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Hamas Attacked Israeli Airport With Brand New ‘Heavy Rocket’ (Videos)

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Hamas Attacked Israeli Airport With Brand New ‘Heavy Rocket’ (Videos)

Hamas rocket unit. Illustrative image.

On May 13, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hams Movement, announced that it had attacked Ramon International Airport in southern Israel.

Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Palestinian faction, revealed in a statement that the Israeli airport, that’s located 220 kilometers away from Gaza, was targeted with a new heavy rocket dubbed “Ayyash-250”.

The new rocket was named after Yahya Ayyash, chief bombmaker of Hamas and the leader of the West Bank battalion of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, who was assassinated by Israel in 1996.

According to Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades spokesman, the new rocket has range of more than 250 kilometers and is armed with a heavy high-explosive warhead.

“We place the Ayyash-250 rocket in service and tell the enemy: your airports, and every point from north of Palestine to its south is within range of our rockets, and here is the next deterrent weapon flying in the sky of Palestine towards every target that we define and decide with the help of God,” the spokesman said.

Israeli sources confirmed that the rocket landed in the vicinity of Ramon International Airport. No losses were reported. However, the airport was closed.

A few minutes after the attack on Ramon, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades launched rockets at the Israeli capital Tel Aviv, the towns of Beersheba and Netivot as well as military bases in Tel Nof and Nevatim.

Several interception by the Iron Dome system were reported. However, in southern Israel the air-defense system faced a technical failure.

Since the outbreak of the battle in Gaza on May 10, Palestinian rocket fire have killed five people and injured dozens others in Israel. Rocket attacks will not likely stop soon as the Israeli side is still refusing ceasefire calls.


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Nazi are Zion…nothing new from those sub-humans.
It is WWII all over again, but those Nazis were sent to M.E from the EU LMFAO.
Remember history has a tendency to repeat itself.
People are growing hate towards Jews and Nazi that live with Jews around the world.
But Zion=Nazi don’t have power or money – cut of US/EU witch they send their Nazi into M.E and see sub-humans that can’t do anything.
Nazi state in M.E is poor and can’t even fight Hama a group which has nothing and they close off from the world…and here Nazi saying they are winning LOL, yeah against small groups which have no power.
I watch as the new Nazi in M.E gets finished by Hezbollah and Iran. If Hama can do so much damage imagine what Iran and Hezbollah can do…I can’t want to see REAL Jews be free again from Nazi Zion from the EU.

BTW, who going to pay? huh? The US
Russia, China, Iran, etc all laughing…as if Zion Nazi can pay anything…hahaha
The main way to kill Zion Nazi is to kill the US…the best way is to let Nazi Zion loot the US taxpayer’s money, Hama also said they haven’t used their new rockets which are much heavier and faster. They did test their old rockets which those rockets hit the heart of Tel Aviv, fly far beyond Haifa, Nazareth. Hahaha
Nazi Zion can’t even fight a close-off group that has nothing but homemade rockets 🤔 Ohhh you know Iran and Hezbollah just laughing.

P.S for anyone here who say no Nazi Zion aren’t poor sub-humans remember the US pay for anything Nazi State do… don’t forget GayObama paid 38 Billion to Zion before he left…that is coming to an end also the 2-3bilions each year and other aids to EU Nazi in M.E can’t cover Nazi plans.

At the end of the day the Nazi from the EU saying – We are winning a war against a group of people who have nothing and yet that group fuking Nazi still…it is fuking funny…also those Nazi Zion don’t have money if the US or EU don’t cover them soon.
Let say 1,000 rockets from Hama cost $500 (it is much cheaper) but I’m going to use Nazi words for it so they don’t cry like bitch about facts.
One Plastic Dome missile cost $88,000…hahahah let’s do maths (88000*1000= $88,000,000 million.) compare to
(500*1000= $500,000)
Now, do you think how many rockets hit Nazi? “The Iron dome has successfully intercepted around 100 of the 370 rockets that have been fired.”

Who is winning here, BiBi – Iran – China – Russia.
Who is losing here, Nazi Zion – US – EU.

Nazi Zion playing right into Iran’s hands – not only Iran get more inte of it, but they know where Nazi Zion hides their A.D.S.
I love Nazi Zion here saying shit like they winning….against whooo? I dying to know, they grow so much hate they can’t even think.

Arch Bungle

israel’s days are numbered.

I used to prophecy israel will end in 2030.

I was wrong.

It will end in 2027.

Technological advances move my calculations 3 years ahead.

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hahahaha somebody seems to be suprised by the things going on and its like people dont listen and basically iran warned its enemies always many times before this is basically always making them think that iran will eventually not do anything but they are again very very mistaken

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Imagine the paradise that could be created if that money $88m was spent to develop the area.

Grow food.
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Tear down the walls and talk to eachother.

Hate always loses.

Good luck people.


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Aristeidis Lykas

What you see in the last video is a Hamas rocket that fails to hit inside Israel. About 20% of rockets, launched by Hamas in the past 72 hours hit the Gaza strip because of technical failures.


ID interceptor failed to lock on target.

Porc Halal

Why not: f*ck all mosques??!!…I don’t understand you, really!

Porc Halal

Ps…and (all) sinagogues too!

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