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Hamas Leader Calls For New ‘intifada’ After US ‘War Declaration’

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Hamas Leader Calls For New 'intifada' After US 'War Declaration'

A screenshot from the video

Following US Presdient Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Hamas Politburo Chief Ismail Haniyeh called for an uprising in the the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Tomorrow, December 8, 2017, should be a day of rage and the beginning of a major effort to rise up, which I will name the intifada of Jerusalem and the West Bank’s freedom,” he said in a televised speech. “As we liberated Gaza, we are able… to free Jerusalem and the West Bank by the way of this popular struggle.”

Haniyeh said that the US decision amounted to a “war declaration against Palestinians” that “killed” the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

“We should call for and we should work on launching an intifada in the face of the Zionist enemy,” the Hamas leader said adding “We want the uprising to last and continue to let Trump and the occupation regret this decision.

Tensions between Israeli forces and Palestinains have already erupted near West Bank and Gaza Strip. At least two persons have been reportedly injured.

It looks that Trump’s Wednesday announcement may lead to the largest wave of violence between Israel and the Palestinains over the last years.

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jerry Hamilton

Trump knew exactly what would happen. He has to be the most evil man in America.

Simon Gould

To be fair, it’s a keenly contested title.

jerry Hamilton

You are quite right but the winner is Trump.


Nah- Trump is a slavering zionist from way back. He dribbles jewish supremacy, and not in a Deep State way, but in an avergae yank way. Trump is really a hidden jew like Rupert Murdoch- and like Murdoch everyone that matters around Trump is JEWISH.

Trump just lives and believes the idea that jews are the ‘master race’, just like so many ordinary Germans thought about their people back in the WW2 days. Trump, being a business man first, was never one of these war-mongering zionists.

Trump literally doesn’t even think of the consequences of his long held zionist desires. And no way did the Deep State plan to recognise Jerusalem as a jewish property before Trump- the play was far too counter-productive.

But now they lost Clinton, they’re making the best of what they have- and reworking their plans around Trump’s fundamental belief systems. It looks more and more like 9/11 part 2. But ask yourself why the monsters were so reluctant to use another massive false flag like 911.

911 was pretty much a one-time trick – fooling all of the people some of the time,and then having the smart people get it, and be determined to never fall for another false-flag. all eyes are on even the small false-flags. So the new false-flag MUST lead to the Iran war so quickly it doesn’t have time to fall apart.

jerry Hamilton

The two elephants in the room are Russia and China. America can not take on Iran without the other two joining. The three together stand a chance, one by one they don’t

I used to call Trump the new Stalin. He was not a jew but everyone he knew was. I would estimate that the Jerusalem call was probably worth 5 to 10 Billion. Even though the money is not important to him. He would still get that rush though being a narcissist.

9/11 part 2…. AKA Pearl Harbour part 3. I agree. Scary and interesting to see what happens.


“I used to call Trump the new Stalin.” From Trump to Stalin – as far as from Moscow to Kyev (to crawl on the belly).


Trump low level brain rat what else he can do with that brain of birds egg I am tired this trump man to fuck off with people as he likes he is the most stupid idiot that existed in the history of the USA… he will die to pleased the shity state of Israhell lol who the fuck is israhell , the last 7-8million fucking jews on one place..who the fuck are they who…. who…

Nigel Maund

The US and Israel knew this would be the result of Trumps dastardly announcement. The man is a swine of the first rank and any doubt about him being a Globalist Bankster Zionist pawn has now been blown away. The aim of the Zionist Bankster Cabal was obvious. Create an uprising as a Causus Belli permitting Israel to stamp down hard on Hamas and create a war in the Lebanon the West Bank and draw in Hezbollah and Iran. The evil of these actions takes one’s breath away. One can only hope that both Israel and the US live to regret it deeply.

You can call me Al

I do agree with you,but I think your argument is too limited. The whole Muslim and indeed Christian World are now at odds with the Yanks and Yids.

Pave Way IV

Huh? What exactly do you mean by ‘Yanks and Yids’? Is there suppose to be a difference between the two? Who would have ever thought…

You can call me Al

Yes there is a difference but they do converge sometimes:

One is a fat, dumb war monger and the other is relatively intelligent war monger with a big nose.

