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Hamas Arrests 45 ‘Israeli Spies’ In Gaza Strip

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Hamas Arrests 45 'Israeli Spies' In Gaza Strip

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Hamas arrested 45 Palestinians who were allegedly Israeli “spies and collaborators,” linked to a botch Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raid, Hamas interior ministry spokesman Iyad al-Bozum said in a statement on January 8th.

The Palestinians were allegedly recruited by Israel and have been arrested following the failed IDF covert mission in the Gaza Strip on November 11th.

The security services were able to arrest 45 agents after the security incident east of Khan Yunis last November and they are under investigation,” Hamas’ interior ministry spokesman Iyad al-Bozum said in a statement. No additional information was provided, it is unclear if the arrested suspects played any direct role in the incursion.

The arrested Palestinians were allegedly recruited by Israeli agents over the phone and social media, most often by blackmail. Despite Hamas managing to arrest “many spies” over the years, the Israelis continue to recruit Palestinian agents to “help them commit crimes against our people,” the Hamas spokesman said, appealing to those who are being coerced by the IDF to turn themselves in.

The November 11 special forces operation, details of which the Israeli military has kept largely secret, turned deadly when the undercover soldiers were spotted near Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The ensuing firefight claimed the lives of an Israeli army officer and seven Palestinian militants, including a local commander from Hamas’ military wing.

“Hamas is attempting to understand and analyze the incident that occurred in Gaza on November 11 and any information, even if it seems harmless by those who distribute it, can endanger lives and put state security at risk,” the army said at the time.

Following the incident, Hamas published photos of eight people and two vehicles allegedly linked to the IDF operation. The individuals in the pictures were not identified by Hamas itself.

In response, Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine launched over 400 rockets and projectiles into southern Israel, prompting the IDF to respond by striking over 150 targets in the Palestinian enclave.

Following the two-day escalation, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned, as a result of an Egypt-brokered ceasefire deal, which he considered a “capitulation to terror.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assumed the Defense Minister seat, in addition to already being the Health Minister and Foreign Minister.

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Mosab Yousef (the green prince) is just one example of how effective Israel is at turning Palestinians against their people.

Deep Space

Execute the cockroaches!


Which ones: the Palestinian traitors or the Zi0Nazis?

Emanual Macron



That’ll be difficult considering that the only traitors in Palestine are the Zi0Nazis.

Master Oroko

Hamas was created by Israel; now it has turned against it.

This is what I call “karma.”

Emanual Macron

you were created by your whore mother, and here you are being a dumb bitch. Karma

Master Oroko

I don’t get why you reacted this way, but whatever. Goodbye.


There’s never a shortage of collaborators willing to do the bidding of any occupier. It probably doesn’t help in this case that Gaza is the world’s biggest concentration camp, so life is pretty bleak for most of the inhabitants. So if the Israelis offer them ca$h I reckon plenty would be willing to take it. Even in Nazi concentration camps there were Jews willing to help the Germans for some extra scraps of food. And I don’t blame them in that regard. If the alternative is certain death I would do it too.

I do wonder how thorough these investigations have been though, or if they were driven by more by the need to produce some scapegoats. Akin to Stalin’s purges. Where NKVD interrogators were being driven by the need to produce confessions in order to meet quotas.


Wait wait wtf, Netanyahu is prime minister & defense minister & foreign minister and health minister at the very same time, how the f**k is this possible LOL. I didn’t know this.


Very old news lol

Real Anti-Racist Action

Once they get in, they are difficult to weed out. They cling to you and your population for subsistencecomment image


This is fairly typical. Yes, the Arabs do occasionally kill Israeli intelligence agents and informers but often these are thinly veiled murders. Many of the Arab’s call their personal enemies “Israeli spies” with some trumped up evidence so they can imprison or execute them and no one would dare question the verdict.

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