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Haftar’s Forces Are Successfully Fighting Terrorism And Turkey In Libya: LNA Spokesperson

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Haftar's Forces Are Successfully Fighting Terrorism And Turkey In Libya: LNA Spokesperson

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On March 4th, Spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari gave a press briefing, broadcasted live on Facebook.

In the briefing, al-Mesmari said that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s force were continuing to fight terrorism and were successfully carrying out their combat operations.

In the central region of the country, the situation is relatively calm, and the army only occasionally responds to ceasefire violations.

In the Western part of the country, there has been some activity in the last 48 hours. According to intelligence, the militants are going to carry out a massive attack on the LNA position in the suburbs of Tripoli. Army units launched several preventive strikes in various areas, including Tripoli:

  1. LNA prevented attacks in Suk al-Khamis and al-Khir;
  2. similar preventive actions were taken by army units in the area from al-Saadiya to the al-Zahra junction;
  3. 6 UAVs of the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces were taken down – according to al-Mesmari, LNA air defense systems provide full coverage of airspace;
  4. The shelling of artillery positions of the GNA forces, who were endangering the safety of civilians and army personnel, was carried out.

The spokesperson added that LNA operations are not a violation of the ceasefire, but rather its strengthening and the prevention of violations by terrorists. The army did not take new positions, the attacks were carried out exclusively on targets involved in the facts of ceasefire violations by militants.

A large cluster of terrorist forces is present in the Al-Khir area and south of al-Azizia. It is likely that an attack is being prepared on LNA positions in the Suq al-Khamis region. In addition, artillery activity by the militants is noted.

He predicted that in the coming hours, the situation on all fronts of the western direction will be hot. We urge the UN to monitor ceasefire violations.

In addition to direct ceasefire violations, the LNA also observed through the media the illegal actions of Turkey. According to al-Mesmari, Erdogan makes aggressive statements with the help of which he hopes to seek outside support for his plans in Libya.

The LNA generally supports the idea of ​​a ceasefire, but reserve the right to respond to ceasefire violations.

The LNA has not yet given an official comment on the resignation of UN Envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame. The latter made a number of mistakes during his tenure. Soon, Khalifa Haftar will express his opinion on this matter, al-Mesmari explained.

Thousands of terrorists arrived in Libya through Turkey. The LNA happily watched the skirmish between the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition in the Turkish parliament.

The LNA succeeded in killing 35 Syrian terrorists in the Salah ad-Din area in one singular strike.

Al-Mesmari claimed that the death toll exceeds this figure – not all bodies were found under the rubble.

The LNA had information that among them there were even al-Qaeda terrorists – and they pose a danger to neighboring countries.

Also, through Turkey, militants from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham got into Libya, including Egyptian Abu al-Yakzan, a dangerous criminal. And he is already in Tripoli.

In Tripoli, there are buildings affected by terrorist attacks. Even the GNA building became a target of the attacks. In total, more than 400 such incidents have been recorded in Tripoli. More than 1,000 cases of kidnapping have also been recorded.


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General Hafter has been comically vocal since Erdogan was busy in Idlib and to be fairly honest he has been more annoyance tp Erdogan than Assad or Idlib.

He refused to sign a deal in Moscow that was supported by the EU and Moscow. He left without signing. He has been unreasonable to negotiate with.

The most comical thing that can happen now to Hafter is the EU pushing Erdogan on him. Which means they will stage an event that will force Erdogan on him and angers him. This will force Hafter to escape especially there is no one like Russian armed forces to save him against Erdogan in Libya the only exit route is across the sahara desert and escaping to Sudan. If Erdogan on a rollercoaster comes into Libya angered as fuck Hafter will first time in the night flee to Sudan


You forgot Trumps A team,Then us ambassador and legit libyan leader killers,GOING DOWN!

Bobo Voxar

if in this situation Erdogan leave Turkey next coop is on the way …


What for? Even Putin couldn’t set up such co ordinants so precise.


“Terrorism And Turkey

No !
Terrorism = Turkey

Constellation 2023

Let’s define Haftar: a putchist warlord general who has no regard for international law and order or human life. He is the reason behind the death of thousands of innocent Libyans. No oppressor of the people has ever stood for long. Haftar is a lost case.

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