When they converge, you get https://static2.fjcdn.com/comments/America+is+a+jew+capitalist+dictatorship+_264e017e90f1f3dd0b2e585444171079.png


Or maybe Trump has something else up his sleeve he isn’t revealing yet. For all we know he probably doesn’t like Netanyahu and what he’s are doing to complicate his relationship with Putin by going against Iran and Syria, both Russian allies. The Deep State that he’s trying to control has big ties to Israel.

So to weaken the US Deep State to drain the swamp, he must weaken Israel.

By declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, he painted a big target on Israel’s back, gave them something else to worry about other than trying to recover their failed greater Israel project. Make them get consumed by war and hopefully get defeated by Iran and Hezbollah which he knows is very powerful in the Middle East, and along the way use this last opportunity to make more money selling Israel useless weapons like the F-35 as they go down.

That’s my theory anyway.

Nigel Maund

I wish I believed this when his son – in – law is a close friend of Netanyahu and most probably a Mossad agent. I agree with the rest of wat you say re Jerusalem.




Lol.. true enough.. The man is a swine of the first rank The shape of his eyes.. if you look at all of his pictures/photos.. his eyes are indeed looks like swine.. hehehe Not to insult him.. but it sure do looked like it.. Peace

Pave Way IV

Is it just me or does this whole thing seem artificial and staged – kind of like a set-up?

– Trump declares blah, blah, blah… – MSM portrays Palestinian supporters in Middle East going insane with anger – False flag terrorist attack against Israel or US – MSM identifies Hezbollah as the culprits – US citizens driven into homicidal chimp-out; demand retaliation – US bombing campaign begins

Screw Occam’s razor. Everything the US does in the Middle East is part of some other deceptive scheme. You would have to be an idiot to take any of this at face value (that’s why it always works so well here in the US)


Blair needed Goldstein- I mean Bin Laden- to blame 9/11 on. Blair needed WMD’s to justify the invasion of Iraq (remember how hard Saddam had been begging to be the slave of the USA, and hand over control of the oil to US firms?).

Of course it’s artificial and staged. Trump tweeting those ridiculous anti-muslim videos when there is a world of GENUINE material showing extremist muslim atrocitries. May PRETENDING to be offended. Trump going ahead with his ELECTION PROMISE over Jerusalem- May PRETENDING to be even more offended.

When a rock solid alliance prepares for mega war, it PRETENDS to be full of cracks- fake arguments and animosities. The Deep State is monolthic- Tony Blair completed that perfection. Canada, Australia, Japan, NZ, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA breath as one. The lesser European states, like Italy, are well under control. And the Deep State has its slave states, like Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Poland and Turkey.

There are no actual disagreements in the Deep State in the form the zionist press suggests. Just issues over which plan will reap the best rewards.

And know this. The ‘plausible’ excuse that will trugger war on Iran will be gone two days after the bombing starts. You see the excuse fuse literally doesn’t matter after the fuse has been lit. It only has to exist, as a believed LIE, for as long as it takes to start the war. But the fuse excuse MUST be found first.

The Deep State didn’t want the Jerusalem nonsense originally, else they would have done this way back in the 1960s. America is a zionist nation, after all. So when the Deep State looks to Trump’s mega-insane zionist ramblings, they see new potential- a new plan. If ‘madman’ Trump starts a ‘mad’ war on Iran- well so what- any fuse will do. And 100% of the two houses of the American goverment bloc vote in favour of all military action that serves Israel, once that action is underway- even Ron Paul- even Rand Paul.

Understand that once the mega war kicks off, Israel gets to attack Gaza and Lebanon, NOT Iran. The British, Americans and French will provide the first wave of strikes on Iran- possible admitted and possibly not (at first) depending on the fuse excuse. For instance, the strikes on Yemen are carried out by British RAF planes with RAF pilots- but Blair passed a law (google it) allowing any serving member of the British armed forces to ‘operate’ under the flag of another country (with permission) and be legally described as a member of that nation’s armed forces. A semantic trick that allows the BBC and others to claim that it is KSA forces striking Yemen.

But Israel will not strike Iran directly- that would be a horrible messy confusion that could very likely lead to attempts by Pakistan to nuke Israel. And that isn’t wanted. You see muslims are split until the moment the jewish state is an existential threat agianst one muslim family. Then shia and sunni will unite against the threat. And the Deep State ain’t having any of that.


lol.. I had the same thought too.. especially when nobody on the higher level freezes or postponed or put a stop to anything that had been proposed in terms of any commitment/peace plans agreed earlier..! I have read accusations of these top Palestinians leader/s being bribed by israhell & Co but not sure of how true it is..! And as usual.. every intifada will ceased through another fresh agreement/s..! It seem as though the Palestine problem is purposely being prolonged for whatsoever reasons we already knew..! It’s kinda grand chess game in ME..! And I second you.. Peace


Arm and defend. Palestinians, nobody is with you. Saudia Arabia, USA, Europe, russia are with israel and will not move.

