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Haftar’s Forces Carry Out Numerous Airstrikes On Various GNA And Turkish Positions

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Haftar's Forces Carry Out Numerous Airstrikes On Various GNA And Turkish Positions

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On May 7th, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) carried out heavy airstrikes on the Misrata airbase, which serves as a Turkish HQ.

Just before the airstrikes began, spokesperson of the LNA, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that the “terrorists” and the Turkish fighting on the side of the GNA were up for a surprise.

Haftar's Forces Carry Out Numerous Airstrikes On Various GNA And Turkish Positions

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There are several videos purportedly showing the strikes.

Not only that, but a Turkish operations center in Tripoli, at the port of Alshabi was also targeted by airstrikes, according to reports.

The Mitiga airbase, which serves as a command center for the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces was also targeted.

It appears that, if all reports are true, the LNA has achieved some sort of freedom of action in the skies surrounding Tripoli, despite the air defense systems that Turkey has deployed in Misrata.

Another Turkish drone was also reportedly downed above al-Watiya airbase.

Separately, away from the ground and in the realm of propaganda, Reuters reported that it had seen a “confidential United Nations report” that said 1,200 people had been deployed to Libya by the mythical Russian PMC Wagner.

The 57-page report by independent sanctions monitors, submitted to the U.N. Security Council Libya sanctions committee, said the Russian contractor deployed forces in specialized military tasks, including sniper teams.

The sanctions monitors said that while they could not independently verify the scale of the deployment to Libya by Wagner Group, “based on open source reporting and the limited sightings assesses that the maximum number of individual private military operatives deployed to be no more than 800 to 1,200.”

“Their deployment has acted as an effective force multiplier for (Haftar),” the sanctions monitors wrote.

The monitors also listed the details of 122 Wagner operatives of “whom many are highly probably operational, or have been operational, within Libya.” They said 39 were from Wagner’s specialist sniper group and the remaining 83 operatives were from Wagner combat units.

The report said forces affiliated with the Government of National Accord had captured arms “typical of the weaponry observed being used by ChVK Wagner operatives elsewhere in eastern Ukraine and Syria.”

There’s really no other evidence provided, as is the case with all other reports of the legendary Wagner PMC, but that doesn’t stop any of the endless “copypasta” being propagated in MSM.


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Assad must stay

great work LNA, make GNA terrorist run all the way back to erdogan

Mustafa Mehmet

L N A shit ..propaganda… assad must go…

Furkan Sahin

Assad must stay like Gaddafi


When you are in an EU country and never lived as a dissident under the rule of Assad or Gaddafi , it is always easy to yelp about peoples choices.

Furkan Sahin

lol ok
Gaddafi is not bad we all know that
people are very happy to live under him
Assad is maybe a little bad but not very bad
many Syrian girls love to live under him
I will also go to Syria soon if Assad is in power
I also travel to Libya one day if Gaddafi’s son is back


You dont know a shit.

If all the people loved to live under Gaddafi, his people would not kill him by sticking an iron bar into his ass.

”Syrian girls love to live under Assad , Assad is a little bad but not very bad’ is not an argument , it is only a childish decleration out of a shallow mind.

Good luck to you in your future journeys, though.

Furkan Sahin

Do you know why Gaddafi was killed it is because Oil it is not population because population knows nothing about politics
only brainwashed people make trouble
it is not Assad that has problems in Syria it is population


If he was loved by majority , the people who were after the oil could never find support from the local people there.

Recent polls in Syria (made by Russians ) show that only 32% of the people living in Syria support Assad. I am not even talking about 10 million people who escaped his wrath.

So may be instead of posting cliches you read from here and there you should do your own resaearch and decide. Because ,’ syrian girls like assad, so I like assad ‘ kind of arguments dont reflect any political ideas, they just reflect the libido of an adolescent.

Furkan Sahin

Ok If Gaddafi’s son and Assad win the next election
then we discuss again
then you will regret it all
and will give me justice


If they win in a fair election , why not ?

