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Hamas Naval Forces Commander Fled To Israel – Reports

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Hamas Naval Forces Commander Fled To Israel – Reports

Hamas members in Gaza . (photo credit: REUTERS)

Hamas’ Naval Forces commander, Mohammed Omar Abu Ajwa, has fled to Isreal, the al-Arabiya TV and other Arab outlets reported on July 12.

According to the UAE-based news channel, Abu Ajwa and his brother fled the Gaza Strip to Israel aboard a boat. Israeli special forces allegedly facilitated the daring escape. The commander reportedly took with him “sensitive documents” related to Hamas’ military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Al-Arabiya claimed that Abu Ajwa took the decision to escape upon finding out that Hamas has learned of his work for the Israeli intelligence, which began in 2009.

Several Arab sources claimed that Hamas’ Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 16 fighters of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades after the alleged escape of Abu Ajwa. The fighters were also suspected of spying for Israel.

Hamas, however, denied making any arrests and stressed that its interior ministry didn’t release any official statement on such issue.

“[These are] rumors that serve the aims of the occupation in destabilizing the internal front of the Gaza Strip,” RT quoted Hazem Qassim, a spokesman for the Palestinian group, as saying.

The reports on Abu Ajwa’s escape are yet to be coonfirmed. The upcoming few days will likely reveal more information on this issue.

Israeli intelligence agencies are known to be highly-active inside the Gaza Strip. In 2018, an Israeli special forces unit was exposed while it was carrying out an operation in Gaza. Back then, a member of the unit and seven Palestinian fighters were killed in clashes.


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Raptar Driver

Everybody wants the easy life no matter what evil they have to commit to get it.



Raptar Driver

With a few exceptions.

Assad must stay

what the hell? i hope its not true, otherwise what a scumbag


Its happened before on the West bank,no excuse.

Assad must stay



I believe over the years they have found some Palestinians who collaborated and worked with the Israelis as spies.

Lone Ranger

Fled or went home…?

Lone Ranger

I have to give credit where it’s due.
Lil Shlomos are excellent infiltrators :)

Miroslav Beran

These of Khazaria Empire origin?comment image

Lone Ranger



So are rats :)

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…

Traiano Welcome

And lice and roaches …

Tommy Jensen

Hamas is also known to have been created by Israel as another flase flag organisation. A world of lies.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that is right.


Hamas is a shit beth creation to divide the Palestinians so this man has gone back to his masters. Hardly news.

Yom Fakkur

Let’s hope this subhuman piece of shit will get what he deserves soon. He should be flayed alive.


Nothing special, just the corrupt, incompete and laughable everyday life of Hamas.
I guess if Hezbollah would be like them, then Israel could send their military on permanent vacation.
And serves them well, to corrupt and incompete to fight their decalred enemy, and still the thaught they could also play Jihadis in Syria and fight Hezbollah.
And also Takfiri 4 Israel. LOL.


It’s been 14 years since the zionist antisemites dared to try it on with “Ooh-aah Hezbollah, sing ooh-aah Hezbollah!”


We wiped the floor with the Hezbos, and we will do so again if they dare to make any hostile move.


Really? In 2006 you begged for mercy, for a ceasefire because you got whipped so badly. So, please tell me when exactly was the time you wiped the floor with Hezbollah?


Read about the war then you’ll understand, the IDF ground forces really entered the villages during the last 2 weeks of the war, till then it was mostly an air campaign. When we did enter, Hezbos run away or were killed face to face vs IDF troops all across SL. Fact is that in the last 2 weeks they shot about 300 rockets a day, from 600-800 before we entered. That means they were hit badly, and many of them tried to escape to the Litani river, we planned to cross it too but then a UN ceasefire (which Lebanon asked) was established. Only a fool would believe Hezbos can stop the IDF in an all out war, not by manpower and not by equipment, especially when Israel is also much stronger economically.


LOL. I don’t know which entity you’re talking about.

On 12 September, former defense minister Moshe Arens spoke of “the defeat of Israel” in calling for a state committee of inquiry. He said that Israel had lost “to a very small group of people, 5,000 Hezbollah fighters, which should have been no match at all for the IDF”, and stated that the conflict could have “some very fateful consequences for the future.” Disclosing his intent to shortly resign, Brigadier General Ilan Harari, the IDF’s chief education officer, stated at a conference of senior IDF officers that Israel lost the war, becoming the first senior active duty officer to publicly state such an opinion.

IDF Major General Yiftah Ron-Tal, on 4 October 2006 became the second and highest ranking serving officer to express his opinion saying that the IDF failed “to win the day in the battle against Hezbollah” and said on Israel Radio:

“We did not win this war, and it is proper that those who directed it should take responsibility.”

He also said publicly that IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz should accept responsibility for malfunctions in the Israel-Hezbollah War and accept the consequences. He hinted that Israeli PM Ehud Olmert should do the same.

Ron-Tal was subsequently fired for making those and other critical comments.

Your revered bog rats can only take on defenceless civilians and children, they are now specialised in that.


Then you have nothing to worry about if another war comes right? your Hezbos will win easily :)


Thanks for your confirmation that the info I provided is right. On that basis it seems that it is your revered bog rats are scared sh*tless, which is why there hasn’t been another war, your bog rats would end up like minced meat, if they’re lucky.


Again, you will win easily, no problem. We are very scared of Hezbos, we don’t want war Israel will desappear because of them. So scared, I can’t sleep at night :(


Good. You are beginning to see the light.


I love Arab’s humor and delusions, it’s one of the best things this world has to offer xD


Fantastic, you’re even seeing more of the light. The only thing you need to see is the filth of the zioracists and you’ll be winning.


There is nothing worse than a traitor,dead men walking,death sentence is the only option


No, that’s what the American barbarians do; we’re better than that.


Hama Naval Forces commander. Is this a joke? Does Hamas navy include canoes and kayaks or mostly fishing boats?

chris chuba

The Israelis wouldn’t use him to forge new documents to demonize Hezbollah and Iran, would they? Never.

Icarus Tanović

Hamas is corrupted Wahhabi Zionistic organisation that terrorise its own people.

cechas vodobenikov

all nations have traitors—some r well intentioned some defect for money–for every 1 defection from the USSR, lured by money there were 2 defections to USSR, where money was not provided defectors–

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