Ally with Iran and liberate yourself like people from gaza liberate themselfs.


Iran helps the palestinians indirectly by helping hezbollah, where hezbollah war fighting methods and equipment leak to palestine in dribbles. But this is NOTHING if Israel goes large, and Israel is going to go large- murder ONE MILLION+ human in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon. Israel will do this under the cover of the atrocities of the Iran war, which Israel will not participate in directly.


They can’t do that. They don’t want to be called murderes. That whay they created ISIS to do the dirty job.


The american nazi regime is ready for the finale solution for the Palestinians. EU made a party with the israeli that called for genocide for the Palestinians.

Expect nothing from others. Ask help of Iran and fight. No other way.

Gabriel Hollows

There is nothing nazi about the US regime.


The US regime is worst than Nazis.


You are a stupid person

eric zweistein

There won’t be any Intifada.


I hope Hamas is careful, all thoe understandable and inevitable, I will anyway beg for caution, because, I see this as an revelation, not only to the west, witch is no surprise what to ever, but the biggest revelation is not coming from your friends, but country’s like Saudi-Barbaria, the rotten to its core Egypt, etc, etc, whom is in war with Arabs, and now have military cooperation and so on with ISISrael, the 3 holiest city of Islam, is flushed down the drain by your own people Hamas, that is what I find to be what you should focus on, and I know this rockets are fired by Mossad operatives in Palestina, plenty of traitor’s, like this creep Abbas, whom right now tries to play innocent. Hamas, for me is the line, Palestina is the marker of Truth, few are they that have and had the balls to do something, to say something, but again,, this also goes to your own, the Arab world.

Again, just look at them, EU, huh, when we know they have no balls what so ever, and anything coming from them can be ignored because they are scums, run by the scums of this earth, and will never do anything to jeperdice that, and in Norway just to give you an ex they dont care, huh, the Norse are pissed on Trump that He haven’t Nuked NK to oblivion, so the OL can be done, yeah, nuke the Chinks, the Norse blames of course everything on the people that they claim Arafat imported from Jordan and Syria in the 70s, and etc.

Norway, sells weapons to Saudi-barbarians, and have also some jet pilots, where most of the scums that is bombing Yemen is europeans, incl Brits/France fighter pilots, and blames everything on Iran, of course, Norway, a little shit hole run by Jews, our country, like Sweden, is done.

In the Alter-net media, whatever that means, they are drooling, ecstatic in the hope of killing ever more Arabs, from a lot of sites to Bretifartlins are joyful, and dont think for an moment the American care, they never have and never will.

So, my last question is this, just to show you how deep the Jewish lies goes and how all encompassing the faking if history de facto is, and to that I will challenge you all. Show me, anything, that confirms their bullshit about Jewish history, in ISISrael territory. Anything. Can you do that, huh. Take your time, do the digging, and remember, Goolag is as we speak reshuffling search results, so even Jesus whom never had anything to do with Jews, is been flooding the search engines result, I warn you, its much, more now than ever, I haven’t seen this much utter bullshit and flat-out faking for years, its massive, and dont trust whatever you read, and in stead, see it for your self. Trust but verify.

And dont come with bullshit from shit holes like Geller watch or Jihad Pamela, nor the Mossad dungeon SITE. Etc, etc. But go to official archeological communities, and see for your self, there is an reason for Israeli states own archeological inst, is deemed as anto-semitic and run by self-hating Jooojos, hehe, you cant make this shit up.



“Show me, anything, that confirms their bullshit about Jewish history, in ISISrael territory.” There is nothing. All ‘proofs’ disproved and ridiculed 100 years ago, but very few people know that.




Blah blah blah so what!! Funny how Russia can recognize Jerusalem (to be fair specifically west Jerusalem) and not catch hell for it but America can’t? People might want to pay attention to the fact Trump walked a fine line when he didn’t specify or use the “undivided eternal Jerusalem” many Israeli’s prefer.

Trumps kicking the failed globalist status quo up it’s backside. What’s to be seen is if this will be for better or worse?

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