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Haftar’s Forces Carry Out Airstrikes, As GNA Warns Those Who Fight It Of Impending Response

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Haftar's Forces Carry Out Airstrikes, As GNA Warns Those Who Fight It Of Impending Response

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Over the May 30th – 31st weekend, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) continued its airstrike campaign against the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Turkish support.

Airstrikes were carried out in the area near Misrata, which is a Turkish headquarters.

Airstrikes were also being carried out on GNA positions in and around Tripoli, but regardless, the Tripoli International Airport was entirely put under GNA’s control, according to pro-GNA tweets, which have since been deleted.

It is more than likely that the GNA didn’t capture it, and the clashes for the valuable position are still on-going.

The photograph below shows pro-GNA fighters during one of the attacks on the airport. The LNA still mostly controls it, but the GNA continues its push.

A T-72 battle tank was also captured by the GNA, and there’s a photograph showing attempts to tow it.

The GNA issued a final warning to all those who fight on the side of the LNA in Tripoli, Qasr bin Ghashir, Tarhuna and Arban to lay down their weapons, because a response was coming.

The LNA, in addition to airstrikes continued shelling Tripoli, and there was damage that war cemetery in the city.

Meanwhile, a list was discovered purportedly showing a list of the names of Russian mercenaries, found in the Yarmouk camp in Southern Tripoli. However, all the names in the list are Arab ones.

In addition, there are reports that Moscow is taking a page out of Ankara’s playbook and is recruiting “rioters” in Deir Ez-Zor, Syria, to send them in Libya to fight on the side of Haftar’s forces.

Finally, the Maltese Customs Authorities seized a large shipment of banknotes traveling to Libya. They were produced by Russian company Goznak, and the US Department of State issued a statement claiming that the equivalent of $1.1 billion in Libyan currency were counterfeit.

“The United States commends the Government of the Republic of Malta’s announcement May 26 of its seizure of $1.1 billion of counterfeit Libyan currency printed by Joint Stock Company Goznak—a Russian state-owned company—and ordered by an illegitimate parallel entity.  The Central Bank of Libya headquartered in Tripoli is Libya’s only legitimate central bank.  The influx of counterfeit, Russian-printed Libyan currency in recent years has exacerbated Libya’s economic challenges. The United States remains committed to working with the United Nations and international partners to deter illicit activities that undermine Libya’s sovereignty and stability, and are inconsistent with internationally-recognized sanctions regimes.  This incident once again highlights the need for Russia to cease its malign and destabilizing actions in Libya.”

The Central Bank of Libya issued a statement saying that they were, in fact, not counterfeit and they had been legitimately ordered to be produced by it.


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Zionism = EVIL

There are strange coalitions of petro-vultures with only one target in Libya: OIL. Now Egypt, France, Greece and Zionists are forming a little pack of Turkey hunters. The Zionists are only cheering on this conflict as it destroys the region, much like their training the Americunt racist police forces.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

But it is good to see the Jewhadis plans are all fucked up. They wanted to manage the chaos, but ended up with the Russians moving in to sort that out.

The Jewhadis will now have a permanent Russian presence in Syria, and those advanced Mig29S will go a long way towards voiding Jewhadi attacks from Lebanon.

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, the Jew cunts are being exposed everywhere, just wait and see how they freak out when Iran shows the SU-30 and J-10 soon. The last Zionist cunts attack on the three Syrian children in Homs was a huge embarrassment as 80% of the Delilah and Popeye missiles were shot down and rest carted off to Iran for examination. Have to noticed how quiet the Zionist cunts and hasbara have become after the Americunts set fire to their cities?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The trolls are all becoming “Russia lovers, but Putin could do more”, anything to deflect.

Darth Vader in drag, lol.


Luckily we have France, Greece, Egypt, UAE, Saoudi, Iran, Israel to counter moslim brother jihadist Erdogan even the German mp accuses the US from false disinformation and manipulating the world with lies in favour of non-educated loser tyrant Erdogan. More Europeans countries are shifting side towarts Haftar while windbag Erdogan is losing all grip on reality and even can not pay anymore his own terrorists. There havebeen oprising among the imported barbary because Erdogan did not fulfil his promises: he never does. Only remember, about mercenary terrorist, first he promissed Turkish nationality now you are send to die, he promissed weapons and now 2000€ per month, you got in the best case scenario a litle bit money to get you fighting and then nothing anymore. Stupid basterds they shoot you inthe ball’s if you date complain. He is finished, he will be forgotten by 2024.


My info has Israel supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, after all, they created them.

Badis Badis

Muslim brotherhood has been around way before Israel existed .

Davide Herzog

Zionists have been around way before muslim brotherhood was created by them .

Chinese Dog

Haftar is an incompetent leader.Turkey will defeat him

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Incompetence and Turkey, all in one sentence, makes sense.

I suppose they are just waiting for Erdogans centenary year to do so, lol.

Badis Badis

He is outgunned and outnumbered , and still manged to maintain an effective defense .

Assad must stay

Just roll over and take it GNA hahahhahha

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