Hackers Rat Out Recipients of Soross Money Among ‘Independent’ Ukrainian Journalists


The Soros Foundation’s documents, relating to Ukrainian journalists and media centers, were published online by hackers.

Photo: Press-service of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine

Hackers published online the Soros Foundation’s documents, relating to Ukraine. The documents are available on the website DCLeaks.com.

The documents include lists of issuing grants to journalists and media centers. In particular, it offered to pay for the work of about a hundred journalists, who would cover the news of Crimea and eastern Ukraine. One of the documents noted that with the help of grants and technical assistance the funding would be about US $500,000 per year. Such information portals as Krym.Realii and Hromadske TV are listed among the recipients.


The biggest “crowdfunded” Ukrainian citizen journalism project

The documents also imply support of the StopFake website, which is maintained by “volunteers” from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA). They “check facts” of striking examples of the propaganda in Russian and Ukrainian (indeed, mostly Russian) media. The Soros Foundation noted that StopFake would cooperate with foreign portals of the similar format and it would need about 50,000 USD for the development of both the website and its network.


Krym.Realii prefers to cover “the truth” about the situation in Crimea

The Foundation also offered to allocate US $195,000 to report the Ukrainian attitude to Netherlands, before carrying out there a national referendum on the ratification of the agreement on Ukraine’s association with the EU.

The Soros Foundation also arranged the partnership between Ukrainian and European media. This list includes Vox Ukraine, Hromadske TV , the ATR Crimean TV channel (located in Kiev) and others.

The document titled ‘Short-term and long-term prospects of a complex strategy of new Ukraine’ noted that former General Wesley Clark, Polish General Skrypchak and several experts of the Atlantic Council would advise president Poroshenko on how to restore the combat capability of Ukraine without violating the Minsk agreements.


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