Furkan Sahin

If Gaddafi is bad why wasn’t he killed in 2000?
he has been killed in 2011 come now come into the fight
he has been in power for 40 years


Franco ruled Spain from 1939 to 1975
Pinoched ruled Chilli from 1973 to 1990

The duration of power does not porove that he was not a dictator.

Furkan Sahin

Spain is a Europa they have no oil you should not compare with Franco and Gaddafi


That was not his people, same as in Syria, those were hordes of radicals brought in from other places. Watch Aleppo Earthquake documentary from ANNA News

Mustafa Mehmet

gd luck. assads end gonna be like gaddafi..

Furkan Sahin

only if Russia is not help more so yes

Ashok Varma

Instead of targeting mercenaries that Erdogan has forcibly recruited from Syria, the LNA should kill the coward Turks who are hiding behind them.

Mustafa Mehmet

yes ashok silly 99P hindu girl


They would , if they could, street shitter.


US and Turkey should invade China, that should go really well.

Furkan Sahin

Turkey will never attack China noob


The Turks raised a drone on the border to monitor Greek territory. A wrong handling, however, on the part of the Turkish pilot gave the advantage to the Greek authorities, who “blinded” the drone electronically and shot it down. This is the “anti-drone” technology that blocks frequencies.

Turkish soldiers and gendarmes were furious to see their unmanned aerial vehicle shot down. They were paid by the drone operator, who was attacked by his Turkish colleagues who started punching him. Well-informed sources speak of a brutal beating by angry Turks, who then began searching the ground, on the border, to find the drone.

What does this incident really mean? That morale in the Turkish army is low. The Turkish military in this country has low morale and constant losses, while in Turkey the army has been divided on two sides for a long time.

[Imgur]comment image)


Cool story bro ,

It would even be funny if these drones were not being controlled by 3 people located in a single container at least 40-50 km away.

What does this incident really mean ?

A ‘well-informed source’ can be a 13 year old boy with a twitter account.


I m not your bro turk!
It means what it says. Read it again a few more times maybe. I know you turks are dumb as fuck!


Of course , you were slaves , bro.
I read it a few times. Peak of stupidity.

Childish stories and ”groundbreaking analyses” from a humiliated greek who tries to overcome the anger of his chief of staff harrassed by Turkish jets on acclaimed greek air space.

Why didnt they use that slingshot to bring down that jet, bro ?



Apart from being a shithead kebap you are also diluted !
Τhis is the most recent humiliation of your amateur pilots
Greek mirage chasing turkgay F16 back to Anatolia…
Every single time …
Stick to your keyboard turk, at least you can hide in your dark room that way…
The Aegean was is and will for ever be Greek.



Here comes the triggered greek with canned laughters. Hillarious.

Greek Chief of staff and Greek Ministry of Deefence being
harrased on acclaimed Greek airspace by a Turkish F 16 , and a greek halfwit reverts with a greek mirage locking on Turkish jet . The question here is ; although his Ministry of defence and Chief of General staff was being harrassed, why the mirage could not fire, what you cowards are good for ?


44 seconds kill …
You are still talking…
Thats why you are a turkish cockroach.

We are still in NATO both (unfortunately)…
Our guys are professionals , best fighter pilots in the world as recognised and voted by the rest of pilots of the world. Not one year or two but most of the last 2-3 decades!

Carefull what you wish for mongol.


Hmm OK. But I missed your reply, ”bro”
What kind of ‘air force” allows hostile jets to come so close to a chopper in which Chief Of Staff and Ministry Defence travel ? Any mediocre air force would block such hostile fighters at least miles ago.

Instead of wanking with RC planes , 300 spartans and , some imaginery ‘ superhuman pilots s’ may be you shoud open your eyes and try to understand who made such a huge mistake. Fracking morons..


…you want this to happene dont you…
Maybe you dont like Sultan Erdogan much…
Listen we can help you get rid of him but you need to start a revolution in there in turkgay…
Gte out in the streets do a demonstration, ask for Greek intervention…we need to have an excuse … after all your best friends USA and Germany are aiting to intervene and save your silly kebap asses again…

[Imgur]comment image)


LOL greeks can not even rule their own miniscule country. You are dreaming too much.

