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Hamas Members Appear To Be Operating Alongside Terrorists In Northern Syria


On March 6, several Syrian activists released photos showing alleged members of the Palestinian Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of the Hamas Movement, in the opposition-held part of northern Syria.

Hamas Members Appear To Be Operating Alongside Terrorists In Northern Syria

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Hamas Members Appear To Be Operating Alongside Terrorists In Northern Syria

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These photos were first posted on Twitter on December 11 2018 by a militant named Abu al-Muthana.

“On its 31st anniversary … Greetings to the Hamas Movement from the land of green Idlib,” one of Abu al-Muthana tweets reads.

In 2017 and 2018, militants released several photos showing him armed and wearing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades patches. Most of the photos were taken in the Turkish-occupied areas of Afrin and al-Baba as well as in the areas held by Turkish-backed militants in the western Aleppo and northeastern Idlib.

In most of his tweets, Abu al-Muthana echoed his support for the Hamas Movement, Jaysh al-Islam, the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA).

One of the photos indicates that Abu al-Muthana may have been involved in the Turkey-led attack on the Kurdish area of Afrin. Other photos suggest that he was involved in the training of Turkish-backed forces.

Hamas Members Appear To Be Operating Alongside Terrorists In Northern Syria

Abu al-Muthana during the attack on the Kurdish village of Bafillion in Afrin.

Hamas Members Appear To Be Operating Alongside Terrorists In Northern Syria

A tweet by Abu al-Muthana showing a poster for an upcoming ranting camp for Turkish-backed forces.

Despite his clear support for the Hamas Movement, there is not clear evidence that Abu al-Muthana is actually member of the group. It is also unclear if he is Palestinian or Syrian.

The Hamas Movement have provided some support the Syrian opposition since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011. The Damascus government even accused the Palestinian group of training several miltiant groups in central and northern Syria in the early years of the war.

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  • Harsha
    • You can call me Al


    • Hahahaha pure propaganda, Hamas gets assistance from the Turkish army in idlib even Al-Qassam brigade are the real palestinians. fighting against you dirty terrorists who work with that kremlin d*gs

  • Ronald

    Hamas is Wahhabi Sunni, why the surprise.

    • You can call me Al

      Created by Israel….. yep FACT.

      Yet something does or not sit right with me.

    • Hahahaha these stupid kids, they are pure sunni fighting against that terrorist assad. what did syria do to fight israel? :) dum arabs lost 6 days war against them. now they are fighting together with turkish army in northern syria and idlib, more of you will die

      • DontBelieveEitherPropaganda

        Funny how your master Erdogan is NATO ally and much more pro Israel ever since he came to power in his actions.. Dont get destracted when once in a while Erdo plays like he is anti Israel.. Words are words, deeds are deeds ;)

        But why am i posting, whole world jokes about you Turkish Erdo fanboys.

        Dreaming of Ottoman empire while having to loot other countrys to keep the lights on in your own country. With your Erdogan who nearly lost even a faked last election.. ;)

        And while Kurds are no better, you Grey Wolfs types are also a definition of ignorance. So
        destroy your own country even more and then flee to Europe to live there by the wellfare state and still believe you are patriots.. While dreaming of long lost glory.

        It cant get more pathetic than that.

        Your next generations will have to pay for your ignorance and dig themselves out of the hole you put your country in. Enjoy your dreams while they last.

        And when you wake up and realize that Erdogan is just a Psychopatic politician, with no real values, neither nationalistic like Attatürk and also only Muslim when it suits him. Then
        you realize you dedicated your life to a lost cause and a lie.

        All said, Sleep well..

      • Justin

        That was Egypt who lost the 6 day war due to Israel surprise attacking them (rat jew move) without a declaration of war!
        The next war saw Egypt fucking up Israel and Kissinger coming to the rescue!

        Fast forward to 2006 and Hezbollah kicked Israel’s ass!

        Hamas are Sunni’s! does it surprise u that they fight with the FSA?
        Kurds are Sunni too! Did u know that???

        Assad protects SYRIA! End of Story! This includes the Kurdish regions who have betrayed Syria for personal benefits (just as they betrayed the Armenians when they killed them on behalf of the Turks when the Turks promised them land too)
        Assad is an Alawite! (the minority religion by far)!
        Yet Assad’s SAA forces are made up of Christian ARABS, Sunni ARABS, Shiaa ARABS, Druze ARABS, Melkite ARABS, Alawite ARABS!

        Suheil al-Hassan the highly respected leader of the Tiger forces is Alawite! Yet those he commands are MOSTLY SUNNI ARABS!!!!

