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Haftar’s Forces Carry Out Wide Airstrike Operation In Response To GNA’s Advance


Haftar's Forces Carry Out Wide Airstrike Operation In Response To GNA's Advance

Russian Pantsir-S1 in Bani Walid.

In the late hours of May 24th, two Turkish C-130 military transport aircraft were detected flying towards Misrata, Libya.

It is unclear what either of the aircraft transported, but it is likely more equipment and/or troops to assist in the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) recent impetus, owed greatly to the Turkish Armed Forces and militants deployed from Syria.

Meanwhile, the fighting for Bani Walid and Tarhuna hasn’t began yet, as Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces appear to be pushing back and holding their positions, after almost entirely retreating from the frontline in Tripoli to secure their vital positions in both cities.

In Bani Walid, a Russian Pantsir-S1 was photographed, active and defending from enemy aircraft.

Two military cargo planes, with unknown origin also landed in Bani Walid.

And as promised earlier by the LNA, a massive air operation is taking place, with positions in Gharyan, Tripoli, and the Jandouba bridge being hit by air strikes.


There are also reports of LNA aircraft intensively carrying out flights above Misrata, but there’s no reports of any strikes.

The strikes in Tripoli saw a GNA tank being destroyed by the LNA.

In mainstream media, a narrative is being pushed forward, claiming that the fight Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is so losing, that even the mythical Russian PMC – Wagner is pulling out its 1,200 mercenaries out of Libya.

The Russian fighters allied to the LNA retreated with their heavy equipment from the capital to the airport of Bani Walid, a town some 150km (93 miles) southeast of Tripoli, said Salem Alaywan, Bani Walid’s mayor.

He told Reuters news agency the Russians were then flown out of western Libya to Jufra, a remote central district and LNA stronghold.

“They [the Russians] were flown in three military planes to Jufra, and their military vehicles were driven there,” he said.

There continues to be no evidence whatsoever of their presence, or their supposed departure from Libya, as there’s not a single photograph or video to substantiate any of the claims.




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