The days that you will have to do much more than photoshopping childish drawings are approaching , Hope you are ready.


If you mean the days we ll finaly kick your dirty genocide mongoloid kebap-asses back to the east side of the Kaspian sea, then bring it on !

We are praying every day that your sultan will make the grave mistake …
Get your rugs, and pack your bags we are ready !

[Imgur]comment image)


Wet dreams of a low IQ sub saharan boy , wanking with some juvenile photos.

Turkish jets flying over your head in your acclaimed iarspace.
Turkish navy is in South of Crete , which is yr acclaimed EEZ
Turkish navy literally surrounded South Cyprus , kicked ENI of of acclaimed South Cyprus EEZ
Turkish jets harras yr Ministry of Defence and Chief of staff

What you can do is to post the picture of a fag with a mini skirt and spandex , go beg yr west european masters to save you . Thieving cowards..


The cockroach IQ (AKA Turkish IQ) is in fact lower than the Greek.
Most likely lower than Zimbabwe and Somalian IQ.
A barbaric tribe without its own written language that uses the Latin alphabet and with a language that phonetically (Greek word for you, get a dictionary) resembles that of the turkey (the funny bird we eat at thanks giving and Easter).
Your own mythology says you were born out of a stray dog ! You now turned it to supposedly a ”wolf” . But the fact remain you are sons of bitches anyway be that a dog or a wolf bitch.
You have committed more genocides than all the rest of the world combined!
You v contributed absolutely nothing to the human race.
Hence you are cockroaches.

On the other hand the Greeks are THE greatest civilisation the world has ever seen.
We v been building Parthenons since over 2500 years ago !
Here are some of the things Greece ( Hellas ) has contributed to humanity :

Democracy , Olympic games , Philosophy , Physics , Mathematics , Geometry , Architecture , Theatre.
The first analog computer – the antikythera mechanism.
Archimedes’ screw also called screwpump.
The Claw of Archimedes (also known as the iron hand).
The ballista an ancient missile weapon that launched a large projectile at a distant target.
The Phalanx a rectangular mass military formation that was used even in Roman times.
and my personal favourite The sarissa or sarisa a 4–7 metres (13–23 ft) long spear, or pike, used in the ancient Greek and Hellenistic warfare.

Do you know where you were 2500 years ago ?
In a cave in the Mongolian desert eating bananas ! Thats where you were Mongol!

The land you occupy now in Asia minor does NOT belong to you.
It is Greek land, it is Armenian, Syrian and Kurdish land.

The time is coming Mongol, soon.


What you had done since last 1500 years ? What you had done since last 200 years after you escaped from Turkish slavery ? Nothing..

Now you are a beggar nation living with gimmies, pleases and aids trying to use the credit of long gone ancients which has nothing to do with you gypsies of today. LOL. You are nothing but watchdogs now , waiting at the east gates of Europe for a bone top be thrown in.

And if I were you , I would not even speak about Low IQ of others , considering that the same people literally SLAVED you for 400 years. I wonder what this tells you about your own IQ ..

We came all the way from ”Mongolian desert” , stuck those 4-7 meters ‘sarisa’ into your ass, made clowns out of your phallanx. Thats who wer are , ‘bro’.

We are here in Anatolia since 1000 years , sweetie. Last time your people who tried to do something about it swam all the way to Piraeus.

So may be you sub saharan beggars shoud leave those hollow threats aside , quit being a coward, grow some balls and do something about it , dont you think ?


Is that what Sultan Erdogay teaches his subordinates these days !
Let me educate you a bit with a few things the rest of the world, that has finished a basic college, knows already :
Philhellenism …1821…Because of the Greek origin of so much of the West’s classical heritage, there was tremendous sympathy for the Greek cause throughout Europe. Many wealthy Americans and Western European aristocrats, such as the renowned poet Lord Byron and later the physician Samuel Howe, took up arms to join the Greek revolutionaries….

WW2 how a very badly equipped Greek army chased the modern Italian army back to Albania.

WW2 the battle of Crete.

