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MARCH 2021

Haftar’s Forces Downed 6 Turkish UAVs And Killed 10 Soldiers At Mitiga Airport


Haftar's Forces Downed 6 Turkish UAVs And Killed 10 Soldiers At Mitiga Airport

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On February 28th, the Libyan National Army (LNA), commanded by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, reported that it had downed 4 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) belonging to the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces.

There are photographs showing the downed UAVs.

The total number of UAVs downed since February 27th sits at 6, as 2 more were downed on the previous day.

Commander of LNA’s western military operations room, Maj. Gen. al-Mabrouk al-Ghazwi confirmed the downing of a Turkish drone south of Tripoli after it took off from “Turkish base in Mitiga,” saying it was a violation of the ceasefire declared in the region.

LNA spokesman, Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Mismari quoted Ghazwi as confirming his units’ readiness to deal with any threat that puts the security and safety of the capital and forces at risk.

On the next day, al-Ghazwi said that the number of downed drones had reached 6.

“The Turkish drones tried to launch a major air operation against the army forces and target more civilian targets,” al-Ghezwi added in a press statement on Saturday morning.

He indicated that the army air defense forces “are still conducting radar reconnaissance operations in order to hunt any enemy drones in the military operations zone in western Libya.”

The LNA is carrying out a heavy push on GNA and Turkish forces, especially in around Mitiga airport.

More than 60 Grad rockets landed on the airport.

According to Al Arabiya, 10 Turkish soldiers were killed in the shelling of Mitiga airport.

On February 29th, heavy clashes are continuing south of Tripoli, and shelling with Grad rockets is on-going.

The GNA said that the LNA is being pushed back by its forces, or at least stopped.




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