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Hamas Neutralizes Iranian-Backed Group In Gaza Upon Request From Qatar & Egypt – Report


Hamas Neutralizes Iranian-Backed Group In Gaza Upon Request From Qatar & Egypt – Report

The Sabireen Movement flag, Click to see full-size image.

Security forces of the Hamas Movement arrested the leader of the Iranian-backed Sabireen Movement, Hisham Salim, and many of the group’s fighters in a surprise operation on February 27, according to the al-Arabiya TV.

The Sabireen group was formed in early 2014 after some leaders in Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), including Salim, converted to Shia Islam and became dissatisfied with PIJ’s leadership and their stance as well as Hamas’s stance regarding the Syrian war, where it supported the Syrian Opposition.

Salim acknowledged in an interview with the Ma’an News Agency in 2016 that the movement is directly funded by Iran. However, he stressed that his group was non-sectarian, non-religious and not a “Shiite movement.”

In late 2018, the U.S. designated the Sabireen Movement as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) for carrying several attacks against Israel.

“They planned and executed terrorist attacks include firing rockets into Israel in September 2015 and detonating an explosive device targeting an Israeli army patrol in December 2015. Harakat al-Sabireen also previously established a rocket factory in Gaza that was destroyed in the summer of 2014, and the group had plans to carry out attacks against Israel in February 2016,” the Department of State said in an official statement back then.

The Iranian support for the movement was apparently viewed as a threat not only by the U.S. and Israel, but also by several Arab countries. A Palestinian source told al-Arabiya that the Hamas Movement took the decision to neutralize the group and seize its weapons upon request from Qatar and Egypt.

The operation against the Sabireen Movement will likely lead to the growth of tensions between the Hamas Movement and Iran, who cut down its financial support for the Palestinian group recently, according to al-Arabiya.

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  • potcracker777

    yessssssssssss so finally …the Clouds move…..and the true face is shown…….hamas….Mossad created lolol…….

    on request of Egypt…lolol….. that egypt that squeezes the poor gaza Population in partnership with the Zionist satanics…lololol

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    This is very sad to hear. So the same people when they are Sunni are (friends) the moment they are Shia or Christian the head choppers show their faces.
    Iran has only done good for the people of Gaza. Shia carry the resistance forward, when Arabs have long should out the Palestinian cause.
    Hamas is definitely in the pocket of Zionism rather if they know it or not. Maybe Hamas does not realize that many of their strings are being pulled by secret Zionist.
    Makes me think the people of Gaza should convert to Shia and Christianity, and then experience the true power of liberation both spiritually and physically.
    ‘The Sabireen Movement Must Be Set Free’!

    • jm74

      Exactly and by opposing Assad they confirm their relationship with the US and israel. Palestinians appear to be their own worse enemy.

  • verner

    attacks against israel need not and should not automatically be deemed actions by terrorist, in which case it is necessary to deem the squatters as terrorists as well, since the squatters are far more likely to attack and kill anything that moves without any kind of restraints. thus israel is a fully fledged terrorist soon to be discontinued state.

  • Nowruz

    Not really a big surprise other than Qatar requesting the arrest… The Israelis are heavily intrenched within the Hamas, PLO, etc. Too many puppets in these Sunni groups. The Palestinians seem to be a lost cause. If Israel can control the monarchs in the Gulf then Palestine would not be that difficult either.

    • Omega

      Hamas’ creation was actually supported by Israel to thwart the PLO.

      Israel and the Gulf monarchies were created by Britain and thus the symbiosis between the two is only natural.

  • Manofjustice

    They quote Al-Arabia Saudi funded and run by the mossad…southfront really need an actual Arab from the region in their team…

    • BL

      Are you saying the story is fake?

      • Manofjustice

        100% fake, Al-Arabia is just a saudi/israeli mouth piece ! whoever quotes Al-Arabia is a moron…

  • Smaug

    Definitely yet another round of Palestinian infighting. Although I would be skeptical of the details, the PIJ is now a parallel government in Gaza and these groups have a very long history of accusing their enemies of all sorts of things even if it makes no sense.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Qatar action are motivated by USA from Qatar base.When Qatar was isolated and airspace close by neighboring countries with USA Trump instigation Iran state to supply all daily needed goods and military support. But today snake attacks from Qatar soil.??????

  • Emanual Macron

    lmaooo so much joy when Muslims turn against each other. Hate is in their blood, they cannot control it – they must hate even if it is hating themselves. InShallah they will turn against Mother Russia soon enough and I will be the last commentor on this board and you will all be gone. Allah hu akbar

    • H Eccles

      why don’t you spread some of your joy… by sticking your head in the oven.

  • H Eccles

    Calm down everyone.. ask yourselves just who is al-Arabiya anyway??

    It is one of those fake arab news sites run by jews. A sort of trojan horse if you like.. you know get the Arabs to lower their defences before tricking them into accepting some pro-Israeli propaganda. It’s not the only one out there.

    The above article is attempting to create a divide between Hamas and the Iranians.. and we all know who those tactics belong to.

  • verner

    so hamas sold out to egypt which is under moronistan’s thumb. only hezbollah, iran and syria and russia to trust hereinafter when it comes to evict the squatters post haste into the med.

    and regardless if netanyahu, the ever evil wart on the world’s surface, is admitted in the Kremlin, he is still a wart and still evil and won’t have any support from moscow. the squatters need to be evicted now.

  • gustavo

    Hamas is an Israel creation, used to avoid the formation of the Estate of Palestine.