April 25, 1941
The heroic struggle of the Hellenic people to defend their liberties and their homes against the aggression of Germany after they had so signally defeated the Italian attempt at invasion has stirred the hearts and aroused the sympathy of the whole American people.
During the Hellenic War of Independence more than a century ago, our young Nation, prized its ardent sympathy for the Greeks and hoped for Hellenic victory. That victory was achieved.
Today, at a far more perilous period in the history of Hellas, we intend to give full effect to our settled policy of extending all available material aid to free peoples defending themselves against aggression. Such aid has been and will continue to be extended to Greece.
Whatever may be the temporary outcome of the present phase of the war in Greece, I believe that the Greek people will once more ultimately achieve their victory and regain their political independence and the territorial integrity of their country. In that high objective, the people of Greece and their Government can count on the help and support of the Government and the people of the United States.
Department of State Bulletin, April 27, 1941.

WW2 Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, inspired by the resistance of the Greeks during the Italian and German invasions of Greece in April 1941, Embassy of Greece in Washington D.C
“Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks!”

WW2 : In a speech made at the Reichstag in 1941, Hitler spoke on how he admired the Greek resistance, saying “Historical justice obliges me to state that of the enemies who took up positions against us, the Greek soldier particularly fought with the highest courage. He capitulated only when further resistance had become impossible and useless.”

Isocrates, Panegyricus, 50. “So far has Athens left the rest of mankind behind in thought and expression that her pupils have become the teachers of the world, and she has made the name of Hellas distinctive no longer of race but of intellect, and the title of Hellene a badge of education rather than of common descent.”

And a few photos :

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)


Quit spamming the place with trivia you triggered piece of sub saharan greek. I am not interested in yr 10.000 word useles your watchdog stories.

We both can see that all you can do is to dodge the questions and revert with irrelevant BS you post and copy from here and there.

Since 1821 , you are only loyal servants of your western masters , bunch of cowards, table servers , thieves of german pension funds at best.

You are all bark , no bite sweetie. You are a bunch of cowards . Embrace yourself and quit treatening people from a distance


hahaha …
The guy with toilet paper for money wants to speak economy now !
ahaha shut up kebap …you got the turkish lira ! hahhahaa

You either havent got a clue about economics (another Greek word for you mongol) or you are trying to pass the dumb ass propaganda.

People that finish school know what happened during the crisis though mongol!

Greece dont owe nothing to nobody.
The loans are being payed with hefty interest on top.
The European Union admitted they handled the Greek economy issue as bad as they could possibly handle it.
They admitted austerity was the wrong policy.
Germany still owes Greece reparations for WW2 crimes. (Yeah its not just your lot that does those … your best friends the Germans that saved your ass in Galipoli also do them).

Fuck off now back to your islamic dictatorship failled shithole of a country.
Enjoy it while you can…

The Pontic Greeks are getting their orders as we speak, they got the guns and the ammo already…
Together with the Kurds you v got no chance of surviving whats coming…
We are coming to get back whats ours !


Here the sub saharan strikes back , LOL..

Go cry at international threads, claim that your kin faced a genocide , then tell us how your genocided nation was full of great fighters. Dont forget to serve Tzatziki to pink assed westeners at at table 3 while you are wanking here with BS stories of your Mickey Mouse country living on helps, aids , subventions , pleases , gimmies and theft from your western masters.

When doing these try to rant from some people who lived 2000 years ago , knowing that you could not do anything since last 1500 years.Where you belong is the dustbins of history, no one cares about you here in Turkey , noone talks about you , noone mentions you , you are seldom on news.

Nobody owes you anything , quit begging.

Uninformed twat , the people you call Pontic greeks are the biggest supporters of Erdogan now , Trabzon , Rize are the castles of AKP since 20 years.Originally he is from Rize. LOL

Now f/off and promote you mickey mouse country and your exhausted slave nation living in past elsewhere, most probably to some gullible morons who are ready to buy what you are selling.


