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Haftar’s Forces Capture Al-Asaba And Push On Gharyan, As GNA Appears To Retreat

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Haftar's Forces Capture Al-Asaba And Push On Gharyan, As GNA Appears To Retreat

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On June 1st, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces began their renewed offensive towards Tripoli, starting from attempting to take control of Gharyan, south of the city.

In total, according to reports 2 Drones, 2 Pantsir-S1 systems and 50 vehicles were used by LNA in re-entering Al-asaba.

Airstrikes and shelling were also carried out on Government of National Accord (GNA) positions.

In a reportedly sweeping victory, the LNA took control of Al-Asaba. LNA spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that they took control of the city, and that the ultimate aim was to eliminate the militias in Tripoli and also end the Turkish invasion of Libya.

According to al-Mesmari, following the capture al-Asaba, the GNA forces are retreating from Gharyan, while LNA aircraft and artillery is pounding their positions.

The GNA is attempting to carry out airstrikes on the LNA, but with limited success.

Meanwhile, Turkey appears to be delivering more equipment and troops, as a Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T traveled from Malta to Libya.

According to the Libyan Observer the “shipment” is, in fact, 400 mercenaries being deployed to Libya.

GNA’s military spokesperson Mohammad Qannouno said that the GNA’s forces had received orders to “destroy all LNA positions and units without mercy,” regarding al-Asaba.

In the early hours of June 2nd, airstrikes on Gharyan by the LNA are continuing, with 5 GNA fighters reportedly killed by them.

The GNA is also reportedly attempting to deploy large military reinforcements to protect Gharyan, since it is a valuable forward base in the fight for Tripoli.


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Chinese Dog

Even if that arab asshole Haftar wins, his army men will fight each other cause the Arab society is full of tribes. Libya is a shithole just like any other Arab country. Turkey and Israel are the only civilized countries in the middle east.


you should change your name from ‘Chinese Dog’ to the more appropriate “zion bitch”.


He is not a bitch, maybe you are.


Sorry, must be a faggot like you?


I am married to a beautiful wife, you’re probably married to your own hand :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Your wife is a prostitute, like your mother was.

Your father is unknown, though no doubt your granny was an SS officers bitch.


The hand has to be far superior to your “wife”.


My wife is braver and smarter than most of the pathetic SF people here, including you. Watch your words when you talk about her.


Nothing you can do, so go and run along little boy and play with yourself; your ‘wife’ the broom handle is not up to it and neither are you.


Thank bro, take all of Kashmir back from the Pakis (and China too).


Well said.


Turkey? Erdogan – Authoritarian Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, using state powers to remove political opposition, and sponsoring Islamist militant mercenaries in Syria and Libya…
Isreal? Netanyahu – Authoritarian hard right Likudnik, using state powers to block corruption charges, and hoping political stunts like annexing territories will divert attention from the process…


well said..


At least some positive news, and push for the morale of LNA.. Still the decisive point will be, if turkey will be forced to end their weapon and mercenaries supply.
Without blocking the sea route, and bombing the Turkish bases it will sadly not change the overall picture.
We will see if the EU will finally start to enforce their maritime missions goals of ending the Turkish maritime supplies. And if at least the Turkish cargo planes will be attacked that now land multiple times a day.

Assad must stay

they have to stop and block the torkis stele, they have to, haftar, EU, anyone


Yeah, it surely is the decisive point.
But after Russia bombed and killed the 50+ turks at the start of the year, they are understandably very afraid of a repeat of this in Lybia.
Turkey is in NATO, despite Russias long period of trying to change that. And now the US is standing behind Turkey again both in Syria and Lybia.

And a direct confrontation with NATO is something Russia is not seeing as an option.
UAE and Egypt too, though they might be more willing than Russia.

But Haftar has been cautioned by all those backers to not give the Turks a reason to further invade. Sadly there seems to be no other option for Haftar but to hope for the sea blockade to work, and that his backers match Turkeys efforts. Including to finally gain air superiority and prevent Turkish drone strikes more or less totally.
This is a mess already, with no good option to choose from..

Assad must stay

nice job haftar, jam that turkish AWACS nicely lol

Lone Ranger

Its always good news when CIAisis is losing.
Good job.

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