        You are confused!

        There are only smart Arabs in this war! The Smart ones are those who oppose this Syrian takeover for the benefit of oil pipes, trade routes, energy markets, geopolitical leverage and the “greater israel project”!

        Syria is winning this war! So they arnt dumb!
        The hamas who join the FSA are merely brainwashed sunni’s who think its a war between sunni islam and shiaa islam!

        The smart people know its about statehood and not bowing down to Western Elite nations!

        u need to read a bit more! u seem dumber than the name u made up!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Most importantly, it was created like ISIS by the Zionist Shin Beth to fan divisions among the Palestinians.

    • Justin

      Well said Ronald! Well said!
      Look at Lebanon!

      Shiia vs Sunni is FUCKING HARDCORE right now and has been for a very very long time!
      Lebanese sunni’s are fighting for the FSA and Shiia Lebanese are fighting with Hezbollah!

      NOBODY should be surprised to see Hamas fighting with the FSA since Hamas is Sunni!

      EVEN QATAR who were the number 1 backers of ISIS fully support hamas! So that should tell u enough!

      Remember folks, the middle east is one big shit hole of perfect Chaos!
      The middle east not only has religious wars but also land wars (since it was broken up by the brittish, french and italians after the defeat of the ottoman empire)!

      Their land was carved up, different religions were given power! Add to it all the wealth of oil found in the ME which means the war of money! Then there is the holy sites! Then the Jews coming into the picture!

      Now add pipelines, reserve currency status, nations hosting a certain nations bases, the silk road project, trade routes etc etc etc!

      its a fucking shit storm!

      Just because Hamas is supported by Iran doesnt mean Hamas isnt SUNNI FIRST!
      Hamas and Iran have a common enemy! THATS ALL! (Israel)

      Hamas has much more in common with Sunni Lebanon (who hate hezbollah and Assad) than they do with Iran! REMEMBER THAT!!

    • Pave Way IV

      “Hamas is Wahhabi Sunni”

      No, Ronald. Hamas is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood side of radical Islamic extremism and supported by Qatar. They are not aligned with Saudi Wahhabi ideology and the al Sauds hate anyting Muslim Brotherhood related. There are Wahhabi-aligned militants in Gaza – Islamic Jihadi – who are supported by the Saudis and UAE. At best, Hamas and Islamic Jihadi militia barely tolerate each other, but share a common enemy in radical Zionists.

      Hamas is Sunni in name only – there are MANY Sunni in Gaza that do not like (or love/hate) Hamas and don’t want Palestine turned into a repressive Salafist Islamic State by these guys. The love/hate thing is because the Hamas military wing in Gaza is pretty hardcore and Israel is generally afraid of them. Israel will bomb Gaza, but will not enter it because they don’t want to fight Hamas. I’m not talking the bottle-rocket Hamas, but the real Izz Ad-Deen Al-Qassam Brigades guys. A lot of Gazans like that aspect of Hamas, but ultimately don’t want the Hamas Salafist version of Palestine.

      The same love/hate thing doesn’t really apply for the Wahhabi Islamic Jihad militia – they are much smaller than Hamas and have no political presence. Some Sunni in both Gaza and Palestine as a whole DO prefer the Saudi Wahhabism flavor of Sunni Islam and DO favor Islamic Jihad militia goals for Palestine.

      Then there’s that other group of MOST Sunni in Gaza and Palestine who just want Zionists to get the hell off their land and stop killing them. That desire isn’t driven by anyting Islamic and they don’t see jihad or radical Islamic extremism as a solution to anything. They are still plenty willing to fight Israelis to get their homes back, but have no political or military power to do so. They see the PLO and Fatah as pathetic sellouts. That leaves MOST Sunni in Palestine with no external state sponsors, no non-sectarian militia and no political representation in Israel. That means MOST Sunni in Palestine are pretty well fucked, and they know that.

      • Ronald

        Pave Way lV; Thank you for correcting my error. My only information on Hamas was they were Sunni Salafist jihadist, I presumed Wahhabi.
        I really don’t know what the differences are between Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi other than the Brotherhood originated in Egypt and the Wahhabi originated from Saudi Arabia. Both are Salafist but what are the key operational differences. Appreciate your comments.

        • Pave Way IV

          Way out of my league. Here’s my caveman understanding:

          Wahhabi head-choppers kill any non-believers, automatically including Shia. MB head-choppers kill those that won’t accept their Salafi ideology and Sharia law, but not necessarily Shia (wayward Muslims that might be ‘reeducated’).

