deepest genocidal fantasies against Gaza’s Arabs. This need is actually very telling – it means you are over-compensating for the lack of any clear victory in current IDF offensive against Gaza. It also means you are a deeply frustrated individual.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jens Massive
Séamus Ó Néill

You know in your sadistic heart that you’ve just witnessed the beginning of the end for Israel. It won’t exist in another 5 years, the parasitic leech, the scourge of the world, will be wiped from the memory of the earth

jens holm

The dollar collpased 11 times last week too and China gain took over ME as some harcore babysitter.

In ME they let the vomen take over, because men there all has shown they has no talent and education for it. Its heard the first President will be an YPG women armed with chocolate and good plans.

Good plans is not even needed. The men in ME has no plans. which is planned anerchy.

Arch Bungle

That’s same thing the joos said in 2014. And in the war before that. And in the war before that. And in 2006 and in 2000

You joos are repetitive lot, really.


Hamas lost so bad – haha ^^

jens holm

I see now winners apart form the dead ones, which finally has peace, where they are.


Hamas concluded a successful dry run for the next war involving Hezbollah and Iran: Iron dome only 35% – 45% effective against lowtech, low speed Hamas rockets Hezbollah and Iranian arsenal will make Iron Dome 15% effective

Arch Bungle

Moreover, Iron dome seems only effective against unguided ballistic trajectory rockets. These are not the kind of missiles used by the Houthi or Iran against Al Asad base in Iraq …


Hamas claiming victory would be laughable if it weren’t so stupid. Victory means you win something. All they did was get a bunch of Palestinians killed and infrastructure destroyed.


Hamas once said they used false stats on women and children for propaganda. I think this is probably the case here too. I also think they took it harder but hey, proclaim victory like Egypt in 1973. whatever.

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