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JUNE 2021

Haftar’s Forces On The Back Foot As GNA Moves Towards Tarhuna

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Haftar's Forces On The Back Foot As GNA Moves Towards Tarhuna

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After capturing the al-Watiya airbase, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces are moving towards Tarhuna to attempt and capture the key forward stronghold of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

On May 21st, the GNA took complete control of the town of al-Asaba, which provided a corridor for the GNA between Tarhuna and al-Watiya.

Since then, the GNA has been carrying out airstrikes and drone strikes on Tarhuna.

Two Turkish UAVs were downed above Tarhuna by the LNA.

The battle of Tarhuna is expected to be significant, since the LNA is withdrawing large quantities of heavy weapons from Qasr bin Ghashir, which is just south of Tripoli towards Tarhuna in order to repel the incoming siege.

The GNA also took control of the city of Muzdah, which is further south, but if it now continues eastward and captures more towns it would entirely encircle the LNA forces in Tarhuna.

Despite the vows of the “largest aerial campaign” by the LNA, nothing of the sort has happened, there were a few airstrikes on GNA positions in Tripoli, as well as east of Misrata, but nothing significant.

In that manner, a MiG-29 was detected on the ground far south from Tarhuna and Tripoli, but whether it is only 1 remains unknown.

It appears that the GNA is also pushing eastward towards Sirte, as there’s been numerous reports of air and drone strikes.

There are heavy clashes, but currently it appears that the LNA is on the back foot and the GNA, with its Turkish support is progressing largely unimpeded. It is expected that the siege of Tarhuna should start shortly.

Turkey is sending more supplies, as a Lockheed C-130B was detecting flying from Istanbul towards Misrata.

The success of the GNA and it’s Turkish supporters are evidenced by the fact that tribal councils are providing written surrender notices without fighting and resisting the armies.


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Does anyone have an idea as to how the hell Haftar is a freakin’ Field Marshal?


How was Rommel a Field Marshal ? Training. Winning or losing is another thing. Realistically the only reason Haftar is on the back foot now is because the Turks have flooded Libya’s airspace with drones. They’ve lost 15 drones. 7 Pantsirs have been destroyed but this narrative that the Pantsir is absolutely useless is a joke. The Pantsir is meant to be used in tandem with other systems like BUK, TOR, S-300/S-400, ground radar stations, satellites, fighter jets, AWACS. By itself there’s only so much it can do, especially an export version.


Crew quality has a lot to do with the effectiveness of any system. That is probably the weak point.

Jimmy Jim



ahahahahaha holy shit ahahahah


if it was real though


Indeed, although I doubt the 7 Pantsir claim as I’ve only seen a few either destroyed or captured. The Turkish claim of 7 Pantsir’s yesterday was the usual BS propaganda we’ve come to expect from them (using old footage and strikes against ordinary trucks).


17 Turkish drones and 8 Pantsirs since the start of the year.

Realistically the Pantsirs are export versions being operated by unqualified militants. Also the Pantsir is meant to be used along side other systems like Tor, BUK,S-300, ground radar, AWACS, fighter jets, interceptors. satellites. By itself it can only do so much.

Ashok Varma

He was a major in Qaddafi’s army but got a rapid self-promotion.


15 Turkish drones have been shot down in Libya, 7 Pantsirs destroyed in Libya

Liberal guy

And each ottoman drone costs 5 million hmmmm


It’s up to 17 Turkish drones and 8 Pantsirs now.


Your own source says 8 Pantsirs and 3 Bayraktar drones. Did you even read it?

Ashok Varma

The GNA is backed by NATO and unless Egypt intervenes, which it can not as it is subservient to US, the GNA will win and Turkey and Italy will get the oil. Bad news for Greece.


Nope. This will stay a stalemate.


I doubt Turkey will march against Benghazi.


UAE and Egypt need to put their money where their big mouth is and do something or it is all over for the LNA.


What a fucked up mess.
Time and time again it shows, that against Erdogan you have to act 100%. Such a brazen psychopath wont be stopped by stupid diplomatic pseudo “peace initiatives”, or deals.
He only understands force. So just like in Idlib, either you are moving as aggressive, without waiting time for unrealistic deals, or you get another turkish occupation zone.
EU also again has shown its impotence and naivitee in the face of Erdogan. Now sooner or later Lybia will be even more a hub of Jihadis and illegal immigrants threatening the national security not only of nothern Afrcian but also Europen countries. And Erdogan will be able to use his deal with GNA to claim control of a huge part of the mediterianian, which has at least as huge implications.
So either UAE, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Greece and other EU countries step up their support in the same way as Erdogan, or they will have brought this mess upon themselves for years and likely decades to come.
Erdogan has changed the game in Lybia. Time to agknowledge that, and step up.


The overthrow and cold blooded televised murder of Colonal Kaddafi is now coming to haunt the cabal that wanted Libya’s high quality low sulfur oil. Libya’s tribal socio-economic compact has been shattered beyond repair and with the Turkish invasion assisted Salafist cutthroat Jihadis from Syria, Libya and the region including Tunisia and Egypt are in for a very destabilizing regional conflict.

Zionism = EVIL

In my parlance it is called a CLUSTER FUCK of biblical proportions :)

Liberal guy



And the dance of chaos continues. The latest candidate for a laugh track is the Israeli accusation that Iran is illegally supplying weapons to the Zionist Israel and US agent Haftar. He’s winning, he’s losing..as Libya continues down the road of chaos…which precludes any possible peace there. The US and Israeli facade of antagonism with Turkey is not convincing. Russia and Iran are not fooled at all. Why is nothing said about EU supplies of weapons to GNA or UAE supplying Haftar? Hmmm….Possibly the same reason that Yemen is sanctioned against weapons purchases, while KSA continues it’s buying spree from NATO members? Kinda reminds one of the ridiculous sanctions imposed by the west over ‘human rights’ in Iran, as they facilitate the genocide in Yemen perpetrated by UNHR member KSA and enhanced by those that supply them with weapons, intel and mercenaries.


ill bet that Europe wished they have let gaddafi in power, know they got, a refugee crisis swooping euro beaches , slave markets, involved in costly proxy war, New players trying to get the price.


where is largest aerial campaign in Libyan history ?

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