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Haftar Forces Play Oil Export Card Ahead Of Berlin Conference

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Haftar Forces Play Oil Export Card Ahead Of Berlin Conference

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The Benghazi-based government, which is allied with the Libyan National Army, “blocked oil exports at ports under his control, slashing output by more than half and posing a potential setback for an international conference on Sunday that aims to broker an end to a civil war in the OPEC nation,” Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

During the past few years, te Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar consolidated control over the most of Libya and captured a major part of the country’s oil and gas fields. The LNA is now in a deep conflict with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord.

“As a result of the blockage of ports in the central and eastern parts of the country, oil output will fall by about 800,000 barrels a day, costing $55 million daily, the National Oil Corp. said in a statement on Saturday. The NOC declared Force Majeure, which can allow Libya, which holds Africa’s largest-proven oil reserves, to legally suspend delivery contracts,” Bloomberg adde dnoting that Libya’s National Oil Corp. (NOC) declared Force Majeure.

The LNA says that the oil export ports were closed in respnose to ‘demands of the Libyan nation’. Indeed, a series of protests demanding to halt the oil export that generates revenue that the pro-Turkish GNA uses to pay its forces and Turkey-provided private military contractors.

The LNA move to close the oil export ports demonstrates its readiness to continue providing its national-oriented policy regardless the possible financial losses. This will likely increase chances to find the political understanding with the GNA. If no, the LNA will have another point of pressure on GNA supporters interested in the NOC oil revenues.

On Sunday, the GNA, the LNA, Turkey, Russia and several other countries will participate in the Berlin Conference designed to find a political solution to the ongoing Libyan conflict.


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Mustafa Mehmet

, demands of the Libyan nation????? yeah right


So who is the “Libyan nation” than?
Mercenary terrorists brought to Libya, Turk army, or those who control Tripoli and surroundings only?
Only those who control most of the territory dictate the rules.
And that knowledge is exactly the reason why Turkey is sending their “dogs of war” would be “jihad” mercenaries and their army in attempt to dictate the future of Libya.

Mustafa Mehmet

Tripoli gv recognised by United Nations… how about , Russian. Sudanese.. United Arab Emirates. Cad.. and the rest of terrorist hafftar mercenary. not just Turkish mercenary be fair now… Turkish advisor there to help recognise government.. and not to worry whatever will be will be in live shit does happen.. we have to wait and see


I’ll be fair
The bottom line is this:
That”allay” of yours is “representing” Libiya only on the paper because having UN recognition but not actually territory.
And if Haftar gets his hands on Tripoli the game is over for everybody, simply because he controls the biggest part of Libya with its capital.

Mustafa Mehmet

Territory he is holding nothing but ? desert. That’s why traitor so desperate to get hold on to Capital


desert and the most important of all ….the OIL !!
he only needs Tripoli and the game is over.

Mustafa Mehmet

Time will show after today. Or next Syria games will start


Good on you Haftar, surprised you didn’t do this a year ago, sharing revenue with the foreign radicals is certainly not in Libya’s interest.


After the childish move in front of Putin, doubt Haftar will get any support. Chef probably is moving his private military out as well, while we chat. Gone he is long time.


Yeah, as for one whom have watched Libya descent into the stone age, in horror witch was created by the scums of this earth, witch in the begining was the French, and Italians, etc, to sett up Libya, done mainly by the French aka N. Zackofshit and the Jew Levy an certifyed scumbag galore, and they made this happen, and I blame France, mainly, then the rest of the flock of rotten Mofo hang them self on this uh…. band waggon.
Good old fascion, imperialism, witch lead to what we know was The so called “Arab” spring, begun in Tunis, and bledd into Libya the year later.
Gaddafy, had the Jirga whit him, everybody knows that, and Libya prospered, in an level witch is by every definition, staggering, and for me, Gaddafy was an man whom was above all, Libyan and hen africa, witch back stabbed the Man when He needed it, for me, as an outstander, the treason comitted by the Africans was unbeivable.
Then, the outcome was settled, I think even Gaddafy knew that, He was after all, an wise man.
Then this theater moved during the second to third year after the war was more or less over, before the sorry sodmizing, witch shows how evil this empires and imperialistic scumbags trully are and have been.

Libyans must think about the future, and for me, its never the less their own choice, but my humble advise is that Libya must Unify, and they witch then refuses, to this, no matteer whom by what, but to be about Libyan first and foremost, they should have their homeland back, under their own control.
Eveeryone have no reason for been there, de facto and de jure, and if not go, then whey are the enemy of the Libyan people, right now, Haftar is their choice and my reason for backing that, rests on the fundation witch the Libyans have made them self witch I cant do anything else about than respect.

May the lord bless the Libyans in the rightfull fight against the imperial forces, as long they are with the Libyan people, right now under Haftar.
Witch have staregies, and I amsume is about the future of that may be needed to rebuild Libya, witch will be needed, and that time isnt right now, since the GNA is an relic of the scumbags whom invaded Libya after their orcestated coup, and we all know that by now.

But I hope the current interpitation is real, and I also noticed some members of the Gaddafys family, and the last times of Libya, the son was impecable and credible, and stood steadfast, regaring Gaddafy and Libya but loost, with no shame, but thru backstabbing and corruption, fro ourside nations, Libya, never forget that, when you take back your country, and the reality of North Africa changes, and so far I cant and will not judge other than what I have writen above, do you understand that, this is what the war is about, recourses, and the west isnt willing to loose the loot.


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