          Part of the Muslim Brotherhood is a legitimate, purely political movement to promote – rather aggressively – Salafi ideology and Sharia law in the countries they reside in – Egypt being the first ‘success’ (and subsequent failure). The jihadi extremist Muslim Brotherhood militias seek the same ends through force of arms. The political MB has supposedly distanced itself from MB militias recently, but observers remain skeptical. The militias, on the other hand, seem to operate quite independently of any corresponding MB political movement in the same place.

          Wahhabism doesn’t have or need a political arm – all Wahhabism is Saudi Wahhabism – they’re symbiotic. The al Saud dynasty are the benefactors and protectors of Wahhabi ideology. In turn, Wahhabi clerics reinforce the legitimacy of the al Saud monarchy and their status as custodians of the two holy mosques (Medina, Mecca) – the most holy sites in Islam.

          Wahhabi clerics INSIDE Saudi Arabia don’t need their own militia – the Saudi military serves that purpose. And no Wahhabi (or any other) jihadi extremist groups are allowed INSIDE Saudi Arabia – they would be a threat to the al Saud rule.

          OUTSIDE Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi extremist jihadis are (like the MB militias) looking for their flavor of a Salafist state and Sharia law via arms. But Wahhabis are also obsessed with Iran and all Shia as heritics to be genocided – which fits in nicely with the special hate the al Sauds have for Iran/Shia. Muslim Brotherhood sees Shiism as a different, incorrect version of Islam, but doesn’t see a need to kill all of them.

          Qatar and Turkey are kind of friendly with Iran as of late, and they also support Muslim Brotherhood ideals (and sometimes MB militas). Saudi Arabia and the UAE dispise Iran, anyone friendly with it and all Shia. They spread Wahhabism to counter any Iranian influence in the region, and they were able to throw a lot of damn money towards that end. Likewise, they (covertly) support Wahhabi extremism because Wahhabi head-chopper ideology encourages them to kill the Saudi’s ultimate enemy: Iranians and Shia. They also seem to mow through a lot of regular non-Salafi Sunnis in the process.

          I’m completely ignoring the significant ideological differences between the two because it’s beyond me. It’s way, way more complex than my simpleton explanation above and even different within the groups.

          • Ronald

            Pave Way lV ;
            Many thanks again, every expansion of understanding is helpful.

  • Real heroes of the war.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, apear, is the same as higly lightly, coming from sources and images we cab verify at all, and we all know whom is behind this and they are NOT friends of the Palestinian people, this reaks of Mossad to an extent I can smell the shit up here in the artics.

    I am aware of some initiale mistakes made by some Palestinians in the begining of the Syrian war, and I also belive that fraction was payed whores for the Wahabi scums whom is run from ISISrael and the Saudi-barbarians, but to this, sorry, I dont belive an word of it, that some people are there from Palestian makes it as intresting as to why is there Norwegians in the same area, fighting for the same scums, Sweds, Germans, French, trained by UssA, EU and Norway in Jordan/Iraq in the begining.
    Yeah, nice try.
    To me, ist an sad confirmation of an coming final solution to the Palestinian problem, Gaza.
    They need this, and thats why we get it.

    Yeah, maybe I should travel down there and have an Greenland flag with me, and presto, Greenland is suporting ISIS.


  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Hamas is just more Muslim Brotherhood shit. So it is no surprise it is floating in the Turk MB cesspit.

  • goingbrokes

    This is a zionist psy-op for sure. It’s just a bunch of photos and uniforms. How about some definitive statements from leadership.

    • Hamas is supported by Turkey and their fighters are fighting together with Turkish armed forces in idlib, cry harder

  • Smaug

    Reasons to believe this might be true: Turkey officially opposes Israel. It would not surprise if Hamas was loaning their soldiers to lobby Turkey to fund them, or if Hamas affiliated volunteers sought out a group that was actively fighting Assad (because Assad restored the 1974 ceasefire and openly bargains with Israel). The soldiers in the photo know how to handle the weapon.

    Reasons to doubt these claims: The soldiers in the photo have seen no action whatsoever, even guard duty. I know this because their uniforms and that AK are brand new. The gun is such that they might have polished it to make it that shiny, but none of the paint has worn off even at the tip of the barrel and bottom corner of the mag. There’s nothing in any of their pockets. The dye on the uniforms doesn’t stay that bright for very long, and those are still pressed, and there’s no wear or fading on the elbows. Ergo, the uniforms were taken out of the package the same day the photo was taken. Frankly, there’s no way to tell if that berm they’re at is in Afrin or Gaza (BTW, it looks like all the photos are from the same location).