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Hamas And Islamic Jihad Hold Conference To Say What Will Happen After “Israel’s Collapse” But Not How It Will Happen

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Hamas And Islamic Jihad Hold Conference To Say What Will Happen After "Israel's Collapse" But Not How It Will Happen

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On September 30th, a conference titled “Promise of the Hereafter – Post-Liberation Palestine” funded by Hamas and sponsored by Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar.

Notably, the “Promise of the Hereafter” conference stated that a Jewish “brain drain” must be prevented as part of the effort to set the stage to realize “Hamas’ strategic vision.”

The Conference resolution further stated that “we [Hamas and Islamic Jihad] must differentiate between Jews who should and should not be killed.”

According to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), it was organized by the Promise of the Hereafter Institute, established in 2014.

Dr. Issam Adwan, chairman of the conference’s preparatory committee and former head of Hamas’s department of refugee affairs, said that the conference’s recommendations would be presented to the Hamas leadership.

In a statement to the conference delivered by Hamas political bureau member Kamal Abu Aoun, Sinwar stated that “we are sponsoring this conference because it is in line with our assessment that victory is nigh” and that “the full liberation of Palestine from the sea to the river” is “the heart of Hamas’s strategic vision.”

According to MEMRI, the conference’s concluding statement said that the “liberation of Palestine is the collective duty of the entire [Islamic] nation, first and foremost of the Palestinian people. It is [therefore] crucial to formulate a plan for utilizing the nation’s resources and dividing the labor among its different components, each according to its abilities. That is the responsibility of the Council for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Council for the Liberation of Palestine will be headed by a general secretariat, led by a steering council, which, upon the liberation of Palestine, will become an executive council headed by an interim presidential council until the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections and the formation of a new government,” the statement read.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad official Khader Habib said at the conference: “The resistance is engaged in an existential conflict with the Israeli occupation, and it will emerge victorious, as promised by Allah. … The only conflict which the Quran discusses in detail is the conflict between us and the Zionist enterprise, which is the pinnacle of evil on the global level.”

It was a significant conference for Hamas and Islamic Jihad with many claims of what would allegedly happen if Israel were to collapse, but no actual concrete steps for any sort of adequate actions to be undertaken.

It seemed like a way to launder money more than anything since it simply repeated old rhetoric and made few new statements.


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

I think they got the lead when they noticed that the Isisraeli govt poisoned 90% of its population with GMO poison jabs, and keep doing it with booster kill shots…

Chris Gr

Booster shots are harming Israelis mostly.

Chris Gr

For basement dwellers here, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are good while Ahrar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam are bad while they all share the same ideology.


What you miss Chris is the Pals have the legal and moral right to resist occupation based on the Geneva Convention and multiple UN resolutions. The other Takfiris are just Saudi-funded mercenaries they are sending as far from Riyadh as possible.

Chris Gr

Syrian and Palestinian mujahideen have the same ideology.


Hamas recognised their mistake, too close to Qatar. There is a Pal brigade fighting with the SAA. The only future for Palestine is with the Resistance.

Freedom is equal to all of us

O my god this guys are so delusional…
They barely have toilet money to wipe their ass and they think about colapse/defeat of Israel…
They are living in fantasy world.
Maybe to many games on xbox brought them so different..🤣🤣🤣🤣


He that laughs last, laughs best. It’s not fantasy, it’s a vision. You need to invision things in order to achieve them.


You truly believe the fly on the elephant’s rear will truly bring down the pachyderm?
Hold your breath. Seriously. Starting now. Tell me when the Jews are all dead.


Imagine Hamas turns on Shias (Hezbollah and Iran) after we help liberate Palestine. Hamas was already exposed for helping FSA, thats why Bashar doesn’t like them anymore

Chris Gr

Turkish FSA is not really against Hezbollah. Saudi FSA was only.


Mmmhhh… the fact that they’re not talking about “how” makes it more likely they actually have a plan. You must be unfathomably stupid to think somebody would actually give away their strategy. Unless, of course, you just want to show off rather than actually achieve something.

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