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Haftar’s Forces Deploy Missile Defense System To Sirte, Carry Out Missile Tests


Haftar's Forces Deploy Missile Defense System To Sirte, Carry Out Missile Tests

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In possible preparation for incoming hostilities, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces announced the deployment of a missile defense systems to Sirte.

The spokesperson of the LNA, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that a successful missile test had been conducted, after a platform was constructed near Benghazi.


Sirte is of incredible significance, because it is the next stronghold that the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Turkish forces need to take over in attempting to entirely turn the tide.

It is also of significance, since the House of Representatives, based on Tobruk, invited Egypt to intervene militarily if Sirte were to be attacked.

On July 20th, the Egyptian parliament approved a military deployment to counter the militants that the GNA employs and that Turkey has deployed to Libya if Sirte were to be attacked.

On July 23rd, an Egyptian C-130 Hercules cargo plane went from Paris to northern Libya.

C-130 Hercules cargo planes are customarily used by Turkey to continue deploying military equipment, militants and soldiers to Tripoli, Misrata and, more recently, al-Watiya.

Greece announced its support of Egypt’s initiative in Libya and that it was behind it, which likely means a bit of diplomatic push, but it is unlikely that in the case of hostilities any Greek forces would join the fray.

The Algerian Foreign Minister also made a statement saying that it supported the positions of Tunisia and Egypt regarding the situation in Libya.

“There is a great convergence between our vision and the positions of Egypt and Tunisia regarding the Libyan crisis, and we understand the national security challenges facing Libya’s neighbors.

Our vision to settle the Libyan crisis is based on a ceasefire, the initiation of negotiations, the push for a peaceful solution, the rejection of foreign interference, and respect for the arms embargo.”

There are still no hostilities on the ground, and there is still much intensity diplomatically, with Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and GNA President Fayez al-Sarraj frequently taking part in discussions with their presumed allies.




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