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Haftar’s Forces On The Back Foot As GNA Moves Towards Tarhuna


Haftar's Forces On The Back Foot As GNA Moves Towards Tarhuna

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After capturing the al-Watiya airbase, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces are moving towards Tarhuna to attempt and capture the key forward stronghold of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

On May 21st, the GNA took complete control of the town of al-Asaba, which provided a corridor for the GNA between Tarhuna and al-Watiya.

Since then, the GNA has been carrying out airstrikes and drone strikes on Tarhuna.

Two Turkish UAVs were downed above Tarhuna by the LNA.

The battle of Tarhuna is expected to be significant, since the LNA is withdrawing large quantities of heavy weapons from Qasr bin Ghashir, which is just south of Tripoli towards Tarhuna in order to repel the incoming siege.

The GNA also took control of the city of Muzdah, which is further south, but if it now continues eastward and captures more towns it would entirely encircle the LNA forces in Tarhuna.

Despite the vows of the “largest aerial campaign” by the LNA, nothing of the sort has happened, there were a few airstrikes on GNA positions in Tripoli, as well as east of Misrata, but nothing significant.

In that manner, a MiG-29 was detected on the ground far south from Tarhuna and Tripoli, but whether it is only 1 remains unknown.

It appears that the GNA is also pushing eastward towards Sirte, as there’s been numerous reports of air and drone strikes.

There are heavy clashes, but currently it appears that the LNA is on the back foot and the GNA, with its Turkish support is progressing largely unimpeded. It is expected that the siege of Tarhuna should start shortly.

Turkey is sending more supplies, as a Lockheed C-130B was detecting flying from Istanbul towards Misrata.

The success of the GNA and it’s Turkish supporters are evidenced by the fact that tribal councils are providing written surrender notices without fighting and resisting the armies.




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