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Haftar’s Forces Make Gains As Delegation Visits Damascus To Exchange Experience In Dealing With Turkey

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Haftar's Forces Make Gains As Delegation Visits Damascus To Exchange Experience In Dealing With Turkey

A Turkish BMC, destroyed on March 2nd by the LNA. Click to see full-size image

On March 2nd, Turkey’s nightmare scenario appears to be becoming reality, as a delegation allied to Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar visited Damascus, Syria.

In the meeting, Libyan Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Abdul-Hadi al-Hawaij met with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus.

al-Hawaij said “Syria is an important, effective and key state in the region despite of all circumstances facing it and terrorism will not undermine it as it is able to overcome all the crises thanks to the resilience of its people, the heroism of its army and the wisdom of its leadership.”

Al-Hawaij noted that one of the most important goals of the visit to Syria is to exchange information on thousands of terrorists and mercenaries who have been transferred by Erdogan from northern Syria to Libya backed by Qatar “the financial arm of all the operations in this regard.”

The delegation was also received by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

On the Syrian side, Muallem said diplomatic missions would be reopened in Damascus and the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, controlled by Haftar’s forces.

The two sides also pledged to coordinate to “confront Turkish interference and aggression against both countries”.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Libya, the LNA appears to be making gains against the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces.

Another UAV, presumably Turkish was shot down in southern Tripoli.

Haftar's Forces Make Gains As Delegation Visits Damascus To Exchange Experience In Dealing With Turkey

Image of the Turkish UAV, downed above Tripoli by the LNA and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s signature on it. Click to see full-size image

Shelling of the Mitiga airport with Grad rockets also continued.

The LNA reported that it had knocked out the MIM-23 HAWK Systems that Turkey deployed at the Mitiga airport.

There were heavy clashes in Ain Zara, eastern Tripoli.

And the LNA is also advancing from the area of the Tripoli International Airport.

The GNA attempted to destroy the vehicle used by the LNA to launch GRAD rockets, but to no avail.

Heavy clashes are on-going in many positions in and around Tripoli, but so far it appears that the LNA is managing to gain the upper hand, as Turkey’s support of the GNA proves entirely ineffective.

Turkey’s role, currently, is sending drones that are being destroyed, militants who are taking part in presumed operations with unclear results. The information network’s efforts, however, are working in a way similar to that in Syria – there are reports of LNA fighters being killed, but little evidence to back them up.


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Arch Bungle

The enemy of my enemy is my friend …

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Libyans like the Syrians who they consider as the best of the Arabs for standing up to Zionist scum. Kaddafi supported Assad senior in 1973 and even sent a battalion to fight alongside Algerians and Iraqis on the Golan. The Libyans provided one armored brigade and two squadrons of Mirage V fighters, of which one squadron was to be piloted by the Egyptian Air
Force and the other by Libyan pilots. Only Egyptian-manned squadrons participated in the war Libya also sent financial aid. This was Libya’s first pan Arab military mission and they did quite well. Algerians were some of the toughest soldiers and blocked the Zionists at Sassa ridge near Damascus at great sacrifice and courage.

jhon malakiat

good history.
thx bro

good american

That is a good history. On most comment sites one dosn’t learn a dar.n thing.


the old proverb are still the best !


No, that adage is a recipe for disaster, because sometimes the devil you is better in the long run then that new ally who popped and who ends up taking the both of you. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. Nothing more, nothing less.


2 loser get together

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are being roasted everywhere.

Lone Ranger

I can hear the hasbarats cries from tel aviv…;)

God (now with coronavirus)

no country will be a superpower forever. If you keep treating your neighbors badly your children one day will pay the consequences

Zionism = EVIL

The problem is that the delusionally arrogant and ignorant Turkeys have a problem with all their neighbors from Armenia, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Greece to Syria. They are morons.

Porc Halal

Yes, and nowadays many turks are making the mistake of supporting the islamist regime crimes against nations like syria and others. When this evil islamist regime will be defeted and turkey will be at the mercy of others, then the children of the actual turkish retarded ‘grownups’ will pay a (huge!) bill…

Zionism = EVIL

Interestingly, the Turkeys have disappeared from SF like their drones :)

Lone Ranger


Porc Halal

Haha!…yep, that’s true

Porc Halal

Some will change their user name too…

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…
Nein…our beautiful wahabimossad assets…oy oy..thats a lot of shekels gone puff, I cant even watch…
I only hope U.S. govt will give us more free money from their taxpayerss so wr can train more assets…oy oy…

Porc Halal

Hahaha!!..that’s very well said dude…

God (now with coronavirus)

Turkey could have extended their good-relations with the old Ottoman territories if it didn’t act like a bully.
I feel like Lybia, Cyprus, Syria, northern Iraq….some people in the Turk government was trying to military bind old Ottoman territories. Instead, they are kind of making everything worse


Wouldn’t be a surprise if Erdogan met the same manner of fate as Gaddafi.

Assad must stay

very nice

Jens Holm

Next try might be Golan for all Westbankers if Netanjahu wins the elections.

Assads need spendable new inhabitants. Its more and more as in DDR, where Honnesker had to build a wall, so he was not kept alone there. He was the only proletar in the whole DDR.

If Trump wins Assad might get some ´125.000 “mexicans” a year. Not bad with pigs and tequila. Russians might stay there forever:).

Better then no oil…

Fair treatment

Now the Turkish nightmares just started to unfold.
They should back down and take care of his population not waging war against Syria. Because they are neighbour . And bombs can start falling on Turkish soil and no NATO will not help them, because they are the oanes who started the war,and no country attacked first Turkey they attacked first so they cannot invoke art5.

Porc Halal

syrians will fuck turks up!

Porc Halal

PS…really bad

Rafik Chauhan

instead of creating the global mix army of muslim to protect muslim from terriost and Zionist. Erdogon stupid want Nato membership. it proves Turks are the main casue of destruction tighter with Bahrain and Saudi/uae. Pakistan goverment is also useless . slave of Alsaud.

opet ja

That drone had bad luck since Erdogan wrote his thoughts on it lolol


Lol The same UAV Er?an signs is the one shot down. Truely its a sign.

Rhodium 10

Turkish drones are ineffective in Libya as Pantsir system are deployed!…in Syria were not deployed in east Idlib as terrorist offensive was active and that system could fall under terrorist hands like the T-90!…other factor is the lack of coordination between SAD operators and air control which can provoke that Russia/Syrian jets/drones can be shot down by friendly fire!


Ha, seems ErDOGan keeps biting off more than he can chew. His forces are spread too thinly, and are deployed in insufficient numbers to make a real difference on either battlefield.

These miscalculations on his part probably stem from his delusions about Turkey being a ‘great-power’ (muh ‘2nd largest NATO army’), when in reality it’s a relatively-weak and domestically-unstable power.

cechas vodobenikov

clearly the Russian leadership comprehends the old adage, keep your friends close—keep your enemies closer…..obviously the turks and amerikans can’t understand this

Arch Bungle

Assad, are you sure you want to partner with this CIA plant?

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