You know whats even more funny than the retarded imbecilic crap your shit-kebap goat dick sucking mouth comment?
The turkish scum dying in Syria and Libya …Thats even funnier!
Kurds are coming for you mongol and soon the Greeks will come to reclaim our stolen lands too.
These silly comments is all you can do…
You love getting it from the Greek, come on admit it, you love some Greek salty salami up your dirty hole!
hahaha little baboon head mongoloid!
But please, tell us more..here speak to the microphone …

(Thats what they think of turkish cockroaches in Europe)


[Imgur]comment image)


Greece is a made up nation with nothing greek about them except the language.

Byzantine consisted more than 40 ethnically different races. We beat Byzantine many times while outnumbered, totally controlled and dominated that Byzantine zoo. After centuries later, those Byzantine leftovers started to think and believe that they are greek. You are just mixed pool of byzantine leftovers.

Also, the reason Turks did not find big cities until dominating your kind and persians is nothing about intelligence. It is about geography. You can not build big cities in steppes. Turks were great blacksmiths, great warriors, archers and riders. Founders of meritocracy. Every army uses our chain of command system today which founded by Turks 2.000 years ago.
Traumatized mixed up nation full of unintelligent baboons like Greece is no match with Turks. You were no match even after you attacked us in our 11 year war-torn state, you are sure no match now you little traumatized twat.


Τhis is you making comments…
comment image

Quick finish up and go do the kebap shop, its not going to cook it self !


Damn man, if this is the inglorious freek- sorry greek humor, then i got it why you are so traumatized about us.


I told your mate, the other shit-kebap, the only funny thing is that while he is making gay retarded comments here his fellow kebaps are dying in Syria and Libya …
And that is the best entertainment ever !

Although this kebap is pretty funny too :

{{And we thought the turks gave nothing to the world… little did we know!}}



Dont worry, we will sell you East med gas, so you will be able to masturbate on jokes which no1 else laughs on your warm room.
Stay strong boi, stay strong.


This is what these guys think of your kebap- ”jokes” !



Let’s make this clear, are you proud that TR bullies a helpless nation with no navy like the Greek Cypriots and engages in unlawful activities against Greece like sending military aircrafts overflying major and minor Greek islands, then harassing their MoD not to forget suddenly deciding to unleash thousands of muslim immigrants across the border. Most people would feel ashamed of such wrongdoings.


Lets make clear one thing, Mr Fanforone.

It is true that Greece is a helpless nation . But this helpless nation ;

A – Can not declare 12 miles EEZ unilaterally without asking and getting confirmation of its neighbour , ie TR.

B- Can not arm 12 islands as per Lausanne Treaty. But already doing the same.

C- Can not delare 40.000 Square kilometers EEZ zone behind a 7,5 km2 island just like it did in Kastellorizo island.

D- Greece can not decide that the a country ( TR ) which has the longest Seashore in east Mediterranean will get the smallest EEZ.

When a nation blatantly and arragontly do these , they blur the lines. When the lines get blurred, everything can fly everywhere and everyone can be harrassed.

One thing more , claiming that Greece has no navy means that you have no idea what you are speaking about , so you should learn what you are speaking about before posting.

And finally , there are 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. TR is not obliged to consider the wealth and prosperity of EU . It does not have to defend the borders of EU at the expense of itself either . May be you should quit beliving that world turns around Europe , and may be its time for the EU to get down from their high horse and face their responsibilities like men.


So Sencer, dear, GR can not unilaterally declare EEZ or unilaterally expand its 12 miles maritime border ( they are yet to do either ) but TR can unilaterally open its borders with GR and stream some ragtag Syrians ( or Afgans or Pakis for that matter ) blostering them with false hope that borders are open and they will make their way to Europe when your President Mr Erdogan and your political establishment is well aware this is not going to happen. Am I correct ? For the record I do not generally disagree with your A, B, C & D points ( esp with the C one ) , yet it seems GR itself has a longer shoreline than your country

it seems you likely have missed to take into consideration the shoreline of all those islands. You see those islands do not simple belong to GR, they GR themselves.

