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Haftar Forces Stalled South Of Tripoli. GNA Fighters Shot Down LNA Warplane

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Haftar Forces Stalled South Of Tripoli. GNA Fighters Shot Down LNA Warplane

By April 16, the Libyan National Army (LNA) advance on Tripoli has appeared to be dragged into a trench war on the approach to the southern gate of the city. Militias loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) have stopped the LNA advance in the area of Ain Zara and prevented LNA units from cutting off the Tripoli-Misrata highway heading along the coast. These GNA successes predetermined the tactical posture in the area.

Another important success was achieved by the GNA on April 14 when its forces shot down a MiG-21 jet of the LNA Air Force over Ain Zara with a MANPAD. The pilot ejected, but remains missing. The downed MiG-21 jet became a first confirmed and the second claimed downed jet since the start of the LNA advance on Tripoli on April 4. On April 10, the LNA announced that it had downed a L-39 jet of the GNA Air Force. However, there is sill no comprehensive evidence to confirm this.

At the same time, multiple counter-attacks by GNA forces have not allowed it to restore control over Tripoli International Airport. The main clashes are taking place south of it, in the town of al-Swani.

The LNA has been continuing to deploy reinforcements, including various military equipment, to the frontline near Tripoli. This move demonstrates that the LNA leadership is set to continue its military efforts in the area.

On April 14, the LNA leader, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar visited Cairo and met with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Following the meeting, the al-Sisis office released a statement “the president affirmed Egypt’s support in efforts to fight terrorism and extremist militias to achieve security and stability for Libyan citizens throughout the country.” While the statement did not mention Tripoli directly, Egypt, one of the main LNA backers, de-facto declared its support to the LNA advance.

Additionally, an Egyptian spy plane conducted a reconnaissance flight over the city of Misrata. Misrata’s militias, most of them radicals, are actively supporting pro-GNA forces. An airbase south of the city is hosting most of GNA air force warplanes that carry out strikes on LNA units.

Some sources speculated that the data collected by Egypt may be shared with the LNA in order to increase an efficiency of its operations.

So far, pro-GNA militias have demonstrated that they are capable of resting the LNA advance near Tripoli if they unite their forces. However, if the battle is getting protracted, some pro-GNA groups may find that their participation in the ongoing clashes endanger their business efforts in their core areas of influence. This would create conditions for fragmentation of the pro-GNA force deployed near Tripoli.

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  1. Fedor Amuricano says:

    Go Go GENERAL HAFTAR !!!! We support you, take your country back from those shit head criminals !!!

    1. Hasbara Hunter says:


    2. khalkha says:

      Go GNA , and capture this american agent

      1. Rodger says:

        He is supported by Egypt, Russia and France. He’s no US agent (anymore).

        1. khalkha says:

          He’s still relatively , and american citizen ,he lived in Virginia several years hoping with CIA overthrow khaddafi.
          He’s supported also by Saudi Arabia and emirates which are allies who??? US and Israel somehow.

          1. Rodger says:

            Saudi Arabia and co might support him in name and with words but they support the islamists he has vowed to destroy with actual support.

          2. khalkha says:

            Saudi Arabia and emirates support him as the big financers and diplomatic because of the fear of changes. So saudis don’t support islamists ,they are a part of the counter-revolution .the best and big proof of that is the egypt putsh that they largely supported against brotherhood muslims so that’s they are trying again with hafter

          3. Rodger says:

            Hmmm, maybe I was a bit too critical about Saudi Arabia in this regard.
            “Saudi Arabia — King Abdullah was the first international head of state to send a message of congratulations to Interim President Adly Mansour. “In my own name and on behalf of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I congratulate you on assuming the leadership of Egypt at this critical point of its history. By doing so, I appeal to Allah Almighty to help you to shoulder the responsibility laid on your shoulder to achieve the hopes of our sisterly people of the Arab Republic of Egypt. At the same time, we strongly shake hands with the men of all the armed forces, represented by General Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, who managed to save Egypt at this critical moment from a dark tunnel God only could apprehend its dimensions and repercussions, but the wisdom and moderation came out of those men to preserve the rights of all parties in the political process. Please accept our greetings to you and deep respect to our brothers in Egypt and its people, wishing Egypt steady stability and security.””

  2. FlorianGeyer says:

    ” some pro-GNA groups may find that their participation in the ongoing clashes endanger some pro-GNA groups may find that their participation in the ongoing clashes endanger their business efforts in their core areas of influence.in their core areas of influence.”

    Surely the correct words to us would be ‘ their EXTORTION efforts ‘ :)

    1. Hasbara Hunter says:

      Hey the Mossad, CIA or other Intel is playing New Games in here….when I want to post a Reply….I have to push the Button for posting 10X or so… Post…Post…Post…Post…Post…Post…Post…Post…

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        That’s because many of your comments and observations are first past the post.

    2. khalkha says:

      Extortion? ?? Did you see that or you live over there? .don’t defame people .There’s no extortion there’s only people living in their country , protecting themselves

      1. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

        Yeah, just peaceful, extremists Jihadi-affiliated militias that make big money in “taxing” everyone that moves, trafficking weapons, drugs and humans (slaves).
        GNA affiliated militias should get peace nobel price for sure.

        1. khalkha says:

          ok ok … don’t tire yourself with me i know this propaganda speech !!! Easy to speak

      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        Armed gangs that control unarmed civilians , do so for profit. This is what Warlords have always done and they have all answered and pait tithes to a Chief Warlord, be that a King or a gang of politicians who control a country, or part of a country.

  3. purplelibraryguy says:

    Odd conflict. Or maybe kind of normal, especially for these days. I have a pretty good idea which players I hate, but I’m finding it hard to identify anyone I’d care to support.

  4. abuqahwa says:

    First battle of Ain Zara was 1911 (not 9/11 !) and now the Italians are back. They have based 400 plus troops at Zwara (to protect the ENI gas export facility at Mellitah (supplies 25 % Italys NG via undersea pipeline) and Misrata to protect the Misrata militias – thus Italy props up the criminal oligarchs who really control the Sarraj puppet regime and bribe/pay protection money to the gangs in a desparate effort to reduce the people trafficking. Pathetic. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44cc382ac48fec2efbd275f16081235e77e01aeb0743ff3a700ea62d16d3da38.jpg

  5. Rodger says:

    LNA, just keep pushing up the coast. The work you do stopping the people smugglers is very much appreciated!!!

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