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Hamas Delegation Will Visit Syria This Month – Report

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Hamas Delegation Will Visit Syria This Month – Report

Syria flag (flickr).

A delegation of the Palestinian Hamas Movement will visit Syria later this month, the Reuters news agency reported on October 6, citing two sources with knowledge on the matter.

One of the two sources, an unnamed senior Hamas official, told the news agency that the visit would take place after a Hamas delegation concludes a trip to Algeria on October 10 to discuss reconciliation with the rival Palestinian Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This was confirmed by the second sources.

Hamas declared its support for Syrian rebels and closed its offices in Damascus early on in the Syrian crisis. Later, Damascus accused the Islamic organization of providing support to the rebels in Palestinian refugee camps.

Talk of a reconciliation between Syria and Hamas first emerged in June. Later in September, the movement officially confirmed its intent to restore ties with Syria.

Hamas is considered the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is designated by Syria as a terrorist organization. The Syrian government, which provided Hamas with massive finical and military support before the outbreak of the war, is yet to clarify its current stand on the movement.

A rapprochement with Syria would solidify Hamas position in the so-called “Axis of Resistance” and strengthen its stand against Israel. Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah have been reportedly leading the efforts to fix the relations between the two sides.

The restoration of ties between Hamas and Syria will, without a doubt, trigger Israel. Tel Aviv could go as far as targeting any future presence of the organization in Syria.




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They worship gods that don’t exist, they create many children they should know will grow up in poverty and depend on welfare, they blame others for their miserable existence and kill other people for that reason.

Who are they?

They are illiterate, fanatical Arab Islamists.


Stop complaining! We are killing the ones who are uncivilized by nature/ behavior. You better thank Iran for providing this free service. You understand?


Zionist Muslims, that’s what I call them


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There you said it!

That is why Islamists kill each other.

Are just insane people with no hope for the future who indulge in extreme idolatry of fantasy gods.


Yes, Hamas are welcome to Damascus, and in Qiyamat you can see the penalty for treachery.

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