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Haftar’s Forces Capture Al-Asaba And Push On Gharyan, As GNA Appears To Retreat


Haftar's Forces Capture Al-Asaba And Push On Gharyan, As GNA Appears To Retreat

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On June 1st, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces began their renewed offensive towards Tripoli, starting from attempting to take control of Gharyan, south of the city.

In total, according to reports 2 Drones, 2 Pantsir-S1 systems and 50 vehicles were used by LNA in re-entering Al-asaba.

Airstrikes and shelling were also carried out on Government of National Accord (GNA) positions.

In a reportedly sweeping victory, the LNA took control of Al-Asaba. LNA spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that they took control of the city, and that the ultimate aim was to eliminate the militias in Tripoli and also end the Turkish invasion of Libya.

According to al-Mesmari, following the capture al-Asaba, the GNA forces are retreating from Gharyan, while LNA aircraft and artillery is pounding their positions.

The GNA is attempting to carry out airstrikes on the LNA, but with limited success.

Meanwhile, Turkey appears to be delivering more equipment and troops, as a Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T traveled from Malta to Libya.

According to the Libyan Observer the “shipment” is, in fact, 400 mercenaries being deployed to Libya.

GNA’s military spokesperson Mohammad Qannouno said that the GNA’s forces had received orders to “destroy all LNA positions and units without mercy,” regarding al-Asaba.

In the early hours of June 2nd, airstrikes on Gharyan by the LNA are continuing, with 5 GNA fighters reportedly killed by them.

The GNA is also reportedly attempting to deploy large military reinforcements to protect Gharyan, since it is a valuable forward base in the fight for Tripoli.




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