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Hamas Arrested “Special Operation Agent” Of Israeli intelligence In Gaza – Report

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Hamas Arrested “Special Operation Agent” Of Israeli intelligence In Gaza – Report

Hamas members in Gaza . (photo credit: REUTERS)

Palestinian security forces in the Gaza Strip arrested a local “special operation agent” of the Israeli intelligence few days ago, the al-Majd security awareness website revealed on February 10.

According to the Palestinian website, which is known for its close ties with the Hamas Movement, the local collaborator was arrested while he was trying to install a “malware” in the laptop of one of his relatives, who is a member of Hamas. The collaborator had received the malware in a USB drive from his Israeli handlers.

“The agent has been working with the Israeli intelligence since 2009, he was recruited via phone by a girl who identified herself as Shereen, she told him that she works for a charity,” the al-Majd’s report reads.

If confirmed, the arrest of this special agent will be the latest in a series of failures of the Israeli intelligence. Last November, Hamas foiled a sensitive intelligence operation by a unit of the Israeli military’s “Sayeret Matkal” special forces inside the Gaza Strip. The failure of the Israeli operation uncovered 45 local collaborators.

Hamas offered a reward of a 1 million U.S. Dollars to any local collaborator with the Israeli intelligence who would defect and “hunt” one of its operators. The offer reflects the group’s growing interest in counter-espionage sector.

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nearest lamppost – nothing much to wait for. next time it might be a thieving squatter on the palestinian land and then the lamppost better be nearby.


Yes in public the South Africans used to use flaming necklaces to discourage treason.

alejandro casalegno

You see it in the first scene of the film “Bopha”………a traitor inside several rubber tires, nafta and a match……………….


2019 is the last year of Israeli terrorist state in Palestine.

Top HRW official accuses Israel of meddling in UK. Israeli terrorists and enroachers have “manufactured” anti-Semitism crisis in UK.


Well done Hamas. Grow up and kickout all European conspirators and encroachers from Palestine. Shutdown their terrorist training headquarter “Israel” in Palestine.

Hamas are true heroes of Palestine and of Syria. They are the true defendant of Palestine.

Pave Way IV

Hamas? They’ve been compromised for years by Israel and the US. They seem to be utterly useless to the Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp. Whoever isn’t compromised in Hamas is paralyzed by paranoia and inept at dealing with Israel. I don’t trust them and I understand a lot of Palestinians have their doubts, too. Hamas’ purpose seems to be to act as the eternal cardboard enemy justifying Israeli slaughter of Gaza civilians.

Hamas wants to kick Israel out of Palestine and subject liberated Palestinians to a Wahhabi-like Salafi Sunni state. Wow – who wouldn’t want that? Furthermore, Hamas sided with the Saudis (against Saddam) regarding Kuwait I think they also objected to Iran supporting Syria in the current war and objected to Iran supporting the Houthis in the Yemen war. So they seem to represent Palestinians to the extent that it aligns with Saudi interests. And the Saudi’s interests as of late seem to align perfectly with Israel’s interests.

Contrast Hamas with Hezbollah. “Iranian-backed” Hezbollah exists to fight Israeli occupation and unwanted foreign influence anywhere. They have never sought to turn south Lebanon into any kind of Shia fundamentalist state, and spend much of their time today fighting Sunni-killing Wahhabi nutjobs. They have successfully kept Israel at bay and will continue to do so. I would trust Hezbollah way more than Hamas to help Gaza.


Very much true. Of course Hezbollah is a Shia movement and doesn’t operate in Sunni areas. But Hamas has come back to the Iranian fold, as the Saudis never give them any money anyway. They’re too busy being bestest buds with Israel anyway.

And inept as Hamas is, they are still lightyears ahead of what happens to pass for resistance under their rival Abbas. The PLO lost any fight it had with Israel, its most humiliating defeats getting kicked out of Jordan and Lebanon. And they weren’t as corrupt as the Palestinian Authority under Arafat and Abbas have become. Well, at least they weren’t when they won the last free election. Which was what? Almost 2 decades ago?


Comparing the respective Hamas and Hezbollah situations is comparing apples and bananas.

Pave Way IV

Yes, weak on many levels. I’m just speaking to a broader ability to defend one’s territory and protect their people. Then again, Hezbollah isn’t confined inside an Israeli concentration camp with a million of their people.


Any party that are against Israel and Zionist America are the true friends of Mideast dwellers. Division neither liked by God nor by prophets.


Dear South Front: These guys kill as many alleged collaborators as they do Israelis, it’s a super convenient way to settle personal quarrels. Just FYI.


Cool propoganda bro, how many shekels do you get paid per comment?


You just proved my point, you allege that anyone who disagrees with you is on Israel’s payroll…. somehow.


Anyone who disagrees with the MSM narrative is a Russian troll, anyone who disagrees with the alternative media is an Israeli troll. Are there any regular humans left?


A fair point indeed. If anyone can be arrested and admits guilt after ‘interrogation’ then everyone in Gaza can be and is a spy for Israel. What a sad place to live in.


Yep, the same way every Palestinian arrested in the Zi0Nazi garbage dump, after ‘interrogation’ is a terrorist. In fact, I should rephrase that: every Palestinian is a terrorist by definition, which is confirmed after ‘interrogation’. So, the “only democracy” in the Middle East is on a par with Hamas.




Mossad losing a bunch of it’s shine.


Losing it? It’s already gone.

Tom Nicholson

Is he hanging now?

Joe Kerr

$1 million reward is a lot, surprised Hamas has this much to throw at collaborators… but not as surprised as the IDF was when 26 of its troops died on the first day of Israel’s last attempt at regime change in Gaza during its “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008, after which they changed tactics- relying on air strikes and lobbing tanks shells and white phosphorus at civilians in their version of “shock and awe”.


is he strung up yet -if not, what is holding thingsup?


If the dude has been working for Israel since 2009 that would mean he’s been passing on info about Hamas for 10 years. 10 years is a pretty good run for an intelligence agent, usually their lifespan is measured in single years. I would hardly call that a failure. If anything the failure was on Hamas for not noticing it earlier.

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