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Haftar’s Forces Repelled Turkish-led Attack On Tarhuna

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On April 21st, Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari gave a press briefing.

In it he admitted that the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces had attacked the city of Tarhuna, but the attack had failed.

Al-Mesmari said that the army inflicted heavy losses on the Turkish-backed forces, and that its air defenses shot down drones that provided air cover to them during their attack on the city.

Tarhuna, located 65 km southeast of the capital, Tripoli, is an important base for the Libyan National Army.

He said that Turkey was sending militants from Syria to fight on behalf of the GNA, and realizing it through “financial blackmail.” He further said that the constant deployments of weapons and militants by Ankara meant that no ceasefire could be kept.

The video below is an example of regular accusations by the LNA towards the GNA:

On the side of the GNA, Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, a former member of the Justice and Construction Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood said that he is quite displeased with the defense of Tripoli, as the young people refused to fight on behalf of the GNA forces, which are comprised from various militant groups, Turkish forces, and Turkish-deployed militants.

On the ground, Haftar’s forces shelled their own ammunition stores in the city of Zuwarah, which was captured by GNA nearly a week ago.

However, the LNA is also pushing towards the west coast, having captured Al-Aqrabiyah, which is just west of Sabratha.

The siege on Wattiya airbase resulted in failure for the GNA, as the attacks have stopped and the facilities are still under Haftar forces control.

Heavy clashes are going on in Ain Zara and Salah Al Din in southern Tripoli.

The LNA also reportedly downed 3 Turkish UAVs, likely Bayraktar TB2 in just 6 hours in clashes near Tripoli.


A GNA weapons depot was also targeted by LNA forces in Krimia, Tripoli.

The LNA reportedly killed 4 Turkish soldiers and a Syrian mercenary leader with their shelling in on GNA positions in Tripoli.

On April 19th, GNA forces launched an operation to recapture Tarhuna, a town of strategic value for Haftar and his last major stronghold in the area surrounding Tripoli.

The GNA said that it had launched 17 airstrikes on LNA forces on April 20th.

The GNA has been preventing Haftar forces from providing further supplies to Tarhuna over the previous several weeks. The LNA claimed that the attack was unsuccessful, but the push continues.

Turkish national Anadolu Agency provided a map of the directions of attack on Tarhua, plus some background information that it propagates at any given chance.

Haftar's Forces Repelled Turkish-led Attack On Tarhuna

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Lmao, you guys really put that first video here? Shows what kind of ret0rds run SF.


[Imgur]comment image)


GNA map, wonder how much is real. and how much perception management.


Andalou News Agency is Turkish propaganda medium – hence reference Sarraj Effendi Bey of Tripoli as “GNA/UN ” recog government altho UN mandate regime expired 3 years ago and now rules thru local gangster militia bolstered by ex-Syria jihadi mercs and regular Turkish assets.

Xoli Xoli

Cut Erdogans dick off.


At this point I don’t really care who wins in Libya, as long as that human piece of mulch Erdogan (no insult to human pieces of mulch intended) loses.

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