You have also misread my comment which says that the Greek – Cypriots are helpless and their military operates no naval vessels. Last time I checked Greece and Cyprus are different countries. I was clearly referring to the ethnic group of Cyprus ( one of the two ) which relates to the Greeks. Albeit I am not so sure if they consider themselves Greek proper or if they are actually identical to Greeks. In any case I d better drop that since such ” who is who ” debates usually do not lead anywhere.

edit :

noticed you did not address my initial question though
too bad b/c it seemed you had better arguments than the claoun you were fencing with


Yeah , right, no…no…you are not another Turkish baboon that is trying to pretend he is an independent no…no…
No you are not a CLOWN (NOT claoun you dumb prick) …
Is he sitting on the next desk right beside you your mate the other kebap or are you guys in your individual caves ?
hahaha You are not fooling anyone you dumb baboons!


Yes, just like Iran opens its borders to TR and allows flow of Afghanis and Pakistanis to TR, TR also has the right to open its borders and let the people asking for a better life to go anywhere they want. Once again , TR is not guard of EU borders . TR is not obliged to keep people with in TR if they want to leave just because EU wants so. So if EU wants no immigrants , first they have to change their immigration laws , and then they they have to build theirselves a stronger , safer border without expecting anything from TR anymore.

Harrasment of Greek MoD and Chief of Staff took place over an island ( farmakosi in Greek / Esek adası ) whose status is not determined in Lausanne treaty. This island neither belongs to Greece nor a part of Greece.

GR has longer shore line in Aegean , not in East Mediterranean.
look at that accialimed map of Greek EEZ.


The map is based on a small island called Kastellorizo with an area of 7,5 km2. Greeks add an imaginery 40.000 km2 economic zone behind the island , and connect Greek Cyrpus and Greek EEZs . Why ? because this is the only way to connect EEZ of both countries and build a pipeline without using Turkish EEZ. But there is a problem . If an island is so close to an mainland ( Anatolia ) its EEZ can not surpass the projection of the island itself , which is only 7.5 km2 in our case.

Greek Cypriots refused Annan plan which was the road plan to unification of island. They are also against 2 nation state on the island. So,they are offered 2 different options

1. Accept 2 different states on the islands, and get all the wealth in your part without being interrupted, which Greek part refuses.

2. If you dont accept 2 different states on the island then all wealth belongs to everyone , and you have to allocate share of the people living in North part of the island ,nto a sperare account, which greek part refuses as well.


We already left Cyprus alone with the Annan plan, (It was so much disadvantaged plan for Turkish Cypriots), all the nationalist opposed Erdoğan’s that decision, because it was literally sûîcide for Turkish Cypriots, but still Greek Cypriots refused it whilst Turkish Cypriots voted for yes. Because Turks wanted peace on island. And guess what happened, EU took Cyprus as a whole despite Greek Cypriots were the ones blocking the unification. And they started declaring Turkey as invâdêr.

And there is difference between “îmmigrants” and “refugees”. We can refuse to get îmmigrants but according to UN Laws, you cant refuse a refugee entering your country unless the war ends in the country he is from.

Also one more thing about Lausanne Treaty, even the populated islands which Greece controls now, given to the Greece with a condition of “non militarised and armed”, Turkey never pushed for the control of islands because Atatürk was a friend with Venizelos and before the 1982 UN Sea Law, island Territorial waters were not that large. Lately Greece tried to push their territorial waters to 12 NM, which would resulted as total control over Aegea to Greece. We have an ûltimatum to Greece as we gonna count this as Câsus Belli if they ever declare, they backed from their water claims but they kept their air space claims as 12 NM. That resulted weird thing, sea below is counted as ours, but if ever a plane flies over our ships, they take it as airspace violation. Then we too made our airspace claims as 12 NM for retaliation, that claim resulted Greece islands in our airspace. Some childish game if you ask me. But EU countries buy it, it seems.

One thing you must know here, Aegea is our neck, %90 of our trade goes from Aegea. So there is no way that we can accept the Greece territorial water claims to let Greece coast guards control and têrrôrize all our trade ships. Greece knows this too, but they keep pushing, they are trying to squeeze our neck, keeping their hatred alive, keeping their claims alive. Just like in WW1, if we ever get weaken, they are gonna attack.


[Imgur]comment image)


The Turkish Air Force moto-anthem-song:


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