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Haftar’s Forces Carry Out Wide Airstrike Operation In Response To GNA’s Advance

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Haftar's Forces Carry Out Wide Airstrike Operation In Response To GNA's Advance

Russian Pantsir-S1 in Bani Walid.

In the late hours of May 24th, two Turkish C-130 military transport aircraft were detected flying towards Misrata, Libya.

It is unclear what either of the aircraft transported, but it is likely more equipment and/or troops to assist in the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) recent impetus, owed greatly to the Turkish Armed Forces and militants deployed from Syria.

Meanwhile, the fighting for Bani Walid and Tarhuna hasn’t began yet, as Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces appear to be pushing back and holding their positions, after almost entirely retreating from the frontline in Tripoli to secure their vital positions in both cities.

In Bani Walid, a Russian Pantsir-S1 was photographed, active and defending from enemy aircraft.

Two military cargo planes, with unknown origin also landed in Bani Walid.

And as promised earlier by the LNA, a massive air operation is taking place, with positions in Gharyan, Tripoli, and the Jandouba bridge being hit by air strikes.


There are also reports of LNA aircraft intensively carrying out flights above Misrata, but there’s no reports of any strikes.

The strikes in Tripoli saw a GNA tank being destroyed by the LNA.

In mainstream media, a narrative is being pushed forward, claiming that the fight Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is so losing, that even the mythical Russian PMC – Wagner is pulling out its 1,200 mercenaries out of Libya.

The Russian fighters allied to the LNA retreated with their heavy equipment from the capital to the airport of Bani Walid, a town some 150km (93 miles) southeast of Tripoli, said Salem Alaywan, Bani Walid’s mayor.

He told Reuters news agency the Russians were then flown out of western Libya to Jufra, a remote central district and LNA stronghold.

“They [the Russians] were flown in three military planes to Jufra, and their military vehicles were driven there,” he said.

There continues to be no evidence whatsoever of their presence, or their supposed departure from Libya, as there’s not a single photograph or video to substantiate any of the claims.


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The LNA has a very bad record of falling short of its multiple declared aims, such as no-fly zones over Ma’itiqah Airport and Misrata Airport – apart from a couple of strikes both have functioned to receive uninterrupted inflights of Turkish regular forces, Syrian mercenaries, heavy weapons, combat vehicles etc.. Ditto at the seaports all along the coast from Zuara thru Tripoli to Khums and Misrata. LNA has loudly announced that all Turkish facilities and traffic will be targeted but to date not a single Turkish base, warship, warplane or cargo plane has been hit. This is a war , urged on by the traitor Quisling Sarraj Effendi the Bey of Trablus and the MB “Grand ? ” Mufti Sayed Ghariani Turkey is using ground, sea, and air assets to the full, with no restraint. It’s like the so-called “allies” of LNA treat this as some “survivor “TV game with Turkey being given immunity cards at every turn., while EU, NATO give it the green light to do whatever it takes to prop up the illegal gangsters running Misrata and Tripoli. Unless the LNA starts directly targeting Turkish assets like cargo planes on the ground and warships on the coast , and demands their “allies ” (supposedly Egypt, Russia, UAE) show some muscle and put skin in the game the Ottoman invasion will continue. Let’s just see how the latest “Largest Air Campaign in Libyan History ” pans out : not too hopeful myself.


Yeah, spot on. Turkey is enyoing immunity here, as no backer of the LNA is willing to risk a conflict with Erdogan.
Just like the now frozen Idlib mess. LNA will have to do without attacking the root cause (Turks). Just like Russia and to some degree Iran wont risk a further direct military conflict with NATO Turks again.
A psychopath like Erdogan you either confront 100%, or you are being subject to him.
Though both LNA and Assad know this. Which has been the reason for the diverging views and friction between e.g. Assad and Putin in the last year. Which resultet in the articles by Putin connected think tanks and diplomats attacking Assad, and then in one of Assads closest allies attacking Putin heavily..
Assad learned his lesson with Turks and Qataris in the 2000s, and will not repeat them. Freezing the conflict and accepting Turkish occupation like Russia now prefers in the hope to attract investors from gulf states for rebuilding Syria is no option, and Assad knows this. Even more now that the Russian plan to make a settlement with Turkey and US has failed.
Only when Syria is liberated 100% will the onslaught from NATO and Gulf states end.


Exactly – no one, neither Russia, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Greece has the guts to stand up to Turkey, knowing that the rest of NATO always ally with Turkey. Italy in particular are a disgrace sucking up to the gangster mafia running Tripoli to keep the gas flowing from Wafa thru Mellitah to Gela (Sicily)

Assad must stay

imagine if all of them stood up to turkey :))))

Mustafa Mehmet

No prop… Assad must go now


Assad isn’t going anywhere – Islamist terrorist factions can no longer strategically impact Damascus – they are all holed up and confined in Idlib.

Mustafa Mehmet

Second round will start soon. Change Is Coming…dictator assad must go now to save his family at least….


Is that the nonsense Erdogan is telling you all in Turkey? Nope, that window is closed, courtesy of Russian intervention and effective stabilization of SAA.

Xoli Xoli

Bomb Turkeys warship and transport aircraft. Cut Erdogans dig off.

Mustafa Mehmet

go on oli oli you can do it……be a speedy gonsales

Xoli Xoli

My crazy friend.Mentally sick man.


I agrees with the coments about Russian Gov, whom have menaged the spectaculare, the total pulverising of their own credibility, why, well, in the end of the day its about Mooney, and ISISrael, since they coop with the Turds, and now, in this, have shown how corrupted they trully are, why am I not that surpriced, when Putin threw Assad under the buss, and even the Trashyard of the Faker and others isnt tuching this treasonus acts and the foreign poliTicks of Putin da Saviour, yup, and go to RT and watch for your self, RT is run by Jews, and is also crushing whatever little they had left is gone with the wind, poff, nothing is left of their so called independence at all or even worse, been so how an alternative, yeah, my ass.
The truth is, I may be agitated on the behalf of the scumbags in the Russian Gov and Doma, but I know the RuF is capable to wipe out whatever the Turds have, but they dont, and never ever underestemate their capasity, but the entire treason rests on Putin and the scumbags whom have drooled for years about been able to be an alie, they are not, and the silence regarding the Turds is more due to economy than anything else incl weapon sales etc, and now, thrown Libya under the buss, and that is again have to do with oil and gass.

Pity, and do notice how silent the Ruskies whom are and have been here to drool something about Putin the 254d chess player, huh, as credible as Trump is an master strateg, yeah, I start to wounder how covard are the Russians, once they had something, now its completelly gone.
The most anoying thing is,that the present Russian Gov is humiliating every Russian possible, with their despecable back crawling and treasons, and they did it them self, no need of any idiot western propaganda, when Putin have shown it thru the last years of been completely deprived on any credibility and morale, incl spine.
Make one wounder, dont it, I know why, but leaves it there for now.
I have lost any symphaty I had, that, have also evaporated completelly.



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