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Hackers Obtain US-South Korean Plan for War against North Korea

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Hackers managed to gain an access the internal network of the South Korean Ministry of National Defense.

Hackers Obtain US-South Korean Plan for War against North Korea

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Thomas Samson

Hackers gained an access to the 5027 secret plan, which describes joint actions of the US and the Republic of Korea in the event of a full-scale war with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, KBS TV-channel reported, citing an informed source in the South Korean government.

“In September of the last year, the internal network of the Ministry of National Defense [MND] of the Republic of Korea was hacked allegedly by North Korean hackers. As a result of the recent investigation, it was found out that there was the 5027 operational plan among the materials that fell into the hands of intruders,” the TV-channel reported.

Immediately after the incident, the South Korean Defense Ministry admitted the fact of the hacking, but assured that a leakage of important information did not happen. “However, the thorough investigation revealed that the hackers gained an access to documents of the highest level of secrecy, including the plan of conducting of combat operations against North Korea,” KBS noted.

The TV-channel’s source said that the military prosecutor’s office had already reported to the country’s Defense Minister about results of the investigation. At the moment, a scope of persons, who will be responsible for the leakage of classified data, is being determined. In addition, the US and South Korea will now be forced to make serious adjustments to the 5027 operational plan.

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John Brown

Another major defeat for the racist, supremacist, Zionist, empire as this makes it much more difficult for the racist, supremacist, master, race to start a nuclear war in Korea to exterminate Goyim. Little brother beats big brother again! its almost as big a defeat as the failed Israeli Rothchild coup in Turkey last summer.

John Mason

So the ‘little fat guy’ was correct. NK keep on building up your military then the US would be too cowardly to attack, so would Japan and SK.


Why? Because the South has plans to take on the North? They’re officially still in a state of war together. And the little fat guy and his predecessor have constantly engaged in cross border shellings, infiltrations, extortion for resources and that’s excluding the constant missile test Olympics. Any state worth its name that has such a neighbor should have a war plan on how to wage war. Hell, even the US had a plan to invade Canada in case of war with Britain after WWI. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Netherlands still has war plans to deal with war with Belgium or Germany. War plans are good things to have in case shit hits the fan and they provide intellectual stimulation and justification of budgets for the military in times of peace.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, if North Korea would be busy being a very loud and obnoxious neighbor nobody would have any interest whatsoever in removing the regime. China is perfectly happy to let it be as is, South Korea is perfectly happy to let it be as is, Japan is perfectly happy to let it be as is. Because you break it, you own it. The unification of Germany was a lengthy and extremely costly affair for West-Germany. They’re still paying for it. And the GDR was a paragon of efficiency and excellence compared to North Korea. If South Korea were to have to become responsible for it after a NK collapse it would bankrupt South Korea and plunge it into depression for decades. Let alone those millions of starving North Koreans coming to the South and China. Far better for everyone to let the North be and stew in its own juices. If only it wasn’t for its crazy antics of the Fat Kim…..

So, and now I’m off to cash in my Mossad check again. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.


yea thats a very good point – any country who tries to “liberate” it, whether militarily or otherwise, will have a huuuuuge price to pay both economically and in time. best to just let it be. and if the US didnt have so many forces around it and on its border, i doubt kim would be so hostile


Personally I think the Fat Kim wouldn’t even mind a war. He’s living in a shielded bubble where nobody dares to speak out against him, so like Saddam in 1991 he may not know how massively more lethal the US armed forces can be. And on the other hand his regime needs that big massive hostile enemy to frighten the North Korean masses.


Well if he wants a war he should have been aiming his rockets at Japan or south Korea instead of into the sea of Japan lol


Maybe he’s not completely stupid? A cold war he would probably very much like, as it helps to legitimize the regime through its foreign enemies. But since nobody cares about NK and would perfectly happy to ignore it, he has to host the Long Range Missile Olympics to piss off his neighbors into becoming the enemies he needs.

And get free stuff of course.

Also, the odd artillery barrage and crossing of the DMZ would be a problem for SK, but not for Japan or the US. On the other hand nothing says actual international James Bond villain more then dicking around with long range missiles.


well then he better be ready if hes waiting for them to make the first move!


Logically the only thing he has to fear is an out of the blue decapitation strike against his own person and his ministers. Any conventional invasion, or long term bombing campaign he can see coming from miles away because that would require a lenghty military buildup. Normally the US does not have the forces in theater to do such a thing. Whatever forces are in theater are mostly a tripwire to act as a deterrent.

These large scale military exercises are probably worrisome for the regime because the additional influx of US forces might be used as a coverup to get enough force in theater to carry out that out of the blue decapitation strike. Which is probably why each year the North starts frothing out of the mouth over them.

Technically during those he could do a Saddam and hide in different bunkers each night, maybe different cities. But that could be used as a soft mission kill in case of war. If the fat Kim cannot be found because he’s in hiding the North’s army could be basically leaderless while the US and South strike at the North’s artillery trained at Seoul instead during those first crucial hours.

I guess it would depend on how well organized the North’s civilian and military leadership are for a sustained air campaign aimed at taking it out. And considering that its a totalitarian dictatorship where loyalty to the Kim means everything, where purges of the leadership do happen a lot, chances are that actual competence has taken a backseater many decades ago. And all the generals excel at being loyal yes men first second third and fourth and being actual generals